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18 Cup capacity



BPA-free system ideal for families.

  • Fits on a counter or refrigerator shelf
  • Spigot water dispensor

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Ultramax 5 345
This product offer's great features I can't stand drinking regular tap water anymore it taste like nasty dirty water there's nothing better than drinking a glass of Brita water.
Horrible Product I recently had my Pur water filtration system fall out of my fridge and shatter into pieces and had to replace it with another water, so I did so with this one. Let me tell you this thing is horrible. Not only are there issues with getting the white insert out, takes about 5 minutes of man handling but the water filtration is horrible. About a quarter of the water doesn't even get filtered as it slips right past the filter because it just sits there, there is no locking mechanism to hold it in place; this means if you have to move it from point A (sink) to point B (fridge) then you will to allow even more water to escape the water filter, which is extremely cheaply made. You're better off making your own filtration system out of BPA plastic, sand and coal as it would be cleaner than this.
Removing inner lining I was really frustrated at not being able to remove the inner lining to replace my filter. I tried a butter knife, filling it with water and a few other suggestions I found in the reviews. But the best advice I got was from Brita themselves. Once I contacted Brita, they were very helpful and gave me an easy solution. You put your thumbs on the outside of the container and your four fingers on the inside of the inner lining, you press and pull and it slides right out.
Not a good design for cleaning and the tap broke 1) Impossible to totally clean! 2) While trying to clean the unit fell into the sink. The tap has no body support like the PUR and ZeroWater dispensers, so it broke off the unit? Please design the tap better!
filters for the price that don't work. The last filters that I bought won't stay in place. Every time I fill with water the filter floats up. If the next one's I buy do the same, I will be buying a different kind of filter. I tried to talk to a rep. but she said this was normal. In 15 years of owning this Brita I have never had a filter to float to the top and have to refilter all my water! There was no I am sorry or anything with as much money that I have spent on filters that are way to high! I at least felt an I am sorry for your problem wasn't asking for to much.
No more plastic bottles!! I sit this on my kitchen counter and pour it from there. It is easy to clean and use and no more tiny plastic bottles littering up our land from me!!!
LOVE the LARGE size! We drink water ALL DAY! We used to use the pitcher but we were constantly filling it. This one we can refill every night and it's good for the day, unless it's ice cube making day, lol! Has it's own space designated in the fridge and we LOVE IT. I now use the pitcher container to refill through the top so it's super easy!
Nice love it@ water tastes great! only problem is that you can't get the white part out to clean the bottom.
Dispenser I love going to the fridge and getting water from my Brita dispenser. I have difficulty drinking water from the tap. Brita makes my tap water so pleasure to drink. I don't buy bottled water and I don't buy or drink sugary drink. My brita water supply all thirst and and liquid requirement for my body.
Removal of White Insert Hi everyone, this is just a little tip for those of you that are having a difficult time in taking the white insert out. I don't know if many of you are trying to pull the insert via the side walls of the insert. The side walls are smooth and have no ridges on them so it is kinda difficult to get a grip on it. If you look at your dispenser and look at the back side of it, you will see a notch out. Take a small screwdriver or a butter knife and pry forward the insert. Keep in mind that you DO NOT HAVE TO EXERT THAT MUCH FORCE. Pry it forward until it "pops". Once it "pops" it will allow you to grab hold of it with your fingernails as well as the front side by the spigot. You'll notice that both front and back have a slight ridge to it, I'm assuming that the ridges are there to keep the insert from floating upwards when the dispenser if completely full. At this point it is very easy to slide up and out. On a separate note, some have complained that the spigot leaks. That is also not a hard fix. You can go to any local hardware store or big box home improvement center and buy the flat rubber washers to have as a replacement. When you clean the unit, I would recommend unscrewing the spigot and inspecting the rubber washer. Sometimes you can get small pieces of debris stuck in it or it just may be worn. Fluctuation of temps will make the rubber contract and expand as well, which can cause leakage. Also clean the rubber piece with warm soapy water. Do not over-tighten the nut when replacing the spigot as this can stress crack the dispenser, hand tightening should suffice. I hope this helps those of you who already have the Ultramax Dispenser and helps those that are looking to purchasing the unit. And no, I do not work for Brita, Being in construction, I'm just one of those guys that likes to know exactly how things work and how they are built! Hahaha
Great, great, great!!! I bought an Ultramax just a few days ago and I LOVE IT!!! It's very easy to operate, just make sure you hand wash it about every week if you leave it outside. Fungus and mold like to grow in the inside of the dispenser. You can also leave it inside the refrigerator if you want nice cold water.The Indicator is great and if you've got the model without the digital indicator, it's great too, but it uses a sticker that reminds you. I bought our first dispenser in August 1995 when it was called the Optimax. We still use it today; it's just a little dirty.Still working like a charm for over 10 years!I highly reccoment this product.
Can't find a dispenser that works I completed everything in your contact section, but could not submit it, because the product section would not drop down. I had a dispenser for 3or 4 yrs and it leaked all over my fridge; my gr dau came to visit and I believe she did something to it. I keep trying to find one and checked out three so far and the filters do not fit flush so the water is not being filtered. when filled the dispenser leaves a space between it and the filter. Has there been a recall? Can you find me a dispenser that works? HELP!!!!!!!!
like the good fresh taste we like the fresh taste. we carried well water in from the country until I retired. we didn't like the treated city water and went with your Brita filtering system.
Water Reservoir in Fridge 1) Having the water reservoir on the top shelf in the fridge reminds us to drink more water. 2) We like our water cold, but don't always want ice cubes. 3) The reservoir is very big, so we don't have to fill it as often. 4) I grew up with well water, but am on city water now and it just tastes "over processed". The Brita filter takes some of that "extra" stuff out, so the water tastes better.
Great for A Water Drinking Family This would be great if it never had to be cleaned. Its impossible to remove the insert to clean the inside of the dispenser.
Large dispenser is a big hassle I am so disappointed that your fancy website does not even have a "contact us" option. Do you just not want to hear the complaints??? I have a dispernser and need to clean it. How do I get the white reservoir out of the clearn container. It's impossible to lift it out. There is nothing to hold on to. Poor design. Teresa Black
ultramax Crisp clear great tasting water. Brita products are great for the environment. You can't go wrong when you buy Brita.
Awesome Product Terrific flavor and I enjoy the feeling of having no worries about the water going into my body.
Design needs tweaking I'm returning the one that I purchased because of 2 problems 1)it's a pain to refill--you have to wrestle the components apart--some kind of handle or lever would be a great addition. 2) once the water level falls below the spigot it no longer empties, creating sanitation concerns.. Sacrifice 2 or 3 cups water and create a slanted ledge in the base that would allow your filtered water to empty naturally without dumping it.
Great Tasting Water Makes Great Tasting Drinks Using the Ultramax in our kitchen allows us to have access to Brita Water for all our drinks i.e. coffee, tea, etc. as well as for cooking, boiling pasta and making soups. Having this great tasting water makes all of our foods and drinks taste Great!!!!
So easy to use I let it fill easily in the sink, fits well in the fridge, no in and out of the pitcher... it's so easy! And it tastes amazing.
Great product This is the best purchase I've ever made. Even our dog prefers Brita water!
sp convenient for me I first purchased as had moved and didn't like tast of chlorinated water. Don't see the dispenser in stores here--that had been discontinued!!!
An overall great product. This product's design is excellent. I fits into my refrigerator without upsetting the flow of the other product's stored. It is easy to use and requires little maintenance. An overall great product designed to save room in your fridge and to save the environment. Thanks Britta.
This is a great fixture, the kids love it. I am trying to find where I can purchase the rubber 'o' ring for my dispenser. Thank You
Refrigerator Ultramax While watching The Biggest Loser a couple years ago, we saw the Brita ad on how we could help eliminate the millions of plastic bottles tossed every year. Went to Target and saw the refrigerator Ultramax. Perfect for us. Whenever we have the rare plastic bottle in the house now, it gets reused many times before disposal - all thanks to the Ultramax.
This product has saved me lots of money! this pitcher has helped me greatly. i just cannot stand the smell of tap water, it smells of chemicals so i don't drink much of it. now that i have this system,i have started drinking lots of water! and i can fill up 8-16.9 oz. bottles.with this pitcher.. i have stopped buying any new disposable bottles..i am on my way to feeling good!!
