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Basic Faucet Filtration System

Basic Faucet Filtration System


This faucet filter system features a modern white finish and uses a long-lasting filter for healthier, great-tasting water right from the tap. It’s BPA-free, 40% more space efficient than the leading faucet mount system, and features easier 1-click filter replacement.

  • Reduces chlorine (taste and odor), lead and particulates§
  • 100-gallon water filter life
  • Convenient filter indicator
  • Attaches to your faucet in minutes; no tools required

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Download Brita® Basic Faucet Filtration System User Guide (PDF)

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*Suggested retail price (may vary by retailer)

Comparison vs. leading PUR® faucet mount system as of June 23, 2013. PUR® is a registered trademark of Pur Water Purification Products, Inc. and is not affiliated with Brita LP.

§ Reduces chlorine (taste and color), lead and particulates.Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.

Filter lasts for 100 gallons or 4 months, whichever comes first.

Basic Faucet Filtration System 5 182
Air Born Filter, etc Green light does not come on. Removed filter, pushed pin several times, replaced filter, still no green light. Tried three times without success. Now the filter flies up when I turn on the water. Not a good product for senior citizens with arthritis.
Not well manufactured Unfortunately, the dial knob to switch from regular tap to filtered becomes stiff and non-working long before your filters run out. Only two of us using it, has lasted 4 months. Not just us, our daughter bought one around the same time, her family already trashed theirs - it stopped working after 3 months!
Poor reliability I purchased this product about a month ago at our local Home Depot. It did great at filtering out the awful chlorine taste in our water but about 3 weeks after purchasing it, I went to turn the valve to get filtered water and it just started leaking out water all over. Poor design, reliability non-existent.
accessible mellow tasting water I love my new water faucet filtration system. It was a gift to me from my son-in-law who heard me complaining about the inconvenience of using my Brita pitcher filtration system. It was a pain in the neck. Now, after two months of using the faucet filtration system I am much much happier. I have convenience along with the great taste of filtered water...................
Water waster!!! We bought the faucet filter for convenience rather the pitcher (which did work fine but not convenient). One month into using the basic (didn't know there were any different ones); the water dispenses both thru the filter and non-filter exits. Tried cleaning, tightening and replacing the filter; still comes out both ways. THIS WASTES WATER, NOT SAVES! I bought additional filters at the same time so that package is now no good either. Also your contact via email does not work.
Great tasting water, but some parts poorly made The filtration aspect works great; however, ours broke after 3 months of normal use. The valve to switch back and forth from filter to regular faucet is made with really thin and cheap plastic so it eventually will break off. I am going to look at the more expensive model to see if this has a different valve design.
Bad Quality I have purchased three basic systems in a row (I usually get complete but both my stores were out). All three products didn't work properly! The filter light didn't work, so while I trust brita products, I can't tell how long the products are effective. The complete system is back in stock now, so I have purchased another one. However, I spent almost $100 on three basic systems that didn't work. That was very disappointing so I wouldn't ever recommend the basic product. Not sure if it was a bad batch or what, but the systems just didn't work.
Good taste, easy to use Brita provides a reminder when to change the filter too. Snaps on easily. Makes coffee tastes better too!
Brita basic faucet filtration system easy to install, filter indercater light never worked,i guess it was a fluck ,black mould build up around water ports and cursives
Indicator light does not work I bought a new Brita yesterday because the indicator light stopped working on my old one. But it does not work on my new one either
2nd faucet filter purchased I had the basic filter for a year, and the threads that screwed into the faucet adapter were stripped, which caused the unit to fall into the sink when the water was turned on. I read reviews here that indicated that the newer units had brass fittings, so I purchased a new one at Target last week. The brass fittings are a definite improvement. Another neat upgrade was the flat lever to change from filtered/unfiltered water. The older version had a smaller lever, which made it difficult to use. The newer model allows for easier operation, and causes less stress on the faucet adapter. One thing I would like to see improved, would be to upgrade the faucet adapters to metal instead of plastic. I was going to reuse my old faucet adapter, but noticed that the threads were stripped. Other than that, I'm very happy with the filter!
not held by fausset leaking in every imaginable hole and cannot be held by fausset - thread is not strong enough. After removing washer with screen, it doesn't fall down the sink anymore, but still leaking. Was expecting better quality from Brita...
great filtration system, easy to use easy to usehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kjawershkuhklhkewhrkph
This Product Is Easy To Use. I Have Been Using This Product For 15 Years And Will not change it for any other filtration system.I promise you that.
faucet filter is great i just love my faucet filter it so convienant and inexpensive water taste so much better. i live in the country so have well water im mean my water dont taste bad or stink like alot of peoples in the country but without my faucet filter hard telling what you are drinking, i just love my faucet filter! ps sorry if i have a couple misspelled words
difficult to change from filtered back and forth to nonfiltered the lever has become very difficult to change. Most of the time I cannot change it completely so the water comes out both filtered and nonfiltered. What causes this lever to become difficult to operate? Otherwise I like the taste of the water
This product never lasts long! This is my second faucet system in less than a year and now this one is not working either! The indicator light stops working soon after the system is installed on the faucet! What will brita do to fix this for me?
too expensive We bought the faucet system at Walmart for 16.88 however we did not realize that the filters were 16.84, we are currently looking for another system because Brita is somewhat of a rip off it says change filter every 400 galons or every 4 months is recomended but we only get 2 months b4 it turns red then we pay the same amount for a whole new system as we do for filters. We are currently searching for a more economical way to get good drinking water in our town. the water here is not safe to drink people get sick so most of our town has a system or water service and Brita is just too much money for the quantity of water we get.
