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10 Cup pitcher



Our largest basic pitcher is perfect for bigger households and families. The standard oval design meets your basic water filtration needs, and it’s Always BPA-free for your safety.

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Everyday 5 302
Durable and long lasting product We've used our Brita pitcher for several years. We're very happy with how durable this product is. It's used continually throughout the day, and I love knowing I'm drinking the best filtered water around.
Lid is horrible We had the same brita for years and it was great but broke. The newer ones have horrible lids that don't stay on and they leak everywhere. It makes a mess. I'm pretty bummed - why couldn't they stay with the original version. The old one stayed put better. This one falls of if you move it too fast. GO BACK PRETTY PLEASE!! :)
this product is healthy! I enjoy feeling healthier because i drink from my Brita pitcher!
Our "rocky" water. We have a very small (about 50 homes) community water service. The water is questionable at best. At times you can watch rocks and dirt coming out of the tap. I don't want this quality of water in my coffeemaker, etc. so I bought a Brita. I have loved my Brita pitcher! Every pitcher is clean, clear and fresh tasting. My only complaint: can you make the lid tighter fitting? It is a two handed operation to pour water so you don't lose the lid. I know. Not much to complain about, but it sure would be nice to be able to pour water into my coffeemaker without using both hands.
Mrs. I simply love my new Brita water pitcher , I can now drink the water without dreading the next glass as I am trying to increase my water intake for a healthier me. Thanks Brita ! Amy H.
James Robey The product is no good. The cover keeps falling off, and the water leaks out the handle. This is a new one. We had our last pitcher for over 5 years, and had no trouble with it. It was not a good move at all.
Best taste I love Brita filtered water! I have been using the pitcher for years and will never change. It is a good value, and I don't like buying bottled water. It is convenient to keep in the refrigerator and I always have clean, pure, cold water on hand.
The Reason I Use Brita... The main reason I have a Brita pitcher in my apartment is because the water pipes in the building are over 40 years old. There is a bad taste to the water, which no one will take care of, so I use the Brita pitcher to help me drink the water which is better.
Love it!!!! I love that I have clean drinking water without having to lug cases of bottled water from store to car, car to home! Life is good with Brita!
This product gives us peace of mind We rely on the green light of our Brita on-tap filter to remind us to change our filter. Being on a dug-well requires particular vigilance, especially after Walkerton Ontario contamination. Our primary filter is ultraviolet filtration; however, we like the reassurance of purity at the tap. Brita helps with this. We have our water municipally tested regularly, with and without the Brita filter in place. A red light suggests possible tap contamination; after changing the filter, if the light is still red, we have to check for contamination at the source. Either our well or something in between it and our tap is not right. Our Brita filter helps us moniter this crucial resource: water. Thanks for the opportunity to give this feedback. Any suggestions are welcome.
leaks This pitcher began to leak around handle and bottom seal. Never washed in dishwasher and not washed by hand in hot water.
Enjoy using the pitcher for the excellent design. Other pitchers were compared in the store. I found the contour was excellent to be placed on the countertop next to the Keurig machcine. My husband and myself have thoroughly enjoyed the pitcher the fist evening. Thanks Brita!
Convenient Really like the Brita Pitcher. It's convenient, a good value and you don't have to buy cases of water. When I do, it is because I have to travel. Just until I can afford the Brita Travel Bottle and more filters.
great features our water is bad brita makes it so we can drink it and enjoy it
This product is not worth the money I purchased my Brita one month ago and already the top wont stay on and it leaks at the spout. Also the particles from the filter are all in the water. Not impressed by this product!
I filter all my drinking and cooking water daily. I have enjoyed Brita for years, I now have a green one but wish it was RED since that is the color of all my appliances etc. in my kitchen. But the unit works well and I cannot see giving it away only to spend $34 for a red unit just to match. The Brita sits on the counter all the time since I drink water at room temperature and never order Ice at restaurants.
Brita' water pitcher It is easy to to refill and after its chilled it is handy to take to the dinner table. Very cold and refreshing.
I like Brita I have been using Brita pitchers for 10 to 12 years now. Since we moved to the country, we have well water which is hard. I fill the Brita filter pitcher with the water and you can't taste the sulfur or iron that you would otherwise.
So Easy To Use I love my Brita Pitcher. In fact I have 2. All water that goes into my or my dogs body comes from my Brita Pitchers. I keep one in the fridge one on the counter, so I have the choice of cold water or room temperature. I would be lost without them! They are so easy to use, just pour your water in, the difference in the taste from tap water is so significant that when my filter needs to be replaced I can usually tell by the taste of my water. Brita water does not have any of that chlorine taste that tap water has.
Makes water more palatable I wish filters to be more germ free.
You can't beat the taste or the cost I love my brita water pitcher. It is very cost effective and you know what you're getting as far as water. Whereas when you buy water from a store you really have no idea where that water came from and what is really in it. And in many cases you are paying as much if not more per gallon than you are for gas. My only problem with Brita is that you can't contact them. I want to try the Brita water bottle which would be great on the go, but after joining and voting and all the things Brita asked of me, I was not able to print the coupon and I have no way of telling Brita. Not being able to contact Brita has me concerned. They want from you, but a company that keeps themselves from being able to be contacted is generally not a good sign.
ok Only had it about a week, lot of people here for Easter, and already lost the little flapper on the pourer. How do I order another one?????
appearance over function I don't know why a basic jug needs to have so many crannies and nooks. The newer design lends itself to overflowing water into the handle. The overflow leaks into the refrigerator. The curves of the lid make it less efficient in filling- creating the need to stop and wait for the filter to continue filling. The upper compartment should be more concerned with utility and less with design. IMHO
It makes water safe to drink. If you boil tap water out of a pot, you can get a residue left in the pot. When you boil the water out of a pot that has come from a Brita filter, there's no residue. It's better to be safe than sorry.
It's ALL GOOD!! I am satisfied with the Brita Picther..However, since becoming unemployed in 05/2012,The price is NOT User Friendly..MY pitcher model#0B01/0B03,,,Replacement Filter 0B03..Send me some Dollars OFF coupons...Thank you..DonT.
14 Year User We have "city" water. It has a very chlorinated taste. We use the Filter Pitcher and ever since the taste is crisp and clean. No plastic bottle waste, it's also a great value.
It makes our water drinkable We moved from the farm (well water) to the city about 2 years ago. We drink a lot of water and the city water was loaded with chlorine, taste and smell. We went with Brita and we have that well water taste again.
