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Complete Chrome Faucet Filtration System

Complete Chrome Faucet Filtration System


This faucet filter system features a stylish chrome finish and uses a long-lasting filter for healthier, great-tasting water right from the tap. It’s BPA-free, 40% more space efficient than the leading faucet mount system, and features easier 1-click filter replacement.

  • Reduces chlorine (taste and odor), lead and particulates§
  • 100-gallon water filter life
  • Convenient filter indicator
  • Attaches to your faucet in minutes; no tools required

Brita® Faucet Water Filter — Great Tasting Water Anytime

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*Suggested retail price (may vary by retailer)

Comparison vs. leading PUR® faucet mount system as of June 23, 2013. PUR® is a registered trademark of Pur Water Purification Products, Inc. and is not affiliated with Brita LP.

§ Reduces chlorine (taste and color), lead and particulates.Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.

Filter lasts for 100 gallons or 4 months, whichever comes first.

Complete Chrome Faucet Filtration System 5 43
easy installation, water taste good I don't get some of the reviews. My chrome faucet filter works just fine, and I installed it in 5 minutes. I bought mine in Bed Bath & Beyond though. I drink a lot of water everyday, and I spent a lot of money buying bottled water. We drink 1 gal of water bottle in 2 days or less at home. This filter saved me a lot of money. Even if your light indicator is off or hard to see, a good sign to change your filter is when the amount of water coming out of the filter decreases by a lot. I just got my replacement after 3 months, which is about right.
Consider changing your name to Brittle! The ONLY reason for buying this thing would be the 'Snazzy' appearance of it. It's very attractively designed and matches 99% of all kitchen sinks. (Duh?!) The compliments end there. 1) As many others have stated, the unit leaks water from both the 'normal' outlet AND the 'filtered' outlet at the same time very often. 2) The knob/handle to switch between filter and regular water is VERY weak and easy to snap off with continued normal use. (Probably the result of Planned Obsolescence) 3) As many others have also stated, the Indicator Light is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to see. The older model (White with the Side-to-Side Lever) featured a Light that was MUCH better visible and of a MUCH STURDIER build quality, although the unit itself SERIOUSLY lacked attractiveness. I get MY daily water intake from drinking coffee. And LOTS of it. (^_^)
Greate taste. Soso durability Water is much better filtered. Handle snapped off inside of 18 months. It became increasingly harder to turn and eventually broke off. Minerals might have accumulated over time on the inside and possibly caused the problem. I did not take it apart to confirm probable cause.
Didn't last even a week Five days after installing this, I turned on the faucet with the filtering on, and the filter popped partially off so water started spraying everywhere from the gap between the bottom of the filter and the unit. I put one hand under the unit and pressed down on the filter with the other to try to snap it back into the unit. The entire unit then broke off of the faucet. It hadn't come unscrewed, it just broke off. The piece that screws onto the faucet broke off from the unit with no way to reattach.
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Mr I'm a long time Brita faucet product fan, but I have to say, the chrome units - and I have 2, leak from both outlets no matter how hard or easy you turn to switch to the filtered or direct faucet modes. They also leak out of the lever that switches the modes, and stopped giving notice to change filters after 3 changes...what a mess. I've loved Brita for so long, ...I will just get the white model, although the chrome one looks so "snazzy." I hope the white one lasts like the ones before the chrome unit......just years and years of trouble-free operation and delicious water.
don't buy would not buy again. Was difficulty to attach to faucet. Indicator never changed color. After a few weeks the switch to change from tap to filter got too tight to turn. Small mesh filter that fits in the faucet became dented and reduced water flow. In general it was more trouble then filling a Brita pitcher.
Disappointing Product from a formally good Co. Let me simply say I have been purchasing Brita products since they started making them. They have clearly given up since then. This filter is literally worthless. The former Chrome faucet filter was a good product but some bean counter decided it would be better to save a couple pennies and give us this piece of junk. It is poorly made, difficult to switch water flows and despite my sink having fine pressure prior to installation, this filter impedes my progress in all circumstances. The lever to turn water flows broke easily and the indicator is not readable in any light. The designer and approver of this filter should be fired and blacklisted as a cheap and ignorant manager with no connection to the people who buy the product. I am switching to someone who still cares about their consumers!
boss Dont buy this item, it is junk, none of the 3 purchased worked correctly, cheaply built, spend a little more and buy something else, anything is better than this unit.