Makes it easy to drink more water I love the product, however I would like it if the monitor that is supposed to let me know when to change the filter would work. It always fails halfway through the first filter.
Great New Features This faucet filter is the only one with a spray adapter..I love it! I was getting ready to purchase another brand because extreme temperature change would cause the unit to blast off of the faucet. To my great suprise, the company has changed the fitting from plastic to brass which tells me it is a company that listens to its customers. This has solved the problem........They have me for life!
I am very disappointed I use the faucet filtration system as well as the fridge pitcher. I just bought a replacement filter for my faucet filtration system (18.99) and after installing it the light still comes in RED. This is not a cheap filter to be malfunctioning. I will be replacing it but, obviously that will cost me time and gas to return to Publix for an exchange and I have no guarantee that the next one will work. I have replaced my filters before and this is the first time I have an issue with it. Normally I would recommend this product, but I am now weary of it and wonder if there has been problems with the filter replacement cartridges for my pitcher, but of course there is no way of telling with those ones.
Double Brita our water We Brita our water from the tap then for drinking and cooking we put the Brita treated water through the Brita pitcher. Very pleased with the results. We have been doing thid "DOUBLE" Britaing for years.
Problem with leaks After a month our water has begun coming out of both faucet mouths while on the brita filter setting. I have re tightened the device and it continues to happen
These filters do what they promise We have been using Brita faucet filters for years and they make drinking city water as enjoyable as drinking from a mountain spring.
Great concept with several problems First, I have to tell you that Brita's service department is tops. They answer your questions, and do whatever they can to make things right, When I bought the Brita, it didn't fit my faucet properly. Called Brita and they sent me the part that I needed. Problem solved. Then I had a problem with the unit. Called, sent a replacement, problem solved. I had the unit for about 2 years, It stopped blinking when I changed filters. Hasn't blinked since. Too lazy to call Brita. I wish that I had room in my fridge for a pitcher.
Convenient & Money Saving We loved having a brita filter on our faucet while apartment living. No plastic water bottles and it flips on and off so I dont waste the filter when I dont need it. Great convenience, great tasting water and great money saver!
This product is easy to install and convenient. This product is easy to install and convenient. Great way to save the earth from trash/water bottles.
This product is not well engineered. I have tried everything to get this and the last unit to stay on the faucet. The plastic threads are cheap and do not hold up to the water force. They keep falling into the sink and breaking things. I got so ticked off that I won't use it until you make a better connector piece.
Great Product This was simple to apply to my faucet, it was convenience for me since I'm always in a hurry... This got me to start using my water bottle instead of buying the plastic bottle pks
many good reasons to use I like Brita filters. It tastes good, saves on plastic water bottles and is economical. I would like Brita to also manufacture shower heads with water filters. I think this would help with skin and hair softness for those who cannot afford a water softening system.
Basic Faucet Filtration System its simple to put on your faucet and easy to love the clean tasting water,
I"m satified with product I have no complaint so far. It's a good product. I think I need to purchase new one.
I like my Brita filter and will not live without it!!! I was spending lots of money on bottled water and was drinking eight or more bottles of water a day to maintain hydration and realized that's a lot of plastic (and money when compared to a filter)!! So I decided to try the Brita filter for home use that would not only reduce plastic waste but would also keep me from spending so much money on bottles of water. I first used the Brita pitcher but then decided to use the faucet filter so I don't have to keep refilling the pitcher so often. It's been about five years since purchasing my first Brita filter and will continue to buy Brita . The Brita filter has meant my filtered water needs.
This product was good for 7 months only We purchased this product because it was Brita and thought we were purchasing a quality product. We have had it for 7 months and the tab/bypass valve to turn from drinking to regular water broke in half. Very disappointed in the quality of the workmanship. Our prior water filter system, which was NOT a Brita, lasted five years before it needed to be replaced (and that was with four children growing up in the house) This Brita product lasted 7 months with only adults and very small children (too small to use the system) in the house.
Did a good job. Our water tasted much better after installing the faucet filtration system. Knob to switch from Brita filtered water to unfiltered got real hard to turn.
Don't like new spray design I've used Brita for years and think it's the best on the market. However, the new one I just bought does not produce a single stream of water, it has 5 smaller holes and produces a spray. I used to be able to put my large bottle in the sink and it would fill very nicely. The new spray pattern goes every where but in my bottle. Why was this done?
Easy to use This is perfect for our "old" house. Makes our water taste great!