Healthy way to get your H2O Having newly recognized health issues, I began using a Brita everyday pitcher. Before, I couldnt stand the taste of our local water. Now, I feel so much better because I am drinking 10 glasses a day. Thanks Brita!
great product love the pitcher, water taste great , and saves money by not having to buy bottled water
Simple to use We have been using Brita filters for years the water tastes funny where we live we bought our first brita about 15 years ago
mold in bottom of pitcher I can't find any other way to ask a question concerning my pitcher. I love the pitcher and the water but I'm having an increasing hard time keeping the inside bottom of the pitcher from growing green mold. I've washed it with soap and water and a mild bleach solution and soap and nothing helps. Does that mean I have to take it apart every time I fill it or is there another solution? This is my second pitcher and the first one did not do this. What am I doing wrong?
I love my Brita filter I have being using the brita pitcher now for over 5 years consistently. All members of my immediately family also use Brita pitchers in their homes and it is convenient and encourages everyone to reach for water instead of sugary drinks
I've been using Brita pitchers for approximately 7 years. I wouldn't be without one. This is the most convenient to drink healthy water--instead of buying bottled water which gets expensive. I have several reusable water bottles--I just fill a few up--and I take one with me to work.
Love the way it fits in my frig! this is my 3rd britta pitcher. Have enjoyed them all. This on, however has problems that the lid wont stay in place.
I love my brita Pitcher We have used Brita filters and pitchers since 2000 I would not be without one. I drink a lot of hot tea and iced tea, and my husband makes coffee with Brita water. We love it.
Problem with lid I have used a Brita for many years but the pitcher was becoming more scratched and less attractive sitting on my counter, so I purchased a new one. While the pitcher is clear and solid in design, I was very disappointed with the lid. It is much cheaper, lighter and prone to easily pop off the pitcher, especially when I am filling the pitcher. It seems that you compromised your design to save money. I think you did not succeed, The lid needs to feel solid and secure when it clicks on, and mine does not,
Like the pitcher, except for the lid I have a Brita pitcher in my kitchen, which we love. Except that the design of the lid is horrible and it keeps falling off when I pour water out. Is there any redisgn of the pitchers taht makes it work any better?
convenient way to have clean drinking water Find this product convenient for drinking water, making coffee and tea. Only problem is weight and the lid is not tight enough when pouring full pitcher. Have a problem with the lid falling off and drowning my kitchen counter tops. Take a look a that lid design!
Convenient Pitcher This is a great way to drink water straight from my tap and have it be nice and cold!
Wonderful! The city water at my mother's was horrible, so she got a Brita. Made all the difference in the world! Took out the stink and bad taste, and made a darn good cup of tea. :)
Great tasting water I was torn between getting this and a filter for my faucet, then my friend bought the pitcher for me as a gift and I love love love it! I dont know how I've done without one all these years! I almost hate to go over someones house who doesnt have one, I dont want to drink their water, I instanly start talking about my Brita and how they should get one
Brita pitcher WE absolutely love our Brita pitcher in our house, the water is just right in the fridge and we can pour ourselves a glass as often as we need without using bottled water and adding to pollution. We each have a refill bottle that we fill out and take with us everywhere.
The product containers are easy to us and clean I have used BRITA filters for so many years for me and my family. I do not remember when I started. We do not drink water that is not filtered. It is a matter of good health. Also we do not buy sodas or other sugar drinks. I would not think of drinking tea or coffee that was not made with filter water. Also our cat gets filtered water!..If something needs to be sterilized it is done with filtered water.
I like this product!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family and i like this pitcher and we love the tatse of the filtered water and it is good for our health plus it is good for the world too.
healthy tastes good and i just want to get on with this review
Great tasting water! I should of switched earlier! It saves money and tastes good.
We love this pitcher, except for the lid design We have a Brita pitcher on our countertop and we love it and use it every day. The only problem is the design of the lid. It barely fits into the clear part of the pitcher and it constantly falls off the pitcher while we are pouring. At least 3-4 times every day. It makes a mess and it's frustrating because it never seems to stay. it never fits solidly in place and it is not a good design. Are there any tricks to make the lid stay in place? I would hate to have to throw this pitcher out and get a Pur pitcher.
has great features the water is crisp, clear and smooth and fresh and tastes great....
Love the pitchers I'v had 2 different pitchers in the last 11 yrs.. I passed my first one off to a friend, cause i bought a new one with more water storage. I love how my water tastes, & it does not smell like chlorine. And I like i feel safe thanks to the filtering so many impurities out. And it doesn't taste like plastic, like a lot of bottled water tastes! Love my brita pitcher!!
Love this pitcher! I love this Brita pitcher! So easy to use. No spills! Great tasting water. Very little waste!
Need help When i purchased the pitcher, there was tag for a $2 coupon toward my next filter when I sign up for reminders. I am away from home for awhile, & do not have a printer hookup for my laptop. I went to the local library here, but cannot get it to print out. Can you please send it to per per postal mail. My address is Betty Burbrink Beechwood Villas Unit 11 E 3799 E CR 30A Santa Rosa, Fl 32459 You can reply by e-mail to
great tasting! Love the taste of water now and keep the large pitcher next to sink where i can easily fill it..... 3 times a day!
Brita Basic Pitcher 6 cup I bought on sale at Fry's Market (Kroger) plus I had a $2.00 off coupon. I had cancelled our reverse osmosis system due to monthly costs. My mother has a Brita and the water tasted great, so I took the opportunity and purchased one too. It's great, easy to use, great tasting and saves us money.
Doing my part I love this product! Our family would use countless plastic water bottles and we finally decided that enough was enough. We purchased the Brita Pitcher and it has been fantastic! It works wonderfully, easy to use and we feel like this purchase has helped us make a real impact.
love my pitcher! Sure beats buying and moving huge 5 gal water bottles, and the water tastes better too!
Awesome!! This pitcher is fabulous. It works great! The only problem is that I drink so much water that I am constantly refilling it!!!
good tasting water Having filtered water encourages me to drink more water, and this convenient pitcher made it easy!
A healthy alternative to sugary drinks! I purchased a Brita in June 2012 and after one month, I liked it so well that I purchased large pitchers for each of my two daughters to assure that they and their families would live healthier lives and contribute to a greener environment! They and their families love their pitchers as much as I do. Water has become our drink of choice.
