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Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 3 Pack

Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 3 Pack


Used in all Brita® pitchers and dispensers, our BPA-free filters reduce chlorine (taste and odor), mercury and copper. Remember to replace them every two months (40 gallons) to keep your water tasting great. Various package sizes are available.

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16.9-oz bottles that can be replaced by one Brita® pitcher filter.

Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.

Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 3 Pack 5 79
Mrs We moved into a new house that has well water. Water is all I drink all day, and the well water is horrible. I CANNOT drink it. We were buying 2 cases of bottled water each week, and knowing all those bottles were ending up in a landfill was terrible. I bought the Brita pitcher and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
This product tastes great! My husband and I use the Brita 3 pack filter religiously! It's so easy, every 2 months we change out the filter in our Brita pitcher! Nothing like the taste of clean, good water!
Black particles floating always come out! I really don't enjoy to see so many black particles floating every time I fill up the water in pitcher. Please improve it! Thank you!
Brita's water pitcher It has great features I can filter my water and then store it in convenient water bottles big or small. Since it has a great design and pleasing to the eye, you can take it right to the dining table.
Get rid of those plastic throwaways! I have been using the Brita pitcher/filter system for about 7 years. For the past 2 years, I use a small funnel to refill my own bottle daily to take to work. No more plastic water bottles! So easy and so good for the environment. Sure wish Brita would put out more coupons though!
Product has great features I like the 3 pack because it is on sale often and this way I have more than one on hand, always ready to use.
filters the cost of the filter is very costly. I would use more brita if the cost came down
I like the design. The new shape of the pitcher fits well in my refrigerator. It does not take up much room. I am planning on getting the larger pitcher.
Coupon is a Sham Purchased a box of three filters. Each is supposed to be good for two months = total of six months. Coupon for a new box is only good for one month! What kind of a deal is that?
Replacement filters - 3 pack. Hmmmmmm. I've used Brita pitchers for years and replaced many filters when necessary. This is the FIRST time I ever fell ill after replacing a filter. I tried all three and had the same results. No more, thank you.
Filter Problems I used my first filter with no problem. After that every filter I use after soaking it for 15 minutes, barely drains to fill the pitcher why is this happening? I can not find a contact number or e-mail for your company!
Save money on the 3-Pack Purchased the three pack at the same time we ordered pitcher system, to same time and money shopping, and shipping. This is a really nice filter, and are individually sealed until ready to use; so we can store the handily until needed. and we generally saved 15% over the single unit price.
Disappointed I had come to this page to complain so here goes - I have purchased Brita pitchers for years and replace the filters approximately every 3 months - sometimes less but never much more - this time the filter lasted from 12/21 to 1/10 - seriously? why should I have to come to this page to write a review instead of the contact page? I usually would recommend but I'm seriously disppointed
Coupon? I love your product. My only complaint is that when I went in and registered for the filter change reminder, I didn't get the coupon. When I clicked on the link in the email, all I could get was the $1 coupon off for the Brita Bottle filter purchase. I didn't get the $2 off coupon for the pour through filters.
Great water for busy people. It is fresh and easy and saving to use the filters!
healthy and enviroment would really appreciate some coupons for filters to keep down on the plastic would help on high cost on groceries thank you
Great Product We love using the Brita!!! We have it at home and the office. It is very easy to use and saves money and putting plastic bottles in our landfills.
Love the Pitcher The Pitcher holds ample water, but does not take up too much space in the fridge.
Taste -In 1998, I moved from western Oregon to Phoenix AZ and couldn't tolerate the water. It was horrible! I bought gallon jugs of water at the grocery store $1. I found a filtered water machine across the street for 15 cents a gallon so I saved the store bottles and began getting water from the machine. -After returning to Oregon, I shared a house with a friend. She had a Brita and I really liked it. Once I moved into my own place, I got my own pitcher from a 2nd hand store, then bought a 3-pack of filters. That was in 2003 and I have been getting them ever since. Now I have 2 pitchers and always keep them and about 6 regular water bottles filled and ready to go. When friends come over they always head to the refrigerator for water.
This product is easy to use this product is reasonably priced and easy to use.
since using pitcher saved alot of money my picture fit perfect in my reg. small and nice looking
easy too use I just put the filter in grove put on date for expires real easy.
Excessive Charcoal leaking out of filter during refills of pitcher. I have been using Brita Pitchers and Filters for at least 20 years. I love the product, however in the last few years I have noticed charcoal leeching out of the filter as I fill the pitcher. Why? and can this be corrected.
Brita filters makes the water taste cleaner. Since we have been using Brita Filters, we have been drinking more water from the faucet. The water has a more refreshing taste. It really does taste cleaner. Glad we did invest in purchasing a Brita pitcher and filters. We really did not go wrong.
Convenience & Coupon Request. I like the convenience of using the Brita pitcher. Would appreciate coupons for the filters.
Offer coupons for Brita priducts. Before we bought a Brita pitcher and filters, you offered coupons, either in the newspaper coupon section or over the internet, which was one reasson we decided to purchase your product. Anymore, the coupons are not available, and we would like you to offer coupons for your product.
Recycling I think its great that Brita has a recylcing program for their used filters. I just wish it was more advertised. Had I known about the program earlier, I wouldn't have just thrown my filters out.
Need even Better Filtration PURE has a competive product that offers even more filtration than yours. Why don't you offer a similar product.
Doing the green thing Love the 3 pack filters and pitchers. They've helped me Reduce plastic consumption. I've also stopped visiting water stores that are basically money laundering fronts for the narco economy.
sediments It is really annoying to find sediments when I am drinking a glass of water poured from Brits pitcher. I called on the phone and they told me to take the filter out etc,etc. But this has happened every time. I am considering switching to another brand because if this!
Great Product, Priced High We love the Great taste & Healthy value; filters are convenient but on the expensive side! Please issue more higher value coupons and have 6 packs more readily available at pharmacy stores like CVS so frugal shoppers can buy in bulk and get better discounts in this economy. Thank You !
I Like Brita! I am widowed retired professional on SS who cooks his own meals. I demand filtered water that: improves taste, removes contaminants, and is reasonably priced . . . for the last seven years, Brita has met my expectations. I await the time I can move up to an under-sink device
Love the Brita Water System In 2005 we bought a free standing Brita Water System which uses 2 filters. We love this machine and drink much more healthier water than we would with any other water system. This free standing system is the most used "appliance" in our kitchen. Friends tell us that our water tastes better than any other water!!! Hurray Brita!
Enjoy clean, tasty water at your fingertips I enjoy the replacement filters in my dispenser because our water is heavily chlorinated and it improves the taste. I feel better about my children having water at their fingertips instead of reaching for juice or soda. The filters also filter out some of the chemicals that are added into the water. However, I am never sure what chemicals or impurities are in bottled water.
Always great taste! My Brita water filters always give great taste to coffee and tea. We love them!
Recommend by dr. to take medications My doctor recommended for taking medications rather than tap water for better absorption. Keep the coupons coming. Helps to defer cost. Nice to know filters can be recycled.
Filters are expensive I'm going to start using this as just a jug with water because the filters are getting to expensive. Either lower the price or give out higher value coupons. I can't find coupons anywhere and the filters aren't on sale very often and then there still expensive.
This works great my local water is full of dirt it removes all the additives and makes the water clear. I would recommend this to anyone who wants clear, clean, great tasting water.
Great job Does exactly what I need it to do for little money.
This product is mediocre I have a Brita pitcher that I keep in the fridge. The water from the pitcher is ok when it is cold but if you leave it out and the water becomes room temperature, it tastes as bad as the water that comes from the faucet. Makes me wonder if the filter system is doing what it claims to do.
Improves the taste of my water This definitely helps get rid of the chlorine taste in my water when I'm away at school (city water). At home, we have well water and the Brita filters help rid of the odd mineral taste (our well has a lot of iron content). Plus, I don't waste money on water bottles and I can reuse one Nalgene instead of creating more trash.
Water tastes great The pitcher with replacement filters is convenient and easy to use
better deal buying a 3 pack is a better deal than the single refills
Fantastic! This product is fantastic!! Cleans my water so well!! Yummmmy!!
Wonderful Product! Absolutely love it! No Chlorine taste or smell at all. I can always tell when it is getting time to change the filter. The smell of chlorine comes back.
Helps my household budget The pitchers really help me keep my budget in line and gives me great tasting water
Great filter I love using Brita filters. I waste less bottles and save money from having to buy bottled water.
