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May 31, 2010

Five Great Environmental Reads for Kids!

Posted by: Sarah

Little kids are like sponges, right? Then why not start reading to them early on about our responsibility to protect the earth?

Think Green!

This colorful kids’ book shows boys and girls taking action around the house to save energy (turning the lights off) and prevent waste (giving birthday cards made from post-consumer waste). There’s room for readers to jot down their own ideas too. Available at Amazon

The Young Birder’s Guide

This Young Birder’s Guide is written for kids ages eight to twelve, and covers 200 of the most common birds in eastern North America. Fun facts, color photographs, and line drawings accompany detailed information. Amazon

Eco Babies Wear Green

This adorable baby book shows environmentally conscious tots in all forms of green action, and is part of a series, Urban Babies Wear Black. Amazon

Loony Little: An Environmental Tale

It’s like Chicken Little with an environmental theme. Darling! Amazon

I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

This colorful book is made from recycled materials and the storyline covers subjects such as improving the environment, learning about endangered animals, recycling, and much more. Amazon

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