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Soft Squeeze Bottle Water Filters - 2 Pack
Soft Filters Soft Filters Package

Soft Squeeze Bottle Water Filters - 2 Pack


Sized to fit our Brita® Soft Squeeze bottles perfectly, the Brita® filter is always BPA-free and reduces chlorine,** which improves tap water taste and odor. Remember to change your filter every 40 gallons or approximately every two months.

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Or are you looking for hard sided bottle filters?

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**Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.

Soft Squeeze Bottle Water Filters - 2 Pack 5 20
Two is better than one This package is great because you get two filters.
very good it makes water taste better
Problem with leakage! I was very happy with my Brita bottle at first. I now own three bottles and have given some as gifts. I have been having a problem with water pooling apparently at the top of the filter. I attempt to take a drink and get a bath with my drink. I used to be able to enjoy not having to close the top and effortlessly take a drink anytime. Now, I have to close the top at all times or I get the dreaded bath. Needless to say, that is inconvenient especially while driving or holding my granddaughter. This leakage problem happens no matter how full the bottle is. I do not know if there has been some design change to your filter, but something is wrong! I would recommend your product but with some warning. Thank you for hearing me out. C.T.
Great environmental and healthy product! I love the convenience and taste of the water I get from the Brita Pitcher. I no longer use any bottled water which is great for the environment. And I know the water is healthier because the it filters out impurities from the water. Also it is so much more economical than bottled water.
Love it! I take this bottle with me everywhere. I fill it at least 3 times a day. Filters are easy to change!
Inexpensive Love that it comes in a two pack and it is still affordable, that's four months of not having to buy water bottles.
brita like how cheap it is to drink water any where it is aviliable
Save a TON of money The filtering bottle and filter save you money. The bottle cost $9.99 and a 2 pack of filters cost $7.99. After you purchase the bottle a yr of water cost only $24.00. I spend much more than that on bottled water.
nice price for 2 pack for as many times you can fill theses bottles up before changing filter, it makes for a great buy.
Excellent Product The bottle is excellent for traveling. It gives you fresh tasting water everytime.
great filter This is a great filter replacement and good on the go.
Excellence I have used the Brita Bottle for almost 2 and one half months. I live in the San Antonio, Texas area and the water is hard and taste bad. Even with water softeners, I use the Brita Bottle no less than 9 times a day. Thank you for this portable way of filtered water and saving the environment.
Brita Bottle filter clogged after 2 weeks I think this is a really great concept and I may of just been unfortunate to get a brita bottle filter that has either clogged or is defective. I was able to squeeze the water through for the first use. But, now I can't squeeze water through this brita bottle into my mouth or into the sink. So, I bought 2 more filters hoping this product would work the way I am expecting it too. It was so bad I went back to my old nasty bottle till I could go home & change this filter. Please help - A dedicated consumer.

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