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Soft Squeeze Bottle Twin Pack — Aqua and Green
Aqua Violet Navy/Violet Navy Green Aqua/Green

Soft Squeeze Bottle Twin Pack — Aqua and Green


Squeeze your way to great-tasting water! Take this soft squeeze bottle anywhere and get fresh filtered water on the go, without the cost and waste of bottled water.

Green Brita® Bottle available in twin pack only.

  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Recyclable bottle

Brita® Water Filter Bottle Goes Anywhere

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Soft Squeeze Bottle Twin Pack — Aqua and Green 5 947
Great bottle ! It is quite convenient to have a on the go water bottle that filters the water right in the bottle. It is great!
great on the go option . great to have fresh water everyday
water filtration system This is a great, lightweight, highly packable tool. It's a bit slow to drink from and isn't the best option to try to get cooking water from, but overall, it does what it's intended to and I suppose I'm being overly demanding.
Great for travel! I have filters on my faucets at home, so I use this bottle mostly for travel... even just around town. I LOVE it! Have used these bottles for about 4 years. The only reason I have ever needed to replace it is because of silly me losing it! (Brita, make some sort of carrying strap for it!) Like some others have mentioned, I sometimes have trouble with it leaking, but have found that is usually because the lid isn't seated properly (Brita needs to make that a little easier!). If going thru airport security, be SURE it is completely empty, or they will tell you that you have to throw it away! I love that it saves me from buying water once I'm in the airport... I can just fill it at a water fountain! I have NEVER had any problems with the mold some reviewers have mentioned. Like any utensil, it should be washed regularly! If I ever DID notice any mold, I would clean it with bleach! I also love that it eliminates plastic bottles from stockpiling in the environment!
Great for travel! I have filters on my faucets at home, so I use this bottle mostly for travel... even just around town. I LOVE it! Have used these bottles for about 4 years. The only reason I have ever needed to replace it is because of silly me losing it! (Brita, make some sort of carrying strap for it!) Like some others have mentioned, I sometimes have trouble with it leaking, but have found that is usually because the lid isn't seated properly (Brita needs to make that a little easier!). If going thru airport security, be SURE it is completely empty, or they will tell you that you have to throw it away! I love that it saves me from buying water once I'm in the airport... I can just fill it at a water fountain! I have NEVER had any problems with the mold some reviewers have mentioned. Like any utensil, it should be washed regularly! If I ever DID notice any mold, I would clean it with bleach! I also love that it eliminates plastic bottles from stockpiling in the environment!
Great Bottle! I like this bottle so much! I hated using disposable water bottles! I love the sleekness and I drink more water. I did have a question, Can I leave the water bottle full of water in the fridge to get my water cold without ruining the filter? Like is it bad for the filter to sit in the water while in the fridge?
My Love/Hate Relationship I never leave home without my Brita soft squeeze bottle. I love how convenient it is to use! I've definitely been drinking more water since I purchased it 3-4 months ago. I am a college student, so I like how buying Brita products saves me money since I am no longer purchasing bottled water. The bottle filter causes the water to come out very slowly, and it also makes a lot of noise. So instead, I prefer to use a Brita pitcher to fill up my bottle, which is especially nice because my water is already cold from being in the fridge (in my opinion, the water tastes funny with ice in the bottle). I have not had the mold or smell problems mentioned by other reviewers, but I have noticed that my bottle has started to leak when I take a drink out of it. I'm not sure if it's coming through the cap, or if the rubber on the loop is wearing out. I have washed mine in the dishwasher a few times, so I may buy a new one and see if handwashing will help it to last longer. I only gave this product 3 stars because I am disappointed that I have to buy a new one this soon, and it's really embarrassing when I spill water all over myself every time I take a drink. I agree that it would be nice if Brita offered replacement parts for all of their products.
Good Investment I spent many years looking at all of these plastic bottles that improve water but I never thought spending money on one made sense, until I realized how much money I was spending on bottled water and how many bottles were piling up all over the house....and how the chlorine in our water can be smelt standing back from the sink almost 5 or 6 feet! That's horendous. So I recently spent $8.99 on the bottle (filter included with purchase) and $9.99 on two replacement filters. I've been drinking more water in the past couple of days since my purchase, than I have in recent past weeks combined because my filtered bottle is always with me ...and it is spill proof - not one leak in my gym bag yet. I also think the initial purchase equals the same amount of money that I spend in one month on packs of I am down to only spending $10 a/mnth for two filters :)
Horrible Taste! I bought this to have at work and it had a horrible taste!! I tried EVERYTHING! I tried baking soda, lemon juice, dishwasher (3x) and nothing would remove the smell or taste from the bottle. I finally had to throw it away. I guess I'm back to my regular water bottle drinking city water (yuck!!!)..... Absolutely disappointed....
Need Replacement Caps/Lids I have three kids who love these water bottles. However, they are costly to purchase and maintain. Add to that the fact that Brita does not sell replacement caps or lids and I am calling it done. After a while, the bottles need new pop up caps and lids, but they are not available which forces the purchase of a new bottle. I have a cabinet (graveyard) with Brita squeeze bottles with no lids/caps. I don't think that is environmentally friendly since I can't find any lids to fit the bottles. I guess that is good for Brita, but it is a budget breaker for my family. We're done playing the game, time for a new maker of water bottles.
Drinking more water This bottle is very easy to fill up and use on the go. And great for when I forgot to fill up my pitcher or are out on the go and need a refill.
Wishing for replacements parts I love my brita water bottle, it's so convenient. But like others have said , it is difficult to clean and I wish you could buy replacement sports caps. They wear out a lot faster than the bottle and I don't want to replace the whole thing just because my two-year old son chewed on the mouthpiece.
Doesn't break Have had hard plastic filter bottles (camelbak) and have broken two of them.
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Hard to clean mold I had a similar problem to PutoLuto. After using my water bottle the top would get a sour smell/taste. Finally one day I noticed this piece of black gunk in the top. At first I thought it was food I ate, but then I took off the lid and noticed inside it was all black. Apparently mold grows in the 'pop-cap' top. I found pipe cleaners to clean it once, but now its nasty again and I don't have anything to clean it. I love the built in filter, but the mold in the cap makes this a waste for me. I'll be looking for a new water bottle that is easier to clean (so I don't get mold)
excellent for on the job in summer heat. As a mechanic, i don't work in an air conditioned shop, so water is a big part of my life during the summer, however let's face it, shops don't serve up purified water. it's usually out of a old water fountain, or a spiccit. my wife bought this for me, and i use to drink sodas, cause as bad for you as they are, they don't come out of the old corroded pipes. now i have cut my soda content more than in half. the convenience is great, and i don't like the taste of water, but this bottle makes it very bearable. i just fill it up throughout the day, and keep it in my fridge at my workbench til i'm ready for a drink. love it! you've won over a filter critic. good job!
Great product! I love, love, love this bottle! It is easy to clean and to fill and carry around. Our water isn't the best in the world, but the filter makes it so much better! I will be drinking alot more water from now on!
Excellent I bought one,loved it. Bought another one for hiking trails with my fiancé,but gave it to him and he takes it to work cause his job has sucky water and he likes it too. Ours are the navy blue. And bought one for his mom because she doesn't like the taste of her home city's water.
Reeks I bought this product brand-new at a supermarket. I've filled it, chilled it, and drank it a couple times when I noticed it smelled like sour milk. It has never had anything but water in it, and filtered water from my refrigerator at that. I cleaned it with soap and hot water thoroughly and allowed all the parts to air dry. The bottle smells fine, the water inside smells fine, but the pop-top sports top still smells like sour milk. I'm planning on tossing it out. Disappointed with this purchase.
Great product Totally worth the money. Very convenient to have!
I love this bottle! I bought this because I drink water everyday! I drink at lease 9+ bottles a day! Yes the bottle requires a little work to get the water out, but I look at it as exercise!! Tilting your head back exercises your neck and squeezing the bottle is like squeezing a stress ball ^_^
Love the taste I've been using the Brita pitcher for years. When the squeeze bottle came out, I bought it because the water at work tastes terrible. Yes, the bottle greatly improves the taste of the water. However, even though it is a squeeze bottle, you still have to "work" to get a good sip of water. The top nozzle is not very generous.
Extremely Useful and Convenient The water at my workplace is undrinkable out of the tap due to taste and high mineral content. I've owned my soft squeeze water bottle for nearly 2 years now and I use it daily. I'd be miserable without it! Never having to remember to bring water from home is a lifesaver!
Great for on the road I stay in a lot of places with horrible water, now I can take my pitcher on the go and filter any horrible water easily. My only complaint so far is that it leaks when squeezed, not a lot, but enough that it is concerning.
In the US Navy I live in VA Beach and and the tap water at my house, on the Norfolk Naval Station, and on the ship taste horrible. Heard from other sailors that have this bottle that it makes the water so much better (especially on the ship) and so I bought it and it works fantastic. I've had more water today than I usually drink in a week.
Very Practical I love this product because I can take it anywhere and not worry about waiting in line and having cash on-hand to get a bottle, cup, or glass of water. I can simply fill up anywhere there is a water fountain or water bottle fill station for reusable water bottles. It's very convenient, easy to wash and use, and easily the best reusable water bottle I've ever owned!
Great Water Bottle I love my Brita water bottle! It's so convenient, and I never have to worry about foul-tasting water wherever I go.
Brita does a world of good. My Brita bottle is so old that it is one of your white ones with your name written in Blue on it. At first it was hard to find filters, now it has become much easier, which I am very thankful for. This past spring 2012, I was part of an Archeology field study searching for Native American artifacts for a class at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. There was no water available other than what was shipped with us in large orange plastic jugs. The water was just horrible, something I had no knowledge of until I took a taste of the water via a cup, and promptly spit it out. One of the students ask why I had done that since I had been filling up my bottle with that very water and drinking it. I ran to get my bottle, filled it up and drank it. The water was great. I let my digging partner have a taste, after he made a comment that it could not make that big of a difference. The next day he came to the dig with a brand new bottle. Need I say anymore? Even as a child, I wished that water was either available, like sodas or someone would create a water bottle like Brita. Thank you Brita for answer a little girls wish who is now very grown up and gives them away as gifts for birthdays and holidays. "Brita does a world of good" (catchy slogan?) I'd say so and it is the truth. By the way I don't care if I sound like I am advertising.... I love the product that much.
Love it Where I work we only have city water and it taste bad, just I use my Brita filtered bottled and it makes the water taste so much better. I do not have to bring bottled water to work anymore, big money saver.
Love the value and the taste! When I am out and about, I think paying for water is ludicrous --- but drinking unfiltered dirty water is disgusting, dangerous and just plain nasty! Having my Brita Bottle saves me a lot of money - gives me GREAT tasting water and PEACE of mind! I absolutely LOVE it!!
Geri Purchased a two pack at Meijer, One of the bottles and filter were in perfect condition and does not leak, however, the other set in the pkg; the top leaks while drinking, and the filter was broke at the top. Watch which replacement filters you purchase, there is one specifically for the hard bottle too. Don't be stuck with the wrong filters.
Never got the coupon. I received an email from Brita and when I opened it up and tried to print the coupon, it said I had already printed it so I never got to try the bottles. I want to.
Saves money in the long run, BPA Free Great bottle design, less expensive than buying cases, loop handle makes it easier to carry at times.
AWESOME FIND for the Money I have HORRID tasting tap water. This fixes the problem TOTALLY!! <3 my bottle
Have a hard time drinking water everyday? I love this water bottle! I use it if not everyday, almost everyday! I have had it for almost a year and it is easy to use. I have a really hard time drinking water but this makes it easy and affordable because I do not have to buy a water bottle everyday. When I am working out it is easy to use as well. Many of my friends use this water bottle as well and it is a well worth investment!
It's like drinking air, and not in a good way. I purchased this water bottle because i thought it would be a convenient way for me to get more water in while sitting at my desk at work. However, I do not recommend this filtering water bottle. The filter is inside the bottle, and you have to lean your head back and squeeze the bottle hard to get the water to pass through the filter. What ends up happening is you swallow half water and half air bubbles, which is neither refreshing nor good for your digestive system (i.e., I end up burping all day at work!). I came to the Brita website to see if there was some sort of money back guarantee, and ended up creating a log in just so I could add this review. (you are not allowed to review unless you give Brita your email address or private information from your facebook account.)
avoid old drinking fountain I bought the Brita on my home faucet and it works well. Our building drinking fountains are very old and water tastes questionable. I don't know what corroding pipes it may be going through so I bought the bottle so I could continue to get good water and avoid buying bottled water. The water does taste better. My only complaint is that squeezing the water to get the water makes my hand/wrist sore by the end of the day. In order to make it dishwasher safe you may not be able to change the thickness/toughness of it but it would be great it that was possible so it was more user friendly.
Do not buy! I read the reviews. but i figured with the name it would be ok. this thing is awful! it leaks everywhere. would not recommend it! save your money.
