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Hard Sided Bottle Eva Longoria Drink Up Limited Edition
Persimmon Blue Violet Pinwheel Eva Longoria

Hard Sided Bottle Eva Longoria Drink Up Limited Edition


Award-winning actress Eva Longoria has teamed up with Brita, First Lady Michelle Obama, and the Partnership for a Healthier America to support the Drink Up program. Her exclusive new water bottle design is available now, and $1 of the proceeds from each bottle sold goes to Partnership for a Healthier America and the fight against childhood obesity. See Terms and Conditions.

  • Limited quantities available
  • Designed by actress Eva Longoria
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • BPA-free
  • 23.7 oz

Preparing your Brita® Bottle Filter

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Up to $100,000 by December 31, 2014

Hard Sided Bottle Eva Longoria Drink Up Limited Edition 5 35
Poor function and quality I have purchased 3 of these bottles in the past few months specifically for the fact that they filter and have spent over $50 between the bottles and the filters. The first bottle dropped off a desk and shattered. I then bought two more, a 24oz and a 32 oz. Both of them leaked out of the top whenever transporting or trying to drink from them. One made a horrible embarrassing noise when drinking. Again, one fell a few feet and shattered. For the cost they should be stronger and better quality. As others have mentioned, you can't get a refreshing drink from them as you can only get a little at a time. Now I have several filters and one remaining leaky bottle. Not impressed.
cap grew mold in impossible area to clean. I loved this water bottle when I first bought it. I wash the cap at least once a week in hot soapy water and it appears easy to clean. A few days ago I discovered mold growing in the lid between a plastic seal and the hard molding. This can not be taken apart there for I can not get it clean. Trust me I have tried everything I can think of. I'm angry because ibcontscted customer service and have yet had a reply or any type of solution. If I could buy a replacement cap I would be satisfied, but there doesn't aappear to be any available. I will make sure to spread the word as far as I can NOT to buy this product because of poor manufacturing and even poorer customer service
Mold?! I purchased this bottle because, in my effort to regain my health, I have cut out soda, sweet tea, and other sugary drinks from my diet. This bottle provided convenience in the fact that I simply had to fill it up with tap water and go. I took it everywhere, even to restaurants in order to avoid drinking their dirty-tasting tap water. I had been using it for about a month, rinsing the nozzle periodically, as the instructions say to do, when I noticed MOLD growing in the nozzle, below the mouthpiece. I tried to reach the spot to clean it out, but since there is no way to take the lid assemply apart, I was unable to remove the mold from the nozzle. In essence, my bottle is now garbage.
Really need replacement parts. I switched to the hard sided bottle because I wanted to be able to take long, bottle draining drinks, without having to pause and wait for the bottle to "reinflate". For that purpose this bottle was awesome, but when it got knocked off my desk the straw, under it's own weight in an empty bottle, snapped from it's mount and since you can't just buy replacement pieces I decided to buy a new bottle. A few weeks later, this bottle takes a tumble and the top part of the bottle, the white cap that holds the mouthpiece and handle, shattered, sending plastic fragments everywhere rendering another bottle useless. Maybe use a tougher material for the lid and have a separate handle? Other than having two bottle shatter from a 3 ft fall, I was loving it.
Great bottle! I love having this bottle with me at all times, its easy to use and I know that I'm drinking great clean water. The price is high but considering how much you spend on disposable bottles of water it pays for itself in no time! I have the kid one for my son when he plays soccer and he loves it too!
Can't Drink Out of It I love the whole filtering water bottle idea - I go to the gym almost every day and need a reusable water bottle on the go. I can not get a good sip of water out of it! When I'm thirsty - at the gym or not - I want to take a big sip of water and I have to literally suck for my life in order to get some water at all. I'm very disappointed in this product. It wasn't cheap either. After I've already used it I'm not sure what to do. I don't know if I can return it?
Impossible to get a satisfying gulp I have purchased the soft-sided sports-like Brita water bottles and have had great luck with those, but since it's a new year, I figured I would get a new bottle.Upon a lot of deliberation considering the costly price, I opted for Brita over other selections, since I have had luck in the past. And I could have not been unhappier with my choice. The hard spout makes it difficult to get a quick, satisfying drink unless you have the lung power of an opera singer. I had planned to take this to my aerobic dance class, but there is no way that I would be able to quench my thirst unless I had more than just a few seconds between songs. It is also impossible to tip the bottle back in effort to get a satisfying drink thanks to the straw's design. Thankfully, I discovered the design flaws while sitting at my desk and not in the midst of a desperate need for hydration. I am not one to return items that I have used unless they are truly defective and even then, I do it rarely because of the time/money value, but I called the store I purchased this from and asked if they would let me return it even though it's not defective according to manufacture standards. Also, upon my research on this site, I discovered that I would have to purchase another type of replacement filter than the ones I already own for my soft-sided Brita bottles, which to me, is NOT cost-effective.