The different sizes are great for us. We are able to have the pitcher here at home and use the larger one at the camp keeping it in the fridg and cold for hot days.
This product is great all around! I have used a Britta dispenser for many years now. It's easy to maintain, easy to use, the taste is great and I worry much less about what my family is getting in the drinking water. My only advise is don't drop the dispenser on the floor! It will break and then it's like OMG ~ off to the store to get a new one right away!!! The option of not using water bottles, for so many reasons, is a blessing. We have refillable water bottles, so we just fill up and go! Thanks Britta!!
cleaning features This product is impossible to take apart to clean. Did love the product until we tried to clean it. Then we decided it wasn't so great.
it works you cap put it in the ice box and you have cold water all the time and it's not hard to refill
Great taste! I love the fact that our water no longer has the chlorine taste or smell. Wish we would have bought the Ultramax along time ago!
Design flaw--how did it get past the test phase? I have liked and used Brita products for years. I recently bought the Ultramax to gain water capacity. However, when I went to clean it the first time I found that the inner piece is all but impossible to remove from main water reservoir. I went online and found many, many people having the same problem. I tried everything suggested: put it in the freezer, use 3 butter knives to get between the outer and inner walls, fill with warm soapy water and turn it upside down, bend a coat hanger and hook it under the grid where the filter sits (don't do this---you WILL break it), put it between your knees and try to pull. Needless to say, nothing worked. Brita, how did you let this past the design phase without a tester asking this most basic question----how do you get the inner piece out to clean the reservoir?! Boo. Fail.
The product did everything it said it would The product allowed for cold and clean water. It took a second to filter, but that was fine.
Ultramax I have been using bottled water for several years, this won't just save me money but it helps me stay healthy.
Water CAN taste good! I always hated Florida's water! Bad taste and tepid temp! Filled this, put it in fridge to TRY drinking more water (yuck!). SURPRISE!! Brita made water taste half-way decent & if it was refrigerated, it was down right TASTY! Also bought Brita pitchers and the individual Britas! All good all the time!
Research brought me to Brita's UltraMax Was lugging 2.5 gallon dispensers of spring water from local grocery store: cost effective at $3 a bottle; physically demanding for a 70 year old and limited storage space if I engaged my grandsons' muscle. Bought a crock and stand - the apropos space for it isn't close to an electrical outlet - thinking I could fill a pitcher and keep it in the fridge. I then looked into water delivery. WOW! Expensive! $8 to $12 a bottle and again lack of storage space. Looked into filter units to fit atop my crock (won't mention brands) but none could tell me if their unit would be a stable fit for the crock. The worst answer I got: 'buy it and it it doesn't fit send it back.' Do these companies monitor or assess their customer service people? I arrived at Brita - saw their UltraMax dispenser would fit on a shelf in the fridge just as the grocery store bottles: nothing to recycle....ample source of water from the tap...EUREKA! The crock and stand? An interesting way to display a house plant?
Love it! Water quality and taste is great - the only thing to improve is to make it BIGGER!!! Or possibly to incorporate a chiller into a countertop appliance.
Sweet at first, bitter after I loved (past tense) my Ultramax. I have had it for about a year and decided that I needed to clean the tank because I am starting to see mold. Unfortunately, after hours of trying really hard and as my hands and fingers are in pain, I realize that the water reservoir (white part that holds your tap water) is impossible to take out. Brita seems to think that customers do not have the need to clean the tank. I am not sure what the reason is behind the tightly sealed water reservoir and the tank, but I am sure it is a design beyond stupidity.
brita filter love that i can just go to the frig and get a cup full of filtered water and not have to drink it out of the tap or waste plastic bottles.
This is easy to use! The Ultramax is so easy to use. It fit into my lifestyle with almost no change to my current lifestyle. I love being able to fill it and put it in the fridge. It keeps the water cold and tasting great! Love it!!
This is a great product This has always done well for my family and I. I keep it in the ice box. We live in a southern state. My 7 children can drink allot of water in the summer. This product has always made it easy for my crew to have plenty of great tasting water on hand.
hard to clean I feel that your design includes many sharply angled corners in which detritus can accumulate. I have had to resort to using Q-tips and toothpicks to scrape away this dirt, I feel that a redesign utilizing rounded corners would facilitate a much easier type of cleaning. Whaddaya think?
Fits well in the fridge. Fills my coffee maker three times I have used Brita products for years. The Ultramax fits well on the refridgerator shelf and has the capacity to fill my coffee maker three times per fill.
This product works well and is easy to use. I have enjoyed using my dispenser for the past 4 years. My grandchildren go to the water dispenser instead of drinking sodas or kool-aid. None of us likes the taste of tap water.
Great product It has allowed my family to enjoy more water and be healthier without the after taste of tap water. Thanks.
Best water dispenser I have ever owned. I purchased this and roughly had a problem and Brita sent me a new one. I had been using the pitchers but I like the convenience of just filling it up and putting into refrigerator.
Love my Brtia but... Hello My name is Kristy and I absolutely love my Brtia but the nozzle keeps leaking. I called your number and the girl told me that you are out of replacement part and to take the washer to the store and get a new one the the problem is my household can't go more then 1/2 an hour without the Brita being full. We are all very avid water drinkers and each consume upwards of 4L each per day, plus the cat. Is there a better way to resolve my issue besides buying a new Ultramax? As soon as this little issue is resolved you guys are once again a five star in my books. Thank you for awesome water :)
This product is so there it reminds you to drink water Love it. It is convenient just sitting on shelf in fridge. Easy to clean and better for the environment. I do not have to think of how I am going to get acase of water home anymore, for i do not drive, and I always need a ride. The water from this device and filter taste very good. Because I drink so much of it, and being on disability, I wish I could find coupons for the filters, because I also have the Brita Pitcher to put on the table, when people come here to visit me. Not able to find coupons in my area. The product is great.
Love this Product I only wish I would see more coupons for the filters.
Waiting on back ordered parts for 3 months If Brita is truly listening, it would be nice if you would send me the parts that I have been waiting for, that have been on back order for the past 3 months. The valve on the Ultramax would likely work. Peter Remus 25 Chickasaw Crescent Kanata, Ontario 613 591 3719
Great Investment I can't think of a reason not to have this. It's large enough to drink from for a week so that I'm not constantly filling up a pitcher, and the taste is great!
This product develops algae Poor design, I bought this to put on the counter. Even though I place it out of direct sunlight, algae grows too quickly. I contacted Brita and was told to place the dispenser in the refrigerator or use a little bleach to remove the algae. I don't have room in the refrigerator and I don't like the idea of bleach residue.. If I want to use the dispenser I get filtered water with algae, seems like it goes against the "Health Reasons" benefit of using the product.
Loved having ice cold water! Loved having ice cold water ready to dispense in the fridge..
I've used it for years! I've had my Brita for many years. It's ALWAYS full and in the refrigerator. We bought it when we lived on my in-laws farm and had only well water. With the amount of mice around the house and in the well-house, I felt better about drinking filtered water. Then when we moved to a little town south of the farm, we often have boil notices because the water plant can't keep up with the demand. I NEVER have to worry about boil notices because I know that my Brita will keep my water clean and tasting wonderful. I also like the fact that Brita doesn't change the filter when they come up with new dispensers. I'm still using buying the same kind of filters I used when we first bought our dispenser. I have NEVER had to replace a Brita dispenser because it didn't work, or that it leaked - I'm still using the first one I bought years ago! I won't be without a Brita in my refrigerator!!
Easy to use Not complicated and easy to use and maintain. this is no small attribute.
Love the convenience I have had this dispenser on my counter for years! When my children were little, they could fill their cups themselves. This made them want to drink more water. It's also helpful because it does not have to be filled as often and in a house that is as busy as ours that is a plus! It's great in the summer because we can refrigerate the water then take it outside for everyone to fill their cups. No need for tons of bottled water or sugary drinks! Nothing quenches like water from a brita!
Love this dispenser Much better than the grande pitcher which drips. This dispenser doesn't take up much room at all in the fridge and is easy to dispense from. You get more water in the fridge, getting cold, so it is great for bigger families. The fill lid snaps in which is odd, but it does seal things up nice to prevent fridge odors. I would like it to dispense a bit faster, but it is definitely adequate. I fill it in the sink and move back to the fridge. The top is flat and you can lay down filled water bottles as well or store other things on top. Great value too.