I like the filter system I like your filter system cleaning the city water of the chlorine taste and what ever else they put in our drinking water. BUT I HATE THE LID IT DOES 'NT STAY ON THE PITCHER VERY WELL. SEVERAL TIMES I HAVE BEEN POURING THE WATER OUT AND THE LID FALLS OFF. I BOUGHT THIS PITCHER ABOUT 6 MONTHS AGO FROM TARGET AND IT IS NOT BROKEN JUST DOES NOT SNAP ON VERY WELL. I see now that you have come out with a different lid that is riveted on so it cant fall off. So that says other people have had the same problem
Easy to use and easy maintenance/upkeep I love this product because it is easy to change filters and clean. The water tastes great. My grandson drinks water much more now. He calls the Brita Pitcher, Space Water!
coupons don't work I registered and went thru all the trouble to install coupon printer, when I click "pitcher" the bottle coupon is the one that prints from the link.... useless to me, I need the $2 pitcher filter coupon. *sigh*
Great for pets-our cats We all in the house like crispness of water- seems to absorb instantly.
Brita pitchers are awesome The pattern series pitchers have a great amount of filtered water, easy to fill, easy to pour, and beautiful design! Thank you Brita.
The water tastes fresher to me using this product. Have been using this product for several years know. The water tastes fresher to me for some reason. I am not one to drink water out anything made of plastic, but, this one is quite different. I have no idea how many plastic bottles I saved, in the time that I've had this product. This product makes a difference.
This pitcher is so easy to use. I love the ease of filtering our water and keeping it fresh.
Only rarely do I need to purchase a water bottle. I use my Brita pitcher to filter all my drinking water and replace water in my fish bowl. My fish is our "canary in the mine" letting us know that our water quality is excellent. I pour my filtered water into reusable water bottle that is BPA-free. The only time I need to purchase water is when travelling. It is upsetting for me to pour out my water at airport inspection because I sip water to cut down on my inhaler use for asthma. I hate to fill my own water bottle from the airport drinking fountain.
Product served our purpose perfectly Our Brita pitcher serves as our filtered water source since the catastrophic failure of an undersink water filter system in our kitchen. We find it very effective and will continue to use it even after our fixed filtration system is replaced.
Great Tasting Water I drink more water now that I have great tasting water. This a great product
Good product Does what it says it does! Used one all through college successfully.
Easy to use, large capacity, 2 months between filter changes The water where I live is city water and very chemical smelly. (Clorinated is what I used to call it!) I can take that same water, run it through the Brita and DRINK it.
the product is great received this fro a Christmas present have been wanting one for a long time I absolutely love this the water tastes so much better than from the faucet
Love water? wait till you use this. Great We have used a Brita pitcher for over ten years. We are replacing our old one as over the years we have cracked it and I trust Brita to continue to make outstanding products. good to see a company that is totally reliable. Thank you and God Bless.
Love this product I've used a Brita for many years and it's nice to always have super cold water at your finger tips.
This product is very convenient I like the reminder when to change filters. I like the great of the water and it good for health problems.
This product has great features. We use it daily in our coffee machine. It makes the coffee taste a lot better, and keeps the heating elements clean.
Good tasting water, top doen't stay on I bought the Brita because my water was tasting like clorine. The taste of the water from the Brita is so better tasting and convienent. Though the top could be made in a way that accually stays on. I always hold the top when pouring. That is the only negative aspect of the large Brita
lid I love the Britta pitcher; however I am having trouble with the lid staying on the pitcher. Suggestions???
Wouldn't drink water from the faucet without it Use it every day for drinking and cooking. Would not live without it.
bad design cover keeps falling off, not a tight fit, charcoal particles keep floating inside.
Read this if you drink water: Tired of chlorine taste? Yucked out by the icky white particles left in your glass by water and melted ice? Grossed by that metallic taste? Cringe when your water is rusty looking? Well then, turn off your computer and drive to your nearest Brita dealer. You will be thanking your lucky stars for learning about and using the Brita System for pure, clear, good-tasting water.
Love it! I've had the pretty green one for three years and it still works like a charm!
This product is convenient. After several years of using faucet filters and not being pleased with their performance, I dtarted using the Brita pitcher and have been very pleased.
Love features,good looking in fridge. Just bought yesterday 10/22/12. Very excited about my new healthy toy.
my pitcher keeps getting mildew No matter how many times a week I clean the lid of the pitcher it continues to get mildew. I no longer want to use this system and plan on buying a home delivery service instead!
Healthy Convenience Brita filtered water allows me to provide water with less contaimenants for my family.
good water very good product use it every day to make coffee and to take a water bottle. have used this for 10years and it is a must g=for our family
We have been more than happy with our brita We have two dogs and one cat all of whom we love very much. We have always bought them bottle water since we feel they should not have to drink something we wouldn't. With the brita it seems as if they like their water better and believe me we go thru a lot of water in on day. one dog is 86 lbs. one dog is 13 lbs, cat is 12 lbs all inside animals cold water any time they want. thank you so much Sandy Hayes
Helps you to make sure you drink 48oz of water a day. I picked up a regular brita pitcher when I had first entered college. The large pitcher fit in our practically empty fridge perfectly and every time I went in the fridge to get something it was always there staring me down, reminding me to have one more glass of water. I would definitely recommend this product for a few reasons: it saves you money on water bottles, it helps to keep you from drinking ,most of the chemicals in your drinking water, and it will always remind you to stay hydrated. Keep drinking!
Love the great taste I bought it when it first came out. Love the taste, the convenience of handling it. It's the only one I would ever buy or use.
Much more convenient than bottled. My Brita pitcher was a gift from my sister-in-law. She swore by it and I love it. I don't have to worry about running out of bottled water, and all the lugging of heavy packages and disposal of the empties. It's good for the environment. too. I talked my daughter into buying one and now that she has a baby, she doesn't have to worry about the tap water where she lives.
The top portion where you fill with water The area with the filter where you fill with water constantly has black granules in it from I assume some sort of charcoal filter. I do not let the water hit the filter section directly and yet every day I have these granules in the tope portion of the pitcher. I find it unappealing and I constantly rinse them out.
Healthy If you get a copy of your potable water contents you will be surprised what is allowed at FDA acceptable levels. Brita is a Healthy answer to this issure. Dr. Stephen D. Sawruk PS-My wife could not download your $2.00 filter coupon
inflated filter price Like everything else, Brita hooks you into buying their product and then scam you with inflated filter prices. And try to get a coupon from them for replacement way.Their competition, PUR and Seychel both offer money saving coupons on all their products. You can bet I will be changing to seychel.