Even for Teenagers My 16 year old daughter actually asked for one of these for Christmas! She got it, and has been using it every day since then.
Brita filter bottles I bought this product because it was on sale, and I LOVE it. It's so convenient, and much cheaper than buying bottled water.
Lid grows mold I loved this bottle at first! Yeah it had a few quirky issues like making noise when you suck the water and leaking water out the top when the straw was left up, but no big deal. But then after a few months of use I noticed that there was black mold growing inside the lid! Gross!!!! I clean it in the dishwasher weekly and have tried getting at that mold in every way I can think of. There is no way to take the lid apart to properly clean it. A significant design flaw. I bought this bottle so I could drink nice clean water. Unfortunately the bottle itself could make me sick. Sadly, I will no longer be using this bottle. Brita, you need to make the lid to the hard sided bottle so that you can take it apart.
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lOVW MY water bottle This bottle is awesome I love it
Live this bottle I love my brita so much, I didn't want to spend $20 but once I did it was so worth it. I have dropped my bottle so many time and it has not broken yet ;) heck this bottle even got my husband to start drinking more water.
Love It I bought a squeeze bottle and I really didn't like it. I would pull it open with my teeth and bacteria would gather in the resulting teeth marks. Not to mention it leaked like crazy. I saw the hard sided bottle at Target. After a few days mulling over spending $20.00, I decided to buy it. I am so glad I did! With this new design, I can raise the straw without touching the part I drink from. It never leaks because you don't turn it upside down when you drink. It's easy to clean. It also fits (just barely) in the cup holders of my bicycle and of my mom's car. My only 2 complaints are that the bottle is top-heavy. I'm afraid that it will tip over when it's empty. And that the plastic seems brittle. I dropped it on pavement when it was nearly full and It got scuffed up pretty good but didn't crack. I was holding it near the ground. If it fell from mouth level I think it would be done for. I would like to suggest making an aluminum or stainless steel version. It would probably cost more but it would fix the issues of top-heaviness and durability.
Breaks Easily I needed a new filtering water bottle, and I was excited to try Brita's because of the reputation. However, It fell once. That one fall damaged the straw fixture so badly that it's very difficult to use. It'll probably stop working altogether soon. I would not recommend this product.
Unable to suck water out of the bottle... I just got this and used it for the first time today. I am going to have a sore mouth if I keep trying to use this bottle! It looks like a design flaw where there is too much "hose" material between the mouthpiece and the filter, causing it to kink and restrict the flow of water. You guys really need to fix this. This bottle is unusable.
Extremely difficult to actually drink water from this bottle My wife purchased this bottle for me as I drink quite a bit of water at work, and we have a Brita pitcher at home that we love. Unfortunately, if you judge a water bottle on it's ability to actually deliver water to your mouth when you need a drink, this bottle is a complete failure. It must be doing a fantastic job of filtering - so good, in fact, that very little water makes its way into my mouth. Complete waste of money.
Love this bottle! This bottle works great! I love the style and portability. This bottle is very durable and saves me from gross tasting tap water at work!
drink more water I like to move it in and out of the freezer all day long to have ice cold water
Love this Bottle I bought this bottle because I go to college and drink alot of water and city water did not taste real good while I was pregnant so i tryed the bottle and it worked great at filtering out the nasty taste so I bought the smaller one for my 5 year old son and now he loves to drink water.
GREAT upgrade! My kids LOVE the new design for school! The soft bottles work fine, minus the fact that the mouth piece is exposed. LOVE this!
Pretty nice for the price! Got this at Target today for about $20. It's a little tricky to get the filter installed correctly but if it is done right the water bottle is fine and functional. It does leak when tipped if the straw is up but otherwise I have tested it and it doesn't seem to leak at any other time. I bought this to use everyday rather than buying wasteful bottled water from the store. I don't like the taste of our tap water right now for some reason and this seems to work for that.