Easy to use Who would think this product would make us drink more water but it does. From the taste to just being really cold we have been drinking more water well worth the buy
the Best Tasting water besides well water I was greatly surprised at how delicious water tasted from my Brita Ultramax water dispenser. It holds a large amount of water & fits in my refrigerator perfectly. I am pleased & very happy with it. I would definitely recommend this product. ***** stars from me!
Still taste chlorine Still taste chlorine in water , checked filter to see that it was seated correctly. Like the dispenser anyway, hopefully its filtering most of the chlorine out....
Can't clean; doesn't drain all water out After years of using the standard 10-cup pitcher, I finally got fed up with refilling it numerous times a day and bought the Ultramax dispenser thinking the extra capacity would be great. WHAT A MISTAKE. The reservoir doesn't come out making it impossible to clean the tank where the water sits. And the spout is very poorly designed as it sits a good inch above the bottom of the tank so there's always some water sitting in the bottom. It never fully drains, even if you rock it back and forth which grosses me out. I'm amazed at how the instructions tell you to clean it, and to drain out the first couple pitchers of water since they may have carbon in them, and yet in reality, you cannot actually clean or completely drain it! I would return this product but I cannot get all the water out enough to put it back in the box and I'm pretty sure the store where I purchased it won't take it back w/the water in it. :) Brita - please make some improvements to this product. I love the idea of having a larger capacity dispenser in the fridge, but this one has too many flaws. What good is it to filter water and then let it sit in a dirty tank until you drink it?
Ultramax: Cleaning is a pain This product would be PERFECT if it were not so difficult to get apart in order to maintain cleanlilness. The last time I attempted to clean, I was not able to do so, however, I loved the fact that it sustained my family's drinking needs while it lasted.
Really good, except hard to clean This dispenser fits well in our fridge. The faucet has been durable so far. Basically, it does the simple task for which we bought it, and quite well. Be forewarned, however, as others have noted, that it is extremely difficult to clean. The white plastic insert does not come out - it is not *designed* to come out - so do not use the notch in the back to try to remove it. My technique is to use a very small amount of soap to scrub the lid and white surfaces that I can reach. Then, I rinse warm water to clear off the soap and into the lower chamber. Gently slosh the slightly soapy water around, then allow it to drain completely through the faucet, so some of the soap suds drain through as well. Then, use small amounts of water at a time to drain the rest of the soap out the notch in the back. One more flush through the faucet, and you're done. Now, if the white insert was somehow removable, this product gets five stars.
Cleaning this product is not easy My wife and I spent 20 minutes trying to pry the reservoir off the base of the ultra max brita. After frustration set in we called the 800 line to see if there was something we were doing wrong . A lady was on the line immediately. She was rude and obnoxious cutting my wife off more than 3 times. When my wife asked to speak with a supervisor and asked her name she hung up. I called back and waited 10 minutes for someone to get on the line. A very helpful lady named Sue was the supervisor on duty, and said she would look through the records to find out who had hung up on us. Also she offered us a new pitcher which would be easier to clean. Awesome lady! I went from wanting to throw the filter in the trash and never buy Brita in the future to becoming a loyal customer again. Customer service does matter. The only reason I will continue buying Brita is because of a nice lady named Sue. A very happy customer.
I love this! Used to think that water straight from the tap was alright but my world has been changed after I got this dispenser. IT IS AMAZING! The water tastes so much better now!
Frequent Green Algae at the bottom using municipal water I am using the fairfax va municipal water as recommended by the company. I frequently clean and change my filters as per the filter change indicator. But I see green Algae forming at the bottom near the water tap. I keep my filter on the kitchen counter-top at room temperature. I am not sure if the plastics in Brita material support algae growth or something else. Not sure if any one else is experiencing this problem. I don't see anything on BRITA site about do's and don't etc.
the best purchase I've made in a long time!!! This is by far the best change I've made in a long time! No more carrying heavy water bottles up the stairs & then having to recycle all. I truly can taste the difference and it makes me want to drink more water. I also give this filtered water to my pets as anything I can do to help them stay healthy is a plus. I spied on them as I placed two full bowls of water, one with tap, and one with Brita water, time & time again they would only drink out of the bowl with the filtered water...don't let ANYONE tell you they don't know the difference! Maybe Brita can get into the pet supply industry by creating drinking fountains for pets with Brita filters in them?!
Excellent Overall Value Great tasting water and super efficient, and very good for the enviorment.
I'm on my second one! Can't live without it! I bought one of these several years ago. We had one of the smaller Brita pitchers but with 4 people in the house, it was always empty. After buying the Ultramax, we finally had plenty of great tasting cold water. On accident, this dispenser was bumped onto a hot burner on the stove and melted it. I HAD to buy a new one the next day. We were all walking around thirsty! Great investment.
Love the size! I love this dispenser so much! My family and I are huge water drinkers and the size is perfect for us! I just recently decided to purchase another one! I now have 1 for the counter and 1 for the fridge!! I think the water taste fantastic and find myself drinking a whole container a by myself! Do yourself a favor and purchase one for you TODAY!!
No electronic filter Water doesn't taste as bad as tap, but it takes up an entire refrigerator shelf and although the product here SAYS it comes with an electronic filter reminder, MINE DID NOT. ??? What's up with that?
Good filter, but impossible to clean. I liked my small pitcher filter, and this one at least has an output the same- water still tastes good. Problem is, it is absolutely impossible to take apart and clean. I've tried freezing, hot water, soapy water, anything I can think of, and it simply will not come apart. I even broke down and tried Vise-Grips, and was rewarded with two chips out of the inner piece. Love the filter itself, but if it can't be cleaned, I'm going to go elsewhere soon.
perfect product for a fridge without a door dispencer
Perfect Product We are a family that loves our water... and this dispenser makes it easy and convient even for the littlest one of the family. I loved it so much I've reccomended it to my family and friends.
Love it! I've always been leery of tap water, especially when on a well. Now that I have this Brita we use it to filter all out water! From drinking water to cooking water and juice water! Thank you Brita!!!
Good Great product except the top white rack is hard to take out and clean.
This product has a great feature I like that it is easy for my four year old to get water herself.
wonderful product rather then spending money like crazy on bottled water i decided to get a filter. at first it had simply been the cheapest one i could find but am very glad to have gotten this large brita filter. also much easier with having to refill it far less!
good product Use this product multiple times daily. works great.
Happy Customer My husband and I moved recently, and we decided to purchase a new water filter. Our old faucet filtration system had become rather annoying b/c of the space it took up in the sink. I like that this system holds enough water for many glasses, fits in the fridge and doesn't go under the faucet.
Very good The only thing I feel inconvenient is the big white container which is hard to get out of the dispenser whenever I want to wash it.
Able to filter large amount The little top that you have to take off to refill is awkward to put back on.
This product is good for the whole family Nothing as easy to use. Fill it, drink water, forget tap water
good tasting water works great I fill it up and keep it in the refrigerater for cold water all the time kids use it all the time they seem to drink more water now
great size large capacity, yet still fits well in refrigerator. don't need to fill up as often as a regular pitcher. great tasting water cold and always on hand.
Great product!! Saved me money! My husband will NOT drink tap water (grew up on well water) so since we have lived in the city we buy tons and tons of water. This has helped save money and not kill my back bringing in the groceries!
Good filter The filter is quite efficient and works well, however it seems to be a bit too large to fit conveniently in the fridge. It's also a but cumbersome to move around.
great for families great product for those who don't have a filtered water dispenser biult into their fridge.
Great taste Improves the taste so that even my 15 year old will drink water without flavoring.
So convenient I love the size of this water filter. We don't have to fill it as much as we do with the single pitcher. So worth the money!
For more than home We have a Brita dispenser in our trailer so we can have great tasting water on the road too.
great product we have had our dispenser for 3 years now and we love it!
This unit is great for having a large quantity on hand, especially if you're single. I love this size as it lets me keep cool water available for longer periods of time than just a pitcher! Plus I can sit it out on the counter for easy access and just find cup and cubes. Love it!
Worth the purchase We started out with the pitcher when Brita first came out. We quickly had to upgrade to the dispenser. The cleaner, crisper taste and the convient spout significantly increased the amount of water my children drink.
cool I like this water filter dispenser because it is cool and provides cool water.
love it easy to use and my 2 year old daughter loves to help
Saves a lot of bottles My roommate goes through dozens of large water bottles at home each month and since I'm the one that takes out the recyclables, have cut my work down considerably!
college this dispenser is perfect for a college apartment.
