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8 Cup pitcher



This mid-size pitcher is great for any household, and it’s Always BPA-free. Its stylish oval chrome design fits perfectly in most refrigerator doors, and looks great from kitchen to table.

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Chrome 5 131
Great Product This is the best water pitcher. My kindergarten thinks it is Amazing
Waste of Money Worst pitcher ever! Nothing gets filtered. I used a brand new filter and it did nothing. It actually made the tap water worse. All the carbon from the filter goes into the water. The pitcher leaks water everywhere. I love Brita water, but after this whole mess I'll definitely be looking for a new filtration system. Thanks for nothing!
TOP DOES NOT STAY ON! Maybe my model is older and it has been improved. The top on our model does not stay on. VERY FRUSTRATING! it continually falls off or is knocked off. When you fill the dispenser with tap water, you have to wait for all the water to filter or it pours out all over the counter! Horrible design! Do not buy.
Great and Safe Well i have been using brita from quite a long time and and very well recommend my friends to use the same and they too have done so its really safe and healthy.
I like the ease of making clear water I like the taste of my coffee now.
Good until paint peeled off chrome We have had this pitcher for over a year and loved the slim design as it fits into fridge easily. The paint has bubbled on the chrome lid now and is peeling off. That cannot be a good thing.
Don't care for the pitcher I purchased the pitcher a few months ago and I don't care for it at all, it's bulky, it sweats in the fridge and is very heavy when full. I always used the dispenser but when my old one wasn't working right I purchased this one. If I still had the receipt I would return it to Target.
Excellent Product with a minimal cost I love my Brita pitcher; it helps me remember to drink the clean water my body needs. We have pretty good water in our city, but the water has additives that I do not want for myself or family. We enjoy good taste and good health at a very low cost.
Taste and even feel the difference. Purchased in a new Brita pitcher & dispenser water filtration system, hoping to help improve the taste of our tap water ( I drink a lot of tap water), and to make coffee & tea with. I am amazed how much better the taste and feel of the water improved, it is like night and day different; I had been concerned about the smell and taste/feel of the city tap water, for too much copper, mercury, cadmium, chlorine, and excessive fluoride. This is the first filtering system not attached to the faucet itself, and I was not sure what to expect at first, but after my first couple glasses of water, and coffee today, I am well pleased with the pitcher system, and very very satisfied with how much difference it has made in our coffee.
Love Brita filters BUT I am very disappointed in them lately. I have bought a package of three filters and the sand or filter or whatever that goes in there to filter the water leaked out of the filter and into the water. The water turned black and was absolutely disgusting. I'm hoping it was a bad batch of filters, but as a user of your products for well over a decade, I was really disappointed in this latest purchase of the filters.
i like the brita 1 complaint (lid does not stay on top COMPLAINT ....The lid on my pitcher does not stay on pitcher.keeps falling off & the front piece doesn't want to stay on .
Nice and compact I've had this pitcher for several years and like it because it is narrow and doesn't take up too much room in the fridge. It is easy to fill and looks nice as well. I did have a problem with the flip up lid hinges breaking after a couple years but Brita sent me a replacement at no charge so I can't really complain about that.
This product design is great for storing in refrigerator I find that this pitcher's design is great for use in my refrigerator. Easy to store other items on same shelf. Saves on space.
Good product This filter works very good. One complaint is the top cover doesnt latch so when you pour water, you need to hold the lid so it doesnt fall off.
Fits well in my fridge I love Brita Pitcher I have been using Brita for over 8 years now
Toodys Coffee Just bought a new coffee maker and need to use fl\filter water. also for drinking
Great filter do not like pitcher Do not like the split top design. Wish I had waited til I had the money to buy a different design.
The pour spout spills everytime I had the classic shape Brita filter for 10 years and it worked fine but my mother in-law complained that it was old and bought a new one when she was watching our place. She bought the Chrome one probably because it was more expensive and in her mind that means better but it spills every time we use it. At first I thought it was just the little flap being down but even with it propped up water spills. I had a friend who had one like it about 6 years ago and it did the same thing. Fix your flawed design. I'm going to take it back and try out the Classic since that looks like my old one
I love the sleek design and color. My daughter was diagnosed with IBD., and one of her dr. suggested to drink plenty of water. I was buying a lot of bottled water and spending too much money. Recently I read article about brita filtration system and I bought the pitcher. I'm lovin it eversince.
