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Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 1 Pack

Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 1 Pack


Used in all Brita® pitchers and dispensers, our BPA-free filters reduce chlorine (taste and odor), mercury and copper. Remember to replace them every two months (40 gallons) to keep your water tasting great. Various package sizes are available.

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16.9-oz bottles that can be replaced by one Brita® pitcher filter.

Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.

Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 1 Pack 5 370
Cost Effective & Simple To Use My water from the tap is much better tasting and is less likely to contain certain bad inert chemicals and minerals by using my Britta filtering pitcher. The charcoal particles are a issue that needs to be addressed but for the cost of the unit what can you expect. Simple challenge with the charcoal particles but not one that will cause me to stop using my Britta filter.
brita pitcher not air tight,picks up refrigerator odors,doesn't filter out flouride!!!
filters the filters are great, but so expensive. As a senior on a fixed income, it is really hard to change the filters as often as I should because of the expense.
Bad filter Since our last three filters we always find black particles in the upper portion of the pitcher. Sometimes even those particles go down in the filtered water. I really tired with this issue. Sometimes I even changed filter before its complete life but the result is same.
Brita filters are a great value! I have used Brita products for years. I love the pitcher and filters because they are so convenient and easy to use. They are green products and I don't drink tap water. I don't like buying bottled water because I am not sure what I am getting.
Takes away hard water taste and appearance I have very hard water - rust & lime, and no water softner. I need Brita to filter it or it has such a nasty taste and look, no one wants to drink it. Can't afford to use bottled water all the time. Brita is the best solution for me.
persistant charcoal particiles After many fill-ups I am still seeing alot of charcoal particiles in the white bowl. Is the filter defective or should I expect this indefinitly?
Health Reasons Filtering lead and other heavy metals is important to my health
Why did filters change? I had stopped using Brita years ago and committed in 2013 to again stop using water bottles and switch back to Brita. I still had a Brita pitcher (see picture), so I only needed to buy a replacement filter. Much to my dismay the filter was SLIGHTLY too big for my pitcher. So my question is WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE THE FILTER SIZE? I'm hoping there is a real reason and not just to sell more pitchers. I like Brita, but was disappointed that I have to throw away a perfectly good pitcher and purchase a new one.
Makes the tap water taste better! I have used the filter for many years! Am going to buy the filter bottle next!
This product has great features and is easy to use. It effectively removes most of the heavy metals which make the water taste bad.
Great product for health and value The filters give great tasting water that is healthier than tap water and less expensive than bottled water
the product promotes healthy water I'm an environmental engineering student and I believe Brita filters are shielding against heavy metals in tap water.
Good until it is about to go out The Brita filter is good; the only thing I don't like is when it is almost time to change the quality of the water becomes horrible.
This product has great features. I love my brita pitcher.The water tastes so much better than tap water. However, it would be really nice if you offered some money off replacement filters.
We love knowing our water is clean! Our family drinks a lot of water. We use to go through about 50 bottles of water a week, we love knowing that we are still drinking clean water and not wasting 50+ plastic bottles a week.
Great for college! This product is super awesome for dorm rooms and college life! Not only is it handy but also ensures that you will have clean filtered water! :-)
This product is great I was buying bottled water and going through it fast. I drink a lot of water so decided to try the Brita pitcher. The water taste great and I save money on all the bottled water i was drinking
can't go wrong with brita easy to replace filters. just need to make sure it is done as often as suggested.
Saved the day. Brita water pitchers and filters saved the day for us. Our water was just not great tasting and being someone who is very very active and works out and needs a lot of hydration, this was a serious problem. I couldn't be happier.
Better Tasting Water I use the Brita pitcher and I love it! The water is clear and tastes great! Easy to use.
great product Great way to have clean water without using so many plastic bottles
Filter I love the water filter products Brita has! Had three of them and haven't failed me yet. I love how they offer them in fun colors now too :). I would definitely recommend them to anyone who does not like the taste of tap water, much like myself.
Love it! I love my Brita. the water is always clean tasting. Makes me feel good that I'm not using water bottles.
