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May 4, 2012

Brita® & Train Ditch Bottled Water and Wow Fans with Shazam

Fans get an exclusive preview of the new album from Grammy-winning band Train, who is reducing bottled water waste on its 2012 tour.

Posted by: Edelman

Train at the Filmore It's been a busy spring for the Brita® FilterForGood® Music Project! We started in Austin by giving bottled water the boot at two iconic venues in the Lone Star State's music city. We then rounded out the season with an exclusive partnership with media discovery app Shazam and Grammy-winning band Train, giving Brita® and Train fans a sneak preview of Train's new album California 37.

We started by adding Shazam's music discovery technology to our Brita® ads airing on TV and our YouTube channel. While the ads played, viewers were prompted to launch the Shazam app on their smartphones and hit the "Touch to Shazam" prompt. Once the Shazam app scanned the music in the ads, users were pushed to a Brita® landing page where they could listen to and pre-order California 37, the new Train album, and learn about the Brita® FilterForGood® Music Project.

The Music Project is also working with Train to help the band go bottled water-free at select venues on their 2012 concert tour. This commitment to cutting waste while on tour places Train in great company with other successful acts such as Lady Antebellum, The Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Guster and The Black Eyed Peas, all of whom have participated in the Music Project's initiative to reduce the environmental impact of bands on tour.

Our first stop with Train was San Francisco's iconic music venue, the Fillmore, where the band played classic hits like "Drops of Jupiter" and new favorites like "Drive By" from California 37. A smashing success, the Music Project hooked up Train and concert-goers with Brita® Hydration Stations™, reusable Nalgene bottles and Brita Bottles®. We're excited to meet up with them again after their summer tour officially kicks off in July!

To take the FilterForGood® pledge to reduce bottled water waste, click here. And don't forget to join the Brita® FilterForGood® movement on Facebook and Twitter.

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