Awesome pitcher, but... This is our 4th or 5th Brita pitcher over the years. We love the taste of our water after it comes from the pitcher, and will never stop using one. However, we fell for the sexy chrome look of this one and seemed to overlook the fact that the fill lid's hinge is flimsy. We've only had this pitcher for about 6 months now, and already one of the smallplastic tabs that makes up the hinge connection point snapped off while filling. Too bad the product planners didn't do enough durability testing and redesign. Argh!
pitcher safe to use water taste good-save money and is good for the earth
Lid I have had two of these and the lid keeps falling off but then again that's less of a hassle putting water in so...
This product makes water taste good It is so easy to just go open the "fridge" and pour a glass of good cold clean water. I find that I drink a lot more water during the day/night than I did before getting this pitcher. It is well worth getting, both from an environmental and health standpoint.
Great for a dorm room. I bought this pitcher because there is no filtered water in my dorm. It is very convenient in the sense that I can fill it up my Nalgene or Camelbak and have great tasting water. I also have a Brita Bottle, but sometimes I enjoy switching water bottles. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to save money, and anyone trying to cut down on bottled water waste. The only downside is that the water takes a while to filter through.
Great pitcher works everytime - have had for 6 months without a single glitch
Excellent I love the electronic filter monitor and the easy fill lid!!!
Great Capacity Very easy to use and to fill. Holds a lot of water. Love all the new colors.
Stylish and good fit Just bought this as a replacement for our 15 year old pitcher. I like the electronic reminder. Much better than the filter top dial. Even though it is a bit bigger than our old one, It fits in the fridge quite well.
LOVE IT!!! I love our new pitcher...and the timer feature on the only negative issue with it is the cover doesnt close super easy. Defiantely not the end of the world....I recommend this product.
Great overall product! I absolutely love this pitcher! I've had mine for several years now and it still works wonderfully. It has a stylish and simple design that looks great in any kitchen. My only complaint is that the open-up compartment on top does not open to a full 90 degree angle, making it difficult to fill in a small sink. Other than that, perfect pitcher!
Pure water -- Fast We got this as a wedding gift.. My wife couldn't taste the differences between tap water and bottled water. since we have used this brita filter she can now taste a difference. it's pure water!
The best pitcher The electronic reminder is very helpful! The water tastes great!!
Great, but heavy to hold. Very sophisticated look, but the pitcher is heavy.
Excellent Product! I received this as a gift at my bridal shower and absolutely love it! I'm very picky about the taste of my water, and this makes all water taste great! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a water filter. I also love the indicator on the top to remind me to change the filter. What a great idea!
Great Use for $aving Money on Bottle Water We have been using this Brita Pitcher in our family for years. It works great, simple to use and provides a great tasting product
sleek design I love this pitcher! So easy to handle and does not take up much space in the fridge.
Great pitcher I'm very happy with this product. I have had the same one for years with no problems.
Easy to use I bought this Brita pitcher as we live in a small town without high quality water systems so our water can be smelly and less than great tasting. The Brita pitcher immediately takes away any smell and taste and gives us clean great tasting water again. Before purchasing this pitcher I could only drink bottled water.
Pure water This product is great. Crisp tasting water, and the electronic filter change reminder is a nice feature.
Matches my kitchen! Love the Chrome Brita Pitcher! Works like a charm! No issues!
Great product!!! I love this product. I wasn't drinking enough water, after this gift...I drink more than enough. It makes a HUGE difference. And the water filter reminder ON the pitcher is a great convenience.
I couldnt live without my brita pitcher I have used these for a long time because our regular tap water is not very tasty. Besides I like to make sure my water is filtered. Great product!
This product is really useful By using this product, my husband and I drink so much more water than we used to. It is just so nice to have fresh, clean, cold water at your disposal. Great product.
Overall Great wedding Gift! It may just be the local store I shop at, but I tend to not find it too easy to find my replacement filters for my faucet filtration system but I also LOVE this pitcher. My husband and I got it at a Wedding Registry gift back in February and we use it all the time:) Highly recommend this item for anyone to save on bottled water and a hassle.
