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Complete Faucet Filtration System

Complete Faucet Filtration System


This faucet filter system lets you choose from 3 flow options – Filtered, Spray and Stream – and uses a long-lasting filter for healthier, great-tasting water right from the tap. It’s BPA-free, 40% more space efficient than the leading faucet mount system, and features easier 1-click filter replacement.

  • Reduces chlorine (taste and odor), lead, microbial cysts and more§
  • 100-gallon water filter life
  • Electronic filter indicator
  • Three flow options
  • Attaches to your faucet in minutes; no tools required

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*Suggested retail price (may vary by retailer)

Comparison vs. leading PUR® faucet mount system as of June 23, 2013. PUR® is a registered trademark of Pur Water Purification Products, Inc. and is not affiliated with Brita LP.

§ Reduces chlorine (taste and color), lead and particulates.Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.

Filter lasts for 100 gallons or 4 months, whichever comes first.

Complete Faucet Filtration System 5 182
Mr White The faucet filtration system is a terrible product. It leaked from the start and eventually fell off of the fixture. I have thrown it in the trash where it belongs.
Faulty Faucet Units We have been using the faucet filtration system for as long as they have been around, However more recent purchase, within the last 3 months have been sub standard for Brita. The lights don't work on them, I have replace the unit twice and even the new one Brita sent me doesn't work. We are going to have to look for another manufacturer if quality control doesn't improve. Very poor!
How the product help our water taste better. This product removes the taste of medal out of the drinking water. My husband and I have medical problems and we drink and wash our hands often. Your product filter the water and gives it a fresher taste.
always ready to go. It doesn't let us down, it's always ready to go.
Mr k I have used this system for quite a while. I purchased 3 of the newer ones and they all have a problem. The indicator light does not work and the filter fills the water with air Please help Thnx kenk
MY 2 CATS DRINK BRITA WATER EVERYDAY FOR OVER 13 YEARS MY 2 CATS DRINK BRITA WATER EVERYDAY FOR OVER 13 YEARS FIRST PTCHER THE BRITA ON TAO FAUCET MOUNT Water filters everyday for over 13 years both of thn they love it they are all in good health
Great product but poorly designed When this unit stays affixed to the faucet it works beautifully. The plastic adapter provided used with the filter does not provide enough threaded surface to prevent the unit from coming loose or falling off due to minor bumps. The more it is bumped the easier it comes off to the point the act of turning on the water causes it to fall off.
Awesome Our tap water was just awful tasting and often made us sick. This faucet filter was our saving grace. More water drunk, no funky aftertaste in our food. It's awesome!
Great taste, easy to use Water taste changed dramatically since brought one, easy to use, nice design. Definitely worth it!
works great Have used this product for 10 years and have personally installed three of them in two different residences myself. Love having it in my homes as research showed me it filters more chemicals better than any other faucet filter.
green light I just changed the filter and the light is not coming on. What is wrong?
Filter doesn't last I have had this system now for less than 2 weeks and already the filter supposedly needs to be changed. It was blinking green and working just fine. Less than 10 minutes later it's blinking red. Completely skipped over the yellow stage. Very disappointed with this system. 200 gallons of water hasn't been used through my filter in less than 2 weeks.
Can't find filters for my AquaView. I love Brita. Have had several faucet units over the years and now have bottle units as well. Walmart, however, has stopped carrying everything except the basic model, which I don't care for. Today, I found an AquaView at my Walmart and was very excited - until I got home, looked it up on the Internet and found that it was a discontinued model. I can't find any place to purchase replacement filters. This seems like a wonderful design. Do you still make the replacement filters or did I just waste $40 on a filter system I cannot use because of lack of filter replacement? I cannot afford to throw $40 away like that. What can I do?
Product works and makes the water taste great but... We purchased a house that was built in the 50's. The old copper piping was nasty (outside was corroded black, the inside was very pitted and had thick green corrosion built up). When you'd fill the bathroom sink or bath tub, the water was very greenish at first, and later had a very tanish color to it. Obviously I didn't want to drink that water! I installed a 10" whole home filter with a 5 micron filter in-line of the main water feed. This helped with the brown water, but didn't help with the odd taste. I then installed a 10" whole home filter with a carbon 1 micron filter in-line on the cold water feed to the kitchen sink. Again, this captured some particles (the filter hasn't changed color much at all, but you can see the copper flakes from cutting and de-burring sitting at the bottom) but still had a funny taste to me. To make the story shorter, I replaced the rest of the old piping between the main feed and the kitchen sink cold feed that hadn't been replaced yet, which helped but then added the Brita filter which worked wonders! It really made the water taste good! But now for the issue. The Brita has been in place 3 weeks to a month. The filter isn't used all that much as we aren't home really at all. I've used it to fill a larger plastic cup maybe 10 times, and also fill a 1 Liter plastic water bottle maybe 8 times. The 100 gallon or whatever it is life of the filter is suppose to start after the 5 minute flush. Ours has lasted maybe (I'll give the Brita the benefit of the doubt although I know it's much less) 20 gallons of water out of it. The filter is blinking RED. Now I could understand if I had only the Brita filter without the other inline filters that the Brita could very well be getting gummed up from all the silt in the water, but having the 5 micron and a 1 micron filter both ahead of the Brita, I just don't buy that. Also, the unit *NEVER* flashed Amber. It went straight from flashing Green the one day to flashing Red the next (and I'm about the only one who uses its.. The wife hasn't had a drink of the tap water from our house since we moved in). So yes, I recommend this product (FF-100), but I'm leery of the filter life....
