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White Dark-Blue
6 Cup pitcher



The original Brita® pitcher: classic design and Always BPA-free materials to meet your daily water filtration needs. Its smaller size is perfect for personal use or for smaller households.

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Classic 5 176
BRING BACK ORIGINAL CLASSICS I hate the idea that the filter sits in the water. I do not like the new "c lassic" at all. Nor do I like the new design of the "classic" faucet set up. I will be changing brands.
Very Unsatisfied I would not recommend this product to anyone. The lid does NOT stay on, it will fall off and water will spill everywhere. But that's not even the worst part! The filter produces disgusting water, sometimes even blackish water. It's gross and I do not use it ever! Waste of $20.00 I honestly just want my money back!
Ms Walters Excellent product, I own one four years, good taste!!! I had mine for years and I'm very pleased w this product. Isabel
Product has great features I had the slim model, and was finding it too small for making 6 cups of coffee or for filling a large glass. So I got this one on sale at Walgreens and seems it is enough bigger that I don't have to fill it as often. Also, cover comes off easier than the new slimline pitcher. Also, it fits in the door of my fridge where the other one went. Think this will work much better.
LOVE the fresh water I live in a town with awful tap water, so buying water is outrageous and wasteful. I love my brita filter, it gives great tasting water without killing the planet or my wallet.
I have been using Brita for about 7 yrs, its the only water I enjoy drinking because it tastes like it is fresh from a spring, I am happy to have found the Brita water pitcher & filters, I cant imagine living without it, because I drink water all day long & water from my Brita water pitcher actually makes drinking water more enjoyable.
So easy to use We originally bought the Brita Classic Pitcher for our son when he began college and was living in the dorms. After he moved into his own place, I "borrowed" his Brita pitcher to try it. It's very easy to use, and I actually drink more water now because I leave the pitcher on the counter and pour myself a nice glass of water every time I walk into the kitchen. Thanks for making me a healthier person!
This is a very helpful pitcher. I really like the taste of the water from the pitcher. It is so handy to use for drinking water as well as for pouring small amounts for various reasons. It is so easy to replace the filter and refill the pitcher.
Good Products from Brita I have the white pitcher & it's fine but I like the look of the colored ones better. Now can't afford to go back and get one. I like the construction of the new Britta Bottles but can't afford the cost. Can I get a coupon to help with that? I didn't like the drinking spout on my last bottle so gave it to my brother. He dropped his and the top broke off.
Benn I love the taste of the water from the pitcher compare with the taste of the water directly from my faucet. Did a taste test with family members works great.
just plain awful This is one of the worst products I've ever purchased as far as longevity and expectations are concerned. I had it for about a month when the pitcher simply fell apart. The lid never locked properly, the sensor that was intended to gauge use and provide a time line for filter replacement has never worked, and just last week the handle fell off. I would have been appeased if I could have found some contact information for the company but short of that I am left to vent on the internet. If you're looking for a filter choose another brand.
Reducing waste, saving the environment. I love the taste of filtered water and the reduction of plastic waste is a great byproduct. Great tasting clean water is very important to me and Brita delivers it.
It's so easy to use I can get instant clean water with my Brita pitcher. As a teacher, I just take it to the water fountain and fill it up. It's so good for the environment.
Love Love Love Brita Water I purchased this pitcher when I first got married 20 years ago. I loved it then and I still love it now. I loaned it to my father 15 years ago when he moved into a new house and his water was not so good. My father still has the original pitcher in his refrigerator, and he loves it so much that he has never returned it to me. I am going to purchase two water bottles for my twins who are allowed to keep a water bottle on their desks at school. They will be excited to finally get their own filtered water bottle. It will make them "happy, happy, happy!"
I use this all the time. I drink all of my water from this pitcher. It tastes great. I also spoil my dog and give her filtered water as well!
Great-tasting water! The Brita filter pitcher is super convenient. Its compact size fits perfectly in my small apartment fridge and I have really great-tasting water any time I want. My roommate and I used to buy a twenty-four bottle box every week and the Brita filter eliminated that cost and plastic waste. We love it!
How do I get my $2.00 off coupon ? haven't had a chance to review it yet. I want to know hoe to get the coupon that was promised.
health of my dog we first started using our brita as recomemded by our vet...that is right our dog had crystals in her urine and we thought it might be from all the minerals in the water here.....well thatis how we started using it ....3 years ago and no more problems with the dog and we love to use it for ourselves too.
