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Atlantis White
White Blue
6 Cup pitcher

Atlantis White


This smaller sized pitcher is great for individuals or smaller households. Its streamlined oval design maximizes refrigerator and counter space, and like all of our pitchers, it’s Always BPA-free.

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Atlantis White 5 92
Good product Disappointed that the indicator doesn't work. Would like to know how to get a replacement without purchasing a new pitcher. I've used these products for more than 15 years this is s the first time I've encountered this problem.
Easy to use and water tastes great! I love how easy it is to use the pitcher and make great tasting water! I'm not by nature a water drinker, but using this picture makes water a top choice when I go to the fridge for something cold to drink.
The Atlantis is just the right size I've jused several Brita products and like the size and capacity of the Atlantis.
Disappointed in design I purchased this pitcher to replace a 5 cup pitcher that did not completely close (pour spout was open). I am extremely disappointed in the design after using. The lid will not stay on, it is constantly popping off. When I try to pour out water it splatters everywhere instead of going into the cup or glass I am pouring into. I question who did the product testing for this design model, as they obviously did not use in a daily use environment. I would take it back, but I don't have the box. What a waste of money. Shame on you Britta!!!
perfect pitcher on a biggest looser kick, great to have fresh water all the time, was drinking out of tap, don't like buying plastic bottle water, saves room, recommended.
Great Pitcher This model replaced the Space Saver (which had a poorly designed lid.) Rubberized grip is nice, flip top makes for easy refills, perfect capacity for 1-2 person household of major water drinkers. My newer model also has an electronic countdown display to remind me of filter change times, which is great! Very pleased with this model, and more pleased with Brita's customer service department, which was quick to resolve the problems I had with the space saver design. Go Atlantis!
pours funny sometimes They all work realy well. Love fresh tasting water. The only downside is sometimes unfiltered water pours into my cup. I thought it was too full but that was not the case. Not our first pitcher. Don't remember this issue with the first one but I still like it.
Good college pitcher Good pitcher to use for college. It is compact, perfect for 1 person use, and has a nice color to it.
This product is a great size. The pitcher is perfect for dorm rooms, although, at least in my dorm, it can't fit under the sink in my room is be filled up. Otherwise, taste is great, water is cool (doesn't get warm quickly), and is a good size.
Excellent for our lifestyle! As a military family we travel often and a lot! Not only are Brita's products reliable and true to their word, they also taste great state to state! From my toddler to my house guests, we all are impressed with Brita's pitchers!
Awesome product Bought this becuase I just got my own place and my bf won't drink tap water. This has saved us so much money because we are not buying water bottles any more.
Excellent Easy to use and great tasting water. Highly recommend!
Had it for many years I have had my Atlantis for about 6 years now and love it. It has my husband and me drinking more water instead of soda. I only wish it was bigger now!
Same great Brita project I've always used This product is great. It's slim and fits perfectly inside the fridge. The top is a little loose, though, and it can come off easily.
Better Tasting Brita pitchers provide better tasting water. The brand Brita also reassures me that impurities are filtered out.
Pitcher Sleek, Easy to use, I would never drink water before. Only soda, However we had a scare with my health. Now I drink a full pitcher a day. This is Great.Thanks Brita. Wish we'd bought a bigger pitcher.
I love my Atlantis pitcher!!! My 3 roommates and I share it because its big enough for all of us to have water when we want it, but small enough for all of our food to still fit in the refrigerator.
Great but we need a larger one Great product but we now need a larger one. Water taste great.
This product makes tap water taste great. I am a person who is picky with tap water and bottle water. In all restuarants I will not drink the water they serve due to the impurities in the water that I can taste. With a Brita, it removes all of those and makes the water taste fresh and crisp. We have been using a Brita system for over 15 years now and love every glass. Even trust it to fill the my sons bottles with. Thank you!
This product is small and convenient I bought this product over the PUR pitcher because of the compact size, which fits well in my refrigerator. Also, the price/cost of replacing a water filter. The BRITA filter was less expensive to the PUR water filter.
Great We've used these pitchers for years. We love them.
Great product This pitcher is the perfect size for me. One fill of the top chamber fills my 32 oz Nalgene perfectly. I have one at home and one at work.
Great product Great product large compacity, great taste, and easy to use.
PERFECT IN SMALL FRIDGE I live in a small apt in NYC and have a smaller refrigerator so this fits perfect.
Great! We have had this picture for a very long time (and we are terrible at replacing the filters) and the water always tastes great!
This product was great! The pitcher is great to always have filtered water around. It's easy to use and saves me from buying disposable water bottles.
My family loves it! We use this one and a larger one in our house and we love it. We have iron in our water and keeping it in the fridge it would turn yellow in no time. Using this pitcher we always have great tasting, clear, cold water all the time. We actually drink alot more water now.
Makes water taste great Even water from the nastiest looking faucet tastes great out of the Brita. Highly recommended.
Excellent water filter pitcher & very affordable This Brita filtered water pitcher works great; so long as filter is replaced approx. every 2-3 months, water tastes extremely fresh. For reference, my residence gets its tap water supply from a local boating/fishing reservoir. A+ product!