Great investment This is a great investment because I can filter several gallons a week as needed and also count down my use of plastic bottles.
excellent for younger in college my children have in their dorms and it is excellent
Taste The taste after filtering my tap water through the Brita filter is exceptional.
crisp and delicious Just a absolutly wonderflu product. The taste between regular tap and water from my Brita pitcher is unbelievable
Great product! This product is great. My family has saved money using these products.
This filter is the best Where we live we have hard water and it doesnt taste the best. We find that Brita is only filter system that we use. My mother in law, sister in law and I use only Brita.
Great product I would definitely recommend using Brita, it's cheaper than buying bottled water and cleaner than just drinking straight from tap.
This product is always reliable I love the filter replacements because they always work the full 2-3 months promised, and leave my water tasting pure and refreshing. I've been buying for over 5 years now.
great product happy to have it i feel so much better serving my children filtered water
Great Product Great product makes me feel safe drinking clean water.
Love this product! After spending so much money on bottled waterm I discovered Brita water filters. The water tastes great!
better tasting water so much more convenient than lugging home bottles of water!
long time user We have used brita pitchers for many years and absolutely love them. water tasts so much better and i feel better giving filtered water to my family.
water tastes amazing our city water tastes like pool water. you can smell the chlorine!! with this system, it tastes better than bottled!!
Tasty Water Brita filters are easy to use and make the water TASTY!
Easy!!! It is SO easy to replace the filter in my pitcher...AND it tells you when you need to change it. One less thing for me to keep track of! I also LOVE the color of mine!!! Our water in town is...YUCK...the filter makes our water taste so good!
Wonderful product The fresh and crisp tasting water encourages me to drink many glasses a day.
Awesome as a Possum These filters are pretty darn awesome. They make my water taste nice and fresh - which is, unfortunately, saying something. Wondertastic!
Fabulous My roommate HATES water, but if I use my Brita pitcher and replaceable filters, she will drink it every night. Now if I can only teach her to keep refilling what she takes. :)
Such a handy product! This product really makes a difference in your drinking water!
easy to install good to know that it is recyclable. Been a long time Brita user. One pitcher is for the people in the household and the other is for the reptile pets
easy to use The pitcher is extremely easy to use and the filters replace easily. My tap water was undrinkable, but since i started using the Brita the water is teriffic
Simple and Essential Brita filters provide great tasting water and knowing I'm not wasting water bottles makes me feel great. I also am very picky when it comes to water. I don't usually like Dasani or Aquafina but Brita filtered water tastes great to me and I couldn't imagine not having it.
A tad expensive but effective. We use them on a regular basis (even though there is nothing wrong with the water here in town)
This is a Great Product! This is a great product and so easy to use. It makes it easy to filter water.
GREAT VALUE! One filter alone is a tad expensive but in a three pack it is a whole lot cheaper and better for our world to have this filter as compared to bottled water
Great tasting water With the hot summer we've had, the Brita filter hasbeen quite useful by making the tap water taste better!
This eco-friendly product makes water taste great I think the use of disposable water bottles is such a huge waste of plastic. Also,up to 70% of these bottled waters are simply tap water, making the product not even worth purchasing. With a Brita Pitcher filter, I feel better about the amount of plastic I am saving, and have great tasting water at my fingertips.
It really makes a difference I have saved so much money with this product. I like knowing that I am doing something good for the enviornment
The Water is Clean now This works to make my water not taste like it is from a pool. Yummy.
good but expensive good tasting water but expensive and I don't like the little black carbon specks.
a great product! A new filter is important and keeps your Brita pitcher brand new!
wonderful Its great to have to only buy the filter every 2 months
Easy We love the pitcher! All we do is fill and put in the fridge for cold fresh water.
Clear After drinking some of the water at college and then using the brita filter. There is a difference that you can not describe.
this product removed the disgusting chlorine taste of my college dorm water The brita filter was a great option for me b/c it allowed me to have great tasting water in my dorm without a lot of hassle or added cost
Best out there! We have hard water and this filter helps eliminate all the hard minerals in the water. Makes it taste so crisp and clean!
Brita Pitcher Love using the brita pitcher! Helps that my kids are able to pour water for themselves and no more knobs falling off the water cooler :)
Very useful We love this product. We have used it for many years. It is very convenient to have in a pitcher to keep in the fridge. Very reasonable for price compared with buying bottled water.
lasts longer than any other brand many other brands seem to have a lot of build up after many months, but not brita! these filters really do their job!