Could use improvement I like the pitcher, but it's awkward to move when the water is filtering. Also, why not come out with different color lids - it could use a style update without having to buy a new one!
Good Product This pitcher works great! We have had it for about 8 months now and still use it on a daily basis. My one complaint would be that the filters are pretty expensive and I don't often see coupons for them. I ended up buying the off brand filters because they were $5 cheaper. They don't filter as quickly, but $5 every 3 months adds up fast! My family is on a budget and Brita keeps us from buying bottled water. However, we are having to settle for less than the best due to lack of coupons.
Simply the best I just love my Brita, nothing else out there compares. And I can't imagine a day without my Brita! I have had the pleasure of dealing with Customer Service at your company. It must be a pleasure to work there. Keep up the good work.
Better than tap Tastes better than the tap water I've been using. Water still doesn't taste superb.
Love this pitcher! So Great tasting water, easy to wash and fill. I like that the pitcher holds enough to fill once or twice a day, keeping the water fresh.
Classic Pitcher Great Durability *****
Great tasting Living in an old house, I didnt want to risk drinking water from copper pipes so we got a brita pitcher. My husband and I absolutely love the taste of the water.
This product is wonderfiul This product makes my water taste great and is easy to use. Also I always have cold water to drink.
Love Brita I wish I had bought a bigger pitcher because I love mine
Small Unless there is only one individual in your household, get a larger pitcher.
Can't go wrong with the classic This is the original brita system that I grew up with. Great size and would buy again.
Fresh,clean and easy Our city water is awful and it is so hard to get my son to drink it. Since purchasing the Brita Classic Pitcher - all he drinks is water!
Love this pitcher! I love how easy this pitcher is to use. The water always tastes so good!! I have one at home and one at work.
AMAZING! I simply would be lost without the great tasting, ice cold water of my Brita pitcher!!!
this product is great and easy to use. at first, i hesitated about having a pitcher, but when i finally bought one, the way the water cleaned itself in front of my eyes was amazing.
Great product at a great price point I got this pitcher as a replacement for my Brita faucet filter as it wasn't working on us anymore (the whole filter kept falling off at the slightest touch). I got a $4 off coupon on the Sunday paper so I decided to try the pitcher instead. I was originally thinking of getting the pitcher with an indicator, but then I saw the classic design was on sale so I got this instead. I'm so glad I did. The indicator wasn't much of a loss , and the pitcher setting works better for me than the faucet. It saves me time by just filling up the container, putting it in the fridge and that's it. Only thing I don't like is that some of the contents inside the filter kinda spill out of the filter container when you tip it to pour. But it just stays on the top part of the filter anyway and doesn't pour down onto the filtered water part so I guess I can live with it.
excellent product we keep it right by the coffee pot - our coffee tastes great thanks to the brita filtration.
One of the best purchases I've ever made. Purchasing this item not only saves me a bundle in cash, but also saves me the inconvenience of having to lug cases of water from the grocery store to my apartmnent. It's easy to use and does not take up too much room in my refrigerator. Water tastes great. I highly recommend buying a Brita pitcher.
This picture is so handy to have.... We use this everyday day in our home and could not live without it! Great product!
Great product very nice product. I was happy with my purcharse...
value for your money Its a good value for the money spent. We have been using this for years now. We just change filters and it still rocks.
Love this pitcher! Received as a gift. My daghters are now drinking water because it tastes so much better!
Good overall pitcher filter Good picture, love the handle, very cute and easy to use. Only thing I wish it had was a electronic filter indicator so that I can know when to change the filter exactly (depending on how much of the filter is used) instead of just changing it each month. I think only 2 people use this filter and it says it can be used for 2 months for family of 4.
Wonderful Tasting water Love the way my water tastes after it's filtered by my Brita pitcher. It just tastes pure and clean. Cleaning and replacing of the filter are easy!
Good product. This product is great, so glad they came up with the brita bottle as well. However, you don't offer too many coupons on these filters, it would be nice if you did.
Easy to use This is a great product I would reccomend it. Saves me lots of money on bottled water
save money Save me money on buying water bottles all the time.
Love it and a money saver. We went from buying gallon jugs of water weekly to buying filters every other month or so. It saves us so much money and it's so easy to use.