Great for saving the planet and money too its so much easier for our kids to just take the bottle and fill it with tap water at school.
Convenient Unfortunately, 2 weeks after having the bottle, it started leaking...
Wish it had a straw I love the convenience of this bottle! I only wish it had a straw so that I didn't have to turn my head up every time. Can't wait to get one for my little boy once he starts drinking water.
Brita is better, just one small gripe I originally was using a Bobble bottle but switched to a Brita bottle because of the different material used in the bottle. The Bobble was becoming creased from being squeezed so much, but the Brita my sister had looked like it was brand new still. My only complaint with the Brita is that the pop cap is not replaced with each filter change like on the Bobble. Replacement caps are not even offered and I have not been able to find one that fits with the filter. Mine is not in the best shape anymore from being used so much, and from losing the clear cap long ago. The only option I see is to buy a new bottle, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a reusable bottle. Would be awesome if a replacement pop cap was included with the filter 2-packs or if you could buy them individually.
Disney Vacation I decided to purchase a set of these bottles for my family to help save money on our vacation. I was surprised how great any and all water tasted. I am a water drinker but my mother and husband are not. However, after returning from vacation with the filtered bottles they are drinking more water than I am. Thank you for such a great product. i
awesome idea i love the bottle i hang it from my belt loop everyday at work the water taste great all the time i just have one problem the cap it broke already it fell and cracked so hopfuly they can come up with a better design and make it stay attached i cannot find a replacement for it anywhere but my kids love it and they now own one too i have never seen them drink so much water in there life and it gets cold really fast i love it would recommend it everyone
Almost perfect Love this bottle. I see others saying that it leaks, but I've never had one of mine leak. I live in semi-rural Texas, and our tap water tastes disgusting. I mean that it tastes bad enough to the point of making me feel nauseous when I drink it. I received this bottle as a gift, and was amazed. I am now free to drink tap water anywhere I go. This bottle neutralizes the horrible flavors and leaves a pleasant mineral taste. The water can be a bit slow to squeeze out sometimes, but anyone who's used a water filter knows that it's not an instant process. Another bonus with this bottle is that replacement filters are readily available in stores. It also makes a great gift if you live somewhere with foul tasting tap water. Please be aware that this is a filter and not a purifier. It's strictly for improving the taste of water that is already safe to drink. It will not remove harmful microbes.
carbon my mom used to have one of these pitchers when I lived in Colorado. so I thought what the heck it will save on buying water and it tasted good then. but this pitcher I don't know if it is defaulted or what but the carbon still comes out of the filter. I did everything it said before I used it. and the water leaves a taste in my mouth kind of acidic. does this sound normal?
Love my bottle I love that you can filter water on the go. It is great because you can filter water when you travel to international places where water may be questionable. My only change would be to make it hold more water. It seems to run out faster than I would like, but this doesn't stop me from using it.
Easy to carry anywhere I have two of these bottles, the aqua and the violet and I use them faithfully each and every day...they go to my job and to my classes in the evening. I don't worry about filling the bottle up from any tap because with that filter, the water tastes great! I like that it's a soft plastic also; easy to squeeze and drink. Well worth the $6-7 it cost me years ago when I bought them. Go get one or two and drink nice clean water every day!
Greatest bottle ever!! :D I LOVE my brita bottle. I can taste the difference in my tap water and from the bottle. It tastes SO much better! It works better than I thought it would. I bring it with me everywhere I go and use it whenever i dring water. Its awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great water bottle!!
For my Daughter I got this for my 6 yr. old daughter to bring to school with her and she loves it and it is so easy to use. I tell all my friends to get one. We love it!!!!!!!
Great - but can we get replacement mouthpieces? I love my Brita water bottle, but have lost the little clear cap. Since losing the cap the mouthpiece seems to be getting a little gross. Any plans to release replacement caps and/or mouthpieces for this product??
Convenient to have great tasting water anywhere I love being able to rely on great tasting water anywhere I go. Even sometimes in restaurants where they try to disguise their bad water with lemon slices, I'd rather pull out my bottle and fill it right then and there
Good product Cap could be better designed. Hard to find replacement.
Disappointed! I have always wanted a Brita. So I finally purchesed one last Christmas. I cannot express how disappointed I have been with the Space Saver Model. It is the worse design I have ever come across. When filling the Pitcher, you must make sure not to overfill or the water runs into the handle and then all over the counter, floor, etc. Also it seems that every time I pour a glass of water the lid comes off. It doesn't snap in or stay secure at all. I think it was very poorly designed and have been extremely disappointed with my Brita Space Saver. I don't think I would ever purchase another one or recommend this product to anyone.
Product protect my family and environment. I am using the product for long time in different presentations: pitcher, filter and bottled. Why? Family: protect them of illness (health) and for its great taste (keep them hydrated). Environment: reduce the use of plastic that are consuming the planet and parallel ourself. Also, its design is convenient (easy to move/store).
It's ok Water flow is not so good. Needs an air flow valve.
This product is earth friendly I love the fact that I can get clean water without using muliple water bottles a day
Makes drinking water.. convenient. I bought this product from a coupon I stumbled upon in the paper when it 1st came out. I absolutely love it & tell all of my friends how great it is. Not only is it better for the environment, it has helped me drink more water when I'm in a place where I don't have access to filtered water.
Overall good product: one flaw I don't like the way water seeps past the filter while filling. The water tastes fine, but I'm afraid there are contaminants in it that don't get filtered out
Great product though could use permanent cap protector Picked up the Soft Squeze bottles for my family (which includes two tweens) and will have to say we're very pleased with being able to fill up the bottles from almost any water source and knowing the water is safe and tastes great. Only complaint we have is that the plastic cap protector is hard to take off, even for adults, and the inconvenience of having to watch that you don't lose it is a burden that I would prefer to not to deal with. Why can't there be a cap that is attached to the underneath of the filter twist on cap similar to how the handle is attached. Eventually we'll lose the cap and the popup that we drink from is forever exposed to dust, dirt (when bike riding), etc. Possibly consider it as an optional add on purchase. Thanks
So Easy To Use The Brita Bottle is so lightweight that I can hang it from my backpack or purse and take it with me any time. If I ever need water I just find a tap and I get clean, great tasting water wherever I am. I just love it! Wish I had gotten one long ago.
This bottle of water is the best I got tired of buying sports bottle of water as I was on the go. I usually paid more and made trash contributions. At Target, I was surprised to find an individual filter bottle to match my home Brita pitcher, on sale! I carry my bottle with me, can refill at anytime. Now I enjoy great water without guilt for filling trash containers.
What a horrible updated "new" pitcher! We have been using a Brita pitcher to remove unpleasant tastes from our drinking water for the last dozen years or so. Happy with old design and filtering quality. We bought a new pitcher! Lid does not stay on. Water leaks from top into handle and ends up everywhere. What a horrible design and function!
great I love this bottle it has great tasting water for wherever I go.
i love brita I always have one filled and ready in the fridge so when one is empty I have one nice and cold. And i use it all the time even to cook i love it it has become a staple in my house.. Thanks Brita for your awesome products
This product is very convenient Working two jobs and going to school full time keeps me busy. Love the convenience of carrying around ONE water bottle with unlimited clean water, when I want it, whenever I want it, as long as there's some source of water near me (e.g. bathroom sinks, water sinks, water fountains). Have saved $$$ instead of spending $7 weekly for 24pk plastic water bottles with crv and taxes applied (CRAZY!!!!)
not true to size I like the idea of this product but you never get the full amount of water you put in. I use it most of the time at the gym and find myslef having to refill it way to much since at least 4 onz do not come out due to the filter. the filter is to long and the water does pass go throught it. definite a design flaw
its easy to use I have the pitcher and also the Brita bottle. I keep the Brita bottle in my tote bag. When ever i need water, i'll use my Brits bottle at any fountain and know the water will have a better testing.
Sold! I purchased one of these after seeing how pleased a co-worker was with his and I have been just as pleased. This is an awesome purchase that you won't regret.
Drink so much more water Thanks to this bottle I drink so much more water during the school day. Whereas before I would finish a water bottle and never want to get more gross fountain water. But the filter makes the water tastes great. I love it. The only downside would be that it does occasionally leak and the worst part is when you get to the end of the bottle, the water doesn't come out! It is the most annoying thing ever! I don't think that water can reach the end of the filter and thats why it happens.
the product reviews are positive Does your product, brita bottle, remove calcium from the water.
A warning! People, be sure to check the caps when you change the filters. They become filled with MOLD! I really feel this should be printed in BOLD on the bottle instructions. I've been drinking moldy tasting water and not understanding why until I actually examined the screw top filter lid.
Best Gift Ever! My brother gifted me the brita soft squeeze water filtration bottle as he noticed I always carried some sort of bottled water. I find the taste to be so much better, plus I think I drink more as a result. I love the convenience and ease of use, and best of all everything can be put into the dishwasher! I have had the bottle for over 5 months and use it multiple times daily, however I have noticed recently that if the lid isn't on just right it will leak a bit. Maybe I need to replace the rubber ring? But this isn't enough to make me stop using my best gift ever.
Savings Since I bought the Brita bottle it has saved so many plastic bottles. The bottle is great as you don't have to carry anything else but that bottle. I bought one, then bought one for my daughter and her girlfriend. I own a construction business and bought them for my employees. Results my kid and her friend drink more water and have cut down there surgery drinks by 80%, my employees are saving $5.00-$6.00 a day not buying 1 gallon jugs of water. The savings are great and the water is so much better for you. The Brita bottle, easy, convenient, great savings and now I have more than ten people using the bottle. Way cool. for me and my employees we can fill up any where, there's all ways somewhere to fill up on a job site and the kids carry there bottles every where. The water taste great.
Great idea... poor design! I loved the idea of this, since I fill my water bottles with tap water all day at work. I am so disappointed with this. The top leaks sometimes - I look down and my shirt is full of water. Working in an office - this is not a good look! Also, it is so hard to get water out, you have to squeeze it with your hand while aggressively using your mouth and it still hardly comes out. This product would be golden if the water would just flow out of it EASILY and the leaky part was corrected! Maybe have a straw or just a plain old hole in the top so no suction is needed.
Overall like the product This is a great product with long lasting filter. The water tastes great. However, I would like to have a cap that remains attached. I also have a hard time squeezing this bottle.
Why does it leak? I purchased 2 Brita Soft Water bottles, one for me and one for my husband. The thing leaks. Excessively. We are trying to change our lifestyle by eating better and drinking more water. We love our Brita pitcher for the fridge, and use it several times a day. We were hoping these bottles would allow us to enjoy the same fresh clean water on the go. Instead we end up with a wet shirt every time we try to get a sip. Why isn't there a better seal on the bottle?
Great Idea I love this product so far. My home water still tastes icky, but it has iron, etc. in it! The squeeze bottle really helps me drink more because of the convenience. I give it an A-. Bought one for my sister too!
Hard to open The more I use the bottle, the harder it is to get the opener pulled up. I don't like that it is so hard to pull up. A new design is needed. I would recommend the product if it was changed.
I use it every day I do use my bottle every day :) I am looking forward to up grading to a new style. I do enjoy feeling better about the water that I drink now.
So-so product! I usually drink 3 plastic bottles at work. Then when I saw this bottle at target on sale, I thought I'd get it and try it out! I thought I could keep refilling water from the cold drinking fountain because usually some tastes like metallic or something that. Before anything I tested it out with the tap water from home to see if the bottle really filters out the bad taste and I took one taste and I thought "What a waste! I gotta give it another try. Because I dont know if I using it right or if it doesnt work right away. For someone who has to go downstairs alot to refill my water bottle at night, I wish Brita faucet filteration could fit on bathroom faucets which I have no idea if they do, but if not that would be nice!
Mislabeled directions Just bought this product today and it works great. The box states replace the filter every 2 months or 20 gallons and the directions on the bottle itself read 2 months or 40 gallons. Not complaining, but Brita should be aware of the misleading or mislabeled directions.
Tastes great but lid is annoying!!! Not sure what the problem is but my lid does not fit and keeps coming off when pouring. Very annoying. NOt sure what to do. Please help!!!
Such a wonderful product that my 3 year old uses it too!!! After receiving a Brita Soft Squeeze bottle for Christmas, my 3 year old completely took it over, causing my husband and I to purchase another one for me!!! She now drinks more water than I do and I LOVE the fact that no matter were we are, in the city, or the county, the water is EXTRA filtered for our safety!!! (That's ALWAYS a plus for a mom on the go!)
Convient and a good value I have just recently switched to Brita and I am loving it. I have the ultramax pitcher and the brita bottle. I was a little iffy at first, but I have grown to love it in the few days i have had it. It is very convient and keeps my drink cool.(with ice) I would totally recommend this product to anyone!
Convenient! I recently purchased this water bottle and am in LOVE with it! It is super easy to use in my lifestyle, and I'm not wasting a ton of plastic water bottles. I like being able to refill on the go, and not have to worry about filtering the water first because the filter is already in it...genius!