Great for two It is a little tall for our refrigerator shelf, but other than that has great tasting water.
Love my pitcher! I have a dog that HAS to have filtered water due to kidney issues, and we don't have a refrigerator that has filtered water in it. I bought a BRITA pitcher because our faucet water has high levels of things in it, and I absolutely LOVE it!! It does exactly what it should, filter water. My dogs love it, I love the taste. I definitely will continue to use it even if we get a filtration system refrigerator.
Very convenient I love this pitcher, it fits nicely in my fridge for storing and my sink for refilling.
Great Space-saver We recently added this Brita product for our second refrigerator which is a side-by-side. Our 10-cup took up too much space. Product is easy to use, well balanced with a comfortable handle. The feature we DO NOT like is the overflow, which can dribble water across the floor creating a potentially hazardous situation. Not sure why Brita felt the need to add this, as none of our other pitchers have it and there is no issue with carrying a bit of water up in the fill zone.
This product was great for college use I am a college student and I love having this brita filter pitcher in my room. it saves me money on water bottles and i get clean fresh water
This is so easy to use! We have well water and it helps clean out all the dirt and chlorine from the water and allows use to taste refreshing water again without buying bottles!!!
Great tasting water is always at hand! I love my Brita pitcher! We keep ours filled and in the fridge all year long. Replacing filters is a breeze. Doesn't take up too much room either!
Wouldn't be without it! We've had this pitcher for many years and would not want to be without it. Although my fridge has filtered water, it doesn't dispense it quickly enough, especially since I use filtered water to make tea, coffee, Gatorade, Kool-Aid & juice. Since I switched to using this, I've been unable to drink water from my tap, even with ice. You can definitely tell the difference!
This product is great! Very easy to use, easy to change filters, great for the environment.
Great tasting my kiddos love water and Brita! What a great way to save $$
Great pitcher The water tastes amazingly crisp and it is so thin, it fits into almost any space.
Great product! It's a compact small size for one person, but it has the easy opening top for convenient refills.
Refrigerator Door I wanted a refrigerator-door sized brita that was a bit larger & this was it. Yes, it was pricier but the space savings make it worth it since I drink water ALL DAY.
Great product My son likes the size of this pitcher. He thinks it is his own personal water bottle!
Water Flows Slowly Into Pitcher We have the "Oceania" pitcher and love it! However, we purchased the "Atlantis" pitcher for mom (who is single) and once we insert the Brita filter, the water flows into the pitcher very, very slowly.
Love it I love this pitcher. The slim design doesn't take up too much space in the fridge.
Simple and effective We purchased the Atlantis water filter about 3 months ago. Our tap water is okay, but using the filter ensures a great taste. The filter quickly processes the equivalent to about 4 glasses and as that water is poured, water stored in the upper reservoir is then filtered. This meets our need but in a busy household you may need a larger pitcher capable of holding more water or a faucet filter.
Easy to use & budget friendly! There are 3 adults in my household, and this thing is always flying out of the fridge. It is a great compact size. I would recommend it for smaller families on a budget. Save the world, reduce!
great water, a bit clunky in the fridge This may be just my experience, but it tends to leak a little and so you may want to be careful putting it gently into your fridge. It doesn't like to bump up against anything.
Not quite big enough- but perfect for tight spaces I really wish this pitcher had a larger capacity but I guess if it did I wouldn't love it so much for being skinny and not taking up my entire refrigerator. So, if you are short on space but love filtered water AND you want a little splash of color (love the deep blue!) then go for this one and you won't be disappointed!
This product save money This product was great when I was pregnant was with my second child. I have to drink plenty of fluid to keep hydrate but can not stand the chlorine taste in faucet water, and bottle water was too expensive. I gave this product a try and I was amaze that it filter all the chlorine and mineral in faucet water. The water was extra sweet, I save money and still keep myself and the baby healthy. Thank you
Atlatis Pitcher is AWESOME! I have 2 kids and both of them hate drinking out of the tap I have always had such a hard time getting them to drink water until I bought this I catch my youngest going to the fridge to get his own water and gulping it down faster than he can shut the door...I am so happy I got this it is a great product!
This product has a great design We now have two Brita water pitchers and I absolutely love the sleek design of the Atlantis. Does a great job.
Saves a ton of money I am a big fan of this product. The water tastes great and we save a bunch of money on bottled water, plus I am saving the earth at the same time.
Great for Coffee Maker This is especially a good filtration system if you're using one of the new Keurig type coffee systems. It prevents scaling and makes the coffee taste even better.
Simple and Effective Have had it for a while and it works great and is easy to use.
Great for the price. This pitcher is resonably priced and fits nicely in my fridge.
Excellent in Atlantis This is a wonderful water dispenser and cannot wait to get the water bottle!!
Excellent Pitcher This fits so easily in my refrigerator door and my kids can use it with ease. Love the style!