This product is a life saver. i could not get my husband to drink water from the tap, he said it tasted like chemicals so he would not drink any water just soda. when i bought your pitcher he loves the taste of that water. thanks for saving my husbands health. Also my son came over and tasted the water and would like me to get one for his birthday.
plus & minus i have 2 of these. my brother has a few also. i use one in the shower and one in kitchen. the shower one i use to rinse with after washing & shampooing. the other one i dont use anymore because the handle just broke for no apparent reason. i am very careful with the one i have left.
Fix the lid The love using the Brita product but the lid on this pitcher constantly falls off when you are trying to pour the water.
Very unhappy with pitcher I switched to Brita as the filters were easily available but am very unhappy with the pitcher. First the handle keeps falling off and then I had to tape the lid of the pour spout on. I will go back to a faucet filter with another company as soon as I can.
My Great Brita Pitcher I just love my Brita Pitcher and how it helps me health wise and so easy to use. It got me to drink more water I needed because it tastes so good. It does not cost much either and is a wonderful thing you can do for your health every day.
I Love my Pitcher I totally love my Brita Pitcher. Everyone uses it. From plain water to Kool-Aid everyone in the family uses it. They gotten so spoiled by it they won't make their instant drinks without it. They kids say the Brita Filers make the water and the drinks taste better. Then we can't forget our doggies. When their water is refilled it is filled with water from the Pitcher. It stays cleaner and they enjoy it too! I'd reccommend this to anybody and everybody!!
the brita pitcher the pitcher is great,water tastes wonderful.easy to use and change filters.just an all around nice healthy product
Excellent for areas with poor quality tap water Great taste and health benefits while at the same time saving the environment from plastic bottles.
Good Product I love my Brita pitcher. I use mine for cooking and ice cube trays. I feel a little safer now with what I serve my family. Thank you Brita.
Brita helps us to keep hydrated. We want to improve home drinking water for our grandson. That was thirteen years ago. Now we use two Brita large pitchers. one for cold drinking water. The other for cooking and a fast drink.
better than our tap water the town I live in has the nastiest water I've ever encountered. I'm grateful for Brita pitchers so I can drink the water.
Doesn't change the flavor of the water I have owned Brita pitchers for almost ten years now and when we recently moved to a new town where the tap water has a flavor of sulfur. When i use the Brita pitcher, the water still has a flavor of the sulfur. I am very disappointed with the quality of the water when using the Brita pitcher. I tried buying new filters and it still does not remove the sulfur taste. I guess it is back to bottled water and gallon jugs of spring water.
Large capacity with great features The pitcher design is wonderful. The helpful filter reminder is great as long as you don't put that part of the lid in the dishwasher when cleaning your pitcher - they are not compatible. I sure wish there was a replacement that could be purchased instead of buying an entire new pitcher . . .
Do not like water The family does not like the taste of our water, so this definitely takes out a lot of stuff. We are all drinking a lot more water and it saves having to recycle all those bottles.
Great product This is a really great product. Useful, durable, and the water tastes great.
Great taste I work in an environment where the tap water tastes bad and got tired of purchasing bottled water. I purchased the Brita Everyday pitcher and the water tastes better than the bottled water I was buying. I work with 5 different people and they all use my pitcher and love the taste of the water that comes from it.
A great way to drink water while reducing bottled water consumption Everyone who has water from our Brita has remarked how tasty our water is. We no longer waste buying individual plastic water bottles AND we know our water is secure with the Brita filters!
great taste i have to drink water and this is a great way for me to drink healthy water
This was badly needed I moved in with my father (82) a couple years ago and he thinks his water is fine. It has brownish sediment in it and tastes horrible. The Bita filter greatly improves the taste, but I have to run the water through 2 coffee filters because of the sediment and to prolong the life of the filter. This water is used for drinking and cooking
I have three pitchers! I filter all my water and I own three pitchers. I wouldn't drink my water unless it is filtered. The taste is so much better.
GREAT Love my brita. It's not only good for environment but its healthy, and it makes water taste soo much better.
Best pitcher yet I've been in college for a couple years, and I've relied on pitchers to keep great tasting water handy. I've also been disappointed by these pitchers with cracks, leaks, and bad lids. If you own the Brita Grand, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Lids can fall when you pour and honestly, I've had to tape things back together. But this one is different. This pitcher is the Brita Grand - with a solid lid. Okay, that's not official. But from my experience, this is the most solid pitcher. I've dropped it and (while I don't recommend you do so) it's been a trooper. I've had zero issues with the filters, and there are never any leaks. The lid stays put. And best of all, this pitcher holds A LOT of clean, great-tasting water. This pitcher has been a true godsend in my life. And it fits practically anywhere in the fridge. This completely sealed my trust in Brita pitchers. I highly recommend you try this pitcher before you give up.
This pitcher is great on my counter-top, but too big for my fridge. I make icecubes from the filtered water, then ad to room temp. filered Brita water I wished there was a way to count the bottlesful that was somehow attached to a Brita pitcher, and also the Brita Bottle, that I also use.
Easy to fill; easy to use I am so glad that I bought a Brita pitcher. It provides me with healthy, refreshing water daily.
It's good! Love the great taste of the water out of this. it's hard to fit in our packed fridge so i'd get a smaller one next time. This product is great though!
Good Product I really do stand by brita's products since moving from FL. Down there the water is a lot better usually because its from our natural aquafiers. But Brita comes close in taste and cleaning. Brita has always been easy to use. I switched to the pitchers because i ended up having terrible luck getting the water-spout ones to work (threads never match up) and its much easier to toss in the fridge for cold water. I use filtered water for all my cooking and drinking purposes.
Hubby's Tummy Feels Fine! We have used Brita pitchers since they 1st hit the market & have always enjoyed them. However, when we moved to the country, our Brita pitcher got broken & I decided to wait until we used the tap water here before I replaced the pitcher. My husband's stomach started bothering him like it does with city water (we think it's the chlorine), so I replaced the pitcher. The very same day his stomach was feeling better. Thank you, Brita, for helping my husband enjoy drinking (the gallon and a half of) water every day. I love the taste-free water myself & we use the pitcher to fill our stainless steel bottles which we keep in our vehicles. Fantastic product!
Brita water is FANTASTIC! It tastes so good! I love my Brita pitcher. I love the way the water tastes; it's way better than bottled water, which I never use now. I feel good about that in itself. Not only is the Brita water much better, but I'm not wasting a bunch of plastic and throwing it in landfills. After owning this product, I will never be without it again, and I recommend this to all consumers.
This pitcher has great taste lasts for a long time. This pitcher has great taste lasts for a long time.
My water didn't taste!! :) At school I live in the city and normally cannot stand the taste of the water. The Brita Pitcher took out all the taste and nastiness and it was awesome!