Great tasting water! Easy to use, great taste. A little heavy when it's full.
Love it This product is amazing and I would highly recomend it to any one!!
Enduring and Attractive This is perfect for a household of 2 water-only drinkers. Friends have been impressed by the looks, as well, and gone out to buy their own. After 4 years of use, the chrome coating on the inside of the lid is flaking off, and two little pieces have broken off the hinge, but it's still functional! Impressive!
Great! Easy to use, easy to fill and love the automatic filter reminder!
Excellent product I just love this product and the fact that by using it I can keep plastic water bottles out of the garbage is even better. I would recommend this to anyone.
This product is shaped perfectly. I like how it can fit the fridge perfectly. The round one would take up too much space.
A must have You get the same great tasting filtered water. Only this time, it's styling!
Great Pitcher!! Highly recommend this pitcher, stores quite a bit of water when you get done working out and you need some fresh healthy water!
Very Satisfied! This is one of the first things my husband and I bought when we got married & it has been well worth every penny that we spent purchasing it & the filters. We love how easy it is to fill up & how quickly the filter cleans the water!
Have used this product for years I have been using my Brita for many years now. The water always tastes good and it has an easy system to reminding me when to change the filter. The product is amazing and I would tell anyone who doesn't want to taste the faucet water to get a Brita Pitcher... and yes, I even used it in college.
Useful and attractive I bought my pitcher for my office. It fits great in our refridgerator and looks great on our conference table! Impressive and delicious! Can't beat that combo. Easy to refill, easy to use, great tasting water, classy and stylish to boot! Can't say enough good things about this product. Don't just try it......Buy it! I think this is their best pitcher yet!
Best tasting water I love this pitcher and can't wait to get the reusable bottles.
I love my Brita! Not only is this pitcher stylish, it produces great-tasting water! It holds a very convenient amount of water for 2 people, although I live alone. It is also a great size for my refrigerator, which is not very big. I love the electronic filter reminder because it always helps me keep on eye on my filter change (along with the electronic reminders - I never forget). I only rate the pitcher 'good' instead of 'excellent' for the "Easy to Use" category because the flip lid comes off sometimes, which is a little annoying. Other than that, it's a great pitcher!
Easy to use! This product is easy to use to help you when you want great tasting water... it even works great for my grandmother because it is not to heavy!
Just got this pitcher Easy to refill and takes up less space in fridge
perfect product for drinking water I bought this product for over one year and I like it very much. It is easy to use and take care. It saves us money for the bottle water and protect the environment. it is a perfect product except its electric indicator sometime doesn't work. Hope it can be improves the design in the new version.
Great picher! I've been using this pitcher for four years now and love it!
Keeps a reliable stash of clean water cool and handy I bought this for myself after experiencing the harder water in my college's mountainous location. Overall it has served me well. I wish the gray input bucket was a little larger so I didn't need two refills to fill the clear output bucket. I was disappointed that the gauge is just a timer and is not connected to the actual filter condition. I will have to see this fall if it will fit in my dorm room refrigerator.
The Best! I absolutely love this product because it make my hectic day so very simple. Replace the filter hit start and no fuss no muss, it reminds ME when to change the can't get it any better than that!!!
Love the electronic filter gauge This a great pitcher. Fits nicely in the refrigerator and I love the filter monitor on the lid which allows reminds when to change the filter.
Tastes great but heavy This works great, but it's kind of heavy when full - should have got a smaller one!
great product This brita is one of best one and it's simple to use and it has timer. It's slim compare to the rest
I love the easy reminder. Fits perfectly on every shelf in the fridge. Love it. Clean, crisp taste!
This product was easy to use!!! We got this product as a weeding gift and we love it. It is very easy to use and and I just love the easy to read indicator, that tells you how close you are til you need to change the filter.
Excellent Customer Service The most impressive feature of all Brita products is their exemplary customer service support. I had a plastic piece on the pitcher crack, called customer service and received an appology and replacement part free of charge. Customer Service - #1 ! !
Great product! This is a great product! The reminder to change your filter is helpful! You always know when it needs to be changed!
Great tasting water! This makes good well-water taste great! So easy to use & with the reminders on the web, I get notices when to change the filters as well as on the pitcher itself!
I love it! It has Great Features Easy to use. Excellent for Health Reason I definitely recommended.
Great pitcher I like the updated monitor for when to change the filter from the sticker version.
Modern and useful I love the color that matches the stainless steel appliances, plus the shape that allows for more room in our fridge!
This product is worth the money I use my pitcher to filter my Hungarian Vizsla and German Shepard's can never be to safe nowadays and my dogs are my family.
My family and I love this pitcher! My kids and I love this product! It is easy to use and the water tastes great. We would recommend it to anyone.
This product has a good slim shape and a built in filter monitor. Would love it if the cover would stay up on its own or lift off to refill.
We like this pitcher much better than our previous round one We love this pitcher. We've always loved the way that Brita makes our water taste. We bought a new refrigerator that has a built-in replaceable water filter, but it didn't compare! We decided to change to this style from our round shaped Brita pitcher after trying this one at my brother's house. It is slimline and almost rectangular, so it fits much better on a top shelf of the fridge or on the fridge door. We also like the fact that the spout is covered. You can't go wrong with this pitcher!
L'électronique "reminder" est une merveilleuse astuce. Je ne buvais pas souvent d'eau, car je n'en aimais pas le goût. Je m'étais trouvé une sorte d'eau en bouteille dont le goût me plaisait. Depuis que l'on m'a fait goûter à l'eau Brita, je possède mon propre pichet et je bois beaucoup plus d'eau. Bravo!
Great Taste This is the first and only water filtration system that I've ever purchased. It was all that I anticipated it to be. Great value!
great taste We love this pitcher. It makes our water taste great. The reminder on the top helps me remember to change my filters - I never remembered with my old pitcher.
This pitcher is an excelent option for a small family I have this pitcher and my family love the fact of having clean good tasting water in a matter of seconds.
This product is amazing! It is the perfect size for my apartment sized refrigerator. Its features make filling it up easy. Makes my tap water taste great!
Easy to use This was the first filter system I bought and was afraid it was going to be a waste. I live in a city where the water just tastes horrible and is very hard. The Brita pitcher has been a wonderful help in encouraging me to drink more water and stop buying bottled water. I would recommend this pitcher to everyone that lives here!
Worth the price! This product makes tap water taste better and is easy to use. It is also easy to replace filters and they usually last for two months. The only thing is when it's almost time to replace the filter; the water starts to taste like the regular tap water again. I love this product because it gets rid of the nasty chlorine, metallic, etc taste that tap water has.
Easy to use and very conventient! This product is a wonderful choice for anyone that needs to clean water and drink it quickly. We have had our pitcher for 3 years and love it!
Love this pitcher - highly recommend I bought this pitcher and love it! Brita is a name you can trust, always good products
Fresh taste; easy to serve I recently bought this pitcher in an effort to avoid plastic water bottles. We have a well, but water filtered through this pitcher is fresh tasting and clear. I often add herbs and fruit slices for flavoring - delicious! It is also easy to pour for such a large sized pitcher
Worth it for a healthy you. This pitcher holds the amount of water everyone should drink daily and you don't have to refill it. I use it in the office and it fits perfectly on my desk and looking at it reminds me to finish it before leaving work each day.
Product is convenient and easy to use. Product has a great footprint in the 'fridge; it doesn't take up much room. It is easy to use and very convenient.
This model is just right for the countertop or refrigerator We did have the large dispenser model, but found that took up too much room, both on the counter or in the refrigerator. This works perfectly for our needs and is also easier for the kids to handle.
Great style and features! Great stylish product that does the job!! Super tasty water!
this brita pitcher is a must have! Not only is it stylish and chrome but bring a unique taste that not only hydrates you but is also refreshing, I would recommend this product to any who loves fresh water and a distinct taste that is like no other.
This works Great! We use this alot.It works real well.Great Tasting Water!
Great Product I love this. My only complaint is that sometimes when I am pouring water from the pitcher into a glass or something, the lid will open. I just hold it down with the other hand if that happens though.
Great tasting water I purchased this product after we moved to an area whose water is supplied by wells. The water is not tasty at all.This pitcher is easy to use and filters the water beautifully. It is a little awkward to fill, but the pitcher's spout doesn't splash at all, unlike other such pitchers. It is a little tough to lift, given the large capacity, but I don't mind, given that I don't need to be constantly refilling it.
this product is great I love my Pitcher but I don't like the fact the once the indicator goes out you can't change a battery. you are just stuck with a regular pitcher and have to guess when to change the filter.