Love it, just one minor complaint. Convenient size, works great. But, Sometimes I want to take out the top compartment to fill with water, then place it in the pitcher, because there won't be enough space in my sink, but the way the two pieces fit together on the handle is so annoying that it can be inconvenient to fill.
Perfect for cool refreshing water Love having this, put it in my fridge and always have "bottle" water
Basic but super effective I got this pitcher for college. I wanted something that looked more "normal" and would fit in my little dorm fridge. This pitcher filter enough water for me to fill up my 6 cup coffee pot and still have a little extra. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a simple and classy design but still wanting some great tasting water.
Easy to use healthy alternative to store bought bottle water
Great product Just moved to a new city and really didn't like the taste of the tap water. I don't like using bottled water because of the waste, so I got a Brita pitcher and LOVE the taste of the water now. :)
LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I love having fresh filtered cold water at my fingertips.
Fresh clean water from my tap. My regular tap water smelled like fish tank water compared to the filtered water. I'll never drink regular tap water again and I was spending a fortune buying bottled water! Thank you Brita!!
Great water pitcher I got this model at a church garage sale for only $1. All I had to buy were the filters. It works great! It takes up some room in the fridge and doesn't taste as good as Zerowater, but you get what you pay for.
LOVE IT! We have horrendous-tasting city water. I use my Brita pitcher for all the water we drink. We love how it makes our yucky water taste fresh and clean!
Excellent! This product is great. It saves us so much money, and we are doing our part for the environment. Water tastes noticeably better, and I feel confident giving the filtered water to my children. I highly recommend this product to all my friends and family. We have to upgrade soon, as I feel we are always refilling it! :)
water tastes great I love this water. It stays fresh tasting even longer than bottled water, which I had to buy due to high calcium and sulfur content tap water. No stinky drinking water now! The only reason for missing 5th star is filter reminder didn't work.
Love this pitcher! I have saved so much money by using this instead of buying water bottles The water tastes great and I have saved so much money by using this instead of buying water bottles
Great Tasting Water I was tired of lugging huge amounts of water bottles into my apartment and felt bad about how many bottles I was using - this is a great lil pitcher and I enjoy the taste a lot.
Great Health-Care Product Yes, health-care. When my husband had a mini-stroke, among the many recommendations that the neurologist gave us was "drink more clean water". He recommended Brita products to make that easier for us to accomplish. I love our Brita pitcher! It is easy to use, easy to refill and the our water never tasted better - even when we lived in the mountains of BC Canada! My refrigerator would not be fully stocked without our Brita!
great price for taste and use Great product for the price. easy to setup up and use.
great little pitcher great little pitcter! use a dry-erase marker on the lid to mark the filter change date so you dont forget!
Great product This is an easy to use and functional product for the on the go person! I highly recommend it!
Great product for a college student Living in a dorm room, water from the sink just didn't cut it. I enjoy having my Brita at hand - and that the Classic was only $15!
Water Tastes Great! The water in this pitcher tastes great. I live in Texas and the tap water here tastes awful. I have been buying bottled water and now I don't have to since I have started to use the Brita pitcher. The only drawback is that it doesn't hold a lot of water and you have to refill it often.
Great tasting water! Love the way the water the water tastes! The only thing I would change is the sticker to change the filter. The sticker fell off my pitcher, but I am glad that they provide the reminder to change the filter online!
Great product! Easy to use and makes filtered water convenient. Love that I'm able to save money and the environment by not buying so many bottles of water!
This product helps save money. This product has helped us save money on bottled water. It also helps save the environment from all that plastic...
Excellent product Been using Brita pitchers for years. This is my 5th one. Will keep on buying when one of my old ones break.
Small but great This is our backup pitcher when the other one is filtering and empty. We have two because of the amount of water consumption is great in our family. We love all of the pitchers features.
Simple, cheap, easy. This is the most basic Brita pitcher, and the best.
Great starter pitcher! Perfect size for me & my husband! Sleek and stylish for the fridge and just the right size for two people!
I love my brita pitcher! i love this pitcher, it gets the job done. i no longer have to by thousands of bottled waters, i just have a a dozen that i keep refilling with water from my brita pitcher.
Tastes great!! We have well water and I never thought we would be drinking out of the tap, but with the Brita pitcher I am enjoying drinking water more everyday.