Hate the new spray instead of a stream! I buy Brita because Pur is cheap, but the redesign from a single stream of water to a spray is INSANE! Now I have to buy a funnel to fill my bottles. Fire the moron that thought this was a good idea!
Good for the environment I chose Brita filter becase there is a need to do something good for the environment and because the water tastes much better when I use it.
Helps remove chlorine taste I've been using Brita for at least the last 10 years. I find it takes the ick flavoring that our local water board has added to the water to make it "safe" to drink, ie chlorine. also our morning coffee tastes much better.
I'm not too happy with the product I'm somewhat disappointed with this system. I have a well that is extremely hard water but the Brita Faucet mounted filter only works a few weeks then it quits working altogether. At first, I thought they were shipped with batteries that were old or had been on the shelf for a long time but 've purchased 3 now and they work for a week or two then the Light that lets you know it's doing the job, stops working. Samething happened when I changer the Filter only. Help!!
Works Great We started out with a Pur faucet filter, which was, IMHO, garbage. In very little time, the body of the filter housing cracked. We replaced it, and the replacement cracked. After we bought a third one (steel jacketed) and it leaked, we gave up. We bought a Brita filter unit and have been very satisfied with the design, durability, ease of use, and taste of the water. We'll definitely stick with Brita.
great product This has been a great product for us. is very easy to use. the only complaint is that is alittle bulky and we knock it over sometimes when we are washing dishes. does not leak so that is a great plus!
Just one problem I really like the Brita faucet filter but I have had this problem twice in the last 4 filter changes. The replacement filter fails to reset the color code to green. I was carefull to flush the new filter system first for 5 minutes but it still stays on orange or red. I even tried to reset it by removing the filter for about a minute and then re-inserting. Still no luck. Will call customer service and see what is wrong. The only other thing I am annoyed at is that I can't tell whether the light flashes orange or red. Too bad the color changes weren't more obvious like green to white to orange or green to white to red. I really like the clarity of the filtered water and the taste. Just fix my problem areas!
Great for Well Water Systems We live in the country and the filtering system works wonders for getting rid of unwanted chemical tastes!
Amazing filtration and taste My husband and I bought the basic faucet filtration system, because the water where we live has a lot of minerals in it and tastes awful! With the new filtration system we don't have to worry about it anymore! Thank you!
New Brita filter replacement flashes red light after 1 week of use! I have had this occur before and it has happened again. I replace a used filter cartridge which was flashing red, only to find that the new one is flashing an amber color instead of green. It is then followed by a red flashing light one week later! This is unacceptable considering how expensive the replacement filters are. I would like to be credited for a new filter replacement pack.
good for us taste better water great all the way looks great in my kitchen beeter water for my family and friends
Fast and EASY to use. I like the simple style, ease of use. Being able to change from white, black to chrome. Been using Brita filter for over 10 years now!!!!
Great except for the filter recycling issue. I used a pitcher for years & wore it out, then switched to the faucet filter, which is ideal in an RV. With both products, chose to recycle my used filters, then the cost of shipping skyrocketed -- e.g., almost $10 for 3 filters! I'd like a way to dismantle the filter so we could discard the unusable part & just ship the recyclable part. Thanks, MB
brought product less than six month ago the faucet filtration system is now leaking from the connector at the bottom there is know way to fix
Basic Faucet Filtration Operation We purchased the basic faucet filtration system ~1 1/2 yrs ago. It worked fine for about 6 months before the selector would no longer move with using your hand. Looking for a place to return the product to so that you can examine it to determine what went wrong. We have several replacement fileters that are useless without the head assy. Where can we return this product to? There doesn't seem to be a customer service linke on the web site.
It was great at first I've had this attached to my sink for quite a while. At first, it worked exactly as designed. After a while, however, the knob on the side (the one used to select regular or filtered water) started to tighten up. It's nearly gotten to the point where I need pliers or a wrench to force it to move. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any way to repair this; the unit is not user-serviceable.
Good product Very easy to install. Easy to keep clean. Disappointed the on/off knob is very hard to turn. Price is reasonable. Replacement filters are at times hard to find.
Water barley flows thru new filter Twice I have purchased the twin pack faucet filters and one of them in each pack would not work so that means I spent $25.00 for one filter. If it happens the next time I guess I will be forced to try some other brand. Would love to know why the water barley flows thru some of these.
Great Product I have used several water filtering systems for the kitchen faucet but they were either poorly made or didn't clean the water like Brita does. I have always used the Brita pitcher but now that I discovered Brita faucet system I won't choose any other!
Not as good as I had hoped Prior to getting the basic system, I had the Aquaview (which was discontinued). The store only had the basic model, which I bought. I didn't realize from the package that the usage indicator DID NOT LIGHT UP!! This basic model is EXTREMELY difficult to see and even harder to tell the color. I checked back at the store and they don't carry any other than the basic, but I'm still looking.
This product has great features I have this product for years and love it! Now that I am growing older I have arthritis in my hands. Recently I purchased a new unit to replace the old one. I found I lacked the strength in my hands to put it on. I had to get someone else install it. I sincerely hope that you will come out with a more ergonomic design for those of us who have difficulty with this unit due to limited dexterity. Thank you.