Love the taste of clean water Very easy to use, very easy to set up each time I change out a filter. The taste is really noticeable and these little guys are powerful, yet tiny!
Lighten the load I live in an apartment up two stories and every 2 weeks I was hauling about 3 or 4 cases of bottles up my stairs. But no more. The filter fits in with my other groceries, and I can't tell the difference in taste from my bottles.
Clean water with confidence I know for a fact that these filters work. We have ongoing water issues in our town where the water is YELLOW. But when we run our water through the filter, it comes out CLEAR a fresh. Thanks Brita!
great product! Since most people don't have drinkable tap water, this is the greatest system that you cuold possibly have! I use it on a daily basis for fresh, cold water. I refill my pitcher at least once a day, I use it so much.
great water for my family even my 7 year old can change the filters for me with no hassle!
Water tastes amazing I love this pitcher. My family loves drinking the water from Brita.
Easy to use and dependable Every time I replace my Brita filter, I'm surprised at the difference in the quality of the taste of my water. It's such an easy method to get purer water without the hassle and garbage of bottled water. Love the new filter reminders, too!
LOVE IT! I love Brita! This product is so eco friendly and amazing.
recyclable Brita offers recyling of filters-for me a big plus when buying any product.
Great Product We started using our pitcher when our daughter was born to make her bottles with. We are still using for drinking water and she is now almost 4. We love it.
great filter great price! if you ever want fresh water without waiting to boil water this is the best option!
Pretty good... I've used this product for a couple years now & never had a problem. I trust the filtration system. I just wish there were longer-lasting filters.
Good Product I use this filter regularly in my pitcher. I find them easy to replace and def purify the even tastes cleaner and better using the filter than just drinking the tap water.
Good Product I enjoy using these filters. And I am just writing this to get a coupon...
These filters are great but I could use less carbon pellets The filters work great but it does seem like there are a lot of black carbon pellets that come out even after you prime the filter.
We have been using our pitcher for years and it's great! We have been using our pitcher for years and it's great!
Very effective My water without the filter has a very metallic taste. The Britta filter removes it every time!
It was good I think Brita has done a great job and has made the water taste better
Good filter It's good that it filters impurities; however the filter itself is not reusable, so it's still contributing to waste, even if it is less than water bottles.
GREAT PRODUCT This is such a wonderful product and would recommend it to anyone. You are making a difference one Brita filter at a time!
Water tastes amazing Love the filter, the carbon particles do not get into the water and the water tastes great!
silent and easy to use. I like this product because it cleans my water while minding its own business! The filter stays clean looking and smelling- there are no problems.
Easy to change filter. I bought my parents a Brita pitcher and even they find it easy to use and change the filter.
Great tasting water, but carbon particles are too frequent The filters work amazingly, as our very chlorine-y tap water is transformed into delicious, clean, drinkable water. The one downside that I have found, however, is that regardless how much or how little pre-soak time I give the filters, the carbon particles end up in the filtered wated WAY to often (say, 1-10 particles per glass). I deal with them because I like the water that the filters create.
My fav product! I love these filters. It makes me fill so much better give this water to my kids over tap.
excellent and easy Gets out the gunk and improves the taste immensely.
I love my Brita pitcher, the water tastes great. Very simple to use and I always have fresh, clean tasting water.
Good, but not the best Brita is a great product, however, I believe the water does not taste as clear and clean as I would like it. Still a great product, especially for college!
It's a great choice! I have a Brita pitcher. I need filters for it of course. I am completely satisfied with the product. We always have pure water and we don't have to buy bottled water.
better water With the problems with hard water Brita males refreshing great tasting water without worries of chemicals and excessive minerals ;)
Great taste. Great for the environment! I don't know why we ever paid for bottled water. This product has excellent taste and helps the planet. What else could you ask for.
Good buy! I saved so much money on bottled water, it really was a good buy! Would definitely recommend this to everyone I know. The water tastes great as well! I'm satisfied with my purchase of a Brita filter.
Works great The brita filter really helps me save the environment and it's easy to use and tastes good.
Easy to use I love my Brita pitcher and refills. They are easy to use and replace!
Wonderful! The water in my city is VERY hard. Brita filters work wonders!