Great product. We live with very hard water and the Britta works perfectly and the water always tastes great. Buy one!
Makes water a popular drink in my home :) I can't believe we didn't buy one of these sooner. The water is perfect and so refreshing. It filters out all the bad stuff and leaves you with the best bottled water ever.
Great Buy! Love my pitcher. Can't wait to upgrade to an even bigger one.
Great tasting water! I bought this for my wife. She isn't a big water drinker, and our tap water in Houston is pretty bad. She loves it!
Enjoy but WAIT! We have enjoyed this pitcher; use it every day. I wish I would have held off on one with the electronic filter indicator. We use it to fill the coffee pot or a glass of water. Especially if it is cold, it makes tap water tolerable to drink. I also have the HUGE counter pitcher, which I use when cooking. Stay hydrated!
Great idea! I have had this product a few days and I love it already. I will be saving money every week now that I am not buying bottled water! My only wish is that the pitcher were bigger, because I go through a few pitchers full of water a day!
Great Easy Way To Filter Tap Water Its great for college apartments that have tap water sinks and want to drink filtered water.
Wonderful product I used this pitcher all throughout college and it saved me a lot of money on bottled water.
great product! First time having a Brita, and i LOVE it. will never go back again.
This product is durable and a good value I have purchased numerous water filtration systems, but Brita is by far my favorite. Having small children in the house, we go through a lot of water and have quite a few accidents. My pitcher has fallen but has never broken and it is very easy to use. I like it better than the faucet type whose other brands don't hold up and aren't durable. Brita is great... can't wait to try out their bottle!
I love my pitcher I love my pitcher since i cant use the sink head one without it falling off all the time. And it keeps my water cold cause i keep it in the fridge. It is super convenient and always taste great.
This product has great features. We love our Brita it is small and compact and gives us great fresh water. We love the sticker to remind us to change the filter!
I love ours! Ours was a gift many years ago and I still use it every day, and absolutely love the fresher tasting water :)
Great product with easy to use procedure Water tastes great and its easy to fill up. The only issue is that the lid falls off frequently while filling.
Love/Hate I loved the ease and style of this pitcher system, but my family would only drink the water from it if it was very cold. Once their glass had sat out more than a few minutes, they would dump it down the drain. There was a slightly off taste to the filters we purchased at the base Commissary.
This is the best thing! I use this for college and it is the perfect size and so easy to use! It makes the pressure of making sure the water is great go away!
Great for the Office I recently bought this for my office that is shared with about 16 other people. So far, it's been great to have in the fridge and very convenient.
Perfect! We needed a quick way to filter our water instead of buying it bottled. This was just what we were looking for. Great!
GREAT TASTE This product leaves you with a wonderful taste in water. The pitcher is small an doesnt take up alot of space. We use it to make infant bottles and personal used and it has really cut the cost of water down for us. Every since we have bought this pitcher every one seems to drink more water in our house hold!!! Thank You Brita for opening the eyes of my family! Now water is an everyday drink for every one! :-))
This product makes great tasting water. I love Brita pitchers and filters. My kids drink more water when I use them. The only problems I have had is the reminder system on the lid stopped working a few weeks after we started using it.
Water, Great Tasting Water Have used this Pitcher for the last 3 years and since I drink water all day long, the size works out well to only refill once or twice ... and yet easy to handle. Love it!!! but I even love the new colors better!
Love it! The filter is easy to use; the pitcher has an icon that says when to change the filter. Overall, great product.
Very easy Water tastes excellent. Will not go back to faucet water.
Brilliant Brita This was a purchase for my move to the "big city" of Portland, Oregon, where I wasn't too sure on the cleanliness of the city's water given I had lived on a well for over 10 years. Brita to the rescue!! I've had this genius product for 5+ years and I shall hold on to it for as long as I can.
Love my Brita! I have great tap water, but I love that Brita taste!
Ease of use. This pitcher was easy to use. The water tastes great. I'm excited to try the filtering bottle.
Brita pitchers work well It is nice to have cold water, and this pitcher is slim enough to fit in a crowded fridge.
Excellent Product I enjoy fresh clean water all day and don't have to waste money buying bottled water.
Love the BIG pitcher! I really enjoy the bigger pitchers. I'm impatient so I like the bigger pitchers that I can fill less frequently. This one works great.
1 small problem Everything about the 10 cup pitcher is great except for the one little thing called the reminder feature.They need to put a reminder feature on these pitchers that is on the pitcher itself and simple to use,not a little plastic sticker strip thing.Fix that and you get 10's across the board from me!
GREAT Picher I love this pitcher! The only thing I would say about it is I wish it was round so it would fit in the door of my fridge. :)
Just Amazing Forget buying water. With little work that you get used to, this taste better than any bottles water out there.
Just what I needed The shape makes this pitcher easier to keep in the refrigerator without taking up too much space.
Years of reliable delicious water I've had my Brita pitcher for years and years, probably close to 10 years. I love that I can still find filters for it. Most companies change products to force you to buy a new one but not Brita! My pitcher is still in great shape, easy to clean as well. I can absolutely tell the difference between my Brita water and straight from the tap water. We recently purchased a second pitcher to keep more water on hand for our pets. We decided to switch them from tap water to Brita water to help with keep their kidneys healthy as they are all in their senior years.
Recommend for home use. The water tastes great. I just tend to run out of room for the pitcher in my refrigerator.
Easy to use I have had this product for several years and it is still going strong. As long as you change the filters you'll have great tasting water. Great product and fits in my refigerator door perfectly.
The convenience and taste Always have clean, great tasting water in the fridge; The filter makes any tap water taste great; Doesn't take up a lot of room in the fridge; Changing the filter is easy; Great product, and I would recommend it to others
Love Saving Money over bottled water. Love the Brita pitchers. I save money over buying bottled water and help the environment by adding less plastic to the landfill.
Works great! This product works very well I live in an area with a lot of extra stuff in my water. Definitely would recommend this product to friends and family.
Great taste I keep this pitcher at school so I don't have to carry a water bottle back and forth from home. The tap water and water fountain at school are a little scary, but this filter makes the water taste great!
Loved it... We had one of these and loved it but it started taking up too much space in the fridge so we switched to a faucet filter... I miss having the ice cold water right out of the fridge.
meets your basic water needs i don't have to keep buying 24pks of bottled water
GREAT WATER! I got sick of spending money on bottled water so decided to try a Brita pitcher! It's GREAT! I absolutely HATE my faucet water, but the Brita makes it great!
This product fills faster than other water systems. This was our first time buying a water filtering system. We love it! The water tastes great and saves us money.