Good Filter - Terrible Unit I love the filters that Brita makes and have used them for years. We started with the pitchers and when the faucet units came out we got those because of the convenience. Unfortunatey, the faucet unist are poorly designed and poorly manufactured. They have a plastic piece to screw on to the metal faucet and the threads strip within weeks even when you are not removing the unit from the faucet. After replacing 5 faucet units in 6 months - including one that Brita replaced because it failed in 4 days - we gave up and went back to the pitchers.
Do not like new color wheel We had a Brita faucet system whose light burned out. When I called Brita, the customer service person said that we had to replace it. We bought a new one and this one does not have a light; it has a color wheel. The color wheel is very hard to see. The green color is not bright. We hope that we will be able to see the red color.
Excellent I love my Brita filter system. My water is delicious and have been using this system for 8 years now. Customer service has always been exceptional. They always were so courteous and took of my problems I do wish I would get coupons for the filter cartridges. Especially using for so long I am a loyal customer and would love to save some $ b/c the cartridges are expensive. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.
This product is effective. I have used this product for 8 months. It is a good filter, although I have trouble with the knob that switches it from faucet to filter. It could be improved. I would recommend it with alterations to the design.
This product needs redesign Most people have aerators on their faucets. This product removes the aerator function, In addition the filtered water comes out in several small sprays which splash everywhere. The spray pattern is such that it is difficult to fill the small opening in a water bottle. The filtered water, however, is excellent if you don't mind getting water all over the outside of whatever container you are filling.
faucet unit I do like the unit I bought but there are 2 things which could be added. One is a part ID on the add on filter so can get a new one without taking wrong one off shelf at store. 2nd- the attachment to the actual faucet theaded end tends to come loose after moving the location of the filter around a bit. Have no idea how this can be corrected without a major basiic desigh change. The present cost is very good on the plain white unit so change could add too much cost. Note I am an old product designer.
disappointed twice The first faucet filter I bought was the most contemporary one that year. It worked fine until the indicator button went dead after about 2 yrs. Called B cust ser and they told me that the indicator light system was only good for 2-3 yrs. The most recent purchase was for the cheaper model with the stationary indicator. IT DOES"T WORK because I have had it on since June and it has yet to change color.
Get great purified water to drink I drink only water that is purified by Brita filtering systems and have been for many years. I wonder if that is why I look young and I am in good health.
Filters cost as much as system. The filters do not last very long. May be due to the hard water in Colorado. They seem to be too expensive for the length of time they work.
poor product, poor customer service, poor website Could not get the light to work after following all instructions including trouble shooting. Tried customer service went through the menu, asked for a representative was disconnected.
Hate new design I always loved Brita faucet filters. I hate the new design. I never had a problem until now. The light is not visible. Now the knob to turn from filter to non filter is hard to turn and the water drips from either side after choosing one option. I will not buy another one of these and that is sad because I have used these for 11 years.
Works great! I had the pitcher for years and like most families no one would fill it up when it was empty. This is so nice. When ever you want brita water you just turn it to filter. I keep a couple pitchers of water cold as well as ice tea and lemon aid all made from brita water. The only con is my light has stopped working so now I write the date I buy it on the filter and just replace it in 3 months.
Multiple times defective I purchased the chrome filtration system and the light did not work (red or green) at any time. I took it back to the store and purchased the whitle system and the lights did not work on that one either. Hard to tell when the filter needs changed if it never turns red. I think I'm going to try the PUR system next.
LOOKING FOR ANOTHER BRAND First of all, the LED indicator light on the filter body has not worked at all on the last several replacements I've bought. Second, within a week or two the filtered water comes out in an uncontrollable spray going every which way, and is slow to fill my water jug. Last, the replacement filters are too expensive for such poor products. I'm looking for another brand.
White faucet filter won't stay on. Stripped threads. THird purdhase was the dhrome faucet filter. That one has metal threads that hopefully will stay securely attatched, and an easier to use lever to change the flow of water. I have great hopes of the chrome faucet filter lasting longer than a year. A question: Are the white filters interchangable with the chrome? I still have four white filters left since each white system came with two and they both stripped on me fefore I got to use any of the package of four replacement I purchased at BJs wholesale warehouse.
Good Product I have been using the Brita faucet filtration for years. It is a convenient, economic, green way to have great tasting clean water. The only thing I do not like is how you change from filtered to un-filtered. It is very hard to turn. I can't imagine someone with diminished use of their hands being able to use this product. Other than the way you switch it, I love this filter system.
Brita We are on filter system 3 in 18 months for some reason it keeps cracking or leaking! Not sure what to do, i like the water this filter produces but the plastic keeps cracking . I do not think the store will trade it for a new one again for me:(
Filters too expensive I bought this for my 5th wheel trailer, but I find the filters are very expensive. I used to use a Brita pitcher, and I will be returning to that as I can get 4 filters for the price of one. It works well, but just too costly for us.