This product is user friendly This is an awesome dispenser to use everyday. Its very practical for any age to use, even my two year old to get water from.
Love it! So far! Started using it today and so far so good!
Awesome This product is great fresh tasting water available any time.
Love the filter reminder gauge We have had a Ultra Max for years and we love it. We are on a Well and the water that comes out of the ultra max is great we use it for everything coffee, pets and cooking
Great Product I really enjoy this product. The only thing I don't like, is that the faucet is leaky.
Large Water resevoir I purchased this after buying the pitcher to have more water. Although it does hold more water, it takes longer for the water to filter through and it is not as easy to refill as the pitcher. I gave it an average instead of a lower rating due to the water quality still being so good even though I like the pitcher size better for ease of refilling.
Great tasting and easy to use! This product is super easy to use and takes up minimal space in your fridge. The water tastes great! We use this over our fridge filter!
As good as the bottled stuff I couldn't ask for any better tasting water. I just moved from the countryside where the water was so pure to the city where the water is full of clorine taste. With the Brita, I feel like I'm home once again.
Super Size We love the capacity of the Ultramax. It fits well in our refrigerator. It is easy to use, even for the kids. Our hard water has a much better taste with the Brita Ultramax.
great product Using this product for at least 10 years, I could not do without it. Even use the water to fill my coffee maker each day.
Awesome! Just make a little room in the fridge for this and you'll be drinking great water at you leisure. I recommend it for large and small families. This is a great product.
Great Product Great product, great taste. Very easy to use and extremely convenient to refill water bottles or simply getting a glass of water. My only negative reaction to this product would be the amount of space that it takes up in my refrigerator.
I love this product Many years ago I upgraded from the pitcher to the Ulramax and fell in love instantly. I fill it once a week, put it on the second shelf of my fridge and have great tasting, ice cold water anytime I want it.
Saves alot of money. I have the other dispenser that doesnt have the automatic filter change reminder, and I love it! It saves alot of money for those who buy bottled water because the tap water is not good or tastes bad. It also takes out the chlorine taste as well. I would definantly recommend this product, worth every penny!
This product has great features. It fits perfectly in the fridge and is easy to refill!
A staple in our household! My family has used this FOR YEARS. Best tasting water out there, convenient, clean, and inexpensive! Great product!
Well worth the money It's easy to use, fits nicely in the refrigerator for cold water anytime and its better for the environment than all of those plastic spring water bottles.
What did I ever do without it? Seriously, the Ultramax is the best investment that I've made in my kitchen for quite some time. It saves time and countless dollars as it serves my family with clean, cool, refreshing water. I truly don't know how I ever got along before it.
love it!! My family hates tap water, with this product, they think they are drinking bottled!!
Great product I bought this device to save on having to buy bottled water all the time. I drink lots of water every day and this makes it much more convenient. Now I don't fill up my recycling bin within two days.
Great for large quantities My husband, daughter and I refill this dispenser once a day. It's great to know we always have cold, filtered water instead of refilling the pitcher multiple times per day. Love it!
Holds alot of water I love this dispenser. It holds plenty of water for me and my roommates. I have yet to have a problem with it. The water tastes great!
A Perfect Solution to your Drinking Needs We were tired of always refilling the pitcher, so this dispenser was the perfect solution. Our water is always cold and fresh tasting now. The dispenser fits conveniently in the fridge without taking up too much space. It is easy to clean and use.
Great taste while being green My roommates and I used the Brita pitcher last year, and though we loved it, we drank so much water the 7 cup capacity wasn't nearly enough. We indulged ourselves with the Ultramax because it conveniently fits in your fridge and the 20 cup capacity is perfect for us!
EASY AND ECONOMICAL This is a great filter that is easy to use and very economical
This product has great features Thisproductisamazingirecommendeveryonetohavethisproductintheirhousehold
Love it very convenient size - we don't have to add water every day! It's perfect!
Easy access I put this in my fridge, on the top shelf. It's easy to refill, conveinient, and actually lead to my family and I drinking more water since it was ice cold, clean and directly in the fridge. The only set back for me was the price of the filters.
improves taste of water We have really hard water here and the Brita system improved the taste of our water. Recommended!
I'd buy this product for a friend or family member. This product's dispenser isn't the easiest to use with only 1 hand while holding your baby or something else in the other hand but overall is a good product & effectively works.
Saves me time and money I love this featured Brita container. My family can enjoy ice cold water from the refridgerator. I love it, I am a mother and wife with a family total of 6. So much better than a pitcher. Great tasting and very affordable to refill or bottles on the go.
This pitcher is wonderful for cold water I am glad that this pitcher holds so much water I have to feel it less and It fits in the fridge for cold water
Love my dispenser This is a perfect for filter and dispenser for families with small children. My kids have immediate access to water without having to wait for a grown up to pour their glass of water. Love it!!!
Cost effective filtration! The Brita Dispenser is perfect for my family of's a very cost effective way to always have fresh, great-tasting water!
great for big families we use this in our home. It is great for our whole family
Love this This is a lifesaver for our families water needs! Easy for all ages, great for sports bottles, and delicious
Great This is a great product! Makes our water taste so much better!!!
Excellent! This is an excellent product! Fits on my fridge shelf perfectly!
Quick and easy I just fill this up every night before I go to bed to ensure that I have plenty of water to drink the next day. Super easy ... I love not having a bunch of plastic bottles to recycle. This takes up a small amount of space in my fridge vs. lots of bottles.
good product Its a good product.
Convenient Overall I enjoy the dispenser. My husband on the other hand isn't caring for the taste of the water. He says it tastes "moldy". We have had Brita before (many years ago) so not sure if the filters have changed over the years.
Great to always have cold water We recently purchased this because the large pitcher couldn't keep up with our family's water use. This dispenser fits better in the refrigerator, and holds more water. The little door on the top means you can fill it without having to carry the whole thing to the sink. The tap makes it easy to fill a glass, or a reusable bottle. I don't have any small children; but I can imagine that the tap would mean a child could easily get a drink without worrying about the pitcher being dropped, or an adult having to serve it every time.
Fits perfectly in my fridge! I love how this fits nicely in my fridge without taking up too much space. It holds plenty of water for my boyfriend and I. I usually have to fill it up every few days. We also have the pitcher too which is great to grab and take outside with us at the table!
excellent water Our tap water is of very poor quality and this pitcher helps immensely.
great for cooking I keep my filter by the stove and use it for all my the size
EAsy to use and refill WE love this product. It is so easy to get water out of and all of our kids can use it from our 2year old to our 11yearold. I has a easy refill spot and easy removable lid. We also like the no spill pour sppout. With the pitcher the lid almost always came off while pouring and it was very heavy. Highly recomend this. It also fits nicely in the refridgerator.
This product was very easy to carry I love how i don't have to have twenty bottle to carry. Where I carry this product that easy use .
Exactly what I needed I have had a Brita pitcher for a few years now but I needed something that would hold even more water. I was sick of filling up the pitcher 2 to 3 times a day. This is great because of the large capacity and convenience.
Overall Good filter system Good for family as it has enough capacity. Easy to use so even a kid can pure water to the system. Easy dispense. Material is little okay so u feel little messy while cleaning.
You won't believe the difference in your water!! We got the ultramax at work, and we could not believe the convinence and ease of use in using this container. It has a reminder at the top that we faithfully keep check on for changing the filter. (and It is sooo easy to change the filter.)And its lightweight and easy to lift to refill. It is a must have in the fridge!! We have gotten them for home (and several family members as well as myself) have Brita products that are used daily.Quality product+,reliable+affordable cost .=Fantastic!!!!
Great Product!! This is a really good product. The taste is great and the filters are very reasonable. I live in KY and at Walmart the filters are $16 for 3. They last for two months, so that is great value.
Great replacement for party water cans For a big family or when we throw parties this is ideal for us and no hassle item
DELICIOUS! I live in Arizona and our water is terrible compared to the well water back East that I am use to. I'm so tired of buying water to drink and when I run out, I just don't drink -- which is very dangerous out here in the desert south-west. I was so excited to get this home and compare it to the tap water. I was amazed at the difference. There is no more chlorine smell or taste and no more metal after-taste. I Love-Love-Love this product. No more runs to the store for purified water for me... YAY! My kidneys THANK YOU too!