Filter does not last Filters should be made to last longer than 2 months.
WE LOVE OUR PITCHER! We bought the pitcher about 2 months ago and we refill in at least once a day. It has saved us $ on water bottles and welove the taste of the water.
Great This is a good filter. Lasts longer. Water tastes real good after filtering.
Does everything Eliminates water waste from RO usage, eliminates water containers in the landfill. Water is better, healthier & tastes better
refreshing and good tasting I love using this product - makes the tap water taste so much better. And, I feel good not having to add waste with bottled water.
Easy breezy use I love the easy change of the Brita filters. I take the opportunity while I'm soaking the filter to really wash out the pitcher. Then when thats done just pop in the new filter and its ready to go.
Love Brita! I've been using Brita filters since college and still absolutely love the product. Couldn't live without it.
Great! This filter is very easy to install and makes our water taste great!
Water tastes great! I live in MS and we have very hard water with a very, shall I say, distinct taste which we do not enjoy. After purchasing the Brita water pitcher and filters our water couldn't 'taste' any better!
Great investment! We purchased this filter for our fridge pitcher and we can tell the difference in our water. It tastes so much better!!
Good for a college student I live by myself in an apartment without a water filtration system and this filter works great! the only thing is that it takes a while for the new cartridge to produce clear water, not black/ brown because of the filter minerals.
Easy to Use It's soo easy to install and the water has a fantastic taste!
Saves so much money! Awesome filter. We had a drought this summer in TX and the water tasted like dirty lake. This helped us get through the summer months!
easy to replace easy to replace, but like it says in the instructions, the first two pitchers have carbon in them so dump them out
The water tastes great! I like the convenience of refilling the Brita filter pitcher. The filter does a great job of filtering out chlorine taste from the tapwater. The only thing I don't like about my pitcher is that the lid doesn't seem to snap on very well.
This product is easy maintance The taste of chlorine is gone. Is fresh and clean. Change my look at water
great taste takes out a lot of the bad chlorine taste and metallic taste. try it!
We can't live without out Brita filtered water. My family loves our Brita filtered water. We also love that our pink pitcher helps fight breast cancer.
This product is pretty good The taste of the water is ok and none of the stuff inside comes out in the water.
Saves money and the environment! I really like having a Brita pitcher. It saves money and storage space from buying bottled water. I live in the city and hate city tap water, but with the Brita pitcher, water tastes even better than it being bottled. I am so glad I bought the Brita pitcher and never want to go back to bottled water.
Drinking Water on hand I find that having the pitcher and filter makes it so much eaiser to offer my guest cool drinking water at a moments notice. I don't have to worry about having enough bottle water for my guest or family.
Great Products We've been using Brita for at least 10 years. Feel confident that it does its job.
Makes a big difference! Really improves the taste of the tap water. Easy to use and lasts a good while.
taste great we just love this product in our home. the only problem is that sometimes there are carbon.
Good product but tricky to install We have used our Brita for more than a year and have enjoyed the quality and taste of the water. The only thing that can some times be a little tricky is installing the filter in the pitcher. It looks like you can just drop it right in but you have to align the slots correctly to get a comfortable fit. I'm use to the product so it comes easy to me but any of my family or friends that are trying to help me by changing it when needed always get frustrated and wonder how it can be so difficult. Overall I have enjoyed the use we get out of the Brita filter
Saves Money & Gets the Job Done I like this filter and I have used it for my Brita pitcher for wow about four years. I like that using a filter saves money and keeps me from using individual plastic bottles. The only thing I don't like about this filter is that it leaves the little black specks floating around but I know that that is how the water is filtered. The specks don't make in past the area where you place the water before its filtered but it does cause me to give the filter a good not an excellent rating.
Saves us money Have been using brita products now for over 3 years & I am so glad! Saves a bunch of money wasted on jugs & bottles, plus helps eliminate waste. Water tastes fresh and indicator has always been accurate.
It is one of best filter It is small, and convenient and affordable. I change it every month even though you should be changing every two months but for me, I like to change it whenever I like to do so. I recommend this to anyone.
Great filters They do a great job. Make sure you search in your area for sales because they are a little expensive.
trust this brand and product as a single person,this filter is so worth the expense. It has lasted me a long time,will continue to purchase,no gimmicks!