Warning light Four out the last five Brita filters that I've purchased have some defect in the warning light system. When I've installed a new filter, and run it for the first time (and every subsequent time), the red light is displayed. So, I don't have a reliable way to determine when the filter will need to be replaced. I've been using the Brita system for 9+ years. I wonder if there manufacturing quality control is up to par?
This Product has a Low Mean Time Between Failures Reference Number: 7069907 with Customer Service. Our Filter System stopped working 9 days after purchasing it. At Reference Customer Service gave me instructions on how to reset the Filter so that Green was a GO, Yellow was Caution and Red was the filter had expired. Still after that the indicator lights did not illuminate and customer service said that they would replace it. That was 2 months ago. Need I say more?
Frustrated with this product In the last couple of months I had to replace my facet mount filter because the one I had broke. Now the new one is broken. I am frustrated because I cannot afford to keep replacing the unit.
access to recycle filters The filters are expensive, sometimes cheaper to buy a new system than to purchase replacement filters. There is very limited access to recycle these filters. I currently have four filters that some how need to get to Whole Foods which is not at all convient for me. th closes store is about 15miles out this should be easier, what about getting Wagmanns or HarrisTeeter to participate?
Indicator light insufficient I purchased a Brita basic faucet filtration system because my house has hard water and it's an older home, so I wanted to make sure my drinking water was clean. After setting the system up, I realized that the indicator light wasn't working. I even turned off all of the lights in the house to try and see it; nothing. So I looked at the instructions to see how to correct the problem. I followed them exactly and still no light. I then called customer service, followed their instructions and still no light. They offered to send me a replacement system. Once is arrived, I quickly set it up only to find that it had the same problem. So I don't know if the system is actually working or not. I wouldn't purchase this filter again. I suppose if you are considering buying the a system its best to opt for the more expensive version.
we liked the design much better than the others ! The best feature on this system is the easy on and off switch . Some of the others we looked at were not as accessable . We had a different brand before this one and i must say after 2 or 3 filter changes they just quit and pretty much came apart ! This one has been in use for well over a year now and is still working and doing great !!!! Very well pleased with it and would highly recommend it to anyone !!!!
Green Light Didn't Work Bought this system and immediately the green led does not work. Tried the troubleshooting but still does not work. So now I don't know if the system is good or bad but ill just use it.
Pay the extra $10 for the complete faucet system I needed to replace my Complete Faucet Filtration sytem, but my Target didn't have any in so I decided to give the basic one a try. The good thing is that the filtered water tastes great, exactly as I would expect. The bad things are that the water flow is very low in both the filtered water and regular. Also, the light to indicate that the fitler is working doesn't seem to work. Third, my regular water is now coming out cloudy. I've emailed Brita asking them about this and we'll see what they say. Overall, I would definately recommend Brita products as they do a wonderful job filtering, but I wouldn't recommend this specific product.
Hard to use I purchased this filter when my prior faucet filter wore out. This one is very difficult to switch on and on because the shape of the knob is difficult to hold, expecially if your hands are wet, slick or arthritic. The light is not strong enough to read unless you are directly over it, not easy at the kitchen sink. I get angrier each time I try to use it.
Poor design This model, though inexpensive, is not worth purchasing, especially if you have any difficulties with your fingers/'hands. The knob to switch from filtered to unfiltered water is shaped in reverse - it is hard to maneuver as it is tapered & thin on the outer edge where you need to grip. If it was thick for the entire length, it would be easier to grasp. Mine got harder & harder to turn over the few months I had it until I had to resort to pliers to grasp & turn. It also would not stay tight on the faucet & frequently sprayed the user. Model FF-100 is a much better product, and worth the additional money.
BAD BAD BAD This is not ergonomically correct for any age group. Cannot be switched to filtered water half the time and cannot be done one handed. Must use both hands.
Broke in a few months The water tastes great & but there is a piece on the bottom that broke after a few months so it sprayed water all over the place & had to be replaced. I opted for the better one this time, hoping this one lasts longer.
Leaks but is good for filtering I purchased this yesterday (OPFF-100) and installed it on my faucet without any problems. However, when I turned the water on, it started leaking between the collar and the unit itself (the unit wiggles around also). The collar is tight on my faucet and the washers are all in place (no adapters needed). As far as filtering goes, it seems to be doing a great job. The only time I really have an issue is when I'm using the "unfiltered" side for washing dishes. The water sprays everywhere, and the unit swivels around (so the water is spraying out in different directions). As a related side note, why is there no customer support on Sundays? I can understand not having customer service after 10 pm or something like that, but at least have it available 7 days a week.
better tasting water for sure The only drawback I have with the filter, is the knob that you have to turn to switch the filter on. It is very difficult to turn on and off. I actually have to use a pair of pliers to turn it. Other than that, I really like the filtered water.\
Defective Like a mini vampire bit the top of the system a week after purchase. Water shoots up from the top. To send it back would cost almost as much as purchasing another unit.