Healthy and good This bottle comes in handy at work in filtering out the tap water taste. I spend a lot of time every day in endless meetings and having a ready supply of great tasting water is essential.
brita stand up cooler this was a great product and to my surprise they dicontinued it. i have a stand up water cooler where the refill bottle cracked. i really dont want to go to a another product but have no choice. all my friends ask about where to get this but i quess thats why they cant find it. i wish brita would consider bringing this back
Great, clean water on the go! I love this product. My family already had a large Brita for refrigerator but needed a solution for when we were away from home at school/work for long periods of time. This bottle allows me to have filtered water from any source! I can refill anywhere.
need for clean Would Brita be interested in making replacement nozzles for Brita personal water bottles? I would, also, suggest a bottle brush to clean the nozzle. I love my Brita personal water bottles. I have two. I also love the Kids size personal water bottle for a little drink of water, sometimes! Otherwise, I refill my water bottle at least twice a day, usually more! Great product. I sleeve an insulator over it, too, as a permanent feature. I love my icy cold water! I take it everywhere with me, into restaurants and movie theatres. Who can object to a healthy habit?
Not that great. I bought a 3 pack of these from Costco. One of them leaks. And even if they don't leak, they are not that easy to drink out of. Also, I think I'd prefer something insulated. Even with ice, things don't stay cold long. I'll keep looking for better alternative.
Great water, difficult to drink I love that I can take my Brita filter with me. My works water fountain does not have the best tasting water. I used to take water bottles and would go through 3-4 a day. Now I am saving money by not buying the bottles and I am helping the environment. The only problem I have is getting the water out of the bottle. The bottle is hard to squeeze, which makes it difficult to get the water out.
Great for environment could be easier to use. I like the convenience of being able to fill bottle anywhere I go. I am disappointed that it is not easier to drink from bottle. Need to make drinking spout better not having to squeeze bottle.
Very convenient! Great product, easy to use. I've found it much quicker and tastier to use my Brita bottle instead of just filling up a glass of water. Even though we have great filtered water, I don't trust what may be going into my body since I drink so much water.
The bottles are grate for the car They are easy to fill and take along. Shopping or any time I use the car it goes with me. I think every house hold should have them for their members.
Love fresh filtered water without having to waste plastic bottles I can have filtered water anywhere!! My 16 year old takes one to school everyday.
The best invention yet I love this water bottle. It has saved our family so much money and helped the enviornment as well.
Convienent I liked that no matter where we were, I could fill up the bottle and know that even if the source wasn't filtered, my child's water was.
Love it I love Brita products and how environementally friendly they are!
Easy to take when on the go purchased this for my husband who needs to drink more water for health reasons. he loves it! Buying a 2nd one to have as a backup.
Stopped Working The little plastic piece came off the bottom of the filter and now it does not work. I purchased this bottle a few weeks ago and loved it but I can no longer use it without purchasing a new filter.
Great for a student on the go. I love drinking water during class, and I am not always able to reach a filtered water fountain between classes. With this bottle, I don't have to go hunting down a filtered fountain...and it's cute. :)
Makes it easy to drink on the go! I love bringing my water bottle everywhere. I never have to worry about running out of filtered water or finding filtered water to refill my water bottle. I can fill it anywhere! I keep one at home for taking with me and keep one at work.
Brita needs a help line. I'm fed up with leaking filters (so NO FiLTERING) . Floating charcoal bits. Where's your
So convenient for my busy life! I love this pitcher and quick and easy I can have plenty of filtered water to drink right at my fingertips.
Very convenient This product is great to grab and run out the door!
these products are spectacular! I love love love your pitchers and the despencer. I have both in my frig all the time. We take it out every night for dinner and set it on the counter for anyone to use. I've given 3 away to my sons and they find it spectacular!! thank you for inventing them. Sincerely Mary for Michigan
Super convenient I use it in my diaper bag so I can always have filtered water for my daughter's bottles
Love Brita Products I love my water bottle, I use it 24/7. The carrying loop is great. If I would have a complaint it would be that the top cap is hard to clean, can't remove for cleaning. Several family and friends have the same complaint. The design is great and best of all the seal is not like others where they leak.
This Product is amazing! Before my boyfriend and I purchased our brita bottles we were going through a case of water a week sometimes 2 since buying the bottles about a year ago we have not bought any bottled water or drank any bottled water. The Brita bottle is amazing the water that comes out of it is the greatest tasting water ive ever had so thanks brita. I am a lifetime customer.
This product is a great "get healthy" tool I love the Brita Bottles because they fit nicely on my refrigerator door and they remind everyone in my household to drink their water. At first they were reluctant to use them, but when I didn't refill them one day and they weren't there, everyone commented. They had started a healthy habit without even knowing it!
Spectacular Idea I absolutely love this filter bottle idea. It is great for myself and my kids. I throw one into my purse or diaper bag and it's always accessible. It's great for the gym, as it has an easy squeeze body. I do have one issue, that doesn't effect my thoughts on the whole concept. But, I wish that there was replace pop tops. My bottle and its filtering system is all in great working condition, but my kids have chewed up the top. And, its pulled a little further than it should be, so you get air sometimes when you're drinking. I don't want to have to buy a whole new bottle when all I need is the top. And then what do I do with my old bottle if I have to get rid of it?... Garbage? If you have an idea of what I should to, please comment. BUT!!!! Remember, I LOVE THIS BOTTLE otherwise
Excellent value! Not only is this product good for the environment it is cost effective. It makes any tap water taste great & refreshing! Can't find your favorite bottled problem. Find a spicket & fill up! It doesn't get more convenient than that!!!
Defective Product I purchased the BRITA Pitcher Replacement Filter (comes in a 3 pack) and the filters were bleeding excessive black residue. I am afraid to use this product again as I do not want chemicals leaking into the water/harming my loved ones. I switched to BRITA from bottled water because I wanted to do my share for the enviornment. I'm undecided as to whether or not I will try again and use the product.
Good Product This is a very good product but when new is a little hard to open drinking cap and nozzle. Also squeezing is a little firm. I hope with more use these issues will work themself out.
easy to use i love this bottle and am getting it for xmax present i need my coupon
Excellent Product Awesome product! This is an answer to my constant problem of broken plastic cups and huge pile of plastic bottles.
easy to care for I needed a water bottle that I could wash in the dishwasher.
Great to carry on the go I like to carry my water bottles with me and have at all times
Love this product! I have chosen to purchase this item because proper hydration is imortant to me and I wanted an alternative to plastic bottles.
I can't wait to use this This is going to help me drinking water at work. The water does not taste good and this filtered water bottle will be great. I am excited about this product
I love this product I love this product because I can easily carry my water everywhere I go and fill it up where ever and not worry about the taste!
The best water bottle. I love the easy to use brita bottle. I fill up before work and know that I am doing my part to keep more water bottles out of landfills.
What was Brita thinking? I have had Brita filters since my son was 8. He is now 32. They were great so was excited to buy this new Red Grand. I cleaned pitcher, added new presoaked filter, put it together and put in fresh water. I then poured off the first water and the little inner cap fell into the reservior, then the entire lid fell off and with it, the just soaked filter. I am shocked at such an inempt lid, may look for another type of pitcher and take this one back to the store. I see other people have same problem!
Love this product This product makes regular tap water tastes better than expensive bottled water. Love it!
For My Son My son LOVES this bottle design and the taste of the filtered water. This is a true innovation
Great product for on the go! My husband was going through way too many water bottles, and refilling them! I wanted him to have a healthier way to tote and refill clean water. Love this product!
Avoid the landfills! This product is the right size for my needs and makes the water taste great! I recycle everything and want to keep plastic from the landfills. I am going to buy the 3 pack at Costco and give the individual bottles and refills for the filters as stocking stuffers.
Love the taste! Britta bottles filter out all the chlorine taste in the local water supply. All I get is good clean water.
great features This is a great way to save money on bottled water.
Awesome product This product works wonders! I can get water from anywhere and not have to worry about the taste or any bacterias!
Its a no brainer It saves money by using tap water, tastes great.. even filtered fountain water tastes better out of a Brita bottle. It gives a nice feeling of doing a little bit to save the environment.. all in all a no brainer, and no lugging heavy packs of bottle water home from the stores.
Excellent product great value for product; durable design and good looking too!
Easy to take on the go I used to purchase bottles of water to take with me when I would head out the door. The whole family started to drink more water, but the four of us were using up a whole lot of bottles that would be thrown into the trash when finished. My wife & I have made the switch to Brita Bottles, and are looking to get two more for the kids!
Love it I like to take mine to Amusement Parks, it is convenient for the kids to have good/safe water anytime. The handle makes it easy to carry.
Water Clarity The water taste much better than in my regualr water bottles
Love this bottle! This bottle is so perfect. It's easy to fill, easy to drink and best of all, the whole thing can go in the dishwasher!
Great Product I bought this because the water at work tastes funny. It tastes much better after it goes through the filter of this bottle.
Water tastes great and very convenient to use. I love the bottle and the ease of carrying it. My only issue is that Brita should include a new sport bottle cap with every new filter. The bottle cap is really worn and dirty after 2 months use.
Good for Mother Nature I work in the environmental field so it is important to me not to use plastic water bottles. I love the fact it has been filtered unlike the stainless steel versions!
Really enjoyed I enjoyed how simple it was to use and how well designed it is!
This product is amazing Brita filter water bottles are great for the whole family everyone loves them and they make the water taste great
Fantastic Taste I hate throwing away empty water bottles and now I don't have to! This bottle lets me enjoy the great taste of water and I am not filling up a landfill.
Convienent I got this bottle to use when traveling. I am very picky about how water tastes and can't stand the taste of the unfiltered water in most places. This way I can stay hydrated and avoid using lots of plastic bottles.
Amazing My sons LOVE this. They prefer this to take to school than juices!
Love the design and color choices! This product is so easy to use and water comes out clean tasting. I love that I am no longer using so many water bottles!
I am finally glad these are available! Back in the 90's, I had something similar, but the product was discontinued. I can't wait to try this one out. Great while working or out running errands, and MUCH cheaper than buying bottled water all day long.
Brita Bottle I love this bottle and how delicious the water is!
Great idea! Saves time and money! We piked this bottle up before our rip to Disney! Saved us lots of money and time! Now my son uses it at school... no yucky water faucet water for him!
Excellent Bottle I purchased the Brita Bottle for work. It is convenient and I know I am always drinking the best!
Good My husband loves his Brita bottled water. We were so happy to see it come back on the market. Great design and easy to use.
Love this product!! I purchased this product for my family to take on our trip to WDW, and was not disappointed. We absolutely loved this product. It was so convenient to use and just the right size, not to mention great for the environment. I highly recommend purchasing this Brita Bottle!!
Great water bottle but difficult to clean I love my brita waterbottle, but I usually have to toss and buy a new one frequently. My water bottle ended up with mold in the mouthpiece
Love this bottle We drink a ton of water and since we are always on the go, we often run out while out. Now we can just fill up at any water fountain.
Saves money! I loved being able to avoid buying bottled water with my Brita bottle. Great purchase!!!
wow I like the feeling of saving the environment and being healthy at the same time. It's win/win!
Good deal! I love it. Colors are nice and the water tastes good.
This product saves money This product makes me feel better about drinking water and not filling landfills
Good ideal, bad design. While the ideal of this bottle is great the design is BAD. It ends up leaking all over after you change the filter for the first time. Not only did the it leak from where the filter was at it ended up leaking where at where the top meets the bottle. The ideal of the cover for your mouth piece was nice too but the problem with it is it gets lost very easy. If your bottle happens to drop even it ends up breaking easy and damaging the mouth piece itself. Overall it was a great ideal with filtering on the go, a squeezable bottle, and overall nice look. But sadly the design in general flawed.
My husband and I love these bottles my husband and I bought these bottles a couple of weeks ago and we absolutely love them!!! I wanted it to take with me to work out because I do NOT trust water fountain water so I bought the twin pack so that my husband would have one to take to work with him!!!! I want us to me keep as much bad stuff out of our bodies as possible and the Brita bottles allow us to do that!!!
Bottle great! Replacement filter awfully drippy! I loved the bottle until I replaced the filter. Now the bottle drips seriously at the filter area! My husband's bottle dripped until he re-tightened it. However many times I try to re-tighten my filter, it still drips. Would love a solution to this problem.
The water is safe easy to carry. I have some health reasons, that make it important to drink lots of water everyday. and this makes it handy. Thank you Brita!
filter didn't function to my expectation I bought this thinking that the filter will give more than month of regular use. After a month the filter stopped working stopped working as far as Im concerned. When I tried to drink from the cup I had to struggle sucking from it and yet little water was coming out. Are you trying to sell me a bill of goods here? Its on my kitchen counter because Im afraid to buy another filter that will dupe me again with my hard earned money. If you can give me a replacement for the original filter then perhaps it will show you stand behind the quality of your product and I can trust your product once more to continuing to use this particular model.