Great tasting water This pitcher filters water very fast. It is a great way to keep fresh cold water on hand. Our tap water had an odd taste to it and this pitcher completely removes it.
Brita Pitcher We love our Brita Pitchers! Water tastes so much better and we are not adding to the mess of too many plastic bottles in our dumps.
Easy to use Love that even my 11 year old twins can fill the pitcher and have it ready in the refigerator
Overall great product with awesome taste This made great tasting water and it did it fairly quickly compared to other pitches i have used. It fits quite well in my moderately sized fridge and it looks nice. The only thing that I think could be improved upon is the ergonomics of the handle, other then that, perfect pitcher for me!
Helps us to drink more water Fits well in my fridge. Sometimes water drips if it is filled up too high. Wish that I could put more water in at one time. Filters fast.
Great water, less impact on the wallet and the Earth I have a family of five and this pitcher has been very useful. It saved me alot of expense in bottled water and its better for the Earth. We couldn't stand to drink city water and using the pitcher made me feel better about my families health.
What a difference I purchased this pitcher mainly to make my coffee taste better. It removes the taste of chlorine and the nasty metal taste we get because our city water pipes are iron. My coffee is wonderful now. I'm really glad I made this purchase.
Easy to use This pitcher was very easy to use and had great tasting water. Made even our incredibly hard well water taste great!
Been a fan of Brita for years! I find the products easy to use, compact, and also sleek looking.
Small and ideal for small family Its very simple. It will not take lot of space in refridgerator.
Great product This is a great product, I love that it comes in many different colors. The only problem I find is the lid when you go to pour it it can come off and spill water.
Love it My kids love to get ice cold water from the pitcher. It is easy for them to handle.
Awesome pitcher! I love using this pitcher for my family. its easy to fill and the water tastes amazing!!!
Easy and convenient Love this product, it so easy to use and convenient.
I Love This Brita Pitcher Brita has always had great products and every kitchen needs a Brita pitcher. I love the way the water tastes and with this pitcher you will always have pleanty of great tasting water on hand!
Easy to use I live in the country and get my water from a well. Not the best tasting water around, but this Brita filter really makes a difference !
good but not perfect sometimes i eat the little pieces of charcoal that slip past the filter
Makes Water Taste GREAT!!! This pitcher is your standard pitcher. Perfect for a college student. I highly recommend this pitcher. Plus you will save on water bottles.
Excellent for the avid water drinker This pitcher is extremely convenient for me because I like to drink a lot of water and don't find myself refilling all throughout the day. highly reccomended!
Great Taste I love this pitcher and i love the refreshing taste of the water!
Love It :) Easy, cheaper than water bottles, and makes you feel better about being greener :)
Easy to use Bought this on sale to try it and love it. Use it daily. Lightweight and great water for my family.
Perfect water, practical price I was looking for a big, practical filter pitcher, without a lot of bells & whistles. I just want many glasses of clean drinking water every day for me, my kids, our guests and to make coffee every morning. The "Everyday" pitcher is perfect. The filtering speed is very good, the size and shape of the pitcher gives it a large reservoir, with a shape that is most efficient in the refrigerator, and a big strong handle, which you need for the weight of the full water level.
great product i have used brita since i moved out on my own 11 years ago. can't stand tap water and this is cheaper then buying bottle after bottle
Great little money saver! We have really hard water and sometimes they treat it giving it an almost metallic taste. Talk about ruined coffee! My Brita pitcher has saved me from bad coffee and buying gallons of water. Thanks Brita!
Overall great I love using this product because it allows me have clean water without purchasing bottled water. Also its convenient size fits great in the fridge. Definitively a great investment!
This product is used daily and love it. The pitcher is so easy to refill and makes the tap water tastes so much better. I use it for making coffee, tea and mixed juices. Cost pennies a week to use and I save money by making my own bottled water and add a squeeze of lemon for added vitamins and flavor.
We have 3 Our first Brita pitcher was bought when my son went to college. We now have three in our household. We all are big water drinkers and the pitchers work perfect for us to have cold water at any time of the day.
Great! Been using it for years! Wouldn't change for anything!
Love It Use the pitcher everyday. The water taste great and the sticker filter helps remind me to change the filter
Still using after 8 years! After 8 years we are still using this pitcher and replacing the filters every 3 months. My daughter and I don't like tap water and it is so nice to have chilled clean water at hand. The only issue I have is the teeny black specks that constantly float around the top of the filter (not in the water) after a bit of use but I just rinse them away occasionally. Keep up the great product line Brita!
Excellent product Water never tasted so good. I use it for myself and my dogs and we all love it!!!
Filtered Water always on hand The filter pitcher allows us to have drinking water in the office always available no matter how many people are using it.
great pitcher good to reduce bottled water by using brita pitchers.
Excellent This pitcher is great. I use it at work because we have city water. It takes most of the taste out. It now tastes pure. It has really helped me cut back on soda and enjoy drinking more water.
Love the size I love the size of this pitcher. You can fill a few cups before you have to refill. This means that you can have friends and family all have cold water together instead of a few people and the rest have to wait til the water filters again and then its not as cold as when you pull it out of the fridge. I love it! Get it, you won't be sorry. The only thing I wish it had is a cover for the pour spout. If your fridge smells it could potentially make your water smell because its open at the spout. Other than that its great.
Great basic filter Bought this to filter our well water, and it makes all the difference. I drink over a gallon of water a day, so the taste matters, and this makes it taste like it should.
Great pitcher Really like this pitcher, have had for quite a few years. Only issue is that it can be difficult to clean.
Removes chlorine taste and smell I grew up on well water and then moved to the city. I hate city water, the chlorine smells so strong to me. My Brita removes all taste and smell of the chlorine. I use it everyday , even to make my coffee.
Great to use at work At home, we have an automatic filter associated with our refrigerator, but at work, we don't have that luxury, and our water there tastes weird. I keep this in the fridge there for all of us to use. Our water from this pitcher has no more bad taste!
Great and easy to use product My kids were tough on the faucet mount so we switched to pitcher which is just as good to have around, there is always fresh, ice cold, great tasting water in the fridge.. when the kids remember to refill!!
easy to use it is very easy to change the filter and very convient to use
Love this product! I chose to buy a Brita to save money overall, so I cancelled my Arrowhead delivery and I am so glad I did. This is so easy to use, the water tastes great and I am saving $$$ in the meantime. I would highly recommend this product.
this product is great for the whole family Our family is large and we used to spend alot on bottled water unil we bought a brita
This product is perfect for a small household. This product is great. I live alone so its the perfect size. Very convenient. Also easy to refill.