Want My Money Back or Replacement That Works I consume about 2L of water each day so I asked my son to purchase the bottle in addition to the Pitcher. What a waste of money. At first I thoughht the water would stop leaking if I used it without the filter...Surprise, surprise. It still leaks so now it sits like an ornament on my desk at work. So much for me trying to help the environment.
Plastic Seal was Broken Upon Purchase I've been using the soft squeeze bottle for two years and thought I'd upgrade to the hard sided bottle. Unfortunately when I bought it, the plastic seal where the straw and lid connect was broken into several pieces. Without the seal, it's impossible to drink from. I was really bummed. If you'll look at the reviews at amazon, you'll see this is a fairly common problem. I guess I was taking a gamble and lost.
LEAKS So it filters great and i love the straw, but it leaks anytime its tipped over or anything... makes it very inconvenient.
Pretty Good I generally feel that this is a good product and an especially good value. The price is not bad but I think that about 1 month after using a new filter the effectiveness of the filter goes downhill- sharply.
Love this bottle Love, love, love this bottle. Wish I could replace the top. I dropped it and broke it to the point that it doesn't work. bummer.
It works great an easy to drink I love there's no bed features about it give everybody would by one I think they would know what a great product
Thank goodness I purchased multiples of the "soft" bottle. The WORST product produced by Brita in years. The HARD bottle had to be better. I sincerely LOVE the new HARD bottle. It functions well; it could use an air valve hole, but functions adequately without it. A smaller size would be nice, but I will use the large HARD bottle none the less.
love it Get to have when taking a spinning class. I never leave home without it.
Best Water Bottle EVER!!! I received my Brita ® Hard Sided Bottle as promotional gift, and I have at my side every day now! The straw design is great and the filter design is even greater! It's given me yet another reason to drink clean water everyday! I highly recommended grabbing one up for yourself !
Great buy. Let me just start off by saying if you are having trouble drinking through the straw or experience loud gurgle when doing so, your filter is not installed correctly. Make sure it is pressed firmly so the seal is closed. I made this mistake when I first got it and had a heck of time trying to get water. When I took it apart and made sure all seals were firmly in place, it worked like a charm. For everything else, it's sturdy and large water bottle. How can you go wrong?
Great for Travel I travel a lot for work and it sucks that you cannot bring your own water on the plane at the airport anymore. I hate spending money on bottled water so the Brita filtered water bottle is a great way to be able to use my own bottle with any water coming out of a water fountaion and know that I will have great tasting water!
Great, but... I love the hard sided water bottle -- it's larger than many other water bottles AND it filters the nasty water I have to drink at my school! BUT I have two minor issues with it. First, my water bottle fell out of my backpack the second day I owned it and cracked the lid. It isn't a major crack, but it could get worse and the only way to fix it at this time is to replace the whole bottle. Lesson: Be careful with this bottle. Second, it's difficult to break in a new filter. With the squeeze bottles I can just squeeze a bottle full of water through the filter until it flows clear. With this, though, the only way is to suck it up through the straw and spit it out. (Ew...) I had tried fitting it into my squeeze bottle (just to clean the filter before use) but no luck using that, and I tried rinsing the loose pieces off before inserting it into the bottle. Even after I thought the water looked clear, I felt grit from the charcoal filter in my mouth for a day or two after. Aside from these two issues I am absolutely happy with my purchase. I still use the bottle every day, cracked lid and all.
Difficult to drink water from bottle I would not recommend this product to anyone. I just purchased the bottle and I am having the hardest time drinking water from the bottle. I followed the directions on how to put it together and I can't seem to drink water from the bottle. You have to suck really heard to get one or two drops of water from the mouthpiece. Maybe I am doing something wrong. But I feel bad that I purchased it and can't get any use from it.
This product is great! I gave this to my daughter who took it to college. Shes used to brita filtered water at home. shes thrilled that now she has a filter bottle and doesnt need bottled water, and has no problem using waterfountains to keep it full!
Exactly What I Wanted This water bottle solved the problems I'd had with the softer filtering bottle. The long tube on the inside means I don't have to refill it as much as I did the other. Having the straw tuck away is so much nicer than having a sport top with a cap that would always fall off. Machine washable? All of it? Great! Filter change is quick and easy. Plus the cute design? I love this water bottle. I take it with me when I travel, when I am at the gym, everywhere. Thanks to Brita for making this product. :)

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