This Filter is great for any household Would reccommend it to anyone who loves filter water
Great for filtered water at home This mounted filtration system is great for easily accessing filtered water directly from your faucet. In my opinion, the only down-side is that it is easy for me to accidentally touch or splash the unit with meat juices when cooking/cleaning. This is probably not a concern for most people, but I am a stickler for keeping non-refridgerated water sources away from bacteria sources. I recommend the product if you don't rinse meat at the same faucet.
I love it! I love it! Just bought one today and it tastes great!
I have used for years I have used Brita filters for years. They are widely available and the research i have seen online that compares filters always lists Brita at the top.
Good system, but filters are overpriced Overall, the system is a good one. It's easy to install and the indicator light is very useful. The filters need to be replaced every couple months in our house, but how long they last depends how much you use them, so this may be different for other families. The only complaint I have is that the replacement cartridges for this filter are more expensive than any other filter system brand. I've heard less pricy brands work just as well as this one. If you don't mind paying more, this is a very good product and it does work well. When I replace this one someday, I, personally, will go with the brand that doesn't charge so much.
Good, but not for me I really like the idea of a Brita filter right on my faucet, and I've always liked the Brita pitchers. For some reason, however, the faucet will not stay on either of my sinks. I did keep the product though, so I'll try it on a new sink once I move.
Easy to Use and a Great Value Tried and tested this is one of the best filters on the market. We highly recommend having one for the home.
simple to use I find this product is simple to use from older children, adults to the aged. You don't have to open the refridge everytime you want a filtered glass of water.
Great Taste, average flow. Had this Brita faucet for about a month and throughly enjoy the water and savings over bottled water, just wish the flow from the filter was a little faster.
wonderful product we switched from the "other" faucet product due to dissatisfaction with it's construction, always cracking within 3 mos of use. We're very happy with the this product, well constructed and efficient. thank you one suggestion, it would be easier to clean if the bottom on the personal water bottle were removable. easier to clean.
Good and easy to install I like this faucet. it's effective and nice to have on your tap.
fantastic I hate city water and ours is pretty pitiful very chemical tasting so when I bought one of these I thought well lets see what all the fuss is about and wow its great you cant even taste the nasty stuff in the water super awesome product :)
Easy to use I bought this filter and really like how it works. The water takes great. Easy to change from filtered water to tap water.
Ease of Installation and Size I found the faucet Brita filter to be easily installed and non-obtrusive. The size is perfect and changing filters is a snap! :-)
Great product, great water. New to an area where the tap water doesn't taste good, this filter removed all of that and it's like drinking bottled water.
Great Product! This product really makes my tap water a whole lot tastier to drink.
Easy to use Brita is top choice for my family at an affordable price.
The Faucet Filter is easy to use. I like the Faucet Filter because I can put it on and forget about it. All I have to do for filtered water is flick a switch and I have great tasting healthy water. I have very hard water & without the Brita Filter it tastes horrible. I just watch the indicator & I know when I have to change it. It's great!
Very satisfied with the water. I purchased several of these basic faucet filtration systems for my family and we have been very pleased with how easy it is to use. The water tastes a little better and I am assured that so much is being filtered out by this system.
Simply the easy and best solution. This is a very simple and easy solution to prevent environmental yuck in our tap water. I want only the best water for my children.
Great product Great product, we no longer buy bottled water anymore. Has greatly increased our water consumption
Awesome This system is so good for my family. We now drink far more water than we did even a month ago, and we spend less money on water bottles.
Easy to Set UP I loved how simple, and easy, it was to set up this tools needed.
This product works. This is a very simple product. Easy to install and even easier to use.
This Is an amazing product! I love this filter! It easily attached to my faucet and saves room in my fridge! :) It is a great money saver!
love it but We always use ours! But it is a little hard to turn from filtered to not
tastes great, but the threads strip too easily I love the taste of Brita water, but these faucet mounts with plastic threads just don't last. Bummer!!!
This product is convenient Works well filters all the bad stuff out of water and is easy to replace, best of all it saves monry, instead of buying water from the water filter machine.
Easy To Use I like the faucet system, it's easy to use, I find I drink more water because it is easily accessible.
I LOVE FILTERED WATER It's easy to install and saves loads of money. We are a family of five with sports all year. This is so much better than purchasing individual bottles. Thanks. This is a great way to save a few extra bucks.
This product works great I am pleased that I decided to try the faucet filter. It's easy to use and the water tastes great.
Clean water is healthy water I'm happy that I have water that's cleaner and healthier than if I just got it from tap. however, the filter was difficult to stay attached to my faucet and I wish there was a way I wouldn't have to worry about it falling off.
We love our brita filter. Our water tastes so much better now. We are very pleased with our brita filter and the difference it makes.
Great Product/ Way to Save We purchased the filter and we have saved a bundle! We have not had to purchase as much bottled water, we can reuse our bottles we already have. We don't have to buy the expensive filters for the refridgerator anymore either. This item is great, and is very simple to use. My kids know when it's time to change the filter. Kid friendly, and very affordable
Works great I love this filter, it works great and makes my tap water taste great. I have never been a fan of tap water but this makes it drinkable!!