Easy and great for busy moms! With this Brita pitcher I do not have to buy water for my baby! It is so easy to use. It tastes great and I know I am giving my baby the best!
Saves money My teen daughter loves bottled water and it was costing me a lot of money. Now I keep a Brita pitcher in the frig and she refills a water bottle as needed. Now we are both happy.
Feels good to help the environment and be healthy I started off years ago with a faucet filter, but I changed to the pitcher because I wanted my water cold and didn't like wasting water letting it run until it was cold, plus it was still never cold enough. I have used the pitcher for years, my style pitcher isn't even sold anymore but it's more like this Everyday one. My kids have grown up using it and are finally old enough to fill it instead of leaving it on the counter and asking me to do it. I love having fresh, cold, clean water available for my kids. They love water! Growing up I hated water because it was always from the tap and I hated the taste. Now not only am I healthier, my kids are too. Plus we don't fill land fills with bottles. I will only purchase a bottle of water if I am on a trip or somewhere out of the way and all I have is a vending machine. I would love to have a filtered bottle to take with me.
Great all around I love my Brita! Thanks for a great product. Would recommend to all:) Can't go wrong!
wonderful produect We have found this to be an ideal way to always have ice cold water available in our fridge. Storage friendly with great tasting water everytime.
Great Product Very nice. The unit hold up the the normal high quality and durability of the Brita line of water filter products. I have had one for the past couple months and a world of a difference from our (visibly) metallic tap water to the clear fair tasting water after the filter.
I love that this product fits in my door compartment I am excited to see all the new variations of this wonderful product.
Great basic pitcher used one for years I would not go without my pitcher ever. In fact we also have a Brita Dispensing system with hot and cold water we purchased from Costco years ago. I LOVE IT. No longer made too bad.
This makes our water taste great! Living in FL we have a lot of chlorine and minerals in the water, but this takes all the taste out!
Great tasting water, in every glass!!! We bought our Brita pitcher over a year ago and we love it!!! Everything about it is great: taste of water, so easy to use and great features! Highly recommend switching over...we've already converted many family members!!!
Works, but could be easier to clean I like this product, but wish the parts had less little crevices where crud can build up. Molded parts should have smoother curved features to allow for ease of cleaning.
Easier to drink the water I need I enjoy drinking water but I'm very particular about the taste and quality of the water I drink. I was spending so much money on bottled water and still often ran out at home. With the Brita pitcher, I can always have fresh, tasty water at home, and, because I also have a pitcher at work, at work, as well.
love it Love it, water comes out a little slow btworth it. It fits nicely inmyfridge.
Perfect I use this everyday and have never had any issues with it.
This is a great pitcher for everyday use. Our water tastes terrible, so my husband and I love this pitcher for everyday drinking water. It's simple simple design makes it easy to change the filters, and the shape fits well in our refrigerator. I would recommend this pitcher to everyone.
Perfect for the large family!! We are a family of six, and water plays a very vital part of this athletic family. The best purchase I made was this pictcher, no more plastic bottles for this family. The brita water is perfect, no bottled water can compare to the taste of brita!!!
Easy to use Brita makes it so easy to have fresh clean water all the time. And the email filter change reminders are a big help. I can really taste the difference in my water, and now I want to drink 8 glasses a day.
Great product! I always forget how great the Brita water tastes til I drink some straight from the tap.
Great tasting water It is so easy to drink more water when you have great tasting water. I would recommend this pitcher. Great to have cold water from the fridge.
great taste The capacity fit daily family need. The design of pitcher is nice.
Nice Shape and Size I love how this product tastes the gross taste out of our water. We have cut way down on the amount of water bottles we use since we got the pitcher. The only thing I don't like about it is the flap to open and put water in doesn't stay on well and falls off often when filling the pitcher.
So simple and so good! It's so easy to put pure clean water in your body by using Brita products. All you need is a pitcher and a filter and your water bottles are free!
We love our water filter, the water tastes great! This water filter is perfect for us, it's easy fill up (fits in our sink perfectly) and the water filters quickly. It conveniently fits in our refrigerator door and the filter is easy to replace. We can definitely taste the improvement in our water when we use our Brita filter, we wouldn't be without it!
It's Great!! I use this all the time. Seriously every time I use water aside from a shower and when a flush is involved, I filter my water with this. Grateful that it filters quickly, when I cook a pot of pasta I filter my water and it only adds a few minutes. It has a large capacity great because we go through water like... well I don't know. Just buy it there is so much junk in our water and we need to filter our water to filter the junk out of our own bodies
Easy and great taste Simple to use and great tasting water. This system gets a lot of use, especially during the summer time.
Love this pitcher. This pitcher is perfect for our family of 4. Just be careful after you first fill the top (filter part). The water needs to filter down before you try to pour or you will spill water out of the top.
Brita Pitcher I really like this product. We have had only 2 Brita Pitchers in 10 years. They are a product that lasts and is easy to use and change filters. I even got one for my son when he went off to college. Because of the Brita Pitcher, our family chooses water as their beverage of choice. I would recommend this product.
Love our Britta We moved to an area that has well water, we are not used to the taste or the silt that comes with it. I bought a Britta and it has changed the taste of the water 99% (our coffee tastes so much better also) - Thank you Britta
So easy to use! My brita filter has become my best friend. I know that my water will taste fresh and crisp every time because of the great filter. And the best part is, I just pour it right from my brita pitcher to my reusable water bottle and I'm done!
Great pitcher! I really enjoy this pitcher. It is easy to use and it is always so refreshing to have good, clean, cold water waiting in the fridge, especially on a hot summer day. The taste of the water is really good and I recommend this pitcher to everyone!
love it I love that i always have cold filtered water whenever I need it. Always taste great.
AMAZING! Is there really a better description? I used to have those HUGE 5 gallon containers that I would fill up at those water dispensers outside of grocery stores but I did the math and for what I pay for the water twice a month and what I pay for a 6-pack of Brita filters is actually the same amount and SO MUCH more convenient. No more lugging a GIANT container or going out for water and wasting gas, just fill it up in the sink and get GREAT tasting water. LOVE IT! GENIUS!
Filters water quickly Since I have been using this product , I have noticed a difference in my energy levels. I have more energy and stamina.
I like the shape it fits in our door of our fridge. The only thing that I dislike is the charcoal that seems to settle on the bottom of the pitcher.
Excellent Product We have used this Brita Filter for many years at our home. It is great and has never let us down. I bought one for my college apartment. The water tastes great!