Broken cap after 1 use! I love the size and speed of filtration, but the first day I brought my bottle to work, it fell off of my desk and the plastic cap cracked, rendering it useless.
Not Impressed Nice concept. Appreciate the ability to reduce my carbon foot print and drink filtered water. However, the water bottle design is poor. You cannot close the top lid tight enough to prevent it from leaking all over you. I will not buy another one nor reccommend it to anyone. I have shown numerous people how it leaks and I would not expect them to buy one either.
Helping the planet we in our home believe in helping the planet five brita bottles at a time we bought one for each of us and drink anywere from twenty to thirty bottles of water per day
Better value, better for environment We have saved so much money on bottled water with our initial investment in the Brita bottle. Helping the environment is a nice bonus. I also love that these bottles are dishwasher safe. One thing I do NOT like is that the caps are very difficult to clean. Scum builds up inside them after awhile, and even running them through the dishwasher doesn't seem to help. I don't want to buy a whole new bottle just because the cap is gross. It would be nice if Brita sold replacement caps.
This product has great features this is my first month using this product
Disappointed in newer pitcher I loved my old pitcher, but it was time for a new one. So, I went and purchased a newer one. I am soooo sorry I did! I hate the lid on this thing. Why would you take a one piece lid and split it into two??? Every time I pour, the front part flies off. Poor design. Really upset I wasted my money on this one. Wish I kept the receipt to return it.
great for trips through airport security Ensure your water bottle is empty passing through security. When you pass security, you can fill up at the water fountain on the other side and get great tasting water from your Brita bottle. Never again will security be able to take your water away! Never be fleeced by retailers selling you water
Water bottle leaks When I first purchased this product I loved it. Then after a few months my water bottle started to leak from the cap where the nozzle part is. I tightened the cap and it still leaked so I bought another water bottle, which are not cheap. Then after a month of use, the new one started to do the same thing. I am very disappointed and will not buy another water bottle from Brita or recommend this product.
I love it! Its easy to use, convenient, and tastes great! Not to mention- I love the color!
Snap on filter indicator Where can I purchase one for an older model pitcher? Mine got lost and noone sems to sell them. Thank you for any input you can provide.
Love this bottle. I love this bottle. It provides great tasting water and is easy to hold.
I love my Brita water bottle I carry this every where with me. People are always amazed when I tell them it has it's own filter (I'm amazed that haven't seen this yet). I gave it 4 stars because with my arthritis it's sometimes hard to squeeze the bottle. But that is my ONLY complaint. Would be nice to have an insulated version. :-)
Great! Love this product! I will continue to buy the replacement filters. :) No spills, either!
AWESOME! My daughter and I love this product! She could taste a BIG difference with the filter and its perfect for school especially with the loop. We highly recommend it!
Leaks!!!!!!! I was extremely happy with this product for about three weeks. Then it began to leak every time I took a drink. This leaking continues. It is annoying to get drips of water all over your desk and yourself. I will and would not purchase again.
Cap is fragile I have this bottle that I purchased to keep at work. We have a tiny kitchen, and it's just easier to fill up a filter bottle than to get the office to buy a faucet filter. Yesterday, the small plastic stopper inside the cap broke off entirely, and now the bottle doesn't seal when closed. I don't travel with this bottle, so I'm unsure how this could have happened. It literally popped out and rolled across my desk when I opened it in the morning. There doesn't seem to be any way to return the product or get a refund, and other similar caps on water bottles will not fit this bottle due to the filtering mechanism, so factor that in before you purchase.
Disappointed I bought this water bottle to help me drink more water while going to school this fall. At first, I enjoyed it, and it seemed to do an okay job. I have used the bottle approximately 10 times and it seems to taint the flavor of the water instead of just filtering it. I did a little test just to see what was going on and when I put already filtered water (from my Brita sink attachment) into the filtered bottle, it tasted gross. Will not buy again and will just go back to drinking one reusable bottle while out during the day.
I like it It doesn't necessarily hold a lot of water at once, but that's the beauty, I guess, because you can refill it anywhere. My only issue, and it's a small one, is the water is a little slow to come out. You sort of have to squeeze it to get anything.
Good, not great Top part of the bottle needs to be screwed in VERY tightly or else it will leak. Sometimes I struggle a bit to remove the top from screwing it in so tightly. The tip of the bottle doesn't work properly, I need to suck the water out, which is a bit annoying. Hopefully a new model is created soon. I still use my bottle everyday.
I love the bottle but... I wish the pull top could be replaced! I find it is very hard to clean completely. I have tried soaking it in bleach, vinegar with baking soda, hot soapy water, etc. (all separately) but it still tends to not get completely clean. After a couple of months of use it is no good. I just wish there was something that could get all the bacteria & "stuff" out of the top (and the bottle) as it is used. Other than that it is convenient and saves a lot of money over buying bottled water.
Love this product! If I had a list of my 20 favorite things, this bottle would definitely make the cut! I love having good tasting water by my side at all times. It has gotten my family and I to drink a lot more water than we would have otherwise.
Product better than bottled water The product can be refilled anywhere. Great for airplane flights. The squeeze is a little too hard.
Great idea, but... I don't like the nipple on the bottle. Using your hand to open/close the nipple is not very sanitary nor is having the part your drink from sticking up and exposed to germs and dirt. It really defeats the purpose of a bottle to promote "cleaner" water when you're drinking from a dirty unsanitary surface. It would be better if the top unscrewed or had a straw that is lifted or closed without handling with fingers.
Great product but needs attached cap protector This is a great product - it fits well in about any backpack waterbottle pocket and feels good in your hand. Its an attractive design and is easy to use and clean. Two suggestions: 1) Attach the cap protector so it doesn't get lost 2) Make the screw on top a little easier to get on correctly - if you don't put it on just right the bottle will leak. Other than this I love the product and have given several as gifts!
So-So So I love the idea that I can drink filtered water from everywhere! It really does taste better. I've had a few different water bottles and was excited about this one, especially because I am a teacher and I drink a lot of water throughout the day. The tap water from the sink is not exactly Brita quality. I am really disappointed in the fact that the bottles leak very easily. The top has to be screwed on exactly right and tightly enough so that they do not leak. I've really thought I had it on right and I end up soaked in water. My boyfriend and mom can't figure the bottles out and won't use them anymore. If something could be done about the fit, I would be 100% satisfied.
Malfunction. I am sorry that you don't approve of my previous review, but as I have stated the first faucet filter failed after two weeks of use by flashing red even though there was no way I could have used that much water. The second filter stopped flashing altogether after one week of use and therefore rendered it useless as far as determining the life of the filter. I'm sorry if this review does not meet your expectations, but I will continue to buy the pitcher filters.
Very Convenient The first thing i would do when we arrived at a destination - buy jugs of drinking water. NO MORE, I am so grateful for this systerm A larger capacity would be helpful.
Great product! This summer I have trained myself to fill a Brita bottle before I leave the house and keep it in my car as I head out into the heat. No temptation now to stop for beverages and that means $, calories, and plastic SAVED! Thank you, Brita.
Buy Brita I have been a user of the Brita filtration system for over 2 years now. Due to trying to save money, I for the first time purchased an off brand filter due to the price being much lower than my usual Brita filter. I installed it and have disliked the taste of the water since I put it in. So did I save money? No. I had to go back and buy the Brita filter to have the clean taste I was accustomed to. So I lost $6.00 and will never make that mistake again. I highly recommend The Brita system to all "on the fence" folks out there. Just don't make the mistake that I did...Buy Brita.!! Fondly yours...
great features I love my Brita water filtration system and I am glad that I receive reminders as to when to change the filter great product
Duds. I bought one of your faucet mount filters and after two weeks it started flashing red. There is no way I could have used that much water in such a short span of time since I only use it to make coffee or tea. The second filter I bought stopped flashing altogether after a week's time and there is now no way to determine the end of its useful life. While your pitcher filters are fine, your faucet filters are c--p (pardon my French). I will not buy any more replacement filters and just chalk up the whole thing as a bad experience.
It's a shame I have to replace my dispenser I love my Brita. I bought my daughter one when they first came out years ago. I am on my 2nd one. Mine is leaking at the gasket not from abuse. I have a faucet that comes to it- the Brita so no rough handle occurs. The same thing happened to my brothers and he had to replace his. I drink a lot of water. I am the only one in the house that does. I love the taste and always use it for coffee, tea but not cooking. I'm gonna buy another one. I highly recommend Brita. Vicky G
GREAT! when i run my tap water into the bottle and drink it it tastes 10X better!
Wonderful Idea! This is a great idea! Have the filter with your water bottle at all times. No matter where I am, I know I can fill up and it will always taste good.
charcoal granules The water does tase better, but I have a complaint. Every time I re-fill the pitcher, charcoal granules come inside the pitcher.
This product is a good idea I love the idea of having a filter at my fingertips the only drawback to this product is it is difficult to get the water to flow out of the bottle. You either have to squeeze real hard or suck on it like an adult bottle. That unfortunately is unattractive. Please address this issue and either make the bottle easier to squeeze or fix some other way. Despite this flaw I do recommend this product.
will not buy again have changed faucet filter 5 times in a year because of light failure.the whole unit.will buy a differant brand next time.unit works well when it works.
Very bad customer service when I call The product is ok. How ever it happended several times, the filter black coal leaks into the container. Very very fine ones, whole bottom is black. But if you do not lift it close to your vision, you do not notice it. But there is really a lot of. Hard to clean. % follow the instruction. When I call customer service, the lady was super rude.
works well only trouble I'm having is the plastic threads on the faucet mount. It does not screw on securely. I have a Delta single lever faucet and finally got it to stay on witout leaking by putting on a layer of teflon tape, however it still moves around and when you try to snug it up,you can hear it snap and cross thread. If that part were made of brass rather than plastic,this would not happen. Rather annoying !
bottle leaks Initial purchase was great, enjoyed the benifits of filtered water on the go. However, after my second filter replacement the bottle leaks water, I had three bottles and all three leaked. I am very disappointed and don't use them as often because of this.
Can't get water out My water bottle is not working properly. I have to suck very hard to get any water out.
So refreshing I am so pleased to have the Brita Filter Pitcher as the water is so refreshing and I know it is much healthier than my tap water. I like to show it off and share the water when visitors come to the house.
Great product... maybe one little thing? I would love it if there was a Brita portable water bottle that you could freeze the bottle to keep the water cold (like had some stuff in between the lining that would stay cold). Otherwise, I love this!
Feel better leaving soda behind. It happened immediately. I got hooked on Brita and sure can notice a difference in the quantity and quality of the water I now consume. Simply a super product.
test I really like my bottle. On recent trip to a neigboring city I was running late to get to my next appointment and was hungry so I stopped at a fast food est. and took the through for my food and ordered water with it. The water tasted strange so I didn't finish it. When i arrived home that evenning I took the water into the house and had an idea. I finished the water that was in my Brita bottle then I poured the water from the fast food place into the Brita bottle and put it in the fridge. Later I tasted it and it was completely changed in taste. Very good and tasty. What a change. Thanks for the bottle.
Could not find how to fill that utilized the filter. I researched the site and read the pamphlet that came with them and every time I used it anywhere the taste was no different than if I did not use the filter. We have a lot of lime deposits here in Las Vegas and if it is not filtered I get physical reactions like sinus pain and my throat will hurt. I have been using the home filtration system for years including cooking and when I do not use it or my wife doesn't, the taste is off.Frustrated that we spent so much money and we have to use our Brita filter system at home to fill our bottles.
No longer thrilled after using for a month. I found it difficult to squeeze the bottle. It would be great if a bottle filter system would be similar to that of the pitchers; i.e., use gravity to let the water flow rather than needing to sqeeze it to force the water out of the bottle. It would also be practical to have the cover be attached to the bottle, so there will be no risk of losing it.
Brita Works! Brita filters out chlorine and other substances that are not good for us and make our water taste bad. Suggestion: Adjust the top of the filter so that the carbon does not float out. Even being careful, some carbon often gets into the filtered water.
Very poor design I have had to replace my filters as the ring on the top of the filter breaks off and the filter went to the bottom of the bottle. I have bought 4 filters in the last month to keep the bottle working. You need to redisgn the filter with a better retainer. Bill
I love this Bottle I travel frequently for business. The Britta Bottle is a great replacement for buying bottled water at the airport.You can get the empty bottle with a trace of water through the TSA screening point. I really like the product. Also the bottle can be washed on the top shelf in the dishwasher.
Personal bottle Dont really like sucking on the the nipple type top. Would like coupon for the filter with the email reminder. You have not listened before, I doubt this will change.
This is so convenient I love this take it and when there is only tap water its perfect.
Love these bottles Great to have around when you may not have access to the most tasty water.
great for college awesome for college since we don't have to continuously buy bottled water and much better than just sink water!