Brita is a smart choice for health-conscious families. Brita works great and is a healthy choice for clean water. Sharp design too!
This product does a very good job. We use this product because we live in the country and have well water. It does a great job and our water tastes very good.
This product has great features I love it, but being on Social Security, makes it a little expensive for me. Local water is nasty.
Enjoyment doesn't last long My enjoyment of drinking Brita do not last long enought before the Red light stop the joy too soon. need more usage on the filtrations
Have used Brita for years... Keeps my water clean. Used this faucet filter for years. I had trouble with a new filter I bought at my local retail store, and Brita sent me a new one with no hassel. Thanks for great service and a great product.
This product has great features Originaly I had an all white unit with a twist knob and it worked fine except the spray pattern for the filterede water was too wide and you got all wet trying to fill a bottle. A chrome and black was sent as a replacement and I lilke the features much better. My ony problem is every once and awhile I will get water coming out in two places,and I had to move it through the different functions to straigten it out. Other than that I am very pleased with the unit.
Growing up on well water, city water was not for me! I like using my faucet mounted water filtering system as it is convenient to use rather than the pitcher type I had used years ago. My only problem seems to be having a unit that shows "green" when it should. I've replaced it I just use my calendar to tell me when I need a new filter.....other than this, it works great!
A Must! Love this product! Cost effective convenient, easy to use and change! I live in Central Florida, and this is the only way to drink water. Along with my BRITA pitcher, it's cost effective, environmentally sound, and gives me healthy, delicious water every time! Not only would I recommend, I have!
good filter the only complaint I have is that the filtration system screws on to the faucet with a adapter. the problem is that many times it will fall down and I have to get a new adapter and there were times where the collar of the filter went bad and I had to throw it out and get a complete new faucet filter system. I also found out that the blinking light will burn out ( which really does not matter). I live in a Apt. building so i have to change the filter every month. Your engineers should look into a better way of making the faucet filter so it will stay on with out falling, and the collar does not go bad..
Has good features when it works properly After one month use, i had to replace this filter because the connections to the faucet broke. I have been using the replacement for 2-3 months and the battery that indicates when it should change quit working. I signed up for the replacement reminders because I am tired of replacing the system every time something quits working. Water tastes so much better thaI would like to keep using the filter but would love it worked the way it is advertized.
helps water ! Used to have one of these at my old home, helped the water taste alot better!
Great product I have been using the Brita faucet filter for several years and love it. The filter I am installed a few days ago is not working properly. The water tastes great. the problem is the light does not work. I depend on the light. its reasuring to know the green light means I am drinking great water.
This product is consistently high quality. The engineering support is regularly launching improvements, e.g. new metal mounting hardware to replace weaker plastic parts. Also, technical support is first rate.
Indicator light stopped working I bought the system and used the first filter. I thought it was working great. The city water here has an odor issue in the summer, and the filter removed the odor. After about 4 months (as expected) the indicator light started flashing red, so I followed the instructions to change the filter. But now with the new filter in there, it is still flashing red. I tried another filter, thinking maybe one was bad, and it is still flashing red. Not knowing for sure whether the indicator is broken or the filters are bad, I don't want to continue using it. I'll probably buy another system from that other brand.
Connection now much better! The connection used to be a short plastic thread. It was very flimsy and the filter would just drop in the sink periodically, making a big splash. I bought a replacement two weeks ago : the screw thread is now in metal, and holds much better to the faucet. Thanks Brita for responding to our complaints at last! I initially chose Brita because they were the ones that removed the most pollutants as certified by WQA. The water tastes great.
Not Bad My tap water in washington has a horrible chlorine odor and similar taste so we used 18 litre jugs until we got the Brita faucet filter. There is a distinct difference in taste and I'd say this thing works alright. If the water from the filter gets warm it's not near as bad as straight tap water left to warm. pretty glad i bought it. would not go back to lugging huge bottles around again. Now, if only I could find a larger brita pitcher than the ones i have been seeing.
Bad Connection Design The threads that hold the unit to the faucet slip off when water pressure is applied. This unit would be great but everytime I put it on it fell off. I tried wrapping the male threads with teflon tape to provide a stronger seal this did the same thing.
Green light indicator stop working Product works as expected but no infomation about what happens or what to do when the green indicator stops working (blinking)
Don't Live Without It. We started using the Brita system almost ten years ago, There's nothing like the clean fresh taste of Brita filtered water, without all the sediment and chlorine taste... And disease carrying stuff, too ! Don't live without the Brita system. We can't. We won't.
Better Outlet Control After trying the other styles, this one is definitely the best. Having smooth or spray and filtered water makes this the best overall choice for versatility. The indicator light worked fine for at least a year and a half before we had to replace the mount. It coud have a longer warranty on the mount light or replacement battery or... but other than that... Now if Brita were able to get the pharmaceuticals out of the water supply then we would really be happy with the company.
everything good but the connector I like this filter because of the reminder light. And Stop and Shop where we shop carries the replacement filters. . I DO NOT like the tiny flimsy plastic faucet to filter connectors. They dont tighten enough and constantly skip out of the threads. It takes about an hour and a bunch of silicon wrap to get it to be even close to non leaking. Need longer, deeper, metal connector peices.
Good product overall Great product overall. I like the look of the chrome better but I did not like the lever on the chrome one felt cheap and easy to break. I like the sturdiness of the white complete facuter filitration system. However, I had a mishap with the adapter piece, not exactly sure how it got stuck in the mounting collar which deemed it useless. But I called up Brita since my system was fairly new and the replaced it very quickly. Thanks
Nice design I purchased this model after having increasing problems with the Basic model due to its poor design. I love this one - it is easy to switch between the water modes (unlike the Basic model) and even has a third water mode. Additionally, this fits my faucet properly and does not come loose as the other did repeatedly - I like not getting sprayed from the loose connection! This is a much better product, and well worth the additional money.
