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Sugar Lowdown Sources

Interested in learning even more about the effects of sugar and water on your health? Take a look at the list of links below – they are the sources behind our Sugar Lowdown facts and have all been verified by both a nutritionist contracted by Brita® and our partner, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

One Sugary Drink


  • If you don't drink enough water you can become dehydrated.

  • Water is good for your skin.

  • Water is good for joints.

  • Daily recommended amount of water per day.

  • Need water when at peak activity.

2 Sugary Drinks


  • Only 20% of our water comes from food.

  • A sugar overdose results in very high blood sugar, shortly followed by very low blood sugar, which causes fatigue, nausea, weakness and hunger

  • Schools banning sugary drinks.

  • Water is needed for life to exist on other planets.

3 Sugary Drinks


  • Drinking water improves mental agility.

  • The body responds to very high blood sugar as an emergency situation, which partially contributes to the buzz or high feeling of a sugar overdose.

  • Crayons for exercising your mind, water for your body.

  • Water can act as an appetite suppressant.

  • We eat 18 times as much added sugar as we did at the turn of the 19th century.

4 Sugary Drinks


  • 58% of sugar consumed comes from beverages.

  • The USDA recommends kids drink 84 oz of water daily. But in high temperatures this can more than double.

  • Only 15% of school-age children drink the recommended amount of water.

  • Excess sugar and calories may contribute to increased body fat.

  • Since 2010 1 in 3 American kids are obese or overweight.

5 Sugary Drinks


  • Childhood obesity has tripled over the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • You can't survive more than three days without water.

  • Water assists in the regulation of body temperature.

  • Water increases alertness.

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