Brilliant, but needs some work.. This product makes filtered water really convenient, and I like that I don't have a million useless plastic water bottles filling my car. HOWEVER. I lost the cap cover in about 2 weeks. I will also have to replace the nozzle, and I have only owned this product for a month. The mechanism to lock it closed broke inside the nozzle itself, so there is no way to store or carry it without keeping it upright.
I love this water bottle for using at school! I like this water bottle a lot. I got it in aqua and it fits perfectly inside my backpack and it matches well, too. I like the idea of being able to filter out the water from the water fountain as well!
Ice Cubes? Does this work if there are ice cubes in the bottle? I like my water ice cold!
The best. The best water bottle I've ever owned. I love it! It actually encourages me to drink more water!
EVERYONE NEEDS THIS After countless empty water bottles rolling around in my car I knew I had to make a change. This bottle is perfect. Refill and great with the pitcher too. Couldn't be happier! And I'm saving more money!!!
Excellent product This water bottle is very convenient and easy to use.
This is a great product! I love the ability to filter water throughout the day, even after my initial fill at home is done. The problem with bottles without a filter is that there is no way to guarantee you can get access to filtered water when you are out. If you live in an area where the water doesn't taste good unfiltered this is a great solution.
Very Easy and Functional I love these bottles. Simple to use and waters tastes just as great as the pitchers!
convenient i LOVE the convenience of this water bottle. i can fill it up anywhere and know my kids are still getting the filtered water i would prefer them have vs tap water
Best Product Ever Purchased SO glad i purchased this!!! I've been using a water bottle for years. I would fill it in the morning using my brita water filter at home, but I drink so much water throughout the day that I'd end up buying water bottles anyway. I don't remember the last time I've bought a water bottle because you can always find a water fountain! Tastes great and I feel healthier drinking it. Definitely recommend this product to others. Been using it for a couple weeks now and it's been great.
Super convenient and contrary to reviews on Amazon, DOES NOT LEAK. Have you read an erroneous review saying this product leaks? Allow me to explain that it doesn't. ... I've seen reviews on Amazon saying this leaks - it doesn't. You just have to make sure the pop-top part is fully down before you put the clear cap on. Just putting the clear cap on over the pop-top doesn't make the pop-top part close all the way, and that is why it leaks. Just so we're all clear on this... and can stop giving this bottle a poor rating here and elsewhere. It is super convenient because I have to use very chlorinated water from fountains at work and this is the perfect size to carry around. It is also great for squirting water into my mouth when running. I really like the grey silicone tab/strap/handle so I can clip it just about anywhere. I currently have a lanyard attached to it so if I'm in a hurry I can grab it, toss it over my neck, and get out the door. My only complaint is that it doesn't get all the chlorine taste out of the water. If I am at work and can only get water through the fountain, I deal with it. If I'm at home, I usually put it through the Brita pitcher we have and then later, once it's cold, into my bottle to be filtered a second time as I drink it.
Very disappointed! I was excited to have this bottle, until...2 DAYS later. Even after following all the directions and retrying to close it, this bottle leaks EVERYWHERE-from the lid and the squeeze cap. I am also disappointed that the water does not taste as fresh as I had hoped. The bottle is alittle rigid at first to be able to squeeze out the water. If I could return this bottle to the store, I would in a heartbeat. This was a complete waste of $10. Now, I'm glad that I didn't choose to buy the 2-pack!
Pretty good, but not quite there... I really like Brita products. I've been using various pitchers by Brita for at least 7 years now. When I heard about the water bottle, I thought "it's about time"! No offense to Brita, but I've been longing for such a water bottle for quite some time. I bought 2 Brita water bottles in a rush before a big trip. I grabbed and washed/packed/traveled with the one, thinking how peculiar there was no cap for the push-pull spout. Not sure what happened at my local store, but it was missing and all this time, I just thought it was a design flaw! BUT, that said, it would be better if the cap was actually attached to the neck of the bottle, so that you can grab swigs of water whenever, without having to find a place for the cap. Plus, I've been searching tons of sites for such a cap (one that attaches to the bottle) but sadly it looks like the ones that do exist are for a specific non-Brita brand of bottle. So Brita, please get crackin' with making better caps and offering replacement parts, such as the other commentators had suggested...I say this because I care, truly. Regarding the dribbling issue, been there and done that! It didn't happen at first. It started week 2 of my using the bottle. I opened it up to discover that the top of the filter was cracked and therefore the threads of the push-pull spout weren't lining up correctly. I carefully pushed the broken piece down and carefully twisted the spout back on. That seemed to fix the dribbling...but yes, co-workers thought that I was just uncoordinated with my drinking skills. :-( It was weird, at first, to get the water to come out. I was sucking like my life depended upon it. But my working technique is to gently squeeze the bottle whilst sucking. The volume of water flowing through isn't high, but it's adequate, and after a couple of days, I didn't even think about it any more. The bottle is made out of a soft, almost gel-like textured plastic. It takes me back to my childhood and how I loved a juice squeeze drink in a similar bottle. It's very pliable, yet it's not flimsy. So it's not too hard to squeeze the bottle. I especially liked how upon using a new filter, all you need to do to prep the filter is squeeze the water out of the bottle with the filter in place. There was no soaking of filter cartridges in a cup of water for 10 min. Big bonus when you're in a rush to pack or to start drinking fresh water right away!
Does NOT last! After a few weeks of having this product, I have had more of a headache than I feel it is worth. The lid is so difficult to properly attach, and the bottle leaks. Not only that, but the water does not taste as fresh as I was hoping. Sure wish I could of taken our bottles back, instead we threw them away. Who wants to pay $10 for wet pants on the way to work??
Filters Purchased the bottle about 2 months ago but for the life of me we can't find a filter for it in Sudbury.
Great Product, but I need parts! I really like this bottle & it goes everywhere with me. Although it is fairly easy to clean the bottle, I would like to be able to get a new mouthpiece when I replace the filter. I have tried everything to clean it, but there are nooks & crannies you just can't get to.I have bought other bottles with similar lids, but they just don't thread onto the Brita bottle. Help, where can I buy the mouthpiece so that I don't have to replace the bottle now that it is broken in?
Fast Drinker If you're a fast drinker this is difficult to drink out of. Great taste though, the water just comes out to slow.
Great for outside work I work outside and I have to get water from a cooler that is I dunno how many years old and many different people fill it up and drink from it. This is a great product for me to know I'm getting cleaner water without having to lug a larger item around.
Just one issue... I really like this product. It has worked much better for me than similar bottles. However, I would like to be able to purchase replacement mouthpieces. My bottle is still in great shape, but the mouthpiece is made of such a soft plastic that it is getting dents that are hard to clean. It seems wasteful to buy an entirely new bottle for just one piece. Other than that, I like this bottle. I know some people find it difficult to drink from, but I get a much higher volume of water from this than I did from other filter bottles. Honestly, any bottle that has a filter is not going to produce a flow like a bottle that does not filter.
Not all it's 'cracked' up to be I bought the Brita water bottle because I wanted to be able to reduce the amount of recycling I send to the depot each month. The filter on this bottle is small, and doesn't yield enough water for my preferences. I usually drink about a half gallon of water throughout the day. The top of the bottle cracked after about a month, and each time I tilt the bottle upwards to drink, I get a dribble of water down the front of my clothing, so I look like I don't know how to manage drinking. Also, I carry the bottle everywhere with me, and it's not easy to drink while driving, since I have to tilt the bottle upwards, which takes my attention off the road.... The bottle 'whistles' when I draw a drink and I ALWAYS have to squeeze the bottle to get a drink of water from the bottle, which seems to encourage more leakage. I'm at the end of my last package of filters, so this bottle is going in the recycling bin! sorry, Brita, you just couldn't cut it for me.
I love this water bottle! I can't say enough good things about this product. I love that it's BPA-free and dishwasher safe, to start. And I can't get over how great water from it tastes. The tap water at my house, when unfiltered, tastes disgusting (I've gagged before when rinsing my mouth out after brushing my teeth). I was very pleasantly surprised to find that that same water tastes excellent when I drink it out of my Brita Bottle!
Good product but difficult to drink from Bottle is easy to clean and prepare for use. Water tastes great. Very Difficult to drink the water. Water does not flow very well and even though you are not suppose to squeeze the bottle, that's the only way I can get the water to flow.
Needs re-engineered for leakage. Have used this bottle daily for three months replacing a water bottle in the gym daily. For that its GREAT. But annoyed to the point of going through registration and review to tell how tired I am of being dribbled on every time I drink. Don't tell me to tighten the filter cap as I will twist the darn thing off if I go any tighter. Please fix what is apparently a design flaw.
Good for Brita on the go but poor engineering.... Brita should have came out with this "idea" a long time ago. I have no idea if it was marketing politics or Patents that caused this bottle to take forever to come around but whatever... Anyway, the design of this bottle pretty much sucks. I do understand a few hurdles had to be over come in order to get the filter in the flow path of the water but seriously... the build quality of the bottle is something you would expect from a dollar store. no joke. it leaks around the rim almost every time i use it. a simple fix for this is a lil piece of technology already on 80% of water bottles on the market, called a gasket.... Really Brita? you couldn't put a gasket around the groove in the top of the cap? the gripes continue... its shape makes no sense and becomes top heavy after 1/2 capacity. its awkward to squeeze and only lets you drink about one mouthful of water before you need to stop drinking and let air back into the bottle. i find that i drink much less water per day now due to the function of this bottle is not very plesant now for a few positives. it taste almost exactly the same a the bigger filtered pitchers Brita makes. the filters are super easy to replace. I may not continue to buy the filters and just recycle this the bottle. as I cant find a gasket or O-Ring in the diameter needed to stop the leaking... :(
great bottle for kids! I bought this bottle primarily for my son who takes a water bottle to his Karate class everyday. I didn’t like water going waste when he didn’t finish as much as feeling bad about throwing a plastic bottle day after day. My son liked the Brita bottle right away! He loves the taste, the color/design of the slim bottle, and the feeling of HIS OWN bottle. We’ve been talking how many bottles we will save for using this Brita bottle and the impact we can contribute to our precious environment. Thank you, Brita!
Top leaks sometimes I love using this bottle and it's very easy to fill. Sometimes the top will leak if you do not have it on tight so that is the only thing I would recommend doing - make sure you put the top and filter on the right way!
Great tasting water I don't have to wait for! I live in an old trailer in a sub par trailer park in central Florida. The water is heavily treated to prevant microbial growth which makes it taste like pool water. Also, the build up in my pipes gives it a metallic after-taste. Now, we do have a pitcher that we use, but with four kids in the house it seems to always be empty when i'm thirsty. With this bottle i can get the same great tasting water in the amount of time it takes to turn on the faucet! No more waiting for the pitcher to fill up! I havent had any of the problems with leaking that other reviewers have had. As long as i have the lid and the filter top on corectly, it wont leak. The only thing that im not thrilled with is that if i leave it in the fridge the plastic gets hard to squeze. It's a great everyday bottle and i've been able to drink more water when i want it!!
Bottle too small cant drink last 2 ounce or so I had high hopes for this water bottle, even though i thought it was too small when I bought one for me and one for my wife. Either there is a problem with this bottle or it's just me. Her bottle is fine and she can drink all of it. My bottle on the other hand, does not allow me to drink the last two or so ounces. I have tried adjusting the gray thing to no avail. Did I get a lemon or have others experienced this issue? If I did get a lemon with bed bath & Beyond trade it in even though i can't find the receipt? Purchased in late Dec.
Not Easy To Drink But Still Is A Great Product! I recently bought a brita filtered water bottle and I love it. The water taste great, and it does not leak for me. However, the water is comimg out really slowly. Once this problem is taken care of, it will be a perfect water bottle. I have only had it for 3 days. Can someone help me please? I already tried loosening up the top and that did not help.
Held up well in Costa Rica!! Had bought this in October 2011 because I was tired of buying bottled water and wanted to do my part in reducing my carbon footprint. I took with me on my recent vacation in Costa Rica. While my friend was struggling w/ finding a store nearby and struggled hauling big bottles around, I just carried my brita bottle around and refilled anywhere. super convenient & never got sick.