Common Sense Product I am a college student, and I used a Brita pitcher for the entire school year last year. The replacement filters are very good products; easy to use, easy to replace, and work exactly as they should every time. The only issue I have is the price of the filters when it comes time to buy another pack. However, it is much cheaper to buy one filter than to buy 40 gallons of bottled water, so there really is no reason not to buy this product.
Fresh and Clean I love using Brita water filters the water is so fresh and clean it has a great crisp taste.
Everything tastes better with Brita My tap water tastes horrible. As in, plug your nose and swallow fast. But Brita filters makes it taste delicious! I can drink a glass of room temperature Brita water without any horrible aftertaste. Brita makes water taste like it should, before people started ruining the water supply.
I can't live without my Brita I have a phobia of drinking tap water and this filter has helped me avoid my tap water at all cost! Thank you Brita!
Great water! Our city water can taste almost muddy during the dryer summer months. With the Brita system we can drink our tap water and it tastes like bottled water! Love it.
This product is so easy to use I just love using the brita filters. The water taste very fresh.
Excellent product! Love the product. It's the only way my family consume tap water.
Love it! The filters are easy to use and last two months. They're easy to keep on hand and the water tastes great!
Great for dorms I love my Brita pitcher for my dorm room, because I don't have to constantly but water bottles
4* I filter all drinking andf cooking water and the Brita makes it easy. I'd like to be able to fill the filter with activated charcoal myself however.
love these! so easy to use. what a huge difference this little filter makes.
Love it great water! love it so much and it's great for the family! thanks for keeping it clean!
Excellent This product, unlike other water filters, ensures that the water has great taste. It also is easy to set up and use. The size and shape is also compatible with the smaller refrigerators available in an apartment sized home.
great product This is a great product that works to keep your water fresh and tasting great!
This product is great This filter takes out the bitter taste in our water. Now everyone in the house is drinking more water.
This product has great features! I love how easy it is to use. My kids 6 and 10 have no problem refilling the pitcher:)
Filter Replacement for Brita Pitcher I keep my pitcher cold in the fridge and will never go back to tap water or wasteful disposable bottles.
Filters are eco friendly and cheap I like the Brita filters because the are eco-friendly and if you shop around they are always sold at good prices!
Eliminates waste and tastes great! I love not having to deal with hundreds of plastic bottles when I can get better tasting water with my Brita pitcher.
very convinent It is a very convinent and easy way to drink water. And very cheap.
like oil changes, they last longer than they should once when my partner and i were between jobs, we had to use the same filter for an additional month, and sure enough, when we tasted our pitcher water, it was still much fresher, much purer tasting than the tap water!
Love Brita! I've saved so much money since I bought my Brita jug around two years ago I have lost count. I can probably account my car to the money I've saved :P
TOTALLY AWESOME!!! At college, filtered water is a must. Brita has a great line of products that are ecofriendly and cut down on plastic bottles. I reconmend Brita to everyone.
I love the affordability of the product Brita filters are so affordable and easy to change which is great for busy people on a budget. My only issue with it is that sometimes the filter is fine other times like my last purchase the filter distorted the taste of my water.
Love my brita! We use our brita water picture religiously and love the taste of our water now!
Awesome We have used Brita for years and will continue to do so. Our water always tastes great.
I L-O-V-E how easy it is to replace these filters. I L-O-V-E how easy it is to replace these filters in my pitcher. I'm a busy wife and mother to a 3 year old and I don't have a lot of time to spare, so when it's time to replace my filter all I have to do is soak the filter for a few minutes and then drop it into the top of my pitcher - done! It doesn't get much better than that and I ACTUALLY enjoy drinking my FILTERED tap water.
I recommend this product to get great tasting water! I appreciate how Brita has their filters produce great results and the water tastes great! I also signed up for the replacement email and I am glad this is being offered as I tend to forget when to replace the filter!
I love that we no longer buy Bottled Water This is great because we are not using bottled water.
Awessome!!! Saves so much money rather than buying bottled water!!!
Love it I love Brita pitcher it is convenient and easy to use, I feel like the water taste even better every time I buy a new filter. Everyone in my family in Haiti has a Brita pitcher. We thank you for this great product.
Water tastes so much better The filters really do help make water taste fresh!
Fantastic! I think Brita filters are phenomenal and always last longer than I expect!
The water tastes perfect. The way the filter cleans and purifies water is unmatched by any other company. Brita provides the best tasting water!
great! We use Brita filters for all of our drinking water!
Tastes better! Definitely takes the chemically taste out of our tap water!
Makes our water taste fresh! Our tap water has a vinyl/chlorine taste to it which we don't like. Using our Brita pitcher with replaceable filters makes our water refreshing and clean.
Excellent water taste I live in an area where the water has a high iron content and using the brita pitcher and filters has really changed my drinking experience.
Just what I needed. Our water in our new home isn't as fresh as we wanted it to be. The new Brita filter makes everything just right.
Excellent filters Once I use a brand new filter, there is noticeable difference in the taste and quality of the water.
Great for the family Have used Brita for years - and with two little kids we get through a lot of water. It's a great way to produce clean, fresh tasting water for not a lot of money.
Awesome Works great, saves plastic!
Great Taste! Easy to install, water tastes great...almost sweet like it should.
wonderful taste easy to use love my brita i use it all the time. I just bought the water bottle hope it works the same and just as well
Feeling Good Cheaper way to drink great water. I like the charcoal filter.
Easy to use We have been using the Brita pitcher for years. We love the fact that it reduces the impurities of our tap water and are so easy to use!
Excellent and gives Taste I have been using this product for about 2 months and I felt the change after the first time. The water tastes great and the filter lasts as mentioned and its easy to use.
recyclable! I love a product that makes my life better and is earth friendly. These filters are easy to use and change.
Really Works We love our pitcher and these filters. Really makes tap water more enjoyable for our family
Good for health you won't see the white dust under the bottle of the water pithcer anymore.
Loyal User The clean, fresh taste of brita filtered water has made my family loyal brita users.
love it makes my water taste so fresh
Lasted longer than expected:) Bought in a large pkg. thinking I would have to change more often. I have been surprised at the longevity of the filter.
Simply The Best We've been utilizing the Brita filters for years and have peace of mind every day when we pour ourselves a glass of water. Thank you!
LOVE This Pitcher has saved our family so much money! No more buying bottled water. Savings right from our own tap!
Love the water I am really picky about the taste of my water. Brita provides a clean taste that meets my needs. The only complaint I have is I miss the filter change reminder they used to have on their filters.
Awesome Product Absolutely love my Brita filtered water, tastes great.
This product is great i love my brita i dont have to change the filter for a while the water taste amazing and i save so much money and plastic
Excellent tasting water Easy, quality product. Love the way it makes my water taste!
Easy to use This is so easy to use and the pitcher has the dial to remind you what date to change it. I am sending these off to college with my daughter to keep healthy and hydrated
love how it makes my tap water taste Love the way it makes my tap water taste !! with my Brita pitcher, all I do is change my filter regularly and I always have great tasting water to drink. Plus , drinking more water makes me feel incredibly better !!
great product This is a great product.. It has save me $$ on purchasing water bottles through the year.
H2O As an analytical chemist I appreciate clean water. These filters do a pretty good job for household use.
This product does make water taste better. I've been using Brita filter over 10 years. I drink a lot of water, and using Britta filter is convenient and economical way.
Great product! I'd strongly suggest everyone try out a brita, it really makes your water taste so much better, and drinking more water is a great way to be healthier and to lose weight.
My husband's favorite wedding gift! My husband and I registered for a pitcher for our wedding, and he loves it! I use it mostly for drinking water and for making coffee, and he uses it to make his "flavored" water drinks (powders). It's always cold and clean-tasting, if you know what I mean, and we love the reminder button on top of our pitcher. I also found out that these filters are recylable (special programs online).
Excellent My family never drink tap water now that we have the Brita filter system.
brittle mnakes water taste better. Cheap way to save money on buying water bottles.
This product is easy to use and rewarding To change my filter is so easy I don't mind doing it every two months to get clean fresh tasting water.
Makes for great tasting water! The water at my office tastes like metal, so my colleagues and I started using a Brita pitcher with filters and have noticed a HUGE difference in the quality of our water! Not only is the metal taste gone, but we can even see how much of the "ugly stuff" the filter is removing by the amount of black crystals that show in the water-filling basin! I definitely recommend this product.