Awesome for families I bought mine back in march and I am so glad I did! No more buying all those bottles and the tap water, after going through the filter actually tastes pretty good!! Thanks Brita team ;-) Pelky Family
Perfect for our family. We purchased the Brita pitcher years ago and it has been worth every penny. Last week, I spotted the Ultramax - with a spigot dispenser - at our local Costco and decided it was time to upgrade. My whole family has commented on how much they love the new filter system. It's quick and easy and holds more water than the pitcher. I definitely recommend this product to any large family.
Easy to use, great tasting water This a great convenient product. I bought it for my classroom and now I can have great tasting water wihout all the plastic bottles.
Ultramax is ultragood This product is a staple in our home. It's great to be able to fill it up once a day and have great, clean, cold water just opening the fridge. We have had this filter system for over 6 years and we recommend it to everyone. It takes up about the same amount of space that a 12 pack of soda would and is so much better for you.
Easy to Use This ultramax dispenser fits easily into my refrigerator and is very easy to use.
exactly what I was looking for Perfect for our family. We fill it every 4-5 days and we love it.
Perfect Size and Color Love the mega dispenser, fits perfectly in my fridge!
Super handy I love opening my refrigerator and getting a fresh, cold glass of water using the spigot.
Works great This dispenser works great for filtering water and I love it. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I wish it came totally apart to clean it.
Perfect Size Just purchased today, works great and is a perfect fit in my fridge. Much better than the previous pitcher model I had.
Great bang for your buck. We love this filter. It holds a lot more water than the pitcher we were using before. The only thing that we didn't like was that we couldn't get the plastic container that fits inside out to wash it thoroughly. We ended up cracking it while trying to pry it out, but it still works.
Product is awesome and money saver I love this water product! Its great to fill up cups or water bottles and quit using plastic bottles that pollute our environment!
This product is easy to use/and store I love this product very easy to us and fits perfect on self in refrigerator
it is OK. I got a similar one. I think it is OK to Buy. good for a family.
Enjoy the capacity Having the large capacity prevents from wasting plastic bottles of water.
Awesome I use mine in combination with my Keurig. I use the Brita to filter the awful water that comes out of the faucet around where I am, I not only like drinking water plain but it makes my coffee taste better, tea as well.
Better than the competition... I used to own a Pur filter with a similar design. The Brita seems to be a little bigger and don't even get me going on how cool the filter indicator is. Sure beats the ol sticker changing system where you could be changing a filter that is only half used. Talk about a waste of money. Also the replacement filters in most places seem to be cheaper than the Pur.
been with me in 3 states ive brought the filter along with me in 3 states and it still makes water taste great
I would have like to keep it but... My family mainly drinks water so this dispenser would have been perfect, but it leaked. I saw a puddle of water on my counter we quickly realized the seal around the spigot dispenser was not properly on. So it had to be returned back to the store.
This product was a great value. This product was easy to use and provided good tasting water. I would highly recommend this product to others.
Great Product I just bought one and I love it. It fits great in my frig and its easy to fill up. I would recommend this product.
Makes life so much easier having such a large resivoir to have good water in I just love how large this is which helps me so I dont have to fill it up so much.
Great product Easy to use. Easy to fill. Fits well in fridge. Although I wish it had been made a little longer and a little shorter in height, since i have a large fridge.
I had my first large capacity dispenser for 10 years! I just bought a newer, updated version, and I love it! It seems to hold more water and fill up faster than before. We use it for all our cooking and drinking needs.
It's a time saver. I constantly have cold, great tasting water in my refrigerator.
Save the environment Filter your own water and save the environment from plastic bottles.
Love the convenience We are big water drinkers at our house and the dispenser makes it so easy for everyone to enjoy. The children are able to get their own water and it is great tasting.
Kid Friendly Filters What I love about this product is the ease of use. Parents fill it with water and even the kids can get their clean water to drink in just minutes. Every household should have one. *Tip - It's my belief that drinking water at room temp has the most benefits for our bodies. I may be wrong but haven't found any proof of it to date.
Great money saver! Not only does it save the earth, but my money too! I love it!
Very Pleased I just purchased my Brita dispenser today. I am looking forward to not having to purchase any more bottled water. Plus, it is so convenient for my kids to get their own water without help.
Awesome size! So convenient and easy to fill. Love not having to fill constantly and fits well in fridge.
Works great! It gives us great tasting water easily. I just wish it was even bigger because we fill gallon containers with water to add drink mix and this barely fills one gallon. You also have to be careful to not overfill because it will leak. But do not get me wrong, this is a great product!
This is a great dispenser for the fridge. We love it. We did not drink water, except from bottles until we got this dispenser. It works great. We love to drink water now.
Love the taste we go through so much water. It is great to have such a big container of filtered water fresh in the fridge!
I love this product I bought this for work and everyone loves it. I have the small pitcher for home.
Easy to use. Fits great in my fridge! I am a die hard bottled water drinker. Its way too easy to just grab and go so, when we decided to switch to a Brita and save on our plastic consumption, I was worried that my water intake would go down. Not the case!! The dispenser is easy to set up and I find that I'm going to it just as often as a bottle of water. In fact, the new cup I bought (one with the screw lid and straw) makes it easy to still grab and go. Definitely would recommend this product.
Ease of Use I've had it 2 months and NOW never drink from the sink. It's easy to use and the water is refreshing! Better than bottled water.
Great Features Excellent Dispenser. Water tastes great. We now buy less bottled water
A great counter top or Fridge shelf water dispenser! I live in Davis, CA where the tap water tastes terrible due to agricultural runoff. The ultramax cleans out the bad taste and is super easy to keep full on my counter-top so it is always ready to fill a tea kettle or glass. I filter all my water for cooking and drinking so the large capacity is very necessary. I have recommended this filter to all my friends who live in my town as well. I even bought one for my mom!
Size is good & fits on the fridge shelf I use this filter for coffee as our water clogs up the coffee pot and eventually ruins it.
this product is great for the price! at first i was going to buy just the picther, but i saw the dispenser and thought '5 bucks for 8 more cups? what a awewsome deal!' its been great for me while im at work or college just fill it up once and it lasts me a week!
EXCELLANT PRODUCT! Best tating water! Safer for the nvironment and the ease of use makes it more appealing to my family, enuring thir drinking more healthy!
This product is a great size and capacity for keeping cold water handy in the fridge. Love having this larger capacity Brita filter dispenser in my refrigerator. Doesn't have to be filled as often, and it's easy-pour spout makes it really convenient to fill up a glass or a to-go bottle on the way out the door. Easy to keep up with the time to change the filter by the indicator on the top. Love having this Brita item in my home!
love everything about the ultramax! I used to have just the basic small pitcher before i purchase the ultramax. I love it because with it being summertime, we drink more water and this holds enough to fill my familys water bottles with conintuously cold and refreshing filtered water. Its great!!!
Fabulous model, best of the pitchers. I have had several Brita pitchers, and while I love the water quality of the filter system, I have never found them easy to fit into the fridge. I did away with a refrigerator with a water dispenser, much to the dismay of kids who love the ease of a door dispenser. The Brita dispenser model has solved that problem, and I love the way it fits so snugly on a shelf in the refrigerator. I think it is the best of all Brita's designs. The only drawback is that the white reservoir is a little difficult to get out of the pitcher to clean because it has such a tight fit, but otherwise I love the model.
Great tap water! My family and I just love this product! We never have to buy bottled water again since we can filter our own tap water! Water always cool, clean and refreshing!
Convenient, eco-friendly, and budget friendly I love our water dispenser. It sits by the kitchen sink, and I will use it to drink water right out of the dispenser, or fill my kettle to boil water.
Great product So happy with this purchasr. We were constantly filling the pitcher but this is so convenient.
Easy enough for us! We used to buy bottled water,so you can imagine going through a case a week was expensive. We keep a case in the pantry for emergencies, but the dispenser and refillable bottles help us not only save money, but also the environment! Thanks Brita!
Great addition to our kitchen We love the ease of using our water dispenser. It fits comfortably on our counter and we use it a lot. It's easy to use and easy to refill. Also easy to change filters. Can't ask for anything more.
Fits in refrigerator perfectly This is the largest capacity that you can get with out changing your faucet. My younger children can get their own glass of water with out having to try and pour a glass from a bulky pitcher. Great for my large family.
