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10 Cup pitcher



Our largest filtration pitcher is perfect for multi-person households, whether sharing among roommates or family members. The sleek oval design maximizes space in your refrigerator or on your countertop, and it’s BPA-free.

Brita® Grand Water Filter Pitcher — Lots of Feature & Colors

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Grand 5 485
Amazing Product! Must buy. This Brita filter is amazing. Although they need to fix the lid a bit once you get used to holding it right the lid won't fall off. The only problem is the water time to filter, although it tastes great and is healthy! I used to think my school's drinking fountain tasted better than home because there wasn't a way we could change our fridge filter, after comparing the taste of my tap water filtered with brita the choice was clear that my schools drinking water was worse than the brita. It is very easy to store in the fridge, you don't have to refill it alot (I have a 32 oz water bottle by the way) and if you research the product and use it properly you will probably never have issues!
Great but lid issues I love the product. You do have to wait for water to filter thru from the top then add more water to top & wait. The lid hasn't fallen off yet while pouring but it is not a tight fit. Green light does not come on like it is suppose too. Love the taste of my water now. It works. I'm happy with it.
Lid doesn't fit The lid doesn't fit - it just sits on top and constantly falls off.
A Must for College Life Saves you the struggle of carrying large packages of heavy water bottles to campus, saves money, and is environmentally friendly.
Lid Problems I wondered if it was just the filter I bought but I am noticing a lot of other posts stating the lid to this filter does not click into place. We had to tape ours. Also I change the filter and reset the filter and it blinks ready to change within a week. Even though I don't filter water everyday. I will not buy this type of filter again.
Poor Design of Lid System I can not believe how badly this product has been designed. Not only does the main lid fall off all the time, but the smaller refill lid pops off all the time too. I will never consider buying another Brita product ever again. There has to be a better company with better products out there. I was fooled with all the hype and advertising. Please, avoid headaches and DO NOT BUY a BRITA Water Pitcher.
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This product. It has great features. Place potatoes in a gallon-size Glad® Food Storage Bag and add oil; seal bag. Toss to coat. Add salad dressing mix and toss again until coated. Bake in ungreased baking pan at 450°F for 30 to 35 minutes or until potatoes are brown and crisp.
Poorly Designed Lid- Less than 1 Star Rating I have a hard time imagining how this lid passed any Product Manager's customer satisfaction test. Did Brita test it with customers? It DOES NOT FIT WELL or clip in place. We have used it for 6 months and It consistently falls off or is knocked off or out of place. The WORST is when you fill it and try to pour water before all the water is filtered. The lid FALLS OFF and water pours all over the counter. FRUSTRATING! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.
Cover doesn't attach to pitcher Unless I'm missing something, the cover to the grand pitcher doesn't attach to the pitcher. When you pour, you have to hold the cover in place; otherwise, it falls off. I've knocked the cover off a number of times when returning the pitcher to the refrigerator door shelf. I've finally resorted to taping it to the pitcher! I also don't like the size of this pitcher. It's too tall for my refrigerator shelves and is so bulky that it doesn't fit well on the door shelves.
Looks Great, Convenient, But Needs Improvement I bought this pitcher for many reasons. I will continue to use Brita mainly because it is convenient, because I already invested more than I wanted to at $36.99 for the pitcher alone, and because of the taste of the water. I feel the design of the pitcher and brita filters need improvement, or better specifications on use in the literature that comes with the package. After spilling multiple pitchers when trying to pour into glasses, I figured out that you need to wait to pour until the water has filtered into the pitcher reservoir. This should be on Brita literature. Secondly, the only two Brita brand filters that I bought to date didn't work properly. They don't fit into the slot properly. If you tip the pitcher too far, they fall out. I did try to secure them properly, so this shouldn't be why they're falling out. The air vents at the top on one filter were not cut properly, so it took an extremely long time to filter. I cut slightly larger holes in the vents and it helped a bit. Also, the filters are not lasting as long as I think they should.
Looks Great, Convenient, But Needs Improvement I bought this pitcher for many reasons. I will continue to use Brita mainly because it is convenient, because I already invested more than I wanted to at $36.99 for the pitcher alone, and because of the taste of the water. I feel the design of the pitcher and brita filters need improvement, or better specifications on use in the literature that comes with the package. I don't feel it meets expectations. After spilling multiple pitchers when trying to pour into glasses, I figured out that you need to wait to pour until the water has filtered into the pitcher reservoir. This should be on Brita literature. Secondly, the only two Brita brand filters that I bought to date didn't work properly. They don't fit into the slot properly. If you tip the pitcher too far, they fall out. Yes, I did try to secure them properly, so this shouldn't be why they're falling out. The air vents at the top on one filter were not cut properly, so it took an extremely long time to filter. I cut slightly larger holes in the vents and it helped a bit. Also, the filters are not lasting as long as I think they should. Brita, your QA department needs to work harder. I wouldn't recommend this specific model to anyone.