great luv it, i could never drink tap water until i got one of these during college. Saves alot of money and plastic!
Great taste! Worth every penny We started using the Brita system about a year ago after my husband lost his job. We just couldn't afford to waste money on bottled water. We were so surprised at how much better this water tasted compared to some of the top brands of bottle water. We take our Brita water everywhere we go.
This product is very efficient I love my Britta pitcher, it's very convenient to keep in the fridge and have cold water whenever I want it. My only complaint is that the filters are way too expensive. I sometimes have to put off buying new filters because I just don't have the money
Save money and the environment I definately love my brita pitcher water filter system. Excellent tasting and it's a breeze to clean and to change the filters. It also has a hand filter guage on the top to let me know when it's time to change out the old filter. The only downfall I can find with the brita water filters is the price of each filter or multi-packs. I wish they were a little more in-expensive. It's true I still save money and the environment by not purchasing as much bottled water too. Thanks brita :)
Quick and Easy Having brita filters make it easy to have clean water over a three month time period per one filter
worth the money This is the best way to buy your new filters as it saves you time and money to buy the 3 pack instead of the individual filters:)
Great Water Filter! The pitchers are very convinent and easy to use, but best of all, the water tastes great!
fresh smelling and tasting water where i live i have water that smells like fish and tastes like dirt. these filters get rid of all the smell and taste to leave a clean taste. I love them.
Excellent filters for Brita products. I've been using a Brita pitcher for the last 10 years or so and these filters do a great job of filtering the contaminants out of everyday drinking water. They're easy to use and are more cost effective if you buy them in multi-packs.
Money Savings It is easy to use and is a great way to get fresh, clean water. It is ideal for those who want a better way tp get fresh drinking water. It is one of the best money saving investment for the home, that I have ever made.
these are great but price is high I love these adn what they do for tap water. The price is high, thats the only drawback I can see.
Great product easy to handle Been using Brita pitcher and filters for years and simply love them so I'll continue to use them for as long as they're around. Yes, you have to change the filters but don't you have to clean the water pitchers, containers, glasses anyways why not change filters too?...
crisp and fresh i love how this product gives water crisp and fresh taste.. thank you brita..
This product is great! This product is great at making the yucky tap water taste good to drink.
Great Taste I feel the difference of regular water and filtered water
value! excellent value in filtered water... much more eco-concious than buying bottled water.
Great Product Keeps my water fresh and tasty!
little expensve though they are a little expensive unless u go coupon and sale crazy
saving the world :) one bottle at a time great product, makes you feel better not to be going through plastic bottles constantly. Water taste so fresh!
We love using the brita pitcher filters We use the brita pitcher filters and have for the past four years. We always have at least one pitcher full of water and extra supply of filters for the next change out. We have hard water at our house and I don't like the idea of the kids ingesting that, so we have used the pitchers and filters with great success.
good product This is a good product. I just wish they would last longer.
Easy to Use The Brita pitcher is super easy to use, and very convenient! I l Love that we are able to cut back on the amount of plastic bottles we have from drinking bottled water. The filters couldn't be easier to use and change.
Saves money and waste vs bottled water These are so great! My water and ice always taste clean. The replacement the sizes are consistently the same, so I don't have to worry about planned obsolescence. Now if I only knew how to recycle them!
This is great buy instead of buying just one. I love Brita pitcher filters. They save me time and money. And the water tastes great!
Save money on a 3-Pack We always buy the mutlipacks - they go on sale more often than the single filters and that way we always have one handy to change out. We have saved an enormous amount of money using Brita and filtering our own water - far healthier than so-called "pure" bottled water, which is definitely contaminated, as discussed on today's Dr. Oz program. Enjoy great tasting, healthy water with Brita filters.
Great product love this item, i stopped buying bottel water after this
great product the water taste great i really recoment this filters... love it!
Great product! Great value for your money and the product is awesome!
Filtered water tastes good Filtered water tastes good and Best way to have fresh water.
Great way to save! My 2 daughters have pitchers at college and we have one at home. I buy the multipack refill to save money and they usually come out with a coupon to use!!!!
Easy to use The three pack is very economical and easy to use. It makes the water taste like it came from a spring. Can't imagine using any thing else

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