Makes me feel good This product makes me feel good about what I put in my body
Convenient and Easy to Use I buy these filters at Walmart and it is so easy to soak them and use them in my pitcher for great tasting water that I keep cool in the fridge.
Great tasting water We use our Brita pitcher and filters for our tap water at home, and it takes the iron taste out. Makes for great tasting water!
Filters are awesome I love how the water taste after it has been filtered.
Filtering is a must in my city. The city tap water where I live is awful so I rely on these filters for clean drinking water.
brita filters are great! I love brita filters! I drink a lot of water, brita helps me keep my cost down.
Clean Water You could instantly taste the difference in the water
As good as a whole-house filter system I recently had a salesman in my home showing me a whole-house filter system, those $6000 units you put in the garage and it filters your water "better than anything else", and as part of his sales pitch, he "tests" water from the tap, from the fridge water dispenser and from my Brita pitcher with one of these filters, and guess what? The Brita was just as clean, if not MORE than his fancy system. Well i didn't see the need to buy his system, and will use Brita for life now!
This product keeps my water fresh! I really enjoy using Brita, as opposed to buying water bottles. It conserves my spending, and I know that I can depend on the product providing me with fresh water.
Efficient product & Affordable I love using the Brita pitchers because the filters are replaceable. I can simply fill up my personal bottle, and be more environmentally conscious. These filters last a while, and are better for my wallet in the long run.
Great! This product is easy to locate in stores and replace. And the price is great!
Great Product Have been using this for a while and have never tasted better water. Thank you!!!
Ease of Use The ease of use of this product simply adds to the many benefits of using it.
Great! My water comes out clean, just like when it first went in!!!
Easy to use The replacement filter is easy to use. It usually lasts longer than recommended on the package.
Water tastes great, but This filter works well. However, I constantly get the small black pieces of charcoal in the top resivoir holder (before the water goes down through the filter). I have a newer pitcher and it tells to have the faucet water not stream down on top of the filter, which I don't do. I constantly get these pieces in the pitcher and some even get down into the water pitcher.
I love this product It makes it so much easier when you do not have to worry about buying bottle water and can just replace the filters.
Easy to use This product is very simple. Just soak and use. Clean water is only a few minutes away.
Product Works Great Water taste great and the filters are easy to change.
amazing now i dont have to buy water bottles and it taste great
work great love these - use them all the time! it's great not to have to buy bottled water.
Better then bottled water! I love these pitchers so much my husband bought another one for our bedroom. Filtering our own water makes having fresh water so easy now. I recommend this to EVERYONE!
easy to use, great product My Brita replacement filters are very easy to use and last awhile.
Great tasting water These filters make even the worst faucet water taste great. People have asked me how my water tastes so good and I just have to tell them, buy BRITA!
Wonderful Can't live without my Brita! Especially with the kids - much cheaper and better for the environment!
Easy to use (with one caveat) This filter is easy to install and begin using. The only problem I've had is with the small carbon pellets escaping out of the top of it, but it usually only happens if I pour some of the filtered water out while there is still unfiltered water in the top section.
Works! we use Brita replacement for our pitchers. the water taste good!
this product is easy to use I use my Britta filter every single day. I wouldn't drink a glass of water without it!
Clean water; happy life My biggest hang up about drinking water is how funky tap water and drinking water can taste. But with my Brita filters, I can enjoy drinking water again and not worrying about the weird taste.
I love it I love it and the website reminds me when to change!
This product is very valuable in my home.... I have used the Brita pitchers/filters for years. My first one was a gift from my niece and I haven;t used any other filtration system for my drinking water. An awesome product and my family has enjoyed drinking cleaner, healthier water for years. Thanks Brita for all you do !!!
love it! i use this filter with my pitcher for my daughters bottles and i trust it! i love it!!
Better than buying bottles of water Easier to use and more efficient than buying bottles of water. E-mail reminders are great for a busy family!
Awesome product I've never used Brita products until I moved into my new apartment... I've been missing out. These filters take out all the bad tastes my tap water has.