Excellent I love this! The only complaint I have is the green button doesn't light up like its supposed to.
Great Purchase! I am so happy that I found this water bottle! I am on a college campus all day, and carrying around or buying 6 or 7 plastic water bottles is just not an option. With the Brita water bottle, I can get water from any fountain on campus and not worry about what I am drinking. It's also good to note that the filter can be taken out and the water bottle can be used without the internal filter. Sometimes I will put juice in the bottle at the start of the day, and then when I finish it I rinse it out, put the filter back in and drink filtered water for the rest of the day all with the same bottle. The only "design flaw" I would note is that it can be difficult to get the last bit of water out of the bottle with the way that the filter is situated in the bottle. However, the problem is so minor it really doesn't take away from how awesome the rest of the bottle is. Definitely worth a try- once you start using it you won't want to stop!
my brita This product is efficient, and easy to use. the water tastes better than any other product i have used. highly recommend.
Don't like this design I've used a Brita Pitcher for years. While I like the size and shape of this pitcher, I have had trouble with the lids. They do not fit well, and the filter reminder does not appear to work at all. I guess when to change it.
Great product, easy to use! We use to have great water, but things have changed. I use only my Brita water for drinking, coffee, and tea. Also any other drinks which require water!
Love this pitcher This pitcher holds all the water I need in one day so is perfect to keep me from buying bottled water. I'm so glad my son talked me into it. Water tastes great and pitcher fits fine in my fridge. Would be nice if you had an app for filter reminders. Thanks
Grand Model I purchased this slimmer version to replace my older round pitcher. Nothing wrong with it, just wanted to save space in refrigerator. A bonus on the new Grand model is the indicator on pitcher lid, for filter change. My son grabbed my old pitcher, so I guess we are recyling a little bit more.
Great tasting water - Finally! Our lakehouse water is so chemically treated, it was terrible to drink. You could taste chlorine the most. Even going through the frig filter, it was bad. I bought the Grand Versailles pitcher to give it a try. The first one we bought. Great water now! This was amazing to us. Got rid of all chemical taste! My morning coffee actually tastes like great coffee. Thank you for making a great product!
Encourages you to drink more This pitcher holds lots of water so you don't have to refill as often, it fits well in a regular fridge and keeps you reaching for the water every time you open the fridge.
Excellent product! Bought this about 6 months ago. We drink lots of water in our house and bottle water was getting expensive. We decided to give the pitcher a try and we honestly can't get enough. The only problem...reminding the other people in my house to refill the pitcher!
Years of Great Water Finally after about 8 years the battery in the lid has worn out, and will now have to use calendar notifications to remind me to change the filter. Don't think the battery can be changed, and Brita does not seem to sell replacement lids!! No problem though as the end product is very good.
Product has is easy to use and makes water taste great The Brita pitcher I have is so easy to use. I am so thankful for purchasing this product. I live in the city and have been drinking city water and don't care for the taste. Since I have bought the Brita pitcher, I have doubled my intake of water. It tastes so much better and tastes so much cleaner than city water. I would definitely recommend this to other people. Thank you Brita.
great product. easy to use takes the bad out of city water. I have had a Brita Grand for a lot a years and used it every day, day after day. It removes the algae from the lake water that the City Of of Wichita dumps into the the cities water supply. If not for Brita I would be drinking bottled water. The only reason I bought a new one is that my old lid somehow broke one of the hinge pins off and it keeps falling off. This is the best of the best.
Best thing since sliced bread! We have chlorine in our water and I hate the taste so I use my Brita for EVERYTHING as it removes the chlorine taste!
Love this I use it almost every day while I am at home and its great!
Beautifully designed. I went to my cousins house the other day and i asked for a glass of water, and she served me water from the brita pitcher. It tastes so good and fresh. i was impressed. I went and bought myself one. and it was on sale. Thank you brita for making great pitchers.
Pitcher Our family loves knowing that there's always GOOD cold water in the fridge with the Britta. Great tasting water unlike the faucet, plus in Florida it's hard to get cold water out of the faucet. LOVE our Britta!
Not as good as the old Brita I think that the new Brita is better because the pitcher comes completely apart so that it can be cleaned and it still makes great tasting water. The water here has so much chlorine and lime that the taste is very bad. My only complaint is that every time I go to pour water out into a glass I have to open the little flipper that covers the spout by hand or the water goes all over the place because the flipper does not open.