Will not stay on I have went through three of these. The 1st one worked for over a year then the next one I bought would never stay on, so I bought a nother one and it keeps falling off after running water for 1 min. I have used the correct adapter also
Don't purchase I purchased this in December. It worked for one day, then started popping off and leaking water. I called Brita they were going to send me out a metal replacement. Here it is Feb and still don't have it. Called again they are out of it and it will take more time to get to me. I asked them to return it, that I wanted a pitcher. They are sending me a pitcher, 6-7 weeks. Mind you I've waited since beginning of Dec for this :/ Not the fastest people out there. Yes helpful but since I've waited this long for their customer service I will not purchase from them again.
Filter change indicator is inoperative within a month I like how well the filtration system filters the water. I only wish the filter change indicator would not fail. This is my fifth complete system. I only replace the complete system beause the filter change indicator stops working. It is nice to see the green light flash when the filtration is good and a red light indicating you need to change the filter. I just put a new one on in Dec 2011 and it failed by Jan 2012. One Month.
Awesome, when it doesn't fly off! I absolutely love Brita. When living in the city, it is nice to be able to drink out of the faucet because carrying bottled water up 4 flights of stairs sucks! And is such a waste! So when I finally bought my faucet filter, I was thrilled. However, the filter is constantly falling off and is a real pain. I would still reccomend this product though because I think it depends on which faucet you have. :)
Product and Customer Service Fail After one week two holes on ledge between filter and faucet. Customer Service said it would mail out an envelope to return it. It has never happened. Will never ever ever buy any brita product again. Pur is better.
Easy to install This filter was so easy to install and I will definitely continue to use it. It takes up less space than the pitcher and gives us the same result. We are big fans of Brita products.
Product has good features This product is very easy to set up and use. it fit my family's needs.
Excellent! Great product for fresh clean water right from your tap and for reducing waste! Thanks Brita.
Very convenient I have the faucet mount and the pitcher. I like the faucet the best. It is very convenient, easy to use and the filter lasts a long time. I use it for all cooking and drinking needs now.
LOVE IT! We used this product at our last house with the well water and could see the change right away! Now that we have city water in our new house and I love it to remove the taste of the cholrine, it makes drinking city water bearable for me!
So Easy to Use I bought the faucet filtration system today. i have had Brita pitchers for years. However, This is my first Faucet filter. I cannot believe that I didn't make the switch earlier. It was easy to install and I had great tasting water in five minutes.
Great filter - easey to use Some faucet filters are confusing and guests have a hard time figuring out how to use them. This filter is easy to use and my friends figure out how to use the faucet quickly. I used to have a different model that no one could figure out, and I would have to explain how to get drinking water. Annoying. Maybe my friends have just gotten smarter, but I really like this filter.
Not quite there I like the features of this filter with the spray function and it is more convenient to have filtered water from the tap than filling a pitcher, but it was very difficult to install on my faucet (it would not stay on with the pre-filter insert installed at all, every time you turned the water on it blasted off the faucet) and now that we have it on there so it will stay, it leaks through the threads when you use the brita setting. I would probably just stick with the pitchers in the future.
Good product I really like the added feature of the light letting you know when the filter needs to be changed.
Great Product Definitely made a huge difference in the taste of our water! Excited about drinking more water every day!
simple, but great This product could be installed very easy. But its potential is great!
Great lightweight design and tastes great! We switched from Pur and have been happy ever since! This unit is way easier on our faucet as far as weight. Very simple to use and like the reminder light as well as spray option.
Great I always use my faucet Brita. Good for clean, filtered water for me and my dog :)
Easy, Environmentally Friendly, and Inexpensive vs. Plastic When you consider the cost of individual water bottles this faucet filter is a great value. Additionally, Consumer Reports gives this, as well as all other Brita filters, it's buy recommendation. I also give it my recommendation. If you're in the market for a quality water filter that's easy to use then this should absolutely be on your radar.
Noticable water taste change The Brita filter has noticeably changed the taste of the water in my apartment. I love having the option to use the filter or regular faucet, I can do my dishes with non-filtered water, and drink refreshing filtered water.
I love the convenience, how easy it is to use and install! I love this product. My husband and I just love how the water taste! I like how I dont have to have a pitcher in my fridge that gets in the way. This makes life so much easier.
Awesome! I love the filter. It makes the water taste so much better. We even give our dog filtered water now after we tasted the difference. It was super easy to put on and it's easy to use.
Great product. Delivers good, clean tasting water. Only thing I don't like about it is that the indicator light turns red way too early. I think its just a ploy to get you to change it more often than necessary. It turns red within 2 months of use but I use it for at least 6 months with no change in water quality.
:) This makes filtration easy... no need to refill the pitcher!
This product is amazing. I am all about eating healthy and drinking healthy as well and knowing that the tap water is, makes me very happy :)
This product has a great filtration system This a good product, but has a definite draw-back to it, if you bump this thing accidentally while doing your dishes, it will fall off the faucet and/or loosen thereby squirting water all over the kitchen before you can shut the faucet off. they should make the adapter ring and the threaded device attachment out of metal(or aluminium) for a firmer hold, the rest of the plastic is good for what you need it to do.
Great product. This filter was easy to install, even on my old faucet, and works great.
looks great also even tho we have city water we added this faucet filter. The water was absolutely delicious and my whole family enjoys drinking water more than they did prior!
