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“You need to have the lid on tight AND you need to avoid filling it up too full.” — updog

“I always have one filled and ready in the fridge so when one is empty I have one nice and cold.” — loulou on Brita® Bottle

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“I use it for everything, even cooking and making coffee.” — Kathleen111 on Grand

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Great for those on the go. No worries when re-filling your bottle or wasting money on buying water. — HydrateURself

“Get great-tasting water on the go, without the cost and waste of bottled water.” —Kandi on Brita® Bottle

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“We are not going back to buying water bottles ever again. This is cheaper, and more convenient. You don't have to change the filter that often, and the water tastes really good.” — Rosie30 on Grand

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We are a family that loves our water…and this dispenser makes it easy and convenient even for the littlest one of the family. — CCramerMom22

“I took it to the zoo and refilled it at the drinking fountains. It saved money from having to buy drinks there.” — AimeeRocks on Brita® Bottle

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“In a home of a family of five, the beverage selection in our fridge is very crowded…but the slim fits right in there with no problem.” — Angeljr318 on Slim

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I think the water tastes fantastic and find myself drinking a whole container a by myself! — MackGeorge

“The taste of the water is so much better when I use my filter and to keep chilled water in the refrigerator at all times encourages me to drink.” — donjes32 on Pacifica

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Now I can just take my filtered water with me anywhere!! — jessica31

“I don't have to worry about running out of water or finding somewhere to recycle my bottle when I'm done.” — akelley707 on Brita® Bottle

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“The water out of the fountains at work is absolutely horrible. This water bottle makes the water taste great!” — Mandy513

“So easy to use. I am buying a dispenser for work as well!” — Claudette3000 on Brita® Bottle

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“It easily goes from the office to the gym for great tasting water all day long!” — LilDeb on Brita® Bottle

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“Not only is the Brita water much better, but I'm not wasting a bunch of plastic and throwing it in landfills.” — H2OklahomaCity

“This water bottle system is perfect for individuals always on the go! Saving the planet one bottle at a time!” — Kim21 on Brita® Bottle

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“I was so excited to read today that we can now recycle the filters, way to go BRITA.” — rumbi on Brita® Vintage

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