Great....if installed properly Overall, this is a decent product in does what it says it'll do, and I'd have given it at least 4 stars were it not for a few fairly important glitches. 1. The filter life indicator on the top of the device is a joke. You can't see it unless there is strong light directly above the unit...bring a flashlight when trying to check it. 2. It will probably leak when connected to your faucet if you only tighten it hand tight. You really DO need to use the procedure recommended in the instructions, and we finally had to use pliers to hold the nut in place while we moved the unit back to operating position. DO be careful when threading and tightening, however...the plastic adapters and connections are definitely not bullet-proof. 3. It reduces non-filtered flow significantly, and often breaks up the water stream into multiple streams (the filtered stream sometimes breaks up as well). It's also worth noting that, unlike your faucet, there is residual water in the filter that drains after you shut off the water...this is expected, but one should be aware that it's going to happen. 4. It lowers the end of the faucet by about 2 inches which takes some getting used to so that you don't keep hitting it when using the faucet...and it can significantly reduce clearance under the faucet. On the positive side, although it adds an ungainly bump to the faucet (not unexpected), the chrome finish works perfectly with our faucet, it does filter the water (my partner says she noticed an immediate taste improvement), and ours doesn't leak (because we tightened it sufficiently and didn't cross-thread anything). We haven't changed filters yet, but I'm guessing that a lot of the complaints about the unit breaking stem from not following the advice to support the unit with one hand while pressing the new filter into place, and we haven't had it long enough to notice whether the knob that changes water flow from filtered to unfiltered seizes up...a common complaint in other reviews (though we do note that it does take a small effort to turn). Further, I expect that many of the complaints having to do with the unit falling off the faucet have more to do with flawed installation (cross-threading and insufficient tightening) than with basic design flaws, but Brita should take note and provide more substantial adapters and an attachment that can be tightened more easily. Addressing the problems listed would have bumped my rating by at least one star.
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Don't Buy The Chrome Filter I've been using the Brita systems for 5-6 years now. The filter light on the standard white filter finally stopped working so I had to replace it. I chose the chrome system to match my sink. As many of the other reviews say the water sprays all over the place when filtering, making it hard to fill water bottles. Also, the filter light is nearly impossible to see. However, my main problem with the chrome system is that is very poorly made. The connectors that attach the system to the faucet are made of plastic. This makes it very hard to tighten effectively. The system leaked badly from day one. Due to the poor design there was no way to tighten the system any further. Furthermore, the tab that switches from regular water to filtered became increasingly difficult to turn back and forth over time. This eventually led to it snapping off in my hand. I'm going back to the old system. Save yourselves the headache and avoid the chrome system at all costs.
Clean Water I have been using this Filter for years and have found I won't drink Tap Water at all. I Freeze Bottles of Brita Filtered Water and take wherever I go.
Poor Product In less that a year, I have had two base units of this product spring leaks and one filter leak before it should have been in need of replacement. While I understand the need to replace filters regularly, I do not feel that the base unit should need to replaced so frequently. And by the way, the light never worked for me either, but I don't care about that feature, nor do I care about the spray. I just expect a product that does not fail after a few months, and this one has failed to meet my expectation. Because of that, I will no longer be purchasing any Brita products, nor will I recommend them to others. They are a great example of planned obsolescence and a waste of money.
I love the complete faucet system BUT? THE PRICE When you live on a fixed income, and you have to buy one (brita filter) every other week,for the sink, as well as one for the pitcher, as we have to use it for cooking and drinking, we do Not have city water, we have a drilled well, also we have mining right behind our house, and we usually spend around 100.00 per week just on water, because you can't live without water, not to mention we have whole house water softner that use's a 40 lb bag of Morton salt every other day and we also have 5 different filters attached, and we still have to buy water and filters, BUT THESE FILTERS HAVE WENT UP (34.00 each) SO MUCH OVER THE LAST 2 YEARS, ITS CRAZY, YOU JUST CAN'T SPEND HALF OF YOUR INCOME ON BUYING WATER AND FILTERS, GUESS THATS WHY A PERSON AT EVERY OTHER HOUSE, WITHIN A 4 MILE RADIUS HAS DIED FROM SOME FORM OF CANCER, HERE. WE ARE DOOMED. and you just can't drink this water at all, and if you do, you feel like you have gotten the absolute worst case of food poisioning ever. or in my case after moving here about 10 years ago, I am so sick I can not get out of bed, or walk half the time.
nice this product is great and easy to use. i drink a lot more water with this product
my cats drink brita water for over 13 years everyday my 2 cats drink brita water for over 13 years everyday BRITA COMPLEAT CHROME ON TAP FAUCET WATER FILTERS