Made preparing bottles so much easier! Preparing bottles for my son, who had terrible reflux until he was six months old, was always a hassle because I was told filtered water would help. After having the faucet filtration system, it made preparing his bottles so much easier; I only wish I had gotten one sooner!
Great value For the price, this filter works great and makes the water in our area taste significantly better.
Love it , Love it We use to but bbottle water 2-24 packs a week ,now we buy fillters that are eastto use and change every other month , the cost is the same but it is better for the environment
Love the easy use and helps save plastic and environment easy to clean and east to use and easy filter replacement
This is an awsome product! I love the tast of the water from my Brita Faucet Filtration System.
Love the fact that it's so easy!! We don't have a great water source, so after researching different types of water filtering systems, we decided on the Brita Faucet Filter. We love it and couldn't ask for anything better or easier to use. The filter last a long time and they are not too expensive. Thanks Brita for giving us something easy to install and use for great tasting water!!!
Product is good Works good. Like different flows but light never came on to say it is filtered
Definately notice better tasting water Been using Brita faucet filters for many years. The water continues to smell better and taste better. My first one finally wore out and I purchased another Brita faucet filter.
Easy to attach. I've been using bottled water since I moved two weeks ago. Finally decided to go big. It took me all of 2 minutes to hook this up. Thanks Brita!
Does what's it's supposed to Pretty good filter, but it's hard to tell when to replace it...
Great Value for the Cost This filter system was easy to attach to my faucet and blends in with my decor. It's easy to use and has encouraged my husband and I to drink much more water than before. I really love the feature that allows you to change the water flow pattern. Great price for the features that come with it.
Great the water in our town has so many chemicals in it, but i wanted to save money and plastic by using tap water, so i got the filter and now feel much better about the quality of water im giving my child
Faucet over pitcher forever I've used the Brita pitcher for YEARS. Always pleased, but a Navy wife now in Japan with a small fridge was looking for another option. So pleased to find the faucet system. It took many many tries before I finally got it connected without leakage and so glad that i didn't give up. Convenient and now more space in my fridge! I'll never go back to the pitcher!
Great work The product fits well with the decore of the kitchen as well as the overall feel. The water tastes better than before
Great product! I love it! The filters last a good while. They are a little pricey but compared to spending all the money on bottles of water its cheap! Fit right on to my faucet and have had it for over a year now! I recommend it to all my friends!
Excellent! So easy to install, so easy to use! Takes little space, and dispenses great-tasting water!
A good product When I first purchased the Complete Filtration System it fit on my faucet, but it was too close, so after a few months use a plastic piece within the unit cracked causing water to leak/gush out. A call to customer service and I was sent another unit with additional adapters to lower the unti from the faucet. Unfortunately, the adapters didn't work, so I did have to purchase... only a few $$... my own. After installing with the new adapter, the unit worked great, though I did have to call customer service once again when the adapter light wouldn't work on the replacement that was sent. All I had to do was return the unit with a postage paid return label that was sent to me and was sent a new one, which has been in use about a week and so far no problems. During the time I was waiting, I purchased the pitcher, so I could still have clean water to drink for myself, my daughter and our two kitties. I have the highest regard for Brita's customer service. Each rep I have spoken to regarding any issues I had were very professional and helpful. Even with the issues, I am still satisfied that I made the right purchasing decision as the water quality is so much better for drinking and its so much better than buying bottled water or boiling for at least 5 mins.
Great Product! I have this product in chrome and I love it. The current place where I live now the faucet system won't fit on the faucet. When I was able to use it I loved it. I would fill a jug with the filtered water and stick it in the fridge. It saved money and helped the earth by not buying water every week.
A very usefull product i use my filter everyday. I feel so much safer drinking water from my filter, compared to when i was just drinking from my tap. This filter has been great for me.
Don't waste your money This product is not durable and consistently falls off the end of the faucet even after installing their alternative washer system. Save your money and buy something else
Love the lighted filter replacement alert Was sold on the size of the unit. It's not to intrusizve. Also loving the 3 way switch for water settings. And the fact that the filter lasts for up to 100 gallons.
The faucet filtering system was very durable. I felt that overall the Brita Complete Faucet Filtration System was great and it lasted through the children using not always so gently.
Awesome I love the faucet filter. I have used the pitcher too, but this one is my favorite. So easy to use!
Like the spray feature! We like to use the faucet water filters & really like the switch on this model to turn the flow into a spray!
Easy to use and doesn't leak like the OTHER brand I switched to this Brita model after going through 2 Pur faucet mount systems that sprung a leak after several months of use. The Brita has been going strong for about 2 years now, but the electronic indicator has stopped working. It's not enough for me to replace it, but it would have been nice if it lasted the 5 years it said in the product manual.
Works great! I simply wouldn't do without it! It's unobtrusive, does a great job, and provides great quality water without compromising function. The spray setting actually adds an additional feature to standard faucet functionality.
Doeas what uis suppose to Water taste good no more buying water at the store. Saving money also!
Works for me Never had a problem with product. Doesn't get hot water very much, but mostly use it to fill up bottles and does just fine for me
crystal clear water My city water is yellow with all kinds of things in it and tastes like chlorine. Now my water is crystal clear using the Brita faucet filter and tastes great. No more bottled water for me.
Love it! Easy to use and change filter!!! Great product highly recommend it!!
Great tasting water always on hand We love the faucet system. When we travel we bring it with us.
