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Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 4 Pack

Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 4 Pack


Used in all Brita® pitchers and dispensers, our BPA-free filters reduce chlorine (taste and odor), mercury and copper. Remember to replace them every two months (40 gallons) to keep your water tasting great. Various package sizes are available.

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16.9-oz bottles that can be replaced by one Brita® pitcher filter.

Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.

Pitcher & Dispenser Water Filter - 4 Pack 5 17
this is a great product! Until recently I always used Brita brand replacement filters. The off brand just doesnt deliver half the quality water filtration as the Brita filters. Theres no savings in buying any brand other than Brita for their filtration systems!
This Product is Great Value I feel very comfortable on this product using .. i feel the difference between brita water and other..
Buy these for my pitcher I buy these because I never want to run out of filters for my pitcher. They are easy to replace. I love the convenience of the pitcher and will never again be without it.
A solid company. Convenient to buy filters I have used different products and styles of water purification; although filling a pitcher for water purification is slightly cumbersome, I've settled for this system. The bottom line is to transport water from the kitchen sink, from the faucet through the filter, and into the pitcher. My water here in Golden Valley is good, but my son has a more refined taste, and always drinks filtered water. Since the percentage of the body is water, might as well have adequate input. As you can infer, I have a lot of time on my hands. Thank you, Bill.
Great Taste Why aren't their cents off coupon for the replacement filters.
For the three and four piece replacement filters The Brita pitcher has worked very, very well for me. However, I believe that the replacement filters are a little bit expensive. I would like you to either bring the price down a little bit, or make coupons more readily available. I live in Arizona, and we have some of the worst tasting and smelling water in the country. I can't and won't drink water that doesn't come from my Brita pitcher.
not bad at all compared to sparklets not bad at all, sparkelts was gettng too much $$ s we switched
good deal it is better to buy in bulk than individual, saves about 1$ per filter
YUM! The water here doesn't tastes like a dirty pipe. The Brita Filter, makes it taste much better!
Only Filter Product I recommend We've tried the others because of sales or price, but came to realize that these filters were the standard we judged the others by. Why use the others when you can use the one you compare the others to? NOW we always use Brita filters.
Good value I change my filter every 3 months, so this is a year's supply and have been using Brita for the last 5 years
Great Filters Product is great for filtering water for drinking. I rate it A+
great buy I did change my habit of buying water to the filter and I regret to not have that done much yearly, is much easy there in no carry around heave case of water bottles, the filters last 2 months just refil from the faucet. Its awesome. thanks Brita, Rachel.
This product zaps the chlorine in Van Nuys, CA I use it to get fresh water taste in Van Nuys, California. The tap water is so strong with chlorine smells that I refused to drink it. I can now use the pitcher to save money on my drinking water.
Makes a Good Cup of Tea As a daily drinker of a Hot Tea, making sure my water pitcher has a fresh filter ensures a great cup. The 4 pack is easy to find in your local stores and a good way to keep stocked up.
Convenient to use The 4 pack or more filters are economical to purchase and they are always at hand. I signed up on Brita for reminders to change my filter and it has been a great help, because I always used to forget. Great idea!!

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