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February 17, 2010

Save those pesky cardboard boxes!

Posted by: Sarah

Our family moved to a new home this past weekend and, as most of you can relate, would be happy NEVER to move again. My husband and I have made several moves over the past decade, but this one definitely took the cake in regards of the amount of stuff needing to be transported. We lived in our home for five years, which was actually a super long time for us. Throw in a toddler and you’ve got a moving process involving LOTS O’ STUFF.

Here’s the part where I pat myself on the back. We did not purchase a single box for our move. Not one! All thanks to our son, actually, due to saving every single shipment box of his Seventh Generation diapers for the past couple of years. Moving tip, you all. SAVE YOUR CARDBOARD BOXES. Break them down and throw them in a corner of your garage. Not only will you save money by not needing to purchase moving supplies, but you will be much friendlier to the environment. (p.s. — We didn’t buy any packing paper either. Just used old magazines and newspapers.)

Here are a few other eco-friendly moving tips from for you to remember!

  1. Move with Recyclable or Reusable Packing Materials — If you haven’t been hoarding boxes like us, at least purchase recycled materials.
  2. Don’t Forget Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies — Be sure and scrub down your old abode with green cleaners.
  3. Have a Yard Sale — The more stuff you sell, the less you have to pack! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be unpacking for the next 168 hours. Wish me luck.
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