So convenient We live on the Gulf Coast and drink A LOT of water. These dispensers help us keep plenty of cool, filtered, great tasting water ready to drink.
Convenient Love, love the ultramax because it holds so much water, which means having to refill it less often and is easy for everyone in the house to use.
This product is very convient Product is bery convient to have in the frige. The downside is that it was VERY hard to get apart. There was a coupon inside and took an act of congress to get apart. I tried the freezer and hot soapy water...........finally got them apart just before I was going to take it back to Costco. This would be impossible for older people or disabled.
Love having a brita. I have two different Brita's. This particular one is just a little too big for my fridge. I have to keep it on the counter, and I like my water cold, so I was a little disappointed on that aspect. However, the filtering system really does make my water taste great. I drink a lot of crystal light and I do not like taking tap water to make it. Pouring the tap water through the Brita first really does enhance the flavor of the crystal light making it more enjoyable for me. If I did not have my Brita, I wouldnt drink water because I cant stand the taste of the tap. I will never go without a Brita again.
Easy to use and saves money I love this big brita dispenser! It saves a ton of money on buying all those water bottles and is good for the environment! It makes the water taste great!
LOVE IT!! I just bought this and its so easy and the large capacity is awesome and i dont have to take it out of the fridge every time to get water and my 5 year old can get his own water and not have to worry about spilling
It is very easy to use I love this big pitcher, I fill and put in the fridge and there is always fresh cold water to drink, whether by the glass or take along bottle.
Big enough for everything Big enough to fill multiple bottles without have to refill container
great product but difficult to open when brand new... everything is awesome...difficult to open when new, afterwards once washed it is great and easy to open.
Easy to use and fill We also have a pitcher, however this one is much easier to use and fill. Can leave it in the frig to fill up cups and do not have to keep moving it to get water out of it.
This Brita pitcher is economical for large families I have had mine since children were in grade school. This pitcher is very convenient for large families. I contribute it for keeping my family and I healthy and encouraging drinking plenty of fresh water. Kids are off to college and I still use it for drinking and recipes and filling water bottles.
Large capacity great for family! Keeps more water cold so there's always cold fresh water. Our children are big water drinkers so this product is a great fit for us. We even use the water for ice cubes.
l love this product i purchased this product a while back and have been delighted with it's ease of use and great taste!
Great for large sums of water This product holds a great deal more water than a standard pitcher and is easy to access when in the fridge.
We All Have One This dispenser is fabulous and so easy to use. We love that we are not throwing away bottles but still are having great water. My daughter is in her own apt. now and has one too. Everyone I know has a Brita of one typ or another.
Love this product We have this sitting on the top shelf in our refrigerator and love it! We have great tasting cold filtered water at our fingertips anytime we want. Stopped using the in the door water dispenser and use this only!!
Perfect temp for formula We used this filter when we had our third daughter. It was room temp for formula and so easy and quick to use. No heating of the formula required and the other girls used it for their drinking water also.
Money saver Great to have this product in the frig. Saves on the amounts of bottled water that is purchased in my household!
Great at home or dorm I bought one of these many years ago when I was going to college and it was great for in my dorm room. I just put it on my book shelf. I have used one ever since, but now it sits nicely in my fridge. I even dropped it once while trying to carry too much and bought the same model. That model had a small leak and the company sent me the replacement piece right away without issue.
Great Alternative We had tried several "on-faucet" filters but none would fit the faucet without leaking. With our very bad tasting tap water, we HAD to find an alternative. This meets our needs perfectly. Although it does take up room in the fridge, it's a necessity. I could see where it wouldn't be suitable for someone with limited fridge space but it's great for us.
product is good based on other models on the market would prefer to be able to filter more water every day than the recommended amount. instructions does not state why the recommended amount to filter water each day is 2 pitchers of water- filter more than this each day for family of 4.
Capacity The only negative about this product is that I wish it held more. Summertime means heavy usage, and I find myself filling it at least every other day.
Great! Buy one This is the best way to get great tasting cold water. No complaints!
Many positives Our family loves this dispenser! Either of the children can use it with ease, and it holds plenty of water. It fits easily on the top shelf in the refrigerator. We refill it about every 2 days. And I love the fact that it tells me when to change the filter. I have been using this type of dispenser for over 6 years, and I will continue to use it for many more!
Great product that makes a difference I have been surprised with the difference the Brita Dispenser has made in my family drinking more water. I grew up on tap water and never had a problem with using tap water. My wife and kids are a different story. They would only drink water from a plastic bottle. We decided to try the Brita Dispenser to save money and do our part in saving the environment. My family now drinks more water and enjoy the quality of water the filters produce. I even like it better than tap.
Great Product I bought this product when I decided I wanted to stop drinking soda. I love it , It's very easy to use and the water taste great......
This product is great for everyday use Wow, we love our dispenser and use it everyday to add water to our coffeemaker. We always like to add fresh water daily and knowing that we get an email to remind us to change the filter is an excellent way. thank you Brita for this product. would definitely recommend this to others.
Good Water Filter Container This is useful in my fridge especially since my city water is not very good. Sometimes water drips out a little from the spout. For the most part this is a great water filter!
This product accomodates our family wonderfully We as a family decided to cut back on the impact we were having on the environment, and this Brita filter was phase one of that step. I really love it because it is large enough to where I am not having to refill it constantly, but also not too large to fit my compact fridge. The lift dispenser is also great for my son, who just turned 5. He can operate it smoothly already! Thanks Brita!
Love This Product I have been using Brita Filtered products for years and this is by far the best thing I have come across. The capacity is amazing. I don't have to refill the water as often as some others and it makes it taste amazing.
So Easy Its vary large so theres no need to constantly fill it. All you have to do is fill it once and your good to go for days. I really like that all I have to do is open my fridge and poor myself a great tasting ice coold glass of water.
Great Product! I store it in my refigerator and have consistent cold water on tap. Much better than a refrigerator dispenser for cold water.
Perfect for a thirsty family great for people who drink lots of water with out a lot of hassel of refilling all the time
Love the large capacity! We really love the large capacity and dispenser on this product. It is a little cumbersome to fill, but well worth it for the great tasting water!
Just the right size This product is just great...perfect for families...just the right size for the love the easy spout feature...even my 3 yr.old can get water...and we all know if it's easy the kids will go for it...thanks for such a great product...
LOVE IT!! I have had this system for several years and absolutely love it! We drink more water now because it is easily accessible and tastes great!
Great product Doesn't take up much room in the fridge and makes it super easy to fill my bottle.
Excellent use we use our brita every single day. it's easy to refill but hard to take the reservoir off to clean. even still, we love the brita ultramax.
Fantastic Product Great tasting, cold water at our fingertips! Plenty on hand for all the grandkids, when it's hot and humid!!
This is perfect for the water loving homes! What I like most about this product is that it doesn't need to be refilled as often as the pitchers, so you always have chilled, filtered water! This is perfect if you live with lazy people who don't like to refill the pitchers :)
This is great around the house We have this dispenser and it's great. The kids love it and it lasts a long time.
Very good Product by Brita A good product to use for every Healthy family in this world.
Great product! This has really helped me cut down on the use of bottled water!
This products has good features The product i bought has good features. Unfortunately, I found out that there is an electronic reminder on some ultramax. I got the one without the electronic reminder. I have the sticker version.
Excellent use, but a little heavy. I absolutely love my dispenser. it is easy to refill and because of how large it is, you do not have to refill it that often. My only concern is that when it is full of water, it is quite heavy. I had an incident that it feel on my foot and had to be rushed to the ER. So, be careful. Overall, I sill love it.
It just works the best The design of my refridgerator is ideal for this model. It makes access to the water really easy.
I abslutely love this product!! I recommend this to everyone. I bought my mom one too :)
This is great! Fits in the shelf in 'fridge - I have cold, filtered water when I want it!
Satisfied overall Having this big tank is a definite improvement over the regular size Brita pitcher since my family drinks water almost exclusively. The filters work great to purify the water and improve the flavor of it. Sometimes water leaks out of it through one of the seams in the spigot part, so perhaps that part could be redesigned?
eco friendly love that this product gives me great tasting water without the water bottle polution!
Great for families I not only use it for drinking, but also to use for making Ice tea or cooking. I do not like to use tap water so this is very handy when I want to make pitchers of lemonade or ice tea, or even cooking.