Dishwashing I bought this Brita and wash it in my dishwasher as indicated on the cover on the top rack. The large top fell in and melted on the bottom. I've never tried it so I can't say it is good or bad. Do you know if anywhere they sell just the cover? Thank You
I dearly love Brita It brings me comfort to know that I am cleaning my water of any articles that may be in my drinking water. Plus the water does taste different.
I love BRITA but... I have been using BRITA for a long time and love it. I cannot understand how this digital settings for the filter work. I live alone so I should be able to use this filter for twice the time (4 instead of 2 months, or 80 instead of 40 gallons) since an "average family" would be 4 people and I am only one. So I am taking my risks leaving it for 3 months, maybe 4 and being annoyed by the red blinking light. When in Puerto Rico I had the small plastic calendar that came with the pitcher and was told by a Brita employee that I could leave it for 4 months for a one person household. I wonder if there are people out there with the same issues.
Wanted something that was simple and easy to use. My whole family uses this product. We are constantly filtering our water and storing it. I would rather have a glass of cold water than a soda or tea with my meals at home. I have even thought about taking my own glass with me when we dine out. Don't really care for the "tap water" from restaurants.
Disappointment with bottle filters I was very excited to pick up 4 new Brita bottles! Excited because I could avoid buying bottled water as well as having filtered water on hand no matter where I was. So off I went and purchased 2 big bottles and 2 kids bottles, washed and rinsed ready to go I put one filter in my sons bottle not noticing the plastic rim that kept the filter up in the nipple had actually broken. Ok I must have put the cap on too tight well not even 2 days later mine broke in the same fashion! Unfortunately I won't be buying these anymore until the filter is some how re-enforced to stop them from breaking. We are a family of 4 and have loved the other Brita systems we have own, I think we will just filter the water first if the other bottles do the same. Hope this helps anyone wanting to use the water bottles. Great idea just not sure they are sturdy enough. Thanks for reading.
The product is great and easy to use. I love the color selection also. I just bought a pitcher after seeing that my moms made the water for our coffee taste so much better. I also wanted a way of having good tasting water without having to buy bottle water all the time. This product will help with saving money and contribute to my family and me from using excessive amounts of bottle waters.
Poor quality I am disappointed in the quality of the faucet filtration system. I have had to buy 2 faucet systems in the last 9 months because the red light keeps flashing even though I changed the filters.
The GRAND is the worst Brita Pitcher ever I have had several Brita pitchers. I have been a fan of the water and the system. But DON'T buy this model. The top doesn't stay on and many times you will pour a grand amount of water all over the floor or cabinet. The inside well is not stable, either. Part of the handle comes off easily. The small cap comes off when filling. Don't buy this model You will never buy another Brita pitcher if this is your first Brita experience. Brita should take this one off the market and refund our money.
Great tasting water Prior to living in this house we had a reverse osmosis filter system and our water tasted great. When we moved we started drinking bottled water because we could not stand the taste of the water at the new house. THe brita filter solved the taste problem and now no more bottled water.
Gift I received the pitcher as a gift from my boyfriend after complaining about the cost of purchasing bottled water. I have a water dispenser in my refrigerator door, but I do not know how to change the filter so the water has a funny taste. Just after one use, I fell in love with my pitcher.
Good pitcher; great customer service I've been using Brita pitchers for the last five years at least and the filter really makes tap water taste better. I preferred the old filter indicator which was LCD, because it's easier to glance at quickly than the new flashing light. I recently bought a new pitcher and the lid slid around, but as long as I held the part on the handle with my thumb, it caused no problems when pouring. I'm mostly writing this review to commend Brita for their excellent customer service. I accidentally dropped and broke the reservoir of my new pitcher and called to have it replaced. Since they didn't have the same color reservoir in stock, they sent me a brand new pitcher. It arrived in just three days and the lid on the new pitcher fits much better. I also really like the transparent reservoir so that you can see how full it is when the lid is on.
Very easy to use Great for convenience! Not lugging heavy bottles anymore!! Very easy to use and works great. The only problem I seem to have, is the pitcher lid does not stay on while I am pouring water into my to-go bottle. I have everything set in place correctly, I just have to remember to remove the lid before I pour out any water. Otherwise it is GREAT!!
Easy to use, great value, I was expecting a new baby and I needed to buy a water filter. I knew a years worth of formula-mixing would accumilate to alot of plastic waste. Once I found my beautiful Brita pitcher, I was very happy with my purchase! The digital reminder of my filter replacement needs was quite convenient, considering my new hectic routine. I would definatly recommend this pitcher and any others to family and friends.