Love this I have 2, one next to coffee maker for filtered coffee water and one i frige I love it!!
good family product I like the way the water tastes so fresh and so clean. it will not have that refrigerator taste. It also has great features, what i like most is that they'll email you reminders to change the filter.
Overall great product! I'm in college and I wanted to make sure I got a pitcher that would fit in my super tiny "dorm sized" fridge, and this one is perfect. I don't have anything negative to say about it, water tasted great and its easy to fill.
Awesome buy I bought this item because my faucet system got broken(I lost the adapter and the not thingy) so I saw this on a discount rack at a local grocery store. Oh man what an awesome buy this was! I use it everyday to keep my water filtered and cold. Even after I replaced the faucet filter system. I love this thing!
kept my fish alive I have a bunch of guppies in an aquarium. If I so much as use bleach in the same room as the aquarium it kills them! So I know they're sensitive. Of course tap water is out as well. I have used brita filters to make clean water for my fish. I usually replace about a gallon at a time, so a couple pitchers full is perfect. Easy.
Great product, limited capacity Works really great. only thing is it doesnt hold enough water. just a few glasses and you have to refill it and let it chill in the fridge for 2 hours unless you want to put ice in it, which would defeat the whole purpose.
I love the ease and taste! I have one in my refrigerator all the time and I also keep one at work. I use it to fill my filter-to-go 32 oz. bottle. I use it for my dogs, cat, to make tea and coffee.
The water is SO fresh-tasting! I have drunk tap water all of my life. However, when I went to college in a different town and the water tasted differently than what I was accustomed to, I decided that I wanted to start drinking purified water on a regular basis. Because I care for the environment, though, I didn't want to start harming the earth by using tons of disposable water bottles. Brita filters are the best solution for both issues! An added bonus of the Brita pitchers in your fridge is that the water is super cold and waiting for you whenever you want it. I definitely recommend this product!
Classic Choice This is the Brita pitcher that my family has used for years. Works great, easy to keep in the refrigerator and saved a ton on bottled water using it.
Easy, clean water from the tap very easy to use, drop in filter, fill up reservoir, and wait for it to drain through. only thing is dont tip it too far to fast when full....makes a mess. But that only had to happen once. ;) I love having clean cold water on hand without having to buy tons of bottles.
This product is great , i recommend it to everyone. I recommend this product to everyone, has great features and have a great taste.
Compact and Good It's an easy to use and fast way of filtering water. I like it.
Classic 6 cup pitcher This product is awesome! I use it at home for all my cooking and drinking needs. I usually don't like to drink water due to the taste of it. But, this takes all the bad taste out of it. I even use it when I make ice cubes. The cubes are clearer than the cubes from my automatic ice maker in my refrigerator, and I'm drinking more now.
This product is convenient for daily use I use this pitcher every day for my drinking water. I like the stick on monthly replacement reminder that I can remove before washing. I like that it holds a large amount of water and I don't have to refill it so often. I do wish the lid stayed on a little more securely. One recommendation I would make is to look into a semi-permanent micro-filter to work along with the charcoal filter. Still, This is a great product and I highly recommend it.
This product has worked well for our family. We have used this for a while, the water tastes great. This pitcher is very easy to use. I am looking forward to getting the Brita bottle.
This product makes tap water drinkable! i have always been a fan of tap water and not bottled water. About 2 months ago we moved to a house in the country and the water is supplied by a small town. When you turn the faucet on, you can smell the chlorine!! The water tasted like chlorine! So, I purchased the Brita pitcher and was amazed how the filtration completely took the chlorine out! It really surpassed my expectations and I would definitely recomend this product! The size of the pithcer is great for 2 people.
easy to use and great tasting water! This product is fairly easy. When it gets empty, I fill it up, then wait a few mins for the water to get filtered through. Water is delicious after using this!
This is a perfect piece Its perfectly fit for a small family of 3 members. Good and convenient design. Very handy & durable.
basic, but all you need This is a perfect size to keep in your fridge. It fits well, but also is big enough to hold a good amount of water
We like and use this so much we bought a second one for ourselves! We started using the Brita pitcher after a friend said our ice cubes tasted funny in her pop. We loved the taste of the water so much we started drinking more and more water. My son likes his water ice cold, I like water room temperature, and with Brita’s reasonable prices we were able to get a second one to make everyone happy. With so many colors and styles, I was able to find one that matched my kitchen so I don’t mind it sitting out.
Cheap & Wonderful For the amount it holds, this pitcher is perfect for a single person or two-person household. It's just enough to provide adequate water for the day if refilled 1-2x/day. Easy, simple, classic and cheap!
Pretty good and affordable product This product is really affordable and great for a family 3-4 people.
Easy to use. Great fliter system. Easy to use and water taste good.
Can't live without it! It's so refreshing to have a Brita pitcher in our refridgerator for easy use. There's nothing like a fresh glass of water on a hot summer's day. Much better than drinking the tainted water of our community from the faucet. Thanks Brita!
This product works well. This product works very well for my family. We always have filtered water. We use it to refill our plastic water bottles, ice trays and daily for coffee.
This simple model is Great! My Brita pitcher offers a great and refreshing drink everyday!
IT MAKES THE WATER TASTE SO CLEAN! I love the simple use and the taste of the water. Great product!
Love my Brita! I've been very happy with my Brita. My only regret is I didn't buy a bigger one.
My family loves this product My sister suggested we purchase the classic pitcher in 2010. We have used it for a year and love it. The water tastes great and it is easy to use.
Essential part of a healthy diet. I have had the classic pitcher for years and keep it at my desk in the office. My goal is to drink 2-3 liters a day. So, I keep the pitcher full and drink throughout the day. My water tastes better than office tap or fountain water. Plus, I know my filters are changed regularly. Cannot say as much for the office. My Classic Pitcher has been an essential part of a healthy diet for many years and will continue to be.
Perfect for everyday Fits easily in fridge, easy to use, good taste. Great value for the money.
( : I Love This Product Of Brita !! I Just Bought This Pitcher For My NEW Apartment (: I Used To Go Through 7-8 Bottles Of H20 A Day ! But Thanks To My Pitcher I Dont Anymore ! Also Great For My 4 Month Old Son (: Thanks Brita !
Great for Work I use my pitcher at work. I fill it everyday and drink about 5-6 glasses a day and that is only at work. I have the Faucet Filtration System at home, it is good for my kids and I don't have to buy cases of water any more.
Healthy,and with 3 kids a cheaper alternative to bottle water Healthy,and the water tastes great. With 3 kids its a cheaper alternative to bottle water,and cuts down the waste..its wonderful
I love this pitcher! This pitcher is very sturdy and easy to use. I loved this pitcher so much that I bought one for a friend of mine.
Easy to use! This pitcher fits into the fridge well, and its filter is easy to replace. It's a bit small if you drink a lot of water though. Definitely recommended!
This is my 3rd Brita pitcher I have gotten so used to filtered water that I cannot even think about drinking regular tap water. My mom had just bought some bottled spring water to put in a cooler for my uncles to have as they worked on our roof and had grabbed a bottle to drink for herself. She said that the bottled spring water did not taste as nice as the Brita pitcher water did. We just love our Brita pitcher and are on our 3rd one.
Easy to use. I like for the great taste of the water, and save me a lost of money.
Easy to Use I have been using my Brita pitcher for about 2 weeks now and I really do like it. Its very easy to use and fits nicely in the fridge. My only complaint is the water does taste different than what I was used to drinking from bottles, but I will get used to it I'm sure. I bought this pitcher to cut down on bottle water usage and be more eco friendly!
Wonderful Pitcher! This pitcher is great especially in the mini-fridges in a dorm room. The water from the faucet scared me a little to I ended up purchasing a Britia and it works great and still leaves me room in the fridge. Thank you so much.
Have had mine forever... I think this is the same model as the one I have at home now. I have had my Brita pitcher for so many years now, that the styling has changed and new styles have come out. However, mine still keeps on going! Think of all the plastic bottles I have saved over the 5+ years that I have owned this pitcher. It's amazing! I can't wait to get the water bottle!
Easy to use and delicious water! I love my Classic Brita pitcher; it's perfect for my household. There's only two of us in our home, but it's easy to refill, keeps us hydrated with sweet, fresh water, and helps reduce our use of plastic bottles. I typically replace my filters every three months. I couldn't imagine using any other product to get my drinking water!
This product helps me with my water intake I have had my pitcher for about 2yrs and I love it. In fact I bought my Mom and Dad one. It is a great product and has held up well under daily use.
