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Water Faucet Filter - 1 Pack White

Water Faucet Filter - 1 Pack White


Brita® faucet filters fit all models of Basic and Complete faucet filtration systems. These multistage filters are Always BPA-free and reduce chlorine (taste and odor) and lead, so what you get is healthier, great-tasting drinking water. Remember to replace your filter every 100 gallons or four months, whichever comes first. Various package sizes are available.

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Water Faucet Filter - 1 Pack White 5 23
Brita products SUCK The faucet filters break within a month or two. This company sells nothing but garbage. They have NO mailing address on their website and make it as difficult as possible for the public to access them more than likely due to the numerous complaints. spend your good money somewhere else!
Easy to use and availability. We have used our Brita faucet filter for the past two years and we love the convienence and the healthy benefits we gain from drinking purer water right from our faucet. We use it for our coffee, tea, and any other drinks we make that uses water. Will continue to use the Brita for as long as it will last. Great products at a descent prices.
filters THe sytem is great but as a 1 person household the filters only last 1 month. When I first purchased I was told it would last 3months with regular use. Just got a new filter 2weeks ago and it shows red already.
Does make water taste better For some reason our filters don't last as long as they are supposed to
brita system is good "BUT" we lived in an apt for a while and had to depend on filtered water ,so ofcourse brita was our 1st choice.the filter worked fine,the replacement filter on the other hand, would not show the green light and had to be given back and the 2nd one i bought did not work as well ,so unfortunately i had to change to pur, but i still prefer brits to put.
very easy to install 1 These filters are extremely easy to replace and change when needed . It's great to taste fresh odorless , clear water once again . you will be amazed at the difference right away and will never want to be without again !
knob I like Brita filters...I've used Purr in the past. The only issue I have with your product is that I have arthritis in my hands, thus I find it difficult to turn the knob that activates the filter. I hope you take this into consideration in the future.
Saving a bundle of $$$ Love having fresh, clean, great tasting water every time I turn my faucet on! My coffee and everything I cook tastes better! I'm saving so much money and helping Mother Earth too! I definitely am drinking a lot more water.
wonderful product The water tastes very good ,and so convient having it on the faucet.
It is a help for your health we are using this product for about five years, and during this period of time never we had any trouble or problem with the health of our children.
Great product saves me lots on bottled water This is a great product and saves me lots of money on bottled water.
It's clean and quite,especially very convenient! We love this faucet filter.It makes our lives more safe and convenient!
This product is durable. We have had this for a while and has worked really well.
Now I Love my Water I have been using a Bita faucet filter for several years. The water tastes great ... no more mineral residue on the inside of my glass coffee pot ... clear and good tasting ice cubes. My whole family loves it.
This product is great!!! I have really aweful tasting city water, but this filtration system makes it taste so crisp and clean, no after taste. My family loves it.
No worries I love using these filters because I can use the filtered water for cooking or washing veggies.
Excellent idea Your water never tasted so good! Take my word for it!
Takes away swamp smell In the summers our areas reservoirs experience low rainfall and high algae bloom, so our water smells swampy. If we pour it from the sink where our Brita Filter is attached, there's no swampy smell or taste!
This product is great!! This product is great and is so much cheaper than buying bottled water!
I like the indicater lid up I really enjoying drinking water right from the tap, it tastes wonderful and love using Brita's Aqua View, but now Iamlooking for the filter replacement.
AMAZING! I live out in the "boondocks", as we call it, and have well water. No one in my house would drink from the tap. With the Brita faucet filter, no one can get enough to drink! It's beyond amazing!

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