Excellent product, some small ergonomic issues I bought my first Brita filter bottle at the local drugstore as an impulse buy, because the ice cubes in the freezer always taste funky, and I wanted a way to have cold icewater that tasted better. This seemed a potentially good way to do that, and I was right. The built-in filter does a very good job of removing the "freezer funk" taste from icecubes placed in the bottle as well as significantly reducing bad tastes from tap water. I have a pitcher as well, but if the water is still warm from just filling it, adding ice to it will ruin the flavor. I've mitigated this somewhat by filling the pitcher bin with ice, then filling with cool tap water to get a cold-ish pitcher that tastes good, but the bottle is a better solution. I have a few minor ergonomic issues with the bottle in its current design. - It is too small, I find myself refilling it too often. I'd like it to be at least 50% larger. - The shape is too tall and narrow, making the base wobbly. Unless the surface it is placed upon is absolutely flat, it will be unstable and prone to tipping over. Since my nightstand is a "bread rack" style, with wire rack shelves, this is an issue. - The softer plastic, used to make it more squeezable and, I suspect, BPA free, makes the threads on the top more prone to leakage if not tightened VERY tight. This leads to the majority of the complaints I've seen. - The gray rubberlike device under the cap seems to serve no purpose except to get a film of water trapped in it, which then dribbles out when you take a drink, which many may be perceiving as the top leaking. After I fill my bottle and tighten the cap, I blow through the gap between the bottle shoulder and the large cap into the sink, to remove water trapped in this gray rubber "gasket" thing. Then it doesn't drip on my shirt. - The top sports-bottle nozzle is too hard to open. I frequently just leave it open because it is EXTREMELY tight. I have one question regarding the plastic used. If I wanted to use a SteriPen in combination with this bottle, to gain a higher degree of water sanitation, would the bottle's plastic block the UV rays generated by a SteriPen? The plastic used in a Nalgene bottle does, but since this is a different plastic, I believe the question is a fair one. All of my ergonomic issues aside, I enjoy using this bottle, and picked up two more, giving one as a gift to my lifepartner. Since I no longer drink sugared beverages at all, drinking mostly water instead, this bottle has been a boon to me, and I highly recommend it to others, though they will have to be mindful of its issues.
Filtration bottle I really like the filtration bottle. However the bottle I had kept leaking from the top. It was as if the top was not on secure enough. I am not sure if this was because of the handles or what but it was frustrating and I ended up having to return the bottle.
I love this water bottle. Haven't had to buy a water bottle or case of water in over 6 months thanks to our filter bottles. At home we use the dispenser and on the go we use our water bottles. So easy to use. I am buying a dispenser for work as well!
Leaks all over me randomly and without warning No matter how carefully I attach the top, bottle leaks most of the time and spills water all over the front of me (not good since I use this product at the office). Problem seems to be getting worse. I hear that Camelbak makes a good filter bottle and I plan to check it out.
It leaks!!!! I have had this product for over a month now and all it does is leak. I decided to get this because I realized I keep going through packs of water. I am a college student, so the empty water bottles was starting to overwhelm my room. When I first got this, I thought I was not twisting the mouth top on correctly, but it has been doing this for weeks, so I do not think it's my problem. I usually use this at work and in class, and water gets all over me. I have had it, I am switching to another bottle.
Works fine - as long as you don't mind getting wet!!! I was really excited about getting a Brita Bottle, and now that I've got one I'm not happy that I spent the money on it. Sure, it filters water like it's supposed to, but you have to squeeze it really hard to get anything out of it, and when you do, you end up with water down the front of your shirt. Even though I've screwed the lid on VERY tightly it still leaks. Don't waste your $$$ on this one. Brita shame on you for releasing a product as poor as this...
This negative review will specifically follow guidelines, as my past attempts were rejected. Focus on the product and your individual experience using it: I bought this bottle for use at work, where we have no filtered water. The filter in this bottle made drinking feel like I was sucking water through a sand-filled sock. It came out grainy, and completely unpleasant. Provide details about why you liked or disliked a product: Aside from the taste, this bottle leaks. I'm very familiar with how to tighten a cap, but I believe it's the internal pressure needed to get weather through the filter, combined with cheap, flimsy plastic that causes water to pour down the front of my shirt. I contacted Brita support (as I'd seen as response to both positive and negative reviews here), and never received a response. I'd like to note that my review does not contain: Obscenities, discriminatory language, or other language not suitable for a public forum Advertisements, “spam” content, or references to other products, offers, or websites Email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information Or... Critical or spiteful comments on other reviews posted on the page or their authors The review was written near word-for-word on my previous rejected negative reviews. Perhaps I'm just not being positive enough for the Brita webpage. Their products are GREAT! All submitted reviews are subject to the terms set forth in our Terms of Use
I'm drinking so much more water now! My husband & I buy cases of bottled water at least twice a week. I seen these bottles & thought they would be good for us at the gym. I love the taste of the water from these bottles, I do not like drinking tap water & you can't taste tap water out of these bottles. My only concern is that I have only had my bottle about a week & a half & I am having a hard time drinking from it when the water gets low. I can squeeze it to get water to come out but not enough. Not sure what to do about that....
Like trying to suck water through a sand-filled sock This product was useless. Constantly leaked water (and yes, I'm familiar with how to tighten a cap), and was so difficult to get water flow through the filter. Didn't improve flavor of tap water at all for all the effort needed. I contacted Brita with my concerns, but they ignored my request. For a horrible product, and equally useless service, I give this Zero Stars. Avoid at all costs.
"Like trying to suck water through a sand-filled sock" I read other reviews, any my review summary was taken from one who said exactly what I was feeling. These bottles leak (yes, I'm well aware of how to tighten a lid), and make drinking water more of a chore. This bottle cost me $10, and I'd rather have spent it on the refillable gallon jugs I get at the grocery store, I would've gotten more for my money. Threw this away after 2nd use. I tried to contact Brita with my issues before posting my opinion, but my emails were ignored. Can't think of any reason to ever use their products again.
Great idea, very poor design Love the idea behind this bottle and filter. Does a great job of removing the chlorine taste from our water from the tap. Also the price of the bottle makes it much more affordable than other similar filtering bottles. Unfortunately, like many others here, the bottle leaks regularly without rhyme or reason. From a company that makes it's business from water containers and dispensers, it's unacceptable that this bottle leaks. And before a Brita rep responds with their token response about tightening the cap, this 43-year-old knows how to properly put a cap on a water bottle. The leaking is not caused by buyer error. It's caused by poor design. The reason it leaks is quite simple: the cap itself is made from a rigid plastic that is not pliable, and it's being mated to a bottle that is very pliable. This obviously creates a problem when the bottle is squeezed because the bottle flexes and the cap does not, breaking the seal between the two. I'm shocked that with so many complaints, all stating the very same problem, that Brita doesn't do the right thing and refund the purchase price. I've had the bottle for less than month, but no longer have the receipt. If I did, the bottle would've been returned weeks ago. I'll eat the cost of the Brita bottle, and will be purchasing the CamelBak Groove bottle this week.
Its their best invention yet Now I can just take my filter water with me anywhere!!
Great idea for travellers Traveling all the time, I have been looking for something practical that isn't too hard to carry... This fits that need. I am disappointed that HALF THE TIME I CAN STILL TASTE CHLORINE. Taste is my main complaint with a lot of tap or fountain water (what keeps me from drinking enough.) Water doesn't come out of the bottle quickly, but I usually squeeze it into a glass anyway, if possible... so I don't have much of an issue with that.
push-pull top hard to use I bought the Brita Bottle because I travel a lot and hate paying airport prices for bottled water. With the Brita Bottle, I can go through security with it empty, then fill it from a drinking fountain and have great tasting water. I love it for those reasons. However, I only gave 4 stars because after using it for a few months (no leaking problems), the push-pull top has become just about impossible to pull and very hard to push. I would love to find a solution so I can keep using the one I have and not have to buy another.
Great Product After reading a few reviews, I had to write one of my own. If you don't want this bottle to spill on you, you need to have the lid on tight AND you need to avoid filling it up too full. There has to be room for both the water and the filter or it will overflow when you put the lid on.
Excellent purchase Before I saw these my fiance and I were drinking about a 24 pack of water bottles a week. We wouldn't drink the tap water in our building. We figured that it was getting expensive to keep buying water every time we got thirsty so we bought 2 double packs of these bottles. The water tastes amazing! While the bottle is a little hard to drink through at first, it gets easier,. I am extremely glad we made this purchase!
Terrible Product design I love the taste of the water this bottle provides but the design stinks. I am now sitting in my office with water all down the front of my shirt and pants. This bottle continually leaks and the top will not stay open to get any water to come out where it is supposed to. Never again.
I totally recommend this product! Water has never been so good. I drink more water now than I ever have before. This Brita Bottle removes any "funky" tastes that I had experienced with regular water drinking. I take it everywhere I go. Thank you!
Bottle Leaks I am so upset that this bottle leaks. I have been wanting one since they came out and finally broke down and bought one yesterday. I LOVE the concept...I drink tons of water everyday, and the water in the town I live in is disgusting. I am trying to eliminate the use of so many bottles of water. So far, the bottle leaks every single time I take a drink. I have screwed the lids on as tight as I possible can, and had other people do it for me as well...nothing works. I am beyond frustrated with this bottle!
Leaking - Brita Bottle While I saw other reviews recommending the tightening of BOTH lids on the Brita bottle, and I appreciate that, it does not keep my bottles from leaking. I have two of these. I was so excited to get them only to be very disappointed as I ended up with water all over my blouse at work. Despite attempts to tighten according to the suggestions, the bottles still leak. I'm wondering if they can be returned. Very disappointed, Brita. I expected better from you. :-(
Great for on the go... Due to budget issues at work, we no longer have a water cooler. The water out of the faucet is disgusting! This filters it so that it is drinkable. Love that its convenient for on the go!
Great Water, but hard to get to. When I seen this bottle I was super excited to get my hands on one. I am a WATER-holic, typically I drink about 1-2 liters a day. I work in an office where my boss only buys 16 oz water bottles and I usually buy my own 1.5 litters. However, I always feel bad for contributing to the overload of water bottles in our landfills (we do recycle but that just doesn't ease my mind). Thanks Brita for this new option! Great tasting water wherever I go! Couple of down falls; one make a BIGGER size! I fill this one up multiple times a day, and run out too quickly. Second, the cap makes it so difficult to drink out of. The harder I struggle to get a good healthy gulp of H20 the more it splatters everywhere. An open top design (like a traditional water bottle) would be ideal. Other than that, I am getting good use out of what I have. Look forward to future versions. :)
NEEDS TO COME IN PINK! This product is amazing... It just needs to come in pink ASAP! I know so many girls who have said that they wish it was pink. =[
Great Alternative to Expensive Filtered Water I got 2 of these bottles for Christmas. I have been using them since. I have one at home and one at work. The water is not great at work and this has helped me keep away from pop and other sugar filled drinks. The only complaint I have is the bottle is a bit hard to squeeze. Having Carpal tunnel syndrome it is a bit irritating but not enough to find other methods. Wonderful product and will use for years.
Clear bottle needed My Daughter and most of her freinds use these filter bottles in school, the problem is our school just baned the bottles because they are not clear enough. The school thinks someone might smuggle something outher than water into the school. So I'm recomending a clear bottle for school use outherwise great product!
This Product is a waste of money I have purchased two of these bottles, and they have both continually leaked when trying to drink from them...they do not seal correctly when the lid is screwed far as I can see...Brita owes me some money...
It's a life saver I really cannot say enough good things about my Brita water bottle. I purchased it on a whim as an alternative to buying and hauling around a case of plastic water bottles on a road trip. It has truly exceeded my expectations for quality, convenience, and overall. In the four months I have had it, I can now count just how many plastic water bottles I have used (only two!!). It is such a small investment to gain so much; great tasting water where ever you go, knowing you're not using plastic water bottles.
Brita Filtration Bottle I have been waiting for a bottle like this for my entire life. I true love it! I am a huge water drinker. I consume well beyond the recommended amount. The amount of bottles that I use to buy went from (5) 24 case packs to zero. This bottle gives me all I need, whenever I need it. I just bought my second bottle and replacement filters. Soon I plan to purchase the faucet filtration piece. My goal is to completely remove soft drinks from my home. I do wish that the other colors were availble in the store. I could only buy the blue bottle. Hopefully I can find the other colors for my kids. I recommend this product to everyone I know. Especially if they have a plastic bottle with them.
No Excuses, Better Health I used to feel dehydrated all the time because if I didn't have any bottled water bought I didn't drink water period. I've used these bottles now for about 3 months and I'm in love. I always have one filled and ready in the fridge so when one is empty I have one nice and cold. They are my must have!
Need to redesign lid so that it doesn't leak Great concept. However, it leaks all down my shirt every time I take a drink. I've tried with 3 different Brita bottles and I've made sure both lids are tightly secured. I don't have this problem with any other brands of water bottle...
I love this bottle! I first saw these bottles in a magazine and I knew that I had to have one. I purchased my first two-pack of these bottles a few months ago. I instantly fell in love. I bragged about the bottle so much that a few of my coworkers purchased their own. I eventually gave one away. My only complaint is the snap cap nipple protector thingy is easy to lose. I did not push down on it hard enough. So I lost it. I am a complete germaphobe. This bottle would be perfect if they could somehow attach the clear cap nipple protector thingy. So i decided to buy another single bottle. Unfortunately, when I went to the store, all of the single bottles were missing the filters along with the clear caps. A thief had removed them all. :-( So I decided to buy another two-pack. I am still in love with my bottle. Thanks Brita!
Great! Get great-tasting water on the go, without the cost and waste of bottled water.