Great addition! Now that there are more of us in the house, it's great to have a larger supply of cold filtered water, as well as more water available to make ice cubes! The spigot makes it so convenient to get a quick fix of fresh tasting water. And the price is pretty reasonable - no more buying bottles for a bike ride or walk. Just fill it up!
Easy to Use; Holds Plenty of Water When setting up a a room for breaks, etc. there was no water line to it. This is our best choice. Capacity is important as well as good clean water. Also, it is the most inexpensive way to have filtered good tasting water.
Great Product My Husband & I love Britta Products, especially the Ultramax dispenser & reusable Britta bottles. We use them on a daily basis. They are durable and easy to clean. They have enormously cut back on the amount of money we spent on water bottles. My only wish is that these would come in Colors like the Britta Pitchers..but other than that we Love our Britta Ultrama & Britta Bottles!
Great features, great taste. This product helps remind me to drink more water! It tastes great and holds a lot.
This product is a great value. I have had my Brita dispenser for over 5 years and love it. It is easy to fill and convenient to use.
Great product for home or office We have been using the Brita Ultramax for several weeks and have found it to be easy to use. Our bottled water consumption has been cut to zero. We like the convenience of the product. The Brita Bottle is great for traveling especially through airport security. I find it much nicer not to have to purchase water after passing through security.
Large capacity and great taste! Love this pitcher! The larger capacity is perfect for people who drink lots of water and who want it filtered and cold. We keep ours in the refrigerator, so we (almost) always have cold filtered water to drink. It's convenient to use, and it encourages water drinking. Great product!
Love it! My husband and I have been buying bottled water for years because we don't like the taste of our tap water...but with recycling payouts dropping dramatically we realized how much money we were wasting. The Brita dispenser makes having cold, good tasting water at our fingertips all day long very easy. We love it!
Great product, great tasting water The size is reasonable, fits in a fridge, and definitely needs to be refilled less often than the Brita water pitchers. The spout means that water does not need to finish filtering before pouring. The problem: The spout is mounted too high, and it does not drain fully, and tilting the dispenser does not help with the last 1/2" of water left. Other than that a great product, and great tasting water.
Excellent Product We drink alot of water. Our Brita dispenser provides enough ice cold water for the three of us for a day. The only way to improve on this product would be to have it fill itself. I like having it in the fridge because it keeps the water cold. No need to get ice and wait for the water to get cold. Excellent product.
Clean & Simple Love using this dispenser. The taste of water from my tap is not the worst in the nation but after running through my Brita it is great. Assembly is a snap (literally).
Gets lots of use, reservoir hard to get out I love our dispenser. We had the pitcher, but we were refilling it all the time so we needed something bigger and the dispenser is the perfect size for us. However when I went to clean it the reservoir was VERY difficult to remove. It was suctioned in there with the condensation. I could never get it out and finally I stuck the whole thing outside on a hot day for a few hours to completely dry it out and it popped out right away. Other than that I love it. It saves us so much money!
Great deal we keep this product in our refridegerator and its a great go and grab when needed
great We use this product in our church and everyine loves itt.
Wouldn't drink our tap water without it! We love our Brita Ultramax! Our tap water is terrible but the Brita filter makes it wonderful. The despenser is easy to fill, the filters change in a snap and the water quality is great!
Love my Brita My family drinks water as our primary beverage. We love the dispenser b/c it is convient to use even for our smaller children and it holds more water than the pitchers, which is less refill for us. The water definately has a fresh taste.
Good product This is a good product overall but removing the reservoir from the pitcher is so difficult.
Product makes getting cold water in any quantity easy I have not been a heavy duty water drinker, but I know it is healthy to consume as much water as possible throughout day (take your weight in lbs, divide in half, then drink take that number and drink that many oz of water. Ex 150lbs = 75 oz of water daily). For me, the water need to be cold, so this container has been great for getting just a cold glass of water, a pitcher of water for dinner, or making iced tea. And when you have guests, it is easy to put the water in a pitcher and refill the larger container so more cold water will soon be readily available
Great for the office My office doesn't have water coolers so I have this Brita in my office and it's so convenient and helps me to drink more water than having to keep refilling a bottle.
features :) Love my dispenser....filtered water ready when I am! And I don't have to move it.
Excellent product! Easy to fill and not too heavy when full. Simple storage on the refrigerator shelf. Makes filling water bottles or tea cups fast and easy. Refreshing taste literally at your fingertips!
A great way to have great tasting water at your finger tips! I am on my second Ultramax dispenser. It is a convenient way to have cold, great tasting water on hand at all times! My only concern is that a small puddle of water accumulates under my 2 1/2 month old dispenser. I live in a dry climate and I am surprised condensation would be an issue. Any suggestions?
LARGE CAPACITY UNIT TAKES UP LESS SPACE THAN A WATER COOLER This unit is a perfect size compared to a full size water cooler. Fits great in our fridge. My family drinks a lot of water and the larger unit holds more to reduce re-filling like a normal Brita jug. Easy enough for my young girls to use.
Good, mostly. Fills up quickly and tastes good. Like the dispenser but be very careful to fill nowhere near the top line or it will spill on its way back to the fridge.
So much better than a pitcher We love the Ultramax because it holds so much more than a Pitcher so there is no constantly filling up during these hot summer months.
Wonderful I am so glad I decided to go with the largest bottle. With 3 teenagers, I am still refilling everyday, however they are drinking more water now than ever before. We all love the convenience of the dispenser and I keep it in the fridge. Perfect for this hot summer.
Great product to have on hand for fresh filtered water. Nice to have on hand for small, frequest fresh water drinks and also for guests to have cold filtered water without having to hand them a bottle.
Was I really drinking water that tasted like that? The Brita dispenser has made a tremendous difference in the way my water taste. I am now drinking so much more water than before and have noticed a drop in my weight as a result. I also love the fact that you can sign up for reminders and Brita will remind you when it's time to change your filter. I truly love this wonderful product. How did I live without it?
Not a bacteria or lead filter, not completely USA made Brita filter Ultramax is a great water filter for Rust, Cadmium, any kind of odor. This is not a bacteria filter. Keep that in mind. The parts are not all made in USA. The body is made in China. I think some part is Mexico. The filters might be USA or Canada. Easy portability.
Awesome Product Good product for someone who drinks alot of water and wants to keep it cold. I Love it
Great way to get my water! It is a great way to get clean water and keep it in the fride. My son is also able to use it so easy way for my little one to drink water.
Get's the job done My new apt faucet wouldn't allow me to use my old PUR filter on the faucet and this is all they had at Target. It works well, would rather have my old faucet mount, pain to keep refilling.
Excellent way to drink filtered water! The dispenser is easy to fill and clean. It also provides me with great tasting water to drink and use. Unfortunately my dispenser developed a leak at the spout. Fortunately, this was easily fixed by tightening the spout slightly. Brita filters provide a dramatic improvement in the taste of my water from the tap.
Better than bottled !! My tap water used to be good, came from a sierra mountain river. It's great water but now tastes like a pond. Since I started using the Ultramax my water is sweet and better than bottled, and I know where it came from Fits perfectly in the refrigerator, spigot does not leak. I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality.
This Product has great features. I enjoy my water at room temperature. This large capacity dispenser conveniently allows me to stay hydrated throughout the day. I just refill at night before I go to bed. Simple, healthy, and convenient.
Great product! We have a dispenser and 2 pitchers. We always have filtered water ready. We find we drink more water because of this! We love Brita products!!
An investment in your health. If you have a large family like me, the ultramax is prefect. Its large capacity, easy to pour spout make it a great choice. Its simple to fill and one or two fills a day are more then enough for a family of 3-4. The best part of this product is the benefit it has on your health. My family drinks more water now that we have the Ultramax. You'll love the way you feel when your getting enough water in your diet. And we all feel better knowing we aren't filling landfills with disposable plastic water bottles any more. Over all this product is now and forever a staple of our home and our lives.
Just an all around great product! I love this Brita Dispenser, it is easy to refill with water, just lift the small tab open & pour in fresh water! The filter is also easy to change & it has a re-usable calendar to change the filter. It has an easy to use tap to dispense water & it fits easily into your refrigerator without taking up alot of room. Water is always icy cold & tastes fabulous!!! I had the pitcher first which I loved but once I got this dispenser I loved it even more!!!!
great container I like the size of it. I drink a lot of water everyday so it is big enough for a family of 3 for one day.
