1. Place sticker over “Change” or “0% Change Now” so that the far left hole in the sticker sits over the red LED light.
  2. To activate/reset the indicator, press and hold the Rest/Status button for 5 seconds. Red, yellow and green lights will blink simultaneously. Release the Reset/Status button only after the green light blinks three times. This means your indicator has been fully reset and your pitcher is ready to use.
  3. When 40 gallons have been filtered, the red light will blink and the indicator will have to be reset. Be sure to shift the sticker left so the “Reset 2” (middle) hole sits over the red LED.
  4. Repeat step 2 to reset your indicator. You are now ready to track gallons 41–80.
  5. When the red light blinks again, shift the sticker to the left so that the Reset 3 “Change When Red” hole sits over the LED light. Reset the indicator by repeating step 2.
  6. You are now ready to track gallons 81–120. When 0% of the filter life remains (120 gallons filtered), the red light will blink, indicating that your filter should be replaced.