Makes me feel like a great mom! Just knowing that my Brita is taking what I do not want out of my water and giving my family and I fresh pure water each day makes me feel like a great mom. I also am helping the environment from water bottle waste and that makes me feel like a great person.
convenient light to let u know when to change filter. I like this filter a lot cause it saves me a lot of trips to the store to get filtered water saves you time money and gas and that's a very good thing and it has this light that let's you know when to change it so that you don't forget and is very ease to install. Totally recommend it.
Easy to use I 1st bought a PUR and had nothing but trouble. Called service and never got the problem corrected. Took it back and bought the BRITA. It would not connect to the faucet but when I called the service department it was taken care of very quickly.
Filtration made easy I use Brita on my faucet to wash fruits and vegetables. It's more cost effective than bottled water and easier to use!
This product has great features I love this filter. It produces great tasting water, and it lets me know when I need to change the filter.
Great! The faucet filtration system is easy to use and really increased the quality of my water.
Good Filter, poor attachments I very much enjoy the filtered water from this Brita system, but the piece used to attach this to your sink is cheap. The plastic (not metal) female screw-on attachment is not long enough and will at times result in the system blowing off your faucet when a higher amount of water is sent through the system. If a longer metal attachment were used, this would be a great system. As it is, I think Brita has been cheap when providing the attachments for an otherwise good product.
Get the 'Complete' I have owned both the basic system, the complete system and the original pitcher and highly recommend the 'Complete' . After a period of time the selector mechanism on the 'Basic' became so hard to switch, we had to keep a set of tongs at the sink to move the selector back and forth. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra for the 'Complete' I bought one for my office almost 2 years ago and have not had any problems with the mechanism.
Great product! We love our facet system! it' soooo easy to use and always on hand...
Works Good Needed to call customer support because my faucet didn't accept the original parts. Suport was friendly and helpful. The parts were shipped for free and worked. Easy installation and works nice. Very happy.
This product is so easy to use I do love this filter, I used it for several years and the water was so fresh and clean. I am living by myself now and I switched to the pictcher, but I still have my Faucet Filtration System just in case I'll move to a bigger place.
Improvement over the pitcher system I used to use the brita pitchers, but i didn't like that it took up space in my fridge, or that (according to what i was told) it was necessary to always keep enough water in the pitcher so that the bottom of the filter remained wet at all times. I now have the faucet mounted system on my sink and I like it much better. It's easy to use, has 3 settings (brita, regular tap, regular tap in spray form) and it warns you with a blinking light before your filter needs to be replaced, so there's no guesswork, which is great especially if your household doesn't fit the 'average' of the 2 months standard of when most people need to replace their filters. The only real drawback with this is that you need to be careful not to run hot water through the faucet when it's on the BRITA setting- but this shouldn't be a problem if u make it a habit to flip the switch back to one of the tap settings after each time you run the faucet on the brita setting. The replacement filters are pricier for this system than the ones for the pitcher, but they last longer as well. So far I've been lucky and managed to find them on sale in the clearance section of my local Kroger store, and each time, I stocked up.
This product has been great We always had a Brita pitcher in the past and decided to go to the faucet adapter. So far we love it, waiting to see if the filter lasts as long as the pitcher does, but that is just personal use anyway.
Lifesaver Moving from North Dakota to Oklahoma, I would've never guessed that the tap water here would be so bad!!! I was in my new place less than a day before I went out and bought a faucet filter. I drink lots of water and am impressed with how long each filter lasts, definitely worth the money. I would recommend that you are careful with how you move the unit around. Because it is made of plastic, the threads will strip if you move it around too much.
Indicator just died!!! Usually I never do any reviews or comments but could not hold myself in this situation. I am absolutely disappointing with Brita product. The light on the front stopped flashing and It seems like it just died in my filter. How I suppose to know when to change the filter? I do not want to make reminding marks on the wall like a prisoner. Moreover, we drink a lot of water and use it for cooking as well thus the filter normally lasts only about two months in our house. This is simply wrong. This is absolutely ridiculous that I need to buy new filter system now and to trash another $35!!! Brita, if you read this, you should be more responsible with your products and not stop deceiving your customers. Friendly Advise: STAY AWAY FROM BRITA!!! There are plenty of choices available on the market, just do some research and do not repeat our mistakes
Amazing Product! I have had this filtration system for years and I absolutely love it!
This product is fabulous! The BRITA filtration system for the faucet is great! The water tastes great and it is easy to work! It is nice to know that you are not harming the environment through plastic bottles. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone!
The best! Absolutely great! Easy to install, works beautifully, always ready! That's what I love, and require, from a filter - no waiting time, just turn on the tap and great water comes out :-) Can't live without it.
Works Great This is the best investment instead of bottled water!!!! I find myself drinking more water...because it tastes so much better!!
Ms Peace of mine to know it is removing any harmful particles in my water.
great product Very glad i bought this product. You do have to take care installing this filter on your faucet as it could easily be cross threaded.I think that is the reason for the negative reviews.
Looks like my PUr Works similarly, too. The indicator is better executed on this model, though.
great product We always wanted to try out one of these filters, and haveing a tap that finally fits, the product is indeed great! The water is clean and has no odour, and because we are in an older house, we were especially concerned about the lead pipes. I wish it would fit on every tap in the house ! Great product.
Adapters are simply flimsy I wish I had read the comments on this before. The product doesn't work as advertised. The adapters are so flimsy that I haven't able to use the filter for the first, as soon as you install with least water pressure it blows off the faucet. The worse part is that I don't even know how the product works, the adapters won't let you try it. Britta so far has no fix for that. I DON"T RECOMMEND THE PRODUCT.