This product is amazing and the basis of the Brita wonderfulness. Brita fliters are the reason I started using Brita in the first place. It makes tap water bearable and makes me want to drink water more often. I love this product and will keep buying it till the day tap water has a giant brita filter at the plant.
clean This filter always makes the water taste clean and fresh
Good!!!! This is a great way to have fresh water every where we go, is the perfect alternative to overpriced bottled water...
used for daily purpose cost of brita filter is too high... every home needs brita..
Great Love them! Really wish they weren't so expensive though :)
Awesome Product!! I love the convenience of this product! I love the brita line!
Best in-home Water Filter I have been using Brita water filters for last 2 years. It is the best and most economical water filter I have ever used. It takes the smell away for the tap water. Very easy to maintain. Each filter last at least a month or more. Great product!!!
Excellent! We use the brita for all of our drinking water, including making bottles for our baby. The water tastes great and we save a lot of money compared to bottled water!
I couldn't live without my Brita Filters I grew up with amazing clean and good tasting water. Where I live now there is a lot of "extra" stuff in my water that I don't like and the taste is strong. My brita filters provide me with delicious water that I use for drinking, coffee, and even making my pasta!
It works! To make a long story short, we ended up with a non-Brita filter to use in our water pitcher. Right a way there was an issue with the water running around the filter. And what water did go through the filter went through much faster than our usual Brita, telling me that it wasn't filtering very effectively. Then the water just didn't have the same fresh taste as with the Brita filter. We threw away the off brand and went back to Brita in less than a week, so it ended up costing us more money.
clean and oderless water Have been using brita filters for years. WATER IS ALWAYS TASTY AND FREE OF OD0RS.
I really like using this product. I've been using Brita products for over 10 years and I enjoy using them. I have a Brita pitcher and replacement filters and they are working well for me and it changes my tap water into water that really tastes good without the chemicals and impurities and I change my filters when the indicator shows that they have to be changed,
Great tasting water Probably the best and most refreshing water I've ever had. Especially with a new filter in.
Easy to use Ive been Brita dispensers for years. Its so easy and convenient.
Awesome product - love it! No matter where I am, the BRITA filter makes my water taste delicious! I was used to my sweet, Hawaii water my whole life. Since moving to Oregon, it took me a while to get used to the water, and the BRITA filter helped me out a lot. Stay hydrated peeps!
we only use Brita We hate water bottles in our house. My husband teaches envirnomental science and knows how wasteful they are, so we use the Brita pitcher and replacement filters, love them!
Great! This is the only filter that I use and have been using for years. I highly recommend it!
The filter does what it says it will do The Brita Water Replacement Filters are great!! It pays to get the three pack because you will always have one when you need to change it. The filter fits right in easily and does exactly what it says it will do. The water tastes great and the filters last a really long time.
Great Value When I learned that I would need to buy filters every couple montrhs, I groanted inwardly - how much money would they get me for? But I was happily surprised to see how cheaply the filters were priced - definitely worth it!
Effectively filters water for refreshing taste I have been using Brita filters since my mom learned about it in 1997. Since then, we've gone from both pitchers to attached sink filters. You can clearly taste the difference between other bottled water and tap water. The lifespan lasts very long and available at every grocery store. It's great to know I'm saving the environment and drinking to better health.
Fresh and great tasting! I love drinking my Brita water. It tastes so fresh and much better than bottled water.
Reliable and Affordable We've been using Brita products for many years and have yet to be disappointed. The pitcher filters can often be found on sale and are of great health value to our family, including our dog. I even water our plants with Brita filtered water!
convenient and easy to use The pitchers are so economical. You can have fresh clean tasting water. It's amazing how it takes the awful chemical tastes out of tap water. New York City water tastes great but Brita makes it better.
super Love my Britta pitcher and always change my filter on time! Saves on bottlr]ed water!!
Pitcher filter We've tried various filtration systems but this beats all! We all enjoy the water after its been through the filter. We used to be able to see stuff floating in our water but not anymore.
This product has amazing features Excellent product wouldn't drink water without putting it through my Brita pitcher!
Absolutely love it! I use my Brita filter straight up until when it expires. It does a great job, and I love the money it saves me by not having to go out and buy huge packs of water. Plus, it's nice to know that I'm not knocking back all the gross stuff that runs through the river we have nearby when I have tap water. Great job, Brita!
Good Tasting Water This is a great way to have fresh water every where we go.

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