Easy to use and looks good This pitcher is really nice looking and very easy to use. The filter change indicator is great too.
Love our pitcher. We use it non stop!! We use our pitcher to fill up liters and liters of plastic bottles and drink water all day long. The kids love the taste and we love the endless gallons of water we get from one filter!!!
I love the water from the pitcher. It is so easy to use and the water tastes great. I really love the filter replacement indicator. Sure beats having to deal purchasing and discarding bottled water.
Quality pitcher that lasts This pitcher has lasted through 5 years, 3 moves and 2 states. While my pitcher lid has broken (it comes totally off instead of just lifting up), the pitcher itself still works as good as the first day I bought it - including the counter-thingy that tells me when I need a new filter! Worth every penny and the classic chrome never goes out of style.
Okay, but..... The spout cover does not stay on, (the spout cover includes the area that holds the filter indicator to the very tip of the pour spout). Whenever the pitcher is tilted to pour, this part falls off. Other than that, the pitcher filters our water very nicely, making for tasty water.
Great Pitcher This type of Brita pitcher is easy to use and the filters are easy to find and replace. Whole Foods stores even recycle your used filters. A+
Love this product My husband and I used to buy bottled water and rent the cooler from an agency. A friend introduced us to the Brita pitcher and I am so glad she did. We were spending about $1200./ year for the bottled water and the rental of the cooler. Needless to say, we are saving a lot of money by going with the Brita pitcher and the water tastes as good as the bottled water. Every time I see someone in the grocery store buying 5 gallon bottles of water I talk to them about the cost savings by using the Brita pitcher. I like it so much I bought another pitcher for our camper and also talked my mother into buying one for her home.
This product is awesome Love the pitcher water taste great and I save lots of money buy not gaving to buy bottled water any more.
Healthy Water I used to buy bottled water by the gallon on occasion & now I no longer have to. This saves me money. The filters are expensive but I buy them online & get them cheaper. I love the chrome lid as it looks good & the filter change indicator is fantastic. For our family of 2 we use it for ourselves, our 3 pets & to water the plants. We've had our Brita for 2 years now & I've bought 2 family members Brita pitchers as presents.
Nice looking Nice design, fits well in fridge, love the chrome look, reminder on top is great....still working after 3 years!
This product is easy and convenient to use This is my second Brita pitcher but I especially like this pitcher because it has a built in timer that indicates when I need to change the filter. I also like this pitcher because I think it is really sharp looking with the chrome. It is also durable. I have owned this pitcher for at least 2 years and its still going strong.
Excellent product Great pitcher for a household of two people (plus a couple of pets). We use our filter for all of our drinking water, for our pets, and for filling our SodaStream bottles. The electronic indicator is very helpful so that you don't have to keep track on a calendar.
Great Taste, Not as convenient The water is always crisp and refreshing, however, it is not as convenient as other Brita products. The faucet products are lot easier to use. I find myself constantly filling up the pitcher; almost every use.
Love the Chrome color. matches our kitchen. Looks good in our kitchen. Easy to fill and keep handy. Use it to fill my coffee brewer. Great taste, no chlorine smell.
Purchased to replace an old one. For the past couple of years I and my family have been using Brita water filters and the taste is great!
This pitcher is sleek looking. Overall, I really like this pitcher. It looks really nice, it holds quite a bit of water and the filter indicator is very helpful in knowing when to replace it.
Nice Look! This product is sleek. It is convenient and is always being refilled by the family. It seems that we drink more water with this product handy!
Money saving product This product saves me a lot of money! Rather than buying bottled water, I just refill my filter pitcher and I'm good to go. So much more convenient, easy to use, and much less expensive! I definitely recommend this product!!
The narrow design fits great in the frig. I've used this product for over 5 years. My frig has a filtering system but I still filter the water with my Brita. The color is modern. The shape fits my frig. The water tastes great! No bottles to throw away. It even tells me when to change the filter.
Great Pitcher Not having to purchase bottled water is great! This pitcher makes our water taste great! I love the filter reminder too!

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