Awesome Product! I wish I had bought this sooner. It has saved my family from a soda addiction. Thank you BRITA!
Cost alot less than bottled water!! I purchased this item back in 2004, used it for 1 year then stopped using it when we got a refrigerator with a water dispenser in it. We started using it again in 2010 when we got a different fridge without the water. I found this time the brita dispenser did not fit in my sink for easy refills so I had to fill it with a different pitcher...also, I found that there was alot of the carbon at the bottom of the dispenser long after the first couple of fills. Oh, and the filters have up quite a bit in price. Would like to see more coupons available for these products. All in all, I would recommend purchasing!!
Great product! The only flaw is mine is old and some of the filters don't fit properly. Some are a little loose and some are very tight. Overall I'm happy with my purchase and will do so again if needed.
Decent Trickles a little slow through the filter, not too bad. Cleaning is a slight chore, again, not too bad.
Love How it fits in our Fridge!! Love my new Ultra Max! I bought this dispenser on sale @ Costco, so that was even better. We keep it in the fridge so we always will have fresh clean water! I love it!! :-)
Large capacity/easy to use This water filter is very practical and useful. You will get great tasting water every time. We love the large capacity of this particular model. The spigot is a great feature. That way we can easily fill water bottles for work, use the water to make iced tea or lemonade, or simply fill up a glass. Size and shape make it easy to store in the refrigerator. If cold water immediately is not a concern, this would fit great on the counter as well. I have often considered doing this.
Love it! I'm drinking much more water now because it's cold and tastes good. Easy refill from the top front.
Great Product A little difficult to maneuver sometimes but well worth it!
Great Product We love our Brita dispenser. It holds plenty of great tasting water for our family of five. My only complaint is how cumbersome it can be getting it in and out of the refrigerator to fill up.
Excellent Product I use Brita Tap Filter, Brita Pittchers and the Brita Ultramax. Great ! Easy to use, make water taste very good and gets rid of the strong chlorine taste we have here where I live. Would not want to be without them
You'll love it I went to visit my mother in Alaska and saw this Brita dispenser. I was surprised they were made this large. I went straight home and brought me one and thinking about buying another. I love this product
I LOVE my Brita This is actually my 2nd dispenser, I recklessly knocked the 1st one off the counter, and it shattered into pieces.(unfortunately) water was everywhere, but I yelled,,help come quick. Everyone came running, I said clean this up, I need to go get another one before the store closes! ~~true story~~ I didn't want to do with out my brita at all, we drink lots of water and it makes the difference, and saves $$$ on buying bottled water. I am thinking about getting another not only for a spare, but to use in cooking and coffee pot too. Just keep it on the counter maybe,,,but I don't know, it will probably end up in the frige too....:) <3
Great for families Have had this dispenser for a couple of years and love it. Easy to use and change the filter and holds pleanty of water.
Loving this size! I have had other pitchers that were smaller and this one is the best...much less filling up and works wonderfully for our family of 4. Even my 4 and 6 year old get their own cold water right from the fridge when they are thirsty.
meets our needs and is easy to use We have been using this item for over 2 years and we haven't had any issues. The filter is easy to insert, the water filters well into the basin below and the valve and handle have always worked. I would highly recommend this in lieu of a pitcher that has to be refilled more often.
Great size I like the size of this dispenser (even though my husband and I still have to refill every day and a half).
Great product. The only thing I don't like about this water filtration system is that the automatic filter time stopped working on my unit. Otherwise, it is easy to use, refill, and provides great tasting water!
It leaks I bought this particular dispenser because of the amout of water it would hold both in the upper and lower reservoirs. Much to my disappointment, it leaks from the spigot (at the dispenser) when the lower reservoir is more than 3/4 of the way full. I tried tighening it and that did not work. I should have bought the pitcher, since that's pretty much all the water it will hold and it would have been a cheaper option.
hard to beat features saves me lots of money over buying bottled water.wished i had bought one a long time ago
Great water So handy to have great tasting water at your fingertips. Easy to fill and use.
Great for use when the refrigerator tap is acting up! When our refrigerator water dispenser's hose froze up, we grabbed one of these from Costco to "tide us over". We love it! We're thinking of using it exlusively for our drinking water needs. It conveniently fits in the fridge and dispenses faster than our fridge's, making that long wait to fill the coffee decanter much shorter. To answer someone else's question about getting he filter holder tray out, once I added detergent to te resevoir and started running water, the suds lifted it right off! lol
Great product We recently purchased one of these water flters and we love it. Not only is the water filtered and great tasting it is also ice cold. Definately worth the it to sacrifice some fridge space for this great product. We can come in from working on the farm and get a quick ice cold, filtered drink of water.
A Lifesaver! I live in a large urban municipality that has been rated to have some of the WORST tasting water in the United States. Without this dispenser, I would have to buy bottled water. It is a lifesaver at taking poor quality water and making it drinkable.
Convenient Healthiness I love that I'm drinking more water, and that the water is healthy. If I didn't have this I would not drink enough water each day.
Love this product! I've had this product for over 2 years and I love it! It's so convenient and holds so much water. I can easily fill my water bottle multiple times a day for a few days because of how much water this product can hold. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone who drinks a lot of water and finds themselves refilling the pitcher too often!
Great product! We bought this for our summer cottage and it is used all the time. Easy to fill and use. Our guests love having cold and great tasting water on hand. Much easier then hauling up cases of water!!!
Love this pitcher We have had this pitcher for well over 5 years now. It gets used ALOT. Love the taste of the water and how easy it is to refill. There is even enough to use it for the 12 cup coffee maker. Makes the coffee taste better also.
Great for Family This is a great depository for families because of the volume it holds. We have even taken it on camping trips because of its space saving and excellent water filtration.
great features except cleaning Cleaning on the inside was my only concern. Otherwise, it was great to have in the fridge for cold water for the kids.
Great product. I love this product. I keep it filled in my fridge all the time even tho I have filtered water in the door of my fridge.
Fabulous!!! I love the amount of space it doesn't take up, the great tasting water and the economical and environmental impact it has! Love, love, love!
Great for the kids! Since our fridge does not have a door water dispenser, I found this Brita at our local Costco and was delighted at the find. I taught our 6 and 3 year olds how to get their own filtered/cold water out of the fridge (which is a big help for me while I handle the newborn sibling). Our model is a little different, in that, the 2-month reminder counter in top is not digital, but a sticker (so I hope it stays on). I'm a water-snob and it could taste a little better, but if it's cold, it's fine. Overall, it!
Love it We purchased this about 2 years ago. The only thing I don't like about it, is it leaks somewhere, and has since we got it. We used to keep it in the fridge, but the mess was annoying. Now we just keep it on the counter near the sink so no more mess to clean up. Maybe we just got one that wasn't great. But we do love it, and if we ever want to get one for the fridge I would recommend it. Love the ease of use, just fill up your cup! No more bottles!
great product! We have this brita and love it. Its great. I have to fill it every day!! But the kids drink more water then juice so I don't mind.
Brita Ultramax is poorly designed. Absolutely no thought went into the Brita Ultramax design. There is no lip or edge to grip that could enable the consumer to pull apart the tank for cleaning. The inner tank fits too snug. This is a major issue with this design. Also, why are the corners of the box trimmed? This, to me, is an unnecessary and costly addition , and is probably a primary factor in its flawed design. I bought my first Brita tank about 12 years ago. It was a straight rectangle box that worked perfectly. Sadly, I have recently had to replace my Brita tank with the Ultramax, and I am VERY unsatisfied with this design. Stick with the original design without the cutesy and unnecessary corner trims. The only change I'd make to the original design is to make it slightly narrower to accommodate its placement in a refrigerator.
hard to remove the reservoir I am surprised at how removing the reservoir from the pitcher is so difficult. I tried so many things to get the reservoir out after getting the brand new dispenser type Brita pitcher today from Costco. There was a coupon on the pitcher portion, which I had to remove, and I did not expect the reservoir is going to be that tightly attached, and I am planning to return this. It would be great if there is a way it can be removed easily to have this product user friendly.
Best of it class I bought this because I got tired of lugging those bottles in and out of the house for my kids and thought there has to be a better way of filling water for them. And well there it was looking at me right on the shelf. Thank you this is so much easier for then to just fill their own bottles when they need to then me always buying more.

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