Does the job we have lots of chlorine added to our water.....this filtration system removes every bit of that harsh taste (tastes great now) and I am sure removes lots of other things that are in our water that we do not know about! That is comfort! I wonder if alot of our cancer triggering chemicals are coming from our water across Brita for your peace of mind!
This product delivers as advertised My wife and I have used the Brita filtration system for over a year. We have found that it will filter about 100 gallons of water (about 3-4 months for us), and the water quality is great. We use it to cook vegetables and make coffee. Before using this system I was buying several gallons of water each week.
Good Product My water comes out very crisp and clean, and I love the taste.
Now I Love my Drinking Water! I have been using a Brita faucet filter for several years and I love it. The water tastes great ... no more awful residue on the inside of my glass coffee pot ... clear and good tasting ice cubes. My whole family loves it.
Easy to use this filter system was easy to install even on my older faucet. great product for the value.
Easy to use! the filter was easy to install and use. have had this sink mounted filter for about 1 month now and water is much better in taste and feel. next I need a brita bottle for when I'm away from home.
Great product but not efficient for us I loved this for our faucet but, becuase our water is so poor, we went through many filters. I loved the product but it did not help us much!
Clean Crisp Drinking Water Our tap water was HORRIBLE!!!! But now that we've installed the Brita Filtration cleaner our water is so much cleaner and tastes100% better.
leaked really bad Going for the cheapest model did not pay off this time:(((It leaked really bad even though the quality of water got a lot better.Maybe more upscale model would do the trick?!
Did what it needed to do, filter my water from the tap! I haven't always been a filtered water person but now that I have my Brita I love it! Its simple and easy to install and the light reminds you when it is necessary to change it. Its great!
Crisp Water The water is so much cleaner and tastes better with my filtration system.
Great tasting water! Needed to buy an additional washer so it would stay on the sink, but now it is perfect!
works well I like the new size of this filter - doesn't get in the way like the older, larger models. Having three options of filter, and 2 regular water is nice too.
Love this water! Our tap water is just OK... We love the taste of the water through our Brita filter and will all stand in line at the sink to wait if we have to. I haven't purchased prefilled water bottles in over a year - we just refill our bottles with the Brita water. Saves money, tastes good.
Great but leaks This is a great porduct tohave but sometimes it leaks. The light stops working and doe snot work all the time. So you just have to guess when you need to change the filter.
Love this! I cannot live without this...I drink more water now than I ever have, it tastes great!
Hard to connect I liked this product but it was very hard to connect to the faucet. We had to order new parts and it still leaked.
Fine but pitcher is better This item is average it slowing the water, personally I like the pitcher I recently purchase better.
Love it!! I absolutely love the Brita Basic. I think the water definitely tastes different and love how you can switch from filtered for drinking to non filtered for dish washing. Thank you Brita!!!!
Great Product I have used this product for a few years, it is wonderful. The water is crisp, clear and refreshing.
Great asset to your kitchen sink This is an inexpensive way to be able to drink good water without spending a fortune on bottle water!
Water great, handle bad I have used both types of Britta faucet mounted filters and find both of them very difficult to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. I routinely clean the entire unit with vinegar and so I do not feel that this is a hard water issue.
did not work with my faucet this filter did not work well with my faucet!! it leacked
I love how easy this is to use I love how easy this system is to install and use. I drink so much more water now that I have this. I used to have just a pitcher but it's nice to not to have the pitcher taking up space in my fridge. I love it!
Like being able t turn it off. It needs to be less in the way for doing dishes. He always has to take it off.
Convenient Having the water filter right on the faucet is convenient for me and my family.
It will not stay on the faucet. I have contacted you about the product that I purchased that will not stay on the faucet. You told me that you would send out something that would fix the problem. This was over 2 months ago andf I have jet to receive anything from you. I will not purchase your product again if I am treated like this. Your customer service sucks.
new user I definitely have to have this for where I live... It works great and I love the changes in water dispense you can switch to. It has definitely made my 5 year old want to drink more water also.
This is an okay product! I have found that the filters are expensive, it looses water pressure and its bulky.
Great filtration system for the price I have had two different Brita faucet filtration systems over the years. I have always had great tasting water ever since. I cant wait to try the Brita Bottle. I think its a great idea and will be very useful to many people!
One Concern The only concern I have had with the unit is switching between filtered water and straight from the tap. I have removed the unit and soaked in vinegar as recommended, but it is a very temporaory fix. Other than that the filter is great and convienient .
I truly appreciate being able to have filtered water at home The water that comes from my Brita is amazing. I hate tap water and am so thankful for your product!!!!
this is a great product The water is always crisp and clear and tastes great!
Great Product! We have "city" water and our Brita faucet filter makes it taste good! I also don't worry about what kinds of chemicals my kids are getting when they drink water from our Brita! :)
This product helps with the overall clarity of our public water I think this product works well. There is clearly a difference in our water from a strong chlorine smell to absolutely no trace at all when we use the filter. I am very pleased with the product and that's why I always replace my filter regularly. I recommend this product for anyone who is tired of buying bottled water. It saves money and is better for the environment.
it has good features and nice appearance I however think that this filter goes red too fast; it starts changing from green dot to red dot in a matter of weeks, and I find myself changing the cartridge more often than they said I would.