Problem with Electronic Indicator The original filter I purchased stopped giving an electronic indication. I called your company to see if there was a battery I could get. They said No, but they would send me a replacement. I thought that was a really great customer service position. That was a couple of months ago, and now the indicator on the replacement is no longer working. I don't know if this is just a bad product, or I am just .having a run of bad luck. Bud Buchholz
so far so good. i just mine yesterday, so it's just a matter of time to see how my faucet filtration will work out.
Good quality item Good quality filter system the water always tastes great. Only problem I have had with the filtration system is the automatic indicator does not always work. I have had to replace my main unit at least 8 times over the last few years because the indicator stops working every 6 months about.
Better than the basic faucet system I had purchased the basic faucet system and faced issues with the turning knobs jamming after a short period of use. I called up customer care since it had a warranty period of 1 year and they gladly sent me a replacement of complete faucet system without any questions asked. I had been using the complete system for the past 6 months and have been a glad customer. will definetely recommend to others.
A marked improvement We had the basic filtration system and this is much better. The only problem is that, despite the adapters, the whole system pops off every now and then and is kind of delicate. Just so far as you're careful and don't nudge it or turn the water on too fast, it works great.
I'm hooked on this filtration system. I was a Pur customer but got sick of the units (not filters, the UNITS) breaking every 6 months. Since switching to Brita I've been very pleased. We have lots of rust, etc, but what comes from the filter is clean, clear and delicious. The filters are easy to change and I appreciate the indicator that tells me when it's time to switch to a new one.
handle carefully This product breaks easily, so you have to be careful about turning it around and switching it on/off. It costs cheaper than under-mount filters, so I guess you just get what you pay for, although, in my opinion, it should've cost cheaper. Especially since you have to replace the whole system often. Overall, it's not the best value. Other than that, the water tastes a whole lot better when filtered. My family absolutely CANNOT drink plain tap water because of the metallic taste. And from experience, I know unfiltered water causes bloating and constipation. So , currently, Brita's helping us get by.
Great tasting water! I recently installed this on my faucet and took all of 5 minutes to do. Water tastes great and saves me a ton of money on water bottles.
Love the stainless steel look & the sprayer option. Was easy to install. Love the stainless steel look to match our kitchen. Having the sprayer option is helpful. The only thing I don't like about it is having to run water through the filter for 30 seconds if it hasn't been used in a while. Don't like wasting water so that's the only downside. Otherwise we love it and the water filtered through it tastes good.
must buy new faucet attachment frequently This product works great, but is dissaponting when the light on the front stop letting you know it needs changing. I guess this runs on a battery that cannot be changed, you must buy a new one, silly. I still use the faucet filter, but just sign up for 4 month reminder to change. This is not right...
Extremely frustrated I had such high hopes for this product but I am so disappointed. No matter how many times we've tried this will not remain attached to our faucet. It now sits in a corner of the kitchen until we decide what to do with it. SMH!
Easy to use, water tastes better The faucet filter is easy to install and the water tastes great. The only issue I have is the light seems to go out too quickly. Perhaps I am just going through that much water. But I will replace it every couple of months and it is a great little system.
Good, economical filtration system I've been using the faucet mount Brita filter for over a year now. As far as the taste and filtration of the water, it's great. One problem I had was that after a few months, the blinking light filter change indicator stopped working. However, I wrote to Brita online customer service re: this problem and they sent me a replacement unit without much difficulty. Good, reliable brand, great customer service. Highly recommend.
This product is easy to use I've always have had Brita,so when the time came to replace, I looked at all the brands out there. I found that Brita was still the top competitor. I was looking for a faucet mount system that was easy to use and hook up. Brita won with customer service and price.
This product is terrific! We have been using the Brita system for over 40 years. We started with the pitcher, then when the large tank and the complete faucet system came out we purchased them and we also used the sports bottle (which was discontinued some time ago). My spouse hasn't been a big water drinker but when the sports bottles came out - he started drinking water. Thankfully I notice a new product is coming out - and my spouse will be drinking water again. Thank you for this wonderful Brita system. I can recommend each of the products as we have tried them all!
very easy to replace filters are very affordable and easy to replace the reminder service is excellent.
No problems whatsoever! Excellent product. Unlike some, I've had no problem with the filter not staying on the faucet. Works great, tastes great!
ok The product itself is good as far as filtering the water. However whenI purchased mine the light ( to tell you if it is time to change the filter ) did not work. Brita did send me another one which I commend. However before too long the light died it in too. So unfortunately this is nota strong feature. I still use the product though, and just mark on my calendar when it needs to be changed. I might next time try another brand.
Great Buy I have been using Brita products for over 10 years. The Faucet Filtration system is such time saver over the pitcher. It is easy to use and I have filtered water at my finger tips for cooking and drinking. I still use the pitcher at my office. This way I know that I have purified water. I save money and help the enviroment by not adding to the landfills with all those plastic water bottles.
Works great It's nice not having to use bottled water and just refilling a bottle everyday. Nice to have the indicator light so I don't have to keep track of how long or when I need to change the filter.
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT It is an easy and really convenient piece of equipment! It takes no time at all to have clean filtered water, i used to have a filter pitcher, but it just took too long for me to get the water! I use the brita water for my dog as well and it is so easy to give him a room temperture bowl of water rather then the cold (which is bad for them) from the fridge in seconds!
Poor Design, Wont Stay On Faucet, Leaks This filter is very poorly designed. The plastic used is too soft to properly thread onto the faucet. In addition, there aren't enough threads to screw it on securely. I have tried adapters sent to me by Brita as well as others I have bought, I have exchanged numerous filters but in every case, they all leak at the faucet and often pop off - spraying water all over the kitchen. The water quality is pretty good and the design is a great idea. The engineering is just so poor that this product is a complete failure.
Replacement Parts When I bought my first faucet filtration system I had to contact Brita to request different parts to fit the system onto my tap. The service was easy, and I received the parts quickly! I have NO complaints and LOVE the way the water tastes!
Clean tasting water This is my second Brita since I purchased my home 10 years ago. My tap water has a dirt/chlorine taste that this filter completely removes. Good product!
Great! We live in a city where they chlorinate the water & it often smells & tastes like you are drinking from a swimming pool. After buying the basic filter for ourselves, we bought the complete filtration system for my mother. She had one of the big clunky "other brands" that took up way too much space & had filters that had to be changed way too often & without warning. She loves the 3 settings & the lighting that tells her when to change her filter. Much easier to use & looks much nicer in her kitchen. We love our basic one too!!
Easy to install, great water I found the faucet filtration system to be very easy to install on any hardware. It is simple to switch from the filtered to un-filtered water and the quality of the filtered water is just as good as the pitcher in my fridge (also Brita) with the convenience of just turning on the tap. Replacement filters are easy to intall and it takes just seconds to do; with the indicator light you know exactly when to replace it.
Product has good features Would recommend this product to family and friends
It's great! I love my Brita faucet filter! It makes my tap water taste so good! I'm already spoiled with the fresh taste of the water that I can't even drink unfiltered water anymore! It even comes with different spray options which is very helpful! Thank you Brita for making top quality products! I can't wait to try the Brita filtering bottle so I can always have fresh and clean drinking water anywhere! :)
This is a great cost saving efficient product Love this faucet system, great value. I like it better than pitcher filter.
easy! Click, filter and drink! what could be easier than nice tasting water straight from the tap!
Bad Choice I discovered, too, that the filter system keeps coming loose from the faucet. Each time it happens, I get sprayed in the face and all over the kitchen. Just as troubling, my water has significant remaining sediment in it after being filtered by the Brita. My old Brita pitcher filters worked fine, but this faucet-mounted system is a huge disappointment.
Saves our family tons of money! Our family has been working on ways to keep our grocery budget low and our Brita filter is a HUGE help! We used to buy cases of bottled water and it was expensive. With our Brita, we can simply refill our reusable water bottles and our savings have been amazing.
not a good fit I had a faucet filtration system which i really liked but when I changed it out for a new one I could not get it to fit the faucet. The customer service sent the wrong adapter, I exchanged it to see if it was the filter but to no avail. I exchanged it again for a 10 cup filter pitcher which I do really like -
Value 4 your money. I love the great taste. Great on the environment. And i don't have to log around water bottles from the market.Great buy.
Save yourself a lot of grief. Buy the competitor's similar model After fighting with the Brita for a couple of days, I took it back and bought a similar Pur faucet filtration system. The Brita simply would NOT remain attached to the faucet. Why in the world you think you could rely on a couple of PLASTIC threads on the adapter to hold this thing affixed to a faucet is absolutely unbelievable. Major design flaw.
Nice idea but needs some improvement I was living in an area that had really nasty water and I wanted something to filter the water out of the tap. This filter worked really well until one day. After that the attachment wouldn't stay on the faucet. Eventually I got rid of the faucet filter system and went to a pitcher...which defeated the purpose of saving room in a tiny fridge.
This product does the job We use the Brita Complete Faucet Filteration System for our office break room to improve the taste of the water. Since using Brita, we no longer have the nasty chlorine taste in our water. Now if we can add a Brita Filter for our fridge ice maker. :)
Wonderful Taste! We have been using the Brita faucet filtration system for about 4 months now and our water is delicious. Prior to using the filter we had to purchase bottled water. Our water tasted like very strong chlorine. Thank you Brita!!
Nice feactures I like my water faucet filtration system very much. I do wish though that somehow it was higher up so that you could get taller items under neath it easier. Other than that, the water taste very good.
very good product Had no problems with filter. Called and ordered the adapter kit like it said in the booklet and have not had a problem with the unit since
Awesome product, and awesome water! I would have given this a 5 star rating except, I'm a little disappointed in the design of the actual area the Brita water comes from. It (sprays out, it has like 5 little holes that the water comes out of like a shower head kind of)..... when I was hoping it would be a (screened smooth stream) like the Brita Aquaview system I've used, and grown accustomed too over the past 6 years or so. Otherwise, I do like all of this ones other features. Having the ability to change through all the settings is a very nice plus! I like the large spray setting for regular water (it helps rinse dishes faster and easier and for making suds). Of course you have the large, nice, regular stream of regular water, and then the Brita water setting too. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with this product it also has good pressure too!
Love this product I have a filter on the water in my refridgerator but it is slow. The brita faucet product is great. Turn on the faucet and drink fresh water. Making iced tea with water from the faucet now tastes really fresh. I am very satisfied
This is a great product! I have had this product for three months. It works great. It was cost effective to buy and the replacement filters aren't that much money. I recommend it to others. I don't have to buy bottled water anymore.
Too Many Problems First, I needed a special adaptor so I had to wait for that. Then after using it a while, the filter housing blew apart so I had to wait for a replacement. That worked well for a while, but now I have trouble getting it to stay on the sometimes blows off and the small o-ring/washer goes of these days I won't be able to find it and then the entire thing will be useless. It is a shame because it really does filter the water well.