Water doesn't taste good coming through the filter I have used Brita filters at other people's homes in the past and thought the water tasted great - so I thought this water bottle would be brilliant. Unfortunately, on my first trip with it, I discovered that the hotel water continued to taste bad even when I filtered it through the bottle TWICE to try to get the chemical taste out of it. Also, the threads are very, very difficult to use - I have had numerous leaks if I didn't double and triple-check how well the top was screwed on. I finally decided to return it and discovered I was just past the return date. What a waste of money, and what a disappointment.
Fair product, price too high I don't feel this bottle is a good value for two primary reasons. it does leak after using it for a while and I expect to be able to drink the entire contents, not leave 25 percent of the water in the bottle because it won't get pulled through the filter. Please go back to the drawing board Brita, make this device work better.
Filtered Water on the Go When I was younger I remember having one of these bottles that filtered the water. I thought it was an extremely great idea from Brita. Then one day you just couldn't find the filters anymore. I am really glad Brita relaunched their filtered water bottle. The water tastes great especially whenever the only source is an untrustworth looking water fountain in the middle of a park. It is super convenient and easy to use. I would definitley recommend this product to anyone on the go that needs to stay hydrated.
Excellent idea for the most part. I like the product a lot. I use it every day now. The problem I have with the bottle is the top design. To open the bottle drinking orifice you must either open it with your dirty fingers or your teeth (assuming you have enough to do so). Now I know we don't always have dirty fingers, but we can't go washing them every time we want to drink hygienically. The bottle is a marvelous concept but why bother about clean water from a dirty nozzle. You could have anything on your hands at the time you need a drink therefore transferring those germs to your lips..UGHH. The bottle should have a screw on cap with a valve like on the ketchup bottles where it takes a small amount of pressure to make it flow. I HOPE YOU READ THIS BRITA AND MAYBE CONSIDER A DIFFERENT TOP. I still think it's a great product even though I have to wipe the nozzle a lot.I'd give it an 8 out of 10.
this product is awesome its pretty easy and fast! to use for those of u with lazyness. its helps you save money and works great as a regular bottle as well id very much recomend this product!!!
I can take it ANYWHERE! I have had this bottle for almost a year now (and counting!) and I love it! I take it everywhere I go. It really is convenient. I took it to the zoo and refilled it at the drinking fountains. It saved money from having to buy drinks there. I use it at the gym, and I especially take it to work. I also love it because it's bigger than a pre-packaged bottle of water, and if I run out, I can refill it and have as much good, filtered water as I want!
Bottle could have better design I like this bottle because it is very convenient to be able to filter tap water when I am out of the house. The water tastes good and doesn't have a tap water flavor. However, the bottle is hard to squeeze. Also, I lost the top plastic cover. It should be attached in some way to the bottle.
Stylish and functional I love this Brita bottle! It comes in fashionable colors and makes any water taste great. It easily goes from the office to the gym for great tasting water all day long!
This product is great. I really like this product. it is easy to use and the water tastes great.
Great tasting water, but disappointing design. I have had one of these bottles before and had zero problems with it. Last week I left it in one of my college classes, and of course someone stole it. I went over to Target to buy a new one, and to my surprise I have had nothing but problems with this. The little cap on top leaks water even when I tighten it as much as I can. And the larger cap makes a gurgling sound when I squeeze it to take a drink. This is my main water bottle I use at college because it's very convenient because all there is are gross tasting water fountains. But the leaking is making me not want to use it anymore. I bought this thing to save money so that I didn't have to buy a new water every time I got thirsty. I just wish it wouldn't leak. Overall, I am very disappointed.
This product has some great features I had trouble with the ring that is to be used as a holder. With the holder on, the area where the ring is would leak. I use it without the holder, but I would prefer to have it to make the container more convenient,
Gritty Feel I love the concept of the bottle and love how sleek it looks. I especially bought the bottle to travel so I could drink water in the airport without going broke. I set up the bottle following the printed directions, but when I took my first drink, there was still a gritty feel to the water. I then pushed multiple bottle-fulls of water through the filter but the water still feels gritty. I'm not sure if it is just the filter that I got or the quality of the filter, but it turns me off from drinking from the bottle.
Great Product! This water bottle system is perfect for individuals always on the go! Saving the planet one bottle at a time!
awesome! I carry around a water bottle with me everywhere I go and it's so much easier to carry this bottle! I don't have to worry about running out of water or finding somewhere to recycle my bottle when I'm done.
Awesome product We were able to replace 2 pitchers and a bunch of regular water bottles with this.
Love this bottle This bottle is very convenient and the water taste great. The only reason I gave it a 4 rating is because sometime it is hard to screw on correctly. Other wise great product.
Great product! I love this pitcher! I makes life so much easier! No more expensive bottled water!
addicted! I am now addicted to this water bottle. I just bought it friday and I haven't left it alone since then. I bought the twin pack so I could alternate them in the fridge and always have a cold one on hand! it filters even the worst tasting water
delicious Awesome product. I always drink from a bottle and before this product, i had to filter it and then put it into a bottle. this cuts that step out so i can do more in my day. Thank you Brita
Great produce, needs a little work So i just purchased one this weekend. Water tastes great, but there is one downside on my bottle. When i try to take a drink from the botthe, the water spills out form an opening. I will try to see if i can get an exchange.
This was such a great idea very convenient easy for work and working out Great product love the way it makes the water taste and the convenience
Great for work I use this for work every day. Its perfect and I love it.
Saves money i am terrible at remembering to drink water and when I do I want bottled water. The Brita bottle helps me remember and I can refill out of the water fountain at work without having to worry about the taste of the water and I don't have to buy any more bottled water.
Great Product My wife bought us one each, and must say the taste is great. I see myself refilling everyday at work. great way to save money and be green.
Good bottle I'm not always a fan of squeeze bottles, but I do enjoy the built in filter
Just like the pitcher! I take this to school and it is extremely convenient. Also, I don't have to use the school's drinking fountains which is always a plus!
This bottle is so portable! The bottle is so portable and easy, you can get filtered water anywhere!
Great Idea Such a great idea for someone who basically lives out of their car. Saves money on have to keep buying new bottled water while out.
Great Price I was shocked to find this product was only $10. I was expecting double that. I bought this for our trip to the beach to eliminate plastic water bottle usage. I love it!
awesome product Great taste and filter change is every two months so very economical, and only 10 bucks!
Great contribution to the environment the quantity of plastic waste in my home has been greatly reduced in only one week!!! I highly recommend this product!!!!
Great Product!! I take this to work with me (we only have a water fountain). It makes tap water taste Great!!!
This product is great. I love the Brita Bottle it is so easy and convenient. It saves money too I use to buy a ton of bottle water now I do not have to. :-)
Super when your on the go Whenever I am on the go and a bit iffy about local tap water I just whip out the bottle and I feel secure in the knowledge that my water is clean. The bottle delivers the dame great taste as my filter at home without having to lug around tons of bottled water.
VERY PRACTICAL I bought this product for a trip all around west USA and love it every use because doesn't matter were I was I knew my water was purify, clear and drinkable, doesn't matter I was camping in the middle of nowhere or a small town; since that I want my Brita were ever I go!
This product is very convienient for places that you cant easily bring the brita pitcher, this is perfect
Great for college kids on the go My daughter just started her freshman year at a university in Florida...during the summer....which, as you know, is HOT! She asked if she should buy the Brita pitcher, as a friend had gotten one for HER dorm room and was so excited about her purchase. We opted instead for the bottles as my daughter mainly drinks her water on the go, and a pitcher didn't make much sense for her needs. We bought the 3 pack at BJs and she loves them, so much so that her dad stole one of the three for his gym use :)
So Convenient! I would go all day at work without drinking a drop of water before. Adding coffee to the mix only compounded my dehydration symptoms. Since I got this bottle I carry it to work every day and my headaches and other symptoms are greatly reduced! THanks!!!
Clean, Fresh water anytime, anywhere! Convenient for on the go. You don't have to worry about wasting money and producing more plastic bottle wast with the Brita Bottle!
AMAZING product I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I bought my son one for football practice and ended up starting a trend with all the moms. I also bought one for myself later on, and it's great. Brita does it again with another amazing product.
I love this product. I wish that it would keep the water colder for a longer period
great for on the go a better alternative than the 16/20 oz disposable water bottles.
LOVE! I bought this bottle for college since i'm always on campus and am always picky about my water. before, i would fill up my water bottle with my brita pitcher before leaving... but when i was out of water, i was done. so this is great. only thing is that you really have to work to get the water out, which is a little inconvenient when running. but overall, i love it!
Convenient to use! I would recommend this product. The filters are easy to use and make water from the tap taste much better.
Easy on the go clean water Perfect for kids too especially when they're playing sports.
brita bottle this product is a great product would definitely recommend!
I love my Brita Water and my life just got better!!! I was so excited to see this on a commerical. I love Brita filters and the water they produce. I try and drink 64 ounces of water a day. It was so hard to tote around a huge water bottle filled with Brita water everyday. Now I get to carry around a small bottle and can refill it as much as I want and my water will not be lukewarm at the end of the day!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Thanks to whoever had this BRILLIANT idea!!! May you be rich and wealthy!!!!!
AWESOME BOTTLE FOR DAUGHTER FOR SCHOOL I love this bottle so much. I feel so confident that my daughter will drink more water in school now. I'm very excited that she is so thrilled to use the new bottle. I will purchase far less water in plastic bottles too! GREAT JOB BRITA!
This is great. I needed a water bottle for work, this one is great.
Better for the environment! Love it, great for the environment, no more plastic bottles!!
Great on go, but can't squeeze I have found if you squeeze this bottle even a little.. it leaks. Not great when you don't want water all over front of your clothes.
Excitement I am so excited about my Brita water bottle! I work in an old building and the plumbing isnt the greatest, so the water isn't either, and this nifty bottle enables me to have the clean water that I would have at home!
The product is easy to store This product is easy to store and the water is wonderful. I can now save environment and money by eliminating bottle water from my life.
BRILLIANT!!! I wish I thought of this myself! I absolutely love it! I always have a water bottle at hand.. Not to mention, the water from the fountain at the gym is horrible so this does wonders!!! Can't have too many of these things!
Love this concept! We have the worst tasting water here! I was excited to see this water bottle. I find bottled water to be very expensive and this is a great solution!
The new answer to water bottles Our tap water seems to taste like lake michigan and we spend a lot of money on disposable water bottles. not to mention the fact that the plastic water bottles is such a waste towards the environment. These water bottles are amazing how it makes the water drinkable and since they are reusable, our cost savings is incredible along with the eco savings. just wish they had different colors/patterns.
Great Product This is a convenient product to take to work, or school. Fill it up anywhere and have great tasting water.
good I love this water bottle. I used to hate drinking my tap water but, now I love it. I drink more water. There is no flavour
i think tish is going to be awesome i am buying i am getting this today and i heard it leaks once in a while but it has great tasting water i am going to get this today and i will give a full review
Great Product Being a college student and working almost full time you barely have time to do anything but with the brita water bottle i don't feel so gross drinking water from school fountains and the one at work. and it taste ten times better than most bottle water. def would try it!!
Great!!! Great bottle- this can be used when you are unsure if the local drinking water is unsafe!! Works great!
Great I think its great now we do not have all those plastic bottles!
Love this product!!! My family and I were buying bottles of water like crazy. I hated the idea of it, but needed the convenience. This bottle has been great!!! People now say that this seems to be like an extra appendage on my body. You can even take the bottle empty through airport security and just fill at any fountain or sink once on the other side. No more spending lots of money on water bottles for me!!!
So convenient This is great at the gym because the water at the fountain has a weird taste so I hate filling my bottles with it when they're empty but with this bottle I dont have to worry because it filters out the bad flavors, and I save money on bottled water and on my water cooler because I get fresh water instantly in my bottle now without having to funnel it in from the filter either.
very durable, easy to handle. i like the colors as well i took the bottle hiking with me and i dropped it off a huge rock on accident. all there was was a scratch on the bottle. i was very impressed
Great Value We drink a great deal of water out of the bottle. This will definitely save money in the long run. I picked up a three pack at Bj's and will get another three pack as they instantly became a hit with my family.
water tastes great! Bought this bottle as i loved the pitcher water and have not been disppointed!
Best tasting water! Good tasting water without hurting the environment!
great product Great product and I love the fact that it is so convenient and BPA free. Thank you
greaty tasting water disappointed with the effort required to get water out of the bottle
Very Eco Friendly This is great to send with my son to sport events and school.
I love it This is so convenient. Im in the military and this makes my life so much easier. Im now confident about the water im drinking.
Easy to clean, great tasting water The bottle is simple to clean, the filter couldn't be easier to replace and the reminder setup allows you to never forget when you need a refill. The waste taste 10 times better then bottled water and you save so much money in the long run.
What a great idea! Save mnoney from all those bottles of water - AND have great tasting water too!