This product is just the right size for anyone. I love all Brita products, especially the water filter pitchers. Knowing that I can open the refrigerator and drink as much water as I want. Then fill back up the pitcher and know that it's fresh and healthy.
It's not called an Everyday pitcher for nothing :) I love, love, love my Everyday pitcher. It was not originally mine though, it was my husband's and when we married thank goodness he brought it with him to the relationship. I live in a small town that has hard water and we do not utilize a water softener/filtration system within our house. This is our saving grace, because I am a water drinker! Thank you, Brita for your wonderful, convenient Everyday pitcher!
Caveat Emptor I have owned a number of Brita pitchers over the last 15 or so years and they all make the local tap water taste great. They also ALL have the same design flaw: if someone (usually a houseguest) unwittingly pours from the pitcher very soon after it has been filled (before the water has all filtered to the lower chamber) they will dump any unfiltered water all over themselves, the floor, table, counter, and anybody within range, because there is no mechanism to hold the lid in place against the pressure of any unfiltered water in the upper reservoir when the pitcher is tipped for pouring. I have pointed this out to Brita and they really didn't seem interested. If you entertain a lot or often have people over who are not familiar with Brita pitchers you will have a lot of experiences of the water dumping out of the pitcher and drenching your friends and guests. If you can find another way to filter your water you can probably save yourself and your guests a lot of inconvenience and embarrassment.
Always cold clean water... Mine stays in the fridge, always full. I love my Brita pitcher and have had the same one for years! Its durable and the replacement filters are easy enough to buy..I will never be without my pitcher even if I get a filter system for the faucet.
Brita water tastes much better than tap water. It makes drinking water easier, especially for weight loss.
Easy to use product The product is very easy to use and maintain and produce great tasting water.
Love it. Great tasting water. I love my Brita Pitcher. It does a great job removing the chemical taste from the hard water I have at my apartment. It purifies my drinking water and the water I use for making my coffee. I have been purifying water for 6 years using a Brita pitcher. It works great.
Awesome product!! This product is awesome i love how easy it is and how i always have fresh water, Love having this product with kids around!! Great product and would be it over and over again!
Great product It's always nice to have a reliable product to help make water taste better.
Brita pitchers Brita Pitchers are great we take them camping with us. Its a great way to have good tasting water.
This product has great features; it is easy to clean & use This product has great features; it is easy to clean & use.
love love love i used Basic pitcher every day when i had my first born to make bottles. it taste good and made my life simple!
This is a great product. Our city drinking water has a bad after taste. I have been using the Brita pitcher for over a year and we love it. We are able to drink water from our Brita pitcher and it tastes great. We save money and help keep the landfill rid all the packaged bottles of water.
Excellent Product This is an excellent pitcher for everyday use. I use mine constantly throughout the day and my water has such a fresh, clean taste.
Great Product It greatly reduces the toxicans in my water and it has a lot. My tap water is not clear but it is considerably clearer if not completely clear when it is filtered through the pitcher system.
I love how it makes our water taste. The water here is not very good and the Brita pitcher makes it very pleasant to drink. I use a full pitcher every day. Until I got the Brita pitcher I had to force myself to drink water and spent a lot of money on bottled waters.
Great Pitcher For Price We have this exact pitcher that we use everyday. We have well water and this makes the water taste much better. The filter works quickly. It is very easy to just fill and put in the fridge!
Not too thrilled I expected this product to replace bottled water for me which it has but since it doesn't remove fluoride from the water, the water still has a tap water taste. Filling the pitcher is kind of a pain as well since you have to wait about ten minutes for the reservoir to drain down into the pitcher it takes about 15 minutes to fill it.
Perfect for a family of 4 This pitcher is perfect for a family of 4 providing enough water for everyone yet not so large that it is heavy or difficult to handle when full.
A great frugal and ecological replacement to water bottles I find this pitcher a relatively easy to use replacement for numerous water bottles crowding the refrigerator. Additionally, it saves wasteful plastic disposal, as I like to refill my favorite water bottle over and over and take for on the go ease.
Great tasting water always ready with little effort. It is so easy to keep water cold and filtered, ready to drink now or take with you. I have shared water with friends that are surprised at how good it tastes. I try to always take plenty with me when I go out for a few hours. One time I had to refill my travel bottle while out somewhere and I could not drink it. I am frequently encouraging people to get a Brita water-filtering container or system. I am sure there has to be one that fits anyone's needs. With me, the pitcher holds enough water to refill ice trays and still fill a glass or travel container. It is so easy to change the filter. I have had mine for nine years and just love it. Now I hear there is a Brita travel bottle, so I won't have to worry about running out of water when away from home.
Better tasting water The water here in Philly smells like it came out of a garden hose. My brita takes care of the smell and the taste.
simple and easy to use I was participating in a health challenge that had us check water purity in our area..I live in a campground so there is no way of my knowing. I did however notice some staining on my dishes. Now the laundry room was shut down so I had to do some laundry by hand and even after 4 rinses the water still looked I checked into your products and purchased the pitcher ffor drinking...Feel much safer..
Easy to Use & Tastes Great I have been using my Pitcher for many, many years and absolutely LOVE the way it filters my water & tastes so Great!! My granddaughters think Gammie's water is the Best :)
MY Brita opinion I have 2 brita pitchers; I keep one in the refrigerator and one on the counter and I use them for everything that I need water for. I also have a Brita container that I take with me when I go out. I always take it to exercise class.
It holds a nice amount of water. It is large enough for a family of 3. We fill it every morning and have enough water for the entire day.
Economically Friendly Love our Brita water pitcher. Whole family uses it all day long. We fill out to go bottles and we are off. When home, we just keep refilling our glasses whenever we want a fresh, clean glass of water. Easy to refill and filter is super simple to change. Couldn't live without it!
I love this pitcher! Since they have added more chlorine to the faucet water, I decided to buy the pitcher. Between the different brands, Brita in mine and my family's opinion is the cleanest tasting water. Our dogs prefer the filtered water over the regular faucet water. The indicator located at the top of the pitcher is very helpful when you want to know when to change the filter and it's easy to use. Filling up the water is just as simple.
The easiest way to help save the planet This is my second Brita filter (I didn't really need a new one, but wanted the pretty pink Breast Cancer one). I've had one since the day I moved out of my parent's house (they've always had them too). It's great for saving money because you don't have to spend on bottled water, great for the environment because you're keeping plastic out of landfills and so easy to use. It has a handy reminder built in to the lid so you know when it's time to change the filter. Also, the water tastes great!

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