Won't stay on faucet The water tastes great coming out of the filter. It greatly improves the taste of our water. The problem is that it won't stay on the faucet! It popped off so often that I abandoned it. Using a pitcher now.
Love it! No problems. We used to have a different brand faucet filter, and it was slow and annoying. This one flows fast, and is easy to turn. I'm not sure why others are having problems. I'm a 5 foot woman with a bone disease and I have no trouble. My husband attached it...I wonder if others just over-tightened or something. And, we do not get leaks. I would recommend this to others.
Saves us having to buy water Always wanted to buy one but my husband was against it, then we were at his mothers and he wanted water and he tried hers and loved it so she got us one, we love it and would never go back to buying water
A problem turned out to be a success likes Brita. If you read their site you'll learn a lot of reasons to use this filter. But here is my personal story in case some folks that said their faucet began to leak had this happen too. If it leaks, unscrew it and look- it may be plastic grains it kept out of your glass wedging behind the screen! Plastic never decomposes- it just gets smaller and smaller. I kept having to replace the Brita and was angry- they sent me a new one. Then one day I discovered the cause of the leaks was that the filter was being wedged apart from the faucet by the junk it caught and kept out of my glass. I went back and looked at the one I threw away and saw it there too. Now I'm making it up to them because it was really the fact that this filter kept that gunk out of my body that made the faucet leak and it just takes a second to clean. After seeing that, I won't drink regular tap water. And if you're not already avoiding the water bottles completely, after you read, you may not buy bottled water again. shiver. Thanks Brita
decent filtration? poor design i like the fact that i can filter water at the tap, but, as others have pointed out. the knob gets hard to turn after awhile, especially if you have hard water. (a soak in vinegar does remove the deposits that cause this though) what bothers me most is the adapter design. it tends to loosen easily (due to hard water deposits, again) and eventually the threads strip rendering the filter useless. there is no easy way to get replacement adapters. sure, we could write/call support and ask for new ones but in the mean time we are without filtration... i went with a competitors brand. much smarter design, we are very pleased with it.
Really appreciate the convenience Really happy we purchased the Brita faucet filter again.
Good system The water at our apartment is horrible. With the faucet filtration we are able to drink the tap water. We also have a pitcher and the stand with 4 bottles. I have not used a plastic water bottle in over a year. I can use the tap water for cooking or adding water to the fish tank and know that it is filtered. The only negative is that the Brita filter sprays out to hard. Otherwise I love the system.
This product is simple to use! I like this product because it is very easy to use and installing is also very easy.
Great I love using it however, I have trouble getting hooked onto new faucets.
This is an easy product to use This is easy to replace and provides filtered water very simply.
Nice Water takes great. Sometimes we forget to switch back to regular tap and that's rough. So far. we've had it 2 month and no need to replace filter. Relatively pleased! YAY!
An inexpensive way to filter water. It's a simple inexpensive filtration system, water does a little better after using this.
Poor customer service Well I would love to review this product but I have not been able to attach it to my faucet. The adapters that came with the filter didn't work nor did the 3 they sent to me after calling customer service the first time. The second call I was told to go find my own adapter at a hardware store. I have tried several hardware stores plus a couple plumbing supply stores and still no adapter. I guess at this point I am just out of luck and the price of the filter.
Great product! We first started using the filter when our son was born since our water was so hard. But we liked the change so much that we're going on using it for 4 years now! Granted we have to get a new one more often than I would like, that's just because all of the hard water buildup. Great buy for a great price!
Terrible!!! We were so excited about this faucet filter. We have the filter pitcher but go through the water so fast, we thought the faucet filter would suit us better. However, it pops off more than it works. It will pop off & water sprays everywhere. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!
Product improved taste of water I have used Brita filters for years as the water in my area has a bad taste and the filter greatly improves the taste!! There have been some of the problems that other reviewers shared; but using some of the tips, no further problems! Good filter and good price!
Great while it lasted I was really excited to buy this product. At first it worked like a dream. A couple weeks went by and the plastic kept coming off, so water was leaking everywhere. I finally just gave up and threw it away.
Extremely difficult to switch filter on/off It is impossible to switch this filter on and off with one hand. I assume the engineers were trying to prevent the switch from being too lose, but it is unbelievable how tight the switch is compared to the "Complete" version I had a few years ago.
i will not purchase again The filtration works fine, but the button to turn from tap to filter is very hard to turn.
Knob very difficult to turn It is easy to install. Water comes out clean .My only BIG PROBLEM is that the knob is SUPER SUPER difficult to turn. My kids used to love it when they could move the knob, now they cant turn it all, neither can I. Very poor design on the knob system, will not buy it again.
adapter problem Although I do like the convience of this filer I was disapointed that it really only lasted about two months. had a lot of problems with the adapter falling off then eventually it leaked and I was not able to use

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