What's up with the cloudy water? I bought this product to replace the Brita pitcher we were using all day before. We go through about 2 gallons of filtered water a day, so cost and convenience sold me on this model. I wish I'd saved my receipt. The water that comes out of the filtered side is a spray, not a stream, so unless you have a container directly under the filter system, you'll get water splashed everywhere. I knew that the system would be bulky, so I was expecting it to get in the way of dishes, but I wasn't expecting it to reduce my water pressure so much. When I switch it to tap water, it comes out very cloudy, and on top of that you can't see the filter indicator light. I'm glad I kept my pitcher, since the convenience doesn't seem to be good enough to keep me with the faucet version. I just bought my filter about a month ago, and I've read reviews that go back two years. I'm surprised that Brita hasn't tried to address these concerns yet.
Confused I have a chrome faucet filter has three settings brought a new one and had to return it only had two settings one for the filtering of water and the other was a very small stream of water that could not satisfty me could not make suds in sink need to know the model number of the older one with the three settings for the water flow.. Thanks Brianb
performance was good liked the product for the taste and convenience but the light system did not work and the knob became tight and broke off. Will be calling customer service to see if they will replace it.
OBVIOUS DESIGN FLAWS Bought this product to replace my old Brita filter because (after a few years) the illuminated indicator stopped working. Found out by calling that this model's indicator doesn't light up. Not a huge deal but I can't tell what color this indicator is unless I shine a flashlight directly over it. The REAL problem is that the water does not flow from the filter in a stream (as shown on the package), but in a spray going in every direction. This makes it difficult to fill a bottle, which has to be held up to the base of the filter. The spray is so wide that even a glass sitting in the sink doesn't catch it all. What were the design engineers thinking on this one? Based on other reviews, many people seem unhappy regarding this issue.
Decent but has problems I purchased and installed my filter and was told that the light would switch from green to red when it is time to replace the filter. I see no such light. I came on this site to contact Brita to ask them about it but I can't find any way of contacting them and I threw away all the packaging. Why don't they have a contact us link to help their customers??
junk We have used the basic Brita faucet system for years without a problem. We wanted the chrome system because it matched our steel sink. The indicator light has NEVER worked through 3 filters. I have tried various ways of re-installing the filter - waiting 30 seconds or installing twice in 30 seconds - but nothing helps. I would like to have a replacement, but the website has no way to contact the company.
None of them works I have bought 4 chrome faucet filters at different stores and none of them has an indicator light that works. I don't know if that means just the light is not working or if the filter is not working, but I am just really wondering about any Brita product at this point. If none out of 4 products is fully working that's just an indicator for really really poor quality.
Disappointed with spray I switched to Brita from PUR because Whole Foods takes the used Brita filters and recycles them through an amazing system set up by Brita. Install was easy but the light has never worked and I was told by customer service that the light only comes on when you need to change the filter which I'm seeing by all the posts now my not be truthful. My biggest complaint is the stream. I actually thought my filter was broken and called customer service about it only to be told that the stream was supposed to be that way :( Instead of setting the bottle down to refill I know have to hold it all the way up to the filter so that I don't get sprayed on by the horrible chaotic "stream". If it were not for the recycling filters part I would switch back to PUR in a heartbeat.
Easy to use We've used this filter in our last two homes & liked it for its ease of use. The water tastes great and makes the best tea and coffee. We have noticed, however, on this new filter that the change indicator doesn't "reset" from red to green when a new filter is installed. We really liked the reminder feature, we hate it isn't working on this unit. Good overall value though.
When the filters work, the taste is great! I have had two bad experiences with the faucet filters. I believe there were two two-pack filters packaged as one that were purchased at BJ's. I always get them there because of the coupon book. However, when opening each container to replace a filter, each one still glowed red after changing. I change them about every 3-months and do so immediately as soon as they glow red. I much prefer Brita's taste quality over PUR but I cannot afford to continue throwing out new filters. As a senior citizen, I live on a limited income. Please do something to assure me that I will not encounter this problem again...I can't afford to throw 4 filters away without being used. Is there a shelf like to this product that I should not buy them in advance? Please advise.
For the first time i am very dissatified When I saw the "Complete Chrome Faucet filtration System" i took my White older Model off even though it wasn't worn out, what a mistake I made. When i turn the switch to Britta Filter water still comes out from the nonfilter side. Also it does not have a spray side like the older model. Also i cannot see the light