PERFECT We use this pitcher in our office to refill our Keurig...makes for the best tasting coffee ever when using Brita filtered water!
Love it My family just loves our Brita. Its very easy to use. My kids will even fill it when its low. I love it cause they are drinking more water now.
Great for a college dorm room I am a college Junior studying engineering. I have always loved water and at home used my parents Brita. I purchased this when I was just a freshman. I love using the product. Even though I love it, I do not have the opportunity replace the filter as often because I am a poor college student.
Great Pitcher This pitcher holds a lot of water, and it is easy to clean.
Great Value but lacks space This is a nice, smaller sized Brita pitcher. The problem is that it only holds 6 cups, and it takes two fill-ups to even get it to reach the 6 cup max. I wish you could just fill it up once and stick it into the fridge, but unfortunately you only get a bit of water that way.
Great Prodcut I bought the Brita Filter a few years ago when I moved to a dorm on my college campus. After trying it, I refused to drink the water without it. My only complaint is that it's not big enough!
Good Water = Good Coffee I love coffee. Good coffee requires filtered water. I grind my beans fresh and I filter my water. Fresh water from my Brita pitcher and freshly ground beans equal one wonderful cup of coffee. Brita makes the coffee better.
This pitcher does a great job at filtering tap water. I would recommend it to others. This pitcher has a good capacity. It filters water quite quickly from a reservoir. You have to refill the reservoir w/ water and let it filter through about 4X to get a full pitcher. Although carbon bits always come through, the water seems crystal clear and tastes good. It doesn't take up much room in the refrigerator. (Just a couple notes about its design, when carrying a full pitcher, the handle seems a bit flimsy. If you forget to hold onto the lid while pouring, it falls off.)
Makes City Water Taste Great! We have had our Brita water pitcher for almost two years. Setting the pitcher up for the first time was a cinch! Just wash everything with soap while you soak your first filter in a cup of cold water. Put the pieces together (only goes one way) and insert your filter. I fill it up and let it cycle through. Just to be safe, I dump it out and fill the pitcher up again. We use our filtered water for everything in the kitchen because our city treats their water with lots of chlorine. We absolutely love our Brita pitcher. One negative, it gets kinda slimy once in a while. Make sure you wash it out once a week. Oh did I mention that the water tastes so freaking good! Cold and crisp and does not taste like Chlorine!!
functional nothing fancy, things work, size-wise a little bulky but otherwise overall it's a solid product
easy to use i like this pitcher. My only qualms is the high price for the refill pitchers packets. It is good though
Water taste very crisp! I have had the classic pitcher for over two years,me and my family love it! My husband drinks more water cause of it being so convenient!
A good size This is a good size pitcher for a small refrigerator and for 2 people.
Love it! Couldn't imagine getting by without it! Saves so much money and plastic!!
I love my Brita pitcher! I absolutely love my Brita pitcher. It's simple to use, saves me money, and gets my whole family to drink more water!
This product is unique! This product has all the features that a home with few members look for and need to stay healthy.
Great tasting water very Easy I have well water with high concentrations of sulfur which is unbearable to drink. This pitcher saves me tons of money, filtering all the unpleasant taste out for making tea, kool aid, coffee, and just plain drinking. I am a city girl and have never thought much about "bad" tasting water and had to change my views when we moved to the country. My husband and son never seemed bothered by the taste of unfiltered well water, but since I bought this pitcher for myself I seem to find it empty ALL THE TIME. My only regret is that I should have bought a larger one.
Will never get rid of it! I have been using Brita pitchers since 1996. The only reason I bought a second one is because my first one was in storage and I didn't want to do without one while subletting an apartment in New York. Love it, love the water it gives.
my water taste 100% better. I have used the Brita Picture for the past 10 years because of where I live, the water tasted horrible, and even had a faint odor.I could barely drink the water unless I put ice cubes in the water first. After I poured water into the picture and drunk the water, I immediately tasted the difference. I enjoy using my Brita picture.
Good features, but could be slimmer. I bought this pitcher because it was the most economical. It is great, except that it takes up more room than I would prefer in my refrigerator. I would recommend it, though.