Been using more than 8 years.... ... and I'm really surprised that people write about the product coming loose. I've never had this problem, though I do make sure to tighten up the attachment if any water is leaking around it. I used to used the pitcher product, but find the tap attachment much easier to use, particularly if I need the water for something other than drinking. Water tastes better and using a reusable water bottle -- frozen every night -- is good for the environment.
Definitely worth the money I have owned my Brita faucet filtration system since I married and moved to NC seven years ago. Previously, at my parents' home, we had a faucet filter system made by another company, but when I moved, I opted for Brita because it looked easier to install and use, and indeed, it was. The Brita filter makes a significant (and positive) difference in the taste of our tap water, and we buy our replacement filter cartridges at BJ's, where they are very reasonably priced. I like the Brita faucet filter so much that I recently purchased another one to replace the "other brand" one at my parents' home.
Faucet Filtration System This on-tap system is very efficient, easy to use and creates great tasting water wirhout any hassle ! Highly recommended !
Makes Life a little easier I live in an area where they are not sure about thre water. Having the faucet filtration system makes my life easier. I always have pure water whenever I need it. I don't have to carry heavy bottles and I do not have to pay a monthly fee. I feel secure in the water I am drinking.
I LOVE MY BRITA! I love this product! Guaranteed fresh tasting water every time. I use it constantly and never encountered a problem with the mechanics. I'm a very satisfied customer!
This product is very easy to use I really like my Brita filter. I have a well, and this filter takes out the impurities making my water taste fresh! The only con is that the attachment lowers my faucet so it makes it difficult to fill pitchers. Other than that it works very well and is very easy to use and really easy to replace the filters. Will buy again!
Makes water taste like water should taste After installing our on tap filter, the chlorine smell and unpleasant taste was gone. We also save from buying those plastic recycleable bottles, putting money in our pockets and not the sping water companies. We change our filter about every two months or whenever the red light appears. Brita is just great.
Great filter! I bought this filter because I have city water at my apartment, and I really wanted to filter out the chlorine. It does a fantastic job and there is no chlorine smell or taste when I use the filter. The filter replacements are easy to find and easy to install. I have had no problems with the faucet filter, and I would definitely recommend it.
great product I have this system on my sink and I love it. The system is easy to use and it warns you before your filter needs to be replaced.
Easy to use I have used this system on two different faucets and still find it very easy to use and install. I did not have the issues that others have listed. The biggest thing you need to realize is that this is a DIY, easy system. It is NOT something that you need a plumber or a professional to have install. So, when it wears out, you will need to replace it. However, I have had mine for over a year and it is still working great. The only thing that I don't like is the actual size of the system. Sometimes it gets in the way of doing dishes. I am sure that they will get smaller over time and well, it's not something that will keep me from buying one again.
Convinient & Easy To use Filling the pitchers can be a pain, especially if your family drinks as much water as mine. With the Brita Faucet system, you can just fill your reusable water bottle and go. It's very easy to install and filtration is instant and unnoticeable. The filters last a long time and are easy to replace.This has been one of the best investments for my home. I recommend this to everyone; a must-buy.
Tastes Great...easy to install! I recently relocated to NC and the water has a stong flavor. I live in an apartment and the faucet did not have the correct connection to install my filttration system. I called Brita and within 48 hours I had the piece I needed to attach! I can now cook with and drink water from faucet with my Brita faucet filtration system!
I like it!! Makes the tap totally drinkable, I fill up water bottles from it and it taste just like bottled water!
Filter doesnt last 4 months The product is great but the only thing is that the filter doesnt really last 4 months. After 2 months or so the filtered water flow decreases dramatically. maybe its because the water where i live its not clean but besdies that good product.
Water tastes infinitely better. I live in a small town that doesn't have the best water supply. We put a Brita faucet filtration system on our fauces head and never looked back. Water tastes so clean and crisp!
Needs MAJOR improvement! I wish I had read the reviews here first before I had spent over $35 on this system!! As 2 other reviewers said, the thing just won't stay on the faucet! Finally, the screws on the adaptor wore off, because it's made out of a cheap, soft plastic and it won't screw on. Unfortunately, I lost the receipt, so I can't even return it. I have to suck it up and toss it in the trash! What a shame!!! People, don't buy it!!!!!
Won't stay on the faucet.... It stays on for a little while then it will blow off the faucet causing water to spray everywhere. The plastic adapters are very flimsy. I feel that it would hold better with a metal adapter. Right now I cannot use the product.
The newer redesigned model leaks and falls off faucet!!! I have had a Brita faucet mount for years and it was wonderful. The mount I had got a little too dirty so I decided to replace the whole mount. Well, they have "redesigned" it and let me tell you it is JUNK!!!! They made the part that screws onto faucet with less plastic and not enough threading.. and it doesn't fit any faucet I have tried it on without leaking or falling off.. I tried different washers.. plumbers tape to no avail. I even exchanged it thinking it was a bad unit i got. I contacted Brita they sent me parts that would help.. GUESS WHAT .. they were useless!!! So now I have over $50 invested in it between the faucet mount and the 4 pack of filters I purchased with it.. and haven't got a darn thing to show for it!! Other than lots of aggravation... At this point I will not even buy another Brita product.. will go with another company.
Will not stay on faucet I needed to replace my faucet, so I bought a Moen CA87888. I have tried three of your filters, the old one I had, and two new ones, and cannot get them to stay on. The threaded portion is too big. The faucet has external threads, and the adapters you include are for an internal threaded faucet. I have tried what I could think of, do you have any suggestions? I was looking for someplace on your site to contact you, but this is all I could find. I have used your product successfully before, and your box indicates it fits ALL faucets except pull out ones, so what is wrong? do I have the defective ones?

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