excellent product in the important areas I love Brita faucet filters, water tastes great. Had a recent problem with the filter system not flashing properly, you sent out a new fiter! Nice! Problem is, this one went RED inside a few weeks, and also flashes red when not filtering at all... Feel like I am now short a filter, and wonder if another new one will give me the 3 months time promised after all... help!
Very dissappointed My first experience with any type of water filtration system. Installed very easily, however, the picture shows a stream of water coming out of the filtered water site. It is not a stream but sprays all over the sink. Also the filter indicator light does not work. Should have read the reviews before buying.
Doesn't last 30 days as expected I originally purchased a Brita Faucet system to stop using bottled water. It succeeded with that but I thought it would last 30 days before each replacement. It lasts only 25 days before each replacement. It would not take much effort on Brita's part to strengthen the filter so it would last 30 days or more.
This product is a little disappoiting After installing the faucet filter, I could not get the "indicator" light to show [green]. I followed directions and eventually bought a new filter. After several months, I called Brita. The person gave directions but the "indicator" light still did not light up. Gratefully, I was offered and received an upgraded model of the filter. I have installed it and am satisfied since the "indicator" light is working [showing green].
This product is asthetically good to look at 1. Poor design with respect to the filter handle. After only 6 months of use very, very stiff to turn. 2. Have changed filter recently and now, when trying to obtain filtered water, water is delivered from three places. From the filtered outlet, the normal water outlet and from the filter catridge release button. 3. Our water supply is not the greatest and having Brita filtered water made life bearable but now difficult to get due to above problems. 4. Much preferred the earlier versions of the Brita system i.e. the one with the green light.
Good all around filter I have used this model Brita filter for a number of years. I have no complaints about the filter itself. I do have a complaint about the LED that is supposed to warn you when it is time to replace the filter. It is not accurate at all. It will flash red a month or so before you are supposed to replace it in a 3 month period. A lot of times I don't have a replacement filter at the moment. It would be nice if there was some sort of manual visual indicator letting you know when the filter needs changing. This would also be a cost reduction in that you could eliminate the LED, the monitoring circuitry and the battery
This was a replacement to PUR system I have been with BRITA for close to a year. I only have two observations to make. 1. The system of changing from the selection of "non-filtered" to "filtered" water shoud be revised as to make it easy to turn. I have to use Canola oil inside the water intake (after removing the screen) and outside around the black knub to turn from ON & OFF for the water to flow.This I have to do at least twice a month. 2. The indicator of the "Change Filter" from green to red is not too trustfully. You can change from red to green just by pushing in the litle pin inside the filter chamber. This should return from red to green ONLY when water is flowing freely and faster because the filter is clean and not clogged as an used (dead) filter would be. As an engineer I think this system should be replaced from "mechanical" (as is) to the latest technology (sensorized).
Very disappointed Every replacement filter I buy does not show the green light or red light alert. This certainly is something I can deal with, but turning the Brita on is always a problem...very hard to turn the black filter lever. For the mentioned reasons I have decided to try the other filter system which my daughter has and is much easier to use. Sorry :(
This product is awful Have used Brita filters for a number of years and, in February this year purchased this new model. After aboout four months the filter handle became difficult to turn. Called Brita and was advised to soak the unit in warm water and white vinegar. Did this and situation got worse - control very, very stiff to turn. Now after 6 months, when trying to get filtered water, water flows out from non filtered end, also out from the filter and also out through the filter cartridge release button. How I wish I had purchased the older version even though it had a battery that could run out over time.
Disappointing results I replaced my old Brita with a new one. From the start, the light on the new one didn't work. Also, when you switch to filtered water, the spray is too wide and gets water all over the sink. It's very disappointing.
Easy to mount The Brita System took almost no time to mount on the faucet. It is not in the way. One drawback is viewing the filter indicator. It can be tough to see because of its location.
Not durable enough I have tried this system and the other faucet mount system Brita sells several times and have never been satisfied with them. Within two to three months they all start leaking and can not be sealed no matter what you do and eventually before 6 months are out all of them break completely. I finally stopped purchasing them and switched to a compeditor because it just wasn't cost effective to replace the entire system every few months.
The light does not work I have purchased several Brita filters and the light indicator has not worked on the last two. I'd like to know when to change the filter. What can the problem be??? It filters the water very well, but it's so annoying that the light indicator is not working.
