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6 Cup pitcher



A smaller filtration pitcher perfect for personal use or for smaller households. The modern, round carafe style, popular features and Always BPA-free materials make it great for everyday use.

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Bella 5 44
Pitcher poor fit We had a Brita pitcher several years with no problems. We were given this Brita Space Saver 5 cup. It has been trouble since I put water in it. The top is so loose it falls off with the least bump. When using it if it bumped the least the top falls off into the pitcher or on the floor. There is no lip to hold the top on.. Very little testing by Engineering Department.
Great Taste I just purchased pitcher because I wanted good coffee in the morning. I been using tap water and I tried bottled water and it did help the taste. Instead of wasting money on bottled water to make coffee, this was a cheaper route. The only downside (minor) is the time it takes to set-up. After you soak the filter for 15 minutes, the first two pitchers full of water has to be dumped out to remove any dust or particles from the filter. The fill-up of the pitcher is kind of slow since you have to fill it in the reservoir and it goes through the filter. After the initial set-up and the water was in the fridge for a few hours, I sampled some of it and it was worth it. Tastes like the stuff you buy. I would recommend this product .
easy to use I have well water - I have a feeling it is safe -- but I have used brita for many years and I like it -- I also have a very small container to take on trips because I don't know what the water is like else where --
Great! I love this product and in my town the water is very unhealthy to drink straight from the tap so this product is probably saving my life! Thanks Brita!
This is a great product This is great to use and it removes odor and bad tastes from the water.
Fits my needs Recently bought new faucet which is not compatible with any of the faucet filters on market. The pitcher requires a little more effort on my part, but works just great.
The water taste better than bottled I never liked the taste of my tap water and it smelled like bleach so i was surprised to find that when I used the Brita it actually made my water taste better than bottled water.
Pitcher dribbles If you tilt the pitcher too far, the water dribbles off the spout. This can make quite a mess. Other than that, we were pleased with the filter.
Great product! Water taste terrific, filter lasts a decent amount of time, and worth not using so many water bottles!
Poor Flavor I've followed the pre-use filter instructions and filling of water at a slow pace and not directly over the filter itself. I'm on my second filter and my water still has an odd flavor to it. I want the "lack of" taste in the water found in my friend's square pitcher and lid opening model.
This product worked great, but... I use my britta bella pitcher, religiously. It really does take out the clorine smell and the water has no taste. Water has to taste. The city water tastes great after going thru this pitcher. After using this product for a while, I noticed that the seam where the bottom is glued to the body and handle part, had fungus growing in the seam. I soaked the pitcher in bleach and soap water, but it did no good. I was really grosed out by this growth. When I reported it, the representative for Britta asked me if I wash my pitcher and told me to do what I had already tried. I was my pitcher, at least once a week, if not more. It was only that this time that the light hit it just right and I looked closer at it. I love Britta filters. I guess I need to look at the pitchers closer before I purchase them. They really need to make them seamless or glued better than they are!!
Love this Bella model! This pitcher is so much better than the Spacesaver one that I returned. We love the modern style of it, and the fact that the lid stays on even after filling the reservoir and pouring the filtered water almost at the same time. It's so much better and convenient.
I love it I got this pitcher just because my new boyfriend prefers filtered water. But now I love it, and I'll never go back to tap.
Fabulous Wonderful for my dorm. Perfect size for me and my roommate and is definitely easy to use.
good i love drinking water from this
We could not use the faucet feature and needed to buy the Brita pitcher We needed to have a way to have filtered water for my husband to use with his C-Pap machine as well for us to drink and for cooking. We recently moved to a new home from city maintained water system (we now have well water)and needed to use filtered water. Our new faucets could not handle the weight of the Brita system so we brought the pitcher and we absolutely love it. It is so easy and the water taste great. I would recommend this to everyone!!!
perfect for my tiny place :) cute portable and save money my having my brita filter pitcher. Always loved your products and this suites my needs.
Great Water Low Price The pitcher is handy, fits under our spout, and is a convenient size for the fridge.