Perfect for work I am a school teacher and do not get many opportunities to leave my classroom. This has been a lifesaver. I fill it up in the morning and have enough water to last me the rest of the day. No more feeling guilty about bringing and using a number of small water bottles, or lugging a gallon of water to my classroom!
Awesome Product! I love this pitcher! It was a gift and I use it everyday for my family and I! Don't know why I didn't get one before! Thanks Brita!
Brita is a wonder I live in a new apartment where the water has a metal taste that will not go away. I use the Brita water filter and it gives me a clean delicious taste that I truly look for in a glass of water.
Filtered water taste better I own a classic pitcher. Water taste a lot better and removal of chemicals is important. I recently purchase 3 filters. The only thing I dislike is that the lid will not stay in place and have to remove to use.
Great tasting water! The water tastes like water and nothing else! It tastes very clear and nice. However changing the filter is a bit of a hassle. If you don't change the filter for a while the water will have that bad taste again, so change it every 2-3 months.
I love my Brita pitcher! I love my Brita pitcher! The water tastes great, it's easy to change the filters and with the sticker I can keep track of when to change the filter. I no longer drink tap water. My son got me hooked on Brita.
Awesome price, great value! The classic pitcher is a great value price. If you don't need all those extra features or extra large pitcher it is perfect for you. I love to use it to filter and pour the filtered water into another larger pitcher, so I always have lots of perfect Brita filtered water!
Water Snob! I would be one of those people who only like the water that is a bit over priced but tasted wonderful. That would be until I bought my Brita. I now fill bottles with the water to carry with me so that I can save TONS of money and still have that WONDERFUL taste! Worth every last penny to buy! We have two of the Classics which is simple to set up and use!
Almost perfect I received my Brita pitcher as a housewarming gift when I moved into my new apartment. On the first day, I noticed "floaters" in my tap water. So the Brita pitcher was one of the first things I unpacked! The Brita name is trusted and my water is clean. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the filter "basket" part. I don't care for the way it has to slide into the handle. It's uncomfortable to use the pitcher without the filter basket in place. Otherwise, I love love love my Brita pitcher.
Love my Brita I never buy bottled water and just use my Brita. Bought bottles from FilterForGood and use them when I go out. No more bottles to help the environment.
Keeping green and healthy Love my Brita pitcher. The water tastes so good now i am actually drinking al the recomended water for a healthy diet. Another big plus i not having to carry by myself all those heavy bottles fromt he market- all I need is my faucett and my Birta pitcher. Using less plastic and saving the earth is always a plus! Saving money also ..all those water products in bottles are so expensive
This product is so convenient My whole family enjoys this pitcher very very much..The water is delicous, so fresh, clean and refreshing.. It is very convenient and so easy to replace the filters.. What a difference in the taste from tap water to Brita water...
Great Pitcher! Bought this pitcher and not only do we have great tasting water but we don't need to be buyin ice for cold water. I recommend this product.
Very good for the price I drink a lot of water, am particular about the taste and I love to have it cold, but there is already too much plastic in our oceans to buy bottled water. I didn't have a lot of money in my budget for an expensive filter; this was the perfect solution with its low price and how it fits in easily with the rest of my fridge necessities. It's a good size (a bit bulky) and is really easy to use. Definitely would recommend this product for anyone looking for a great filter with a tight budget. Four stars!
AWESOME! The Brita Pitcher is soo convenient! Especially being a college one wants to lug cartons or bottled water to their rooms. I would recommend this to anyone, but being a college student it was really helpful!
Great Basic Pitcher I bought this pitcher as a first one to see if I liked it and it does the job. I had an issue for awhile with the lid falling off as I was pouring, but that hasn't happened in quite awhile. Nothing fancy, but it does the job very well.
Great product! This pitcher was great when it was just me and my husband. We drink a lot of water and having it filtered is amazing because we don't have the best quality tap water. Now, with our daughter about to turn three, we're looking to buy one of the larger pitchers. However, we'll keep this one going as well just so we don't have to refill just one of them all the time. They're that good. I am willingly going to give up refrigerator space to let us have two of these in there at once.
Not an easy pour spout The classic brita pitcher I own has a squared spout for pouring which causes many "spills" to occur. Harder to use than the slim pitcher.
This product is great I love this pitchers. Works great and the water tastes fresh.
Perfect size for refrigerator. The classic pitcher is the perfect size for our refrigerator. The size makes it easy to keep full, also.

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