Really pretty This is a beautiful product. But my trigger light does not function. Bummer it's ok.
It doesn't stand to description of product I got this instead of the white one because it matches my faucet but I'm pretty disappointed. I live by myself and consume half a gallon of filtered water at my home every day. The red light for replacement usually blinks after 2 1/2 months of filtering... that's 37.5 gallons for a filter that costs me like 13-15 bucks!!! That's an average of $2.67 a gallon!!! If I go to the supermarket for bottle water I'd spend way less. I'm really disappointed =/
Horrible My family has been using Brita filtration systems for years. This is hands down the worst product we've ever had. We even replaced it three times because we thought we just got a bad one...or two...or three. But after the 3rd replacement we figured that it was just the product itself. First of all the indicator for when to change the filter doesn't work at all. So, we've had to simply put reminders on our calendar because you can't tell when the filter needs to be changed. Second - the water spits out in every which direction when you run it through the filtered side. This makes it nearly impossible to fill up a water bottle. Pretty much any time you use it, even if it's at the lowest amount of water being filtered, you end up getting at least somewhat wet in the process because the water goes everywhere. Third - the sprayer option is no more. Not that we used that very frequently, but it was a nice option to have. Overall, I hate this product and I am really annoyed that they no longer sell the old school version. We currently have a bunch of filters that we need to use up. Once they're done we'll be switching to PUR or another brand.
Looks Coolest This one looks the coolest but didn't like the lack of a spray mode other than when filtering and the light didn't work on the first one we tried. Going with the other model...
overall a good product. pros- The indicator light was very helpful. The filter worked really well you could tell a difference in the taste of the water right away. It was also inexpensive. cons- If you do dishes in the sink it gets in the way. After about 2 years of use it wouldn't seal right so water leaked, then a few months after that the light stopped working. I'm now using a filter pitcher. Because I think that will work best for me. I don't recommend this product if you don't have a dishwasher. but I would buy one again if i had a dishwasher. I feel I got my moneys worth in the 2 years I had mine.
Don't be fooled by the name; it's NOT "complete." We picked up a new faucet-mount unit (to replace a unit that failed* within 5 1/2 months) , without noticing that it was just the inferior "basic" unit in a pretty package, although labeled "complete." We returned the next day to exchange it, but it was the only type that this store had. Although I haven't used this one, I expect it to function the same as the "basic," which is poorly. The last "basic" unit that I purchased (by mistake) leaked, and it was impossible to turn the handle (with one hand) to filter the water. Every review of this product that I've seen mentioned that the "spray" function was sorely missed. You can include me in that group. While not a defect, the basic indicator is extremely difficult to see. Give me the flashing light any day. *Speaking of flashing light... the unit failure mentioned above was this: Water had been filtered and then shut off; however, the lever wasn't changed back to unfiltered. I later went into the kitchen and saw that the green light was flashing rapidly, although the water was not running. I removed the filter cartridge and reinserted it. The light changed to RED, and continued to flash rapidly. (Good thing that I'm not epileptic!) Looking into other options, Sharon B.
Easy to use I instantly notice the difference when I taste the water. Wow! Thank you, Brita!
What a downgrade I have never been this disappointed by a brand. It says 'new' on the package, but it's a real downgrade compared to the previous Faucet. It's bulky, light indicator is not working for me either, and it doesn't have the spray anymore. What happened Brita?
New Model not worth the money... I bought the new Chrome Complete Faucet Filtration system today and will be returning it to Target tomorrow. The indicator light does not work and only has two flow options instead of three which is a downgrade in my opinion. It also feels as if it is made of a much cheaper plastic. I have had the original Complete Faucet Filtration system for almost four years and just recently the indicator light stopped working. I thought I would try the new model, but will be looking to buy a replacement for the same unit I had.
Light Does Not Work I have used both Brita and Pur faucet filters and the Brita is easily the better of the two. I recently had my kitchen remodeled and decided to replace my existing faucet filter. The light on the new one does not work. This seems to be a common problem with this unit and indicates that Brita has a quality control problem. Therefore I would not recommend this product to anyone.
No Light Issues here This is my first of 3 Brita products I have recently purchased and I found it to be very good. I just got the red light after several months of it being on my faucet to replace my filter. I also like that it has 3 types of settings for the water coming out of the faucet.
poor this product is very poor, the light cannOT be seen, so i dont know if the filter needs to be replaced or the product is not working......i am dissapointed and payed 50.00 for this and 35.00 for a extra filter and it is NOT WORKING!!

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