Great size for smaller households I purchased this product to replace a larger pitcher I had for many years, like the size and convience of this pitcher and the date reminder.
Small but works I live in a household of 3 adults and 3 children and we go through an amazing amount of water. Our faucet adapter broke and right now we could afford nothing more than this small one, but it does the job well. Easy fit in fridge.
Cute Design Fits nicely in fridge, most containers are to tall.
Great Smaller Pitcher Im off to college and wanted some cleaner water. This pitcher is the perfect size for what I need it for. Ive been using it for a few weeks and love it! It filters quickly and I have no complaints.
Great tasting Very easy fill. Only downside with this is that the water flows slowly thru the filter when refilling. Water tastes great.
Great water taste! Very easy to use, even the kids can fill it when it needs it! Easy pour.Love the taste of the water. Very clean, pure taste. We have to leave the pitcher on the counter and the water still tastes great!! The direction say to throw out the water if it sits longer than 3-4 days , but ours never sits that long. Wonderful investment. Much cheaper than bottled water and better for environment! :) Only negative is that the water flows thru the filter on the slow side, when filling.
I love this pitcher! I love this pitcher! It was an upgrade from my one I had for years. I love the pop top for easy refills!
Just right! This pitcher is just right for our family. It fits perfectly in the refrigerator, is easy to fill and we always have great tasting water on hand!
Great really works and saves me money because I used to buy packs of deer park water.
Inexpensive and easy to use. Smaller pitcher so occupies less space. Attractive carafe design makes it appealing for table use.
Great filtration pitcher For the most part we love our Brita pitcher. The only thing I don't like is the lid when trying to fill it I can't just lift the lid I have to take it off, because of our faucet. So I don't know if its our faucet or just the design of the lid. But it's not that much of an inconvenience. We did have the pitcher for almost a month and the reservoir cracked. I called in and they sent me a replacement piece out the next day. I was very impressed, and we haven't had any problems since then
Great Little Pitcher for Home or Office I bought this pitcher for my office and my whole team uses this pitcher for their drinking water and for making coffee in the mornings. The water tastes so much better than the tap water from our local city. I would highly recommend this pitcher for anyone who wants to ensure their water is filtered and has a great taste!
A+++ great pitcher, fresh and refreshing water to drink...
Perfect Size This pitcher is the perfect size and does not take up too much room in the fridge making fresh cold water always ready to drink!
Great Product Have been using Brita pitchers for years and this is a great design! Thanks!!
Love Brita! I've been using Brita products for about 2 years and I love them! The Bella pitcher is absolutely perfect for me! It's small and fits perfectly in my fridge!
Great small pitcher I'm pregnant and started noticing that my tap water had a "taste." This pitcher has been a life-saver! It completely removed any of the smells or tastes that my water has. It is a little on the small side, but that's the option I chose. When I pour a glass of water, I immediately refill it. It's nice because it doesn't take up a lot of room in my fridge, and it looks nice enough to sit on the table at dinner time.
Freedom I like the freedom from buying bottle water and I like being able to offer my guests water from my water picture and knowing that I am offering the best.
Perfect size! We love that the Bella fits compactly in our fridge and provides us with safe(r) drinking water in a jiffy! We also take this along to our summer lakehouse.
Awesome pitcher! Perfect size for my mini fridge at work. It has saved so me so much money not having to purchase bottled water. We have one at home too!
Would go Bigger I have been happy with this product overall. Got a great deal but would like to get a bigger one for my family.
Love all Brita products! This is a nice sized pitcher for a one person household. Brita filtered water always tastes great. I used to own the first filter bottle Brita made and am excited that they have revived that product.
Works perfectly! I have well water, and this pitcher still turns my iron filled water into perfect tasting clear water!
We saved $$$ - no more bottled water! We love this product. We used to buy gallons of spring water, but found that filtered water from Brita tastes fantastic and seems even better than spring water. We also cleaned up our home from all of the water gallons we used to stockpile. Very satisfied with this product!
All needed and more Upgrading from Space Saver. NO spillage and recessed top make this so much cleaner and less messy. I should have known.

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