Amazing Bottle I love this filter bottle! I had a competitors bottle for about a year before I tried this one, and I haven't used the old one since. The Brita filter bottle to go is simple to use and clean, not to mention there is no taste.
Excellent for teachers Got this bottle to keep at school. It is great to be able to fill it up in the bubbler and be ready to go. It beats drinking warm bottled water (there isn't a fridge near my classroom) or buying water from the vending machine.
great for the enviroment! no more buying water bottles! i love it, saves me money from buying 24 packs of water bottles!
Convenient I was looking for a water bottle to leave at work so I wouldn't have to carry it back and forth. Last year I had this giant jug and I would use someone else's Brita pitcher to fill it up. This is so much easier. Smaller, easier to carry to the classrooms I go to, and don't have to worry about the giant pitcher any more.
Great Product!!Gets me through my day! This is very handy and makes a lot of sense. I am forced to drink out of water fountains and the water contains chlorine and flouride and whatever else that is trapped. This is a great alternative and I am saving money not having to buy bottled water.
Great taste, great product I love my filtered water bottle. Easy to use on campus. Great value!
Great product Great product. Always convienent; when at work and need a refill, i just hit the water fountain. With the bottle it tastes fresh.
Great Water! These water bottles are so convienent you can take them anywhere and fill them up!
Great tasting water everywhere! I was skeptical when I first saw these bottles, but I decided to try them because I go through a case of water a week! LOVEEE THESE!! I bought a two-pack at Target and love to have one cold in the fridge while I'm using the other. Great for working out too! You can just refill at the water fountain and it tastes great!
My Favorite This is my favorite brita product to use because it is so convienent and you can have fresh water anywhere.
Love it! I do a lot of outdoor activities now I can be green without those pesky water bottles following me!
Getting the product soon I have tried the Brita bottle and it's awesome!!! And since I tried my sisters and I loved it =D
This product is more convinient than using multiple bottles of water and refilling those The taste gets me every time, I love to drink water, ever since I was pregnant with my son, and now I dont have to purchase cases of water, put them in my fridge and grab them on the way out, it is so easy to just fill the bottle and drink, and what is great is I can fill it anywhere that has a sink, and know I am getting filtered water!!!
LOVE THIS BOTTLE & HAVE PURCHASED A FEW I originally bought this product for my husband. There was nothing but a water fountain where he worked because of a remodel. He loved it and so did his co-workers when they saw it. So I purchased one to take with me in my diaper bag and it worked out great. After much admiration at my husbands workplace, his bottle mysteriously disappeared off his. So I find myself now buying a third bottle. Not only is the water bottle easy to use but the water tastes great too. Not mention you just feel good knowing your not polluting the environment with every serving. Thank you for yet another great product Brita!
Great Product Can it get any easier than my OWN personal reusable filter water anywhere I go?? I say not. Love it and highly recommend it
Love it! I take it everywhere with me. It is light weight and simple to use!
Small and easy to take with you. I love the fact that I can fill this with my own water from home and take it anywhere I go. Wish this had been available sooner. Thank you. I reccomend this bottle to all my friends.
product is great the filter concept is great since the kids fill up water bottles at school all day.
Great tasting H2O I switched from a Bobble to the Brita bottle and am very satisfied. The Brita bottle is slightly larger and features a nice, sturdy strap. Also, a single Bobble filter is $7 while a pack of 2 Brita filters is $8. The bottle seems to scratch a bit easy but that's not really a big deal to me. I really recommend this to anyone who's looking for a reusable bottle!
Great Product! This is a must have for all people that drink water on the go. I will definitely buy some more for everyone in the family!
Great when on the move! Fabulous for those who like to get up and go. You always have filtered water with you!
Awesome! This water bottle is really the best thing ever invented! I have been trying to incorporate drinking more water into my daily life but it always seemed so impossible until I bought this Brita bottle! I think I'm drinking way more than they say you should a day and I really do feel healthier! Its amazing what water can do! and even more amazing that you can have fresh yummy water where ever, whenever you want it! :)
Good Product It is great for College. It is convenient knowing you always have clean water. The only thing I don't like about it is when the water gets low you cannot drink the rest because it doesn't go through the filter. But I will get over that knowing It is clean
Great for Students! I purchased 3 of these for my students to use at school. They love them! All 3 kids have said the water tastes great and they are easy to use/refill at school. The teachers like them because they are a good size for the kids to use through out the day without being distracting.
looking forward to using this product have used the Brita pitchers for years but looking forward to portable water bottle
This is a great product and really easy for on-the-go! I really Love my new Brita water bottle. It's great for going around campus and a convenient way to keep hydrated.
Love the convenice of it! I love that Brita made a water bottle with a filter, that way I can get great tasting water where ever I am at! =)
great product this bottle is very portable and great for the gym.
Great!! love this new bottle...wish everyone could have one
Really super convenient heard alot of good things about this and bought one. its really convinient and the water tastes great.
The Brita Bottle is a money saver Buying water is expensive as you must know Brita just requires you to change the filter and that is only needed over a period of months.
AWESOME! Being an avid water drinker, i try to keep a minimum of 3 bottles of water on me. this product is amazing because when i run out of filtered water, i can fill up at any old bubbler on my college campus. makes my day a little easier. :)
Very environment friendly very convient when out and about. never have to drink unsanitary water!
Great Product I Love that i can take my bottle anywhere and fill it up from a drinking fountain, or sink and not be concerned about what is in it...
Love this pitcher! Received as a gift and my daughters and I are all drinking water a lot more because it tastes so much better!
Easy to use It's so much simpler than having to lug out the pitcher every time, and saves room in our already crowded fridge! Now everyone can have their own, it's so great they come in different colors :)
Great for college! It's easy and convenient for when I'm walking around campus. Water from the water fountains don't taste so great, so with my bottle I can just fill it up, let it filter and I'm drinking great tasting water.
sooo convenient Great to travel with of refill on the run. Don't know why they didn't come out with this sooner..... love it!
Perfect for college students on the go! When I moved to college, I didn't have the money to buy bottled water all the time, and drinking the city's water was not an option. My roommate suggested a brita water bottle - it's perfect! It's better for us than a filter that attaches to the tap because we would have to be in the dorm room to refill. These bottles allow us to go to class, work out, and do pretty much anything else without having to worry about having clean water. We just refill at the nearest fountain or sink! Absolutely wonderful, and definitely recommended.
Great Product The brita bottle is great. I can have filtered water at anytime and anywhere. Also, it is a money saver. No more bottled water.
Can't wait to buy!!! I haven't bought this product yet, but I have been interested in it since I started seeing the commercials on tv. I take 4 24oz. bottles of water to work everday, but the only filtered water I have available to me is through my fridge and my water bottles don't fit in the dispenser so it will be nice to just be able to fill the water bottle from the sink faucet and go. It will save me a couple minutes everday.
great function love this sport bottle - inexpensive and flashy looking!
convenient easy to carry, convenient when your on the go and the only options you have are tap water.
Best Bottled Water I drink water all the time and have to refill my Brita pitcher several times a day ... and now to have a portable water supply with this bottle is just terrific! I LOVE IT!!!!!
awesome bottle this is the best water bottle ever so much easier than just using plastic water bottles and lets you get water and refill it from anywhere and have great water
brita bottle i love thisnew brita bottle its great when you are on the go and dont want to have to drink water that tastes bad from water fountains and sinks
Great Product This is going to be great for college. Sometimes the water quality is a little questionable (Black flecks in the water). This will be great for keeping hydrated and knowing my water is always going to be clean.
Great water bottle! I bought this at my local Walgreens and was impressed as soon as I started using it. I don't like the taste of our tap water and this bottle works great. I take it with me to the gym, work and wherever else I go.
Great Product The bottle makes the water taste cleaner.
loved it! it was cheaper than alot of bottles that do alot less, looks great tastes great!
Can't figure out how to install the filter... had this bottle for over a month now and for the life in me I can't figure out how to install the filter....? I must be doing something wrong, but for the time being, I've been putting water in from my Brita pitcher... Is there a way to install the filter in the caps somehow? Or does it just bob around in the water (in which case, I can't see how it successfully purifies ALL the water in the bottle...some help here, please?!? Thanks so much for any help I may receive in advance!
Great Product Nice to use and carry to everywhere. Clean and Pure water.
Save the planet Less waste. So many plastic bottles do NOT make it to recycle. Products like this saves us all.
Best Brita Product Ever I love this product. It is produces great tasting water and is great on the go.
Great Solution for Awful Tap Water I live in a town where I have never liked the taste of tap water and would avoid drinking it i at all possible. I have recently taken up running and am trying to stay constantly hydrated. This posed a problem at the gym and when running outside where I didn't have access to the filtered water at my house. This has been a great solution, and now I carry it with me almost everywhere, including to restaurants, where I used to get sodas to avoid the water. The only problem I had is what others have mentioned of making sure the lids are screwed on tight and straight.
Convenient Should be a little easier to extract the water from bottle (requires squeezing). But overall, great.
Great Product I just picked this up this morning, and am already on my second bottle of water for the day, which is a first for me. It definitely reduces the chlorine taste in my water, and is easy to use. Like another reviewer mentioned, make sure the lid is on tight and properly, otherwise it will drip on you.
Good tasting water, ecologically responsible produces great tasting water, saves you money, and cuts down on environmental waste!
I'm gonna get it!! A couple of my friends have this and it is sooo helpful. We were all at the DMV and I was really thirsty. I had drunk all the water from my bottle so I refilled it with water from the water fountain, and boy did it taste bad. My friends, though, refilled their Brita bottles and it didn't taste bad at all, they said. I think the only downside to these bottles is that you can't put juice in it, haha. Other than that, I am definitely getting this product for myself!
Super easy I was a skeptic when I bought this, but it worked out very well and getting ready to buy another one.
This bottle is great It filters your water perfectly and you always know exactly what you are drinking!
Love the Taste Love the taste of the water and the convienet bottle to take with me
I really like the convenience of this product. When I saw this I was very excited. I love the convenience of having the bottle at work. No more lugging cases of water into my office hoping that no one takes them from the refrigerator.
Brita bottle goes to college My daughter was using bottled water while she is away at college. Now she uses the Brita bottle. A much better choice.
Clean Fresh Water, every time Love it, love it, love it. I take it with me everyday
Great overall product This product makes it really easy to drink the amount of water everyone needs daily. Water tastes great and can be filled anywhere you go.
IN LOVE absolutely love this product! so useful during school so i i'm not drinking out of the fountains, and saves so much money not having to buy bottled water! and it's eco friendly!
Convenient! My family uses the Brita bottle in place of purchased bottled water. We just fill and go!
Water from tap tastes great like bottled Love It. Would recommend to anyone who is concerned with saving the environment.
Great product This saves money on buying bottled water and having to recycle. It is also cheaper and less expensive than buying a faucet filter or pitcher. So far I am really happy with my purchase. The only thing is, I wish the bottle was made out of a harder plastic. But I do like that you can squeeze the water into your mouth. It makes sharing with someone else easier because you dont have to put your mouth on the spout.
Perfect! I was in need of a filtered water bottle after tasting the water at my new job. Needless to say, this Brita Water bottle does the job! It has been my lifesaver!
This product is great for on the go! I love that I can get great tasting Brita Filtered water wherever I go.
Easy I love the convenience of it.....not complicated at all.
Extremely Useful I'm a singer and drinking water is very important to me, so I decided that filtered water would be better and I tried the Brita bottle. I absolutely love it, and I refill it multiple times a day.
Convient! I fill my bottle at night then grab it as I leave, great tasting water!
Great Inventive update This is a product that is long overdue. I always run out of my water that I have brought from my home Brita. Now I will be able to take it with me. Thank You Brita
i love brita. its easy to use and very clean. i would recommend this product to a family/ friend. its so awesome and small.
Mom of Two Approved! This is great especially when on the go! I have taken it with our family to numerous amusement parks and saved a bundled by just refilling at the water fountains and don't have to worry about getting the terrible quality water from the tap since it has the built in filter. Bottom line, I LOVE it!!
Very Convenient When On The Go I'm a teacher and this bottle makes it so easy to go through the day without using regular water bottles
At school I like to keep water on my desk at school, but I don't care for the taste of the school's water. Finally, I can drink the water I need, and enjoy it too!! With this new bottle and filter the water tastes super!
Prefect wat to make water portable! I love these bottles! I keep one at my desk, one by my bed & one in the fridge so I always have one near!!!
I liked this idea. I like this idea. I already recycle my bottles by refilling with filtered water from my Brita pitcher, but now I can use tap water anywhere and get filtered water. Great idea!
Great taste and perfect mobility! Even the water coolers at my job have a strange taste to them, so I gave this bottle a try. WOW, what a difference! It's made it easier for me to drink as much water as I should without having to force myself! AND, the bottle is useful to have on hand anytime I'm out and don't want to drink sodas. I can fill it up from any fountain and rest assured my water will be enjoyable!

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