Brita filters are convienirnt and easy to use. Have been using Brita filters for years and they are easy to use. Just change the filter ever 2 or 3 months. Can't tell if germs or heavy metals are filtered out but the taste of tap water is sure improved. They are a lot cheaper to use than bottled water and we use Brita filters mostly for cooking and coffee. I would highly recomend Briter water filters to every one.
The taste is amazing! In the past I have always used PUR water filters. BRITA is my second choice and now it will always be my first.. Everyone has noticed the fresh taste it has. Thank you,
This product is easy to use. It is not small. We are a family of five. It is enough for our drinking water, cooking water and tea pot. In Toms River, due to past contamination from Ciba-Geigy people drink bottled water.
great love the brita pitcher. the water is delicious
Great product Great product to use and feel safe about drinking the water.
Great I love the water pitcher for home use. (I take my filter bottle with me) The filter is convenient to use and can be stored in the fridge.
Shoot the product designer!!!!! We purchased the Grand at Target. Love the flavor of the water and ease in changing the filter. Hate the fact that the entire lid falls off constantly. Thought it might have been isolated to our pitcher until talked to two other consumers and found that we all have the same issue!!! Shoot the designer!!! Or at least the guy who vetoed an inexpensive way of keeping the entire lid attached to the pitcher.
Defects in lid All of a sudden my lid will not indicate what level of purity left on the filter. We were away for a month and I left my pitcher empty and removed the filter from the pitcher. Upon our return I opened a new filter, soaked it and placed it in the pitcher. I tried repeatedly to start the gauge on the lid but it will not go to 100% or even register at all. What's wrong with this "picture"? Thank you Alice Long
Brita has made a good product for the environment. I love my violet Brita pitcher-recommended by MY SON! I fill my ice trays with the filtered water also.
Easy to use / Great taste I purchased my Brita pitcher because I wanted the peace of mind knowing the water I was drinking was pure. The pitcher is affordable, easy to change the filter, I always have fresh, clean water on hand. No more bottles to throw away!
"Easy fall off lid" I do like the capacity of this pitcher against other pitchers, however the fact that the lid falls off so easily...pretty much with every pour, makes me HATE this pitcher. Perhaps I got a poorly constructed one but judging by other reviews, its a common problem. Forget trying to pour before ALL the water has gone down (which you can with most other brands). Big mess. And it's both the whole entire lid, and the small portion that flips. All fall off.
Disappointed I have always used a Brita, its been 10 years with the same one so I decided its time to change pitcher, I didnt even look at any other company`s pitchers as its not an option for myself, I pick the Grand Red colored series. Once out of the packaging I set it up and realise the top lid just sits on top it does not click onto the pitcher, I test it out thinking that it can`t be but of course it falls right off. I went online to see if I`m doing something wrong but found many others complaining online about the same issue. The pitcher was obviously not broken or missing anything it seems like this is how it was designed...very odd. I call Brita canada directly, the lady listened and took my information told me that I would receive a new Brita pitcher by mail (this is not what I was looking for but she insisted, I could of returned the defective one and bought another type of Brita pitcher).Meanwhile I refilled my old Brita thats 10 years old and holding on strong. This call was made more than 6 weeks ago. Its too bad that the quality has changed from 10 years ago but I would look into the customer service...they should not say anything just to rid themselves of the customer.
Great way to have convenient pure water This pitcher is a convenience I wouldn't do without. Changing the filter is simple and easy and Brita even emails me when it's time to do this. The only problem I have ever encountered is every once in a while the filter pops up when I'm refilling the pitcher and unfiltered water pours into the pitcher. Why does it do this?
Not satisfied I have used Brita pitchers in the past but never had this problem.The grand came with a clear oval sticker on the bottom. I easily peeled it off but it left a residue that NEVER came off. I washed, scrubbbed and put it in the dishwasher - nothing worked. To this day i still sticks to any surface i put it on because of this residue.
Poor indicator Iwas able to use a pitcher only for 6 months . The indicator stop to work ,because it was after 90 days I had a big problem to exchange . The water tastes O>K>
Brita Grand helped me end lifelong habit of diet soda I bought a Grand pitcher and drink a couple of full pitchers of it daily and feel wonderful. I wanted to kick a lifelong habit of drinking diet soda and never have been able to partly because I was hooked on the caffeine. However to my astonishment and joy I bought my Brita pitcher and never looked back. My soda belly has been going away and as a bicycle commuter with no car I am very active and drink gallons of the Brita filtered water daily. I feel refreshed and oxygenated and cleansed--it tastes great and satisfies me. What a great deