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Dec. 27, 2012

The Biggest Loser Trainer-Approved Health Tips

Build Stamina
Start your exercise routine with shorter workout sessions and build up your endurance for longer workouts.

Educate Yourself
Read nutrition information. Learn what’s in the foods you eat, and what foods make a healthful diet.

Stay Hydrated
When exercising, consume 6 to 8 ounces of water every 15-20 minutes to make sure you’re replacing lost fluids.

Resistance Train
Set a goal of 4 hours of resistance training a week, with cardio as extra credit. This combination helps build strength.

Keep a Food Journal
Writing down what triggers you to eat is a great way to stop mindless munching.

Note: The following are quotes and tips from The Biggest Loser Contestants and Crew.

Stay Motivated Together
“You've heard of book clubs, how about a walk or run club? Get a group of friends and or family together and designate a couple days a week to exercise together.”
Dolvett Quince, TBL professional fitness trainer

Find a Workout Buddy
“Find a workout buddy who can keep going even when you don’t feel like it – and you can do the same for them. Then, afterward, you and your workout buddy can celebrate your successes together. Find someone who won’t take your excuses (and you won’t take theirs). At the Ranch, there were times when I didn’t really feel like working out. But I had teammates who would tell me to get to the gym with them. Sometimes all I needed was an encouraging word.”
Becky Comet, Season 12 Contestant

Jumpstart Your Day
“First thing one should do in the morning is stretch. Get the blood circulating and stretch those bones.”
Dolvett Quince, TBL professional fitness trainer

Salt is the Enemy of Weight Loss
“For every two of those little packs of salt you get in the deli, they can cause your body to hold on to 1 pound of water. The more salt you add, the more your body holds on to the water.”
Damien Gurganious, Season 7 Contestant

Always Shop with a List
“Don’t ever go to the store without a shopping list. Always plan ahead. That way you’ll be less tempted to buy junk or processed foods impulsively.”
Bonnie Griffin, Season 12 Contestant

Get Up and Go
“When it comes to working out, just get up and go. By the time you realize where you are or what you’re doing, you’re already exercising! Music also helps a lot!”
Debbie Lounds, Season 12 Contestant

Food Recommendation
“Always opt for greens, fruit, and grains, stay away from white foods and processed foods. Also choose fish a few times a week. It’s always good to eat light.”
Dolvett Quince, TBL professional fitness trainer

A Sweet and Healthy Treat
“I like making smoothies as a sweet treat. Just blend together a cup of frozen strawberries, a half cup of frozen raspberries, a cup of milk (I use light vanilla soy milk), a cup of water, and a cup of spinach for a great smoothie. (The spinach doesn’t change the taste at all. It’s just a great way to get an extra serving of veggies in there!).”
Jesse Atkins, Season 10 Contestant

Exercise Tip:
“You should challenge your body at least three to four times a week.”
Dolvett Quince, TBL professional fitness trainer

Two Healthy Snacks a Day
“I learned at the Ranch that I have to eat two healthy snacks a day. One snack I often make is garlic hummus on pita and one string cheese. The pita is 100 calories, 3 tablespooons of hummus is 75 calories, and the string cheese is 50 calories. That’s 225 calories, perfect for a healthy snack.”
Vinny Hickerson, Season 12 Contestant

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