This pitcher is very convenient & easy to use. I keep 2 in my home - one in the kitchen & one in the bath. I even use this filtered water to cook. Tap water just isn't on my radar now. Thank you, Brita!
Like it! Got this for a wedding present two years ago and really like it. However, I would like to upgrade to a fancier model. I like the digital displays and the sleeker designs of some of the other pitchers. This one still works very well so I am holding off on getting a new one.
Love it We drink a lot of water in this house and we use it to refill our Klean Kanteen's. Works wonderfully!
Great product for it's money Easy, fit in fridge & convenient for everyday usage.
Atlantis pitcher I love my pitcher, it was given to me as a gift and I use it all the time. I store it in the fridge for cold water. It's so easy to clean also. I cannot see me going through the day without my pitcher. My son is moving out and wants to take it with him. I would truly recommend this pitcher to everyone.
Great I have a small apartment size fridge, this fits perfect into it. Also I love the color, the blue makes the water look even clearer, if that makes sense.
My whole family loves this pticher We've been enjoying drinking our own water, cool and refreshing and no chlorine taste! This pitcher has been the best investment. We've saved a bundle on bottled water and we feel better about the environment too. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone in my family said what a great idea I had buying this pitcher. I bought a second pitcher to use at work.
awesome awesome pitcher and filter system, water is crisp and unbeatable.. incredible...
This pitcher does a wonderful job. The pitcher is the perfect size for my husband and me. The filter does a great job of filtering our town water. The water has a much better taste after it has been filtered.
I love my Brita! I have an older model of the Atlantis. Mine actually has the electronic filter indicator and I love it. This is a great product for someone who doesn't have the space for one of the larger pitchers, but still wants the wonderful benefits of having a Brita pitcher. I have had mine for years (so many that I can't remember exactly how long it has been). If you don't have a Brita, I would certainly recommend one and if you have limited space in your fridge, the Atlantis is a great buy!
Great basic product! I bought my Brita pitcher almost 3 yrs ago - works great! It's a basic model but completely fits my needs. Love love LOVE it! :) I don't ever buy bottled water; I just use my pitcher and my re-usable bottle.
convenience! it cuts down on the water bottles that I have to put into the recycle bin, it's very convenient to fill a bottle up before I go to the gym!!
Great for small households! This pitcher works great for single family households. I bought it for my daughter for college and it worked great in her dorm room refridgerator.
Easy to use! I love my pitcher! Its great and saves alot of money! Its very easy to find the cartriges also. Overall would recommend this to any one!!
SImple Yet Elegant I live in a town where the tap water is not as pleasant to drink as it could be. I also live with a woman who likes her kitchen appliances to have style. The solution was quite simple- Brita.
Environment, Taste Don't need to buy water in bottle anymore which is more expensive and heavier.. The only thing to purchase again is the filter.
Perfect for College Students! I use this product in my dorm at school. It fits nicely inside my mini-fridge and I enjoy having filtered water! Great product, easy to use. The only thing I would change is the size, because of the amount of water I drink! Otherwise I love having a brita filter :)
Great Pitcher Really like it, perfect size for small kitchen, makes water taste great and very easy to use.
This product is the perfect size. I love the slim oval shap of this picther it is the perfect size to fit into my fridge with all my other drink containars that I have.
Great for a small household My husband and I use this product for all of our filtered water needs. It is perfect for just the two of us and the filter change reminder on top is perfect for people with busy schedules!
Good filter, not so convenient lid This pitcher works like all the other Brita pitchers I've ever owned -- great! I bought this because I'm in college and don't have much fridge space sharing with 3 other people. This also means I don't have a large sink. The shape of the lid makes it very difficult to fill up through the flap on the lid without knocking it off and spilling water everywhere. Besides that, it's a good pitcher. It fits in the side door of my fridge, which is a major plus!
Best Wedding Gift We got a Brita filter for a wedding gift and I'm a firm believer!! I dont drink as much water as I should and since gettin the Brita we drink water all the time... its convenient and so easy to use. Competitors cants match it's easy to use design.
Great, healthy convenient This pitcher is the best I have had. It fits easily in the refrigerator, holds enough water so refilling is convenient and not endless plus I love the taste of the water. The email reminders on changing the filter are part of my normal routine. I recommend this pitcher for everyone.
This is an awesome alternative to bottled water I used to always drink bottled water, but needed a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to drink water. Brita pitchers offer fresh tasting water for a very low cost. I was amazed at how the filter eliminated the sulfur odor and taste from my water. The only issue I have had is with the small amount of unfiltered water that leaks out of the top container when pouring, but this only happens if I am impatient and don't wait for the full container to filter.
Great tasting water Hi -- I love this water pitcher !! I do not like to drink water @ all but this tastes so good that I actually enjoy drinking water.
Lasts a long time I have had my pitcher for a few years and the only thing that has happened is the cover on the top broke off. I still am able to use it, though. I have been using Britta pitchers for several years now and will continue to do so. The water tastes great!
This product offers great features I love the sticker reminder to change the filter, we live a hectic life and if it weren't for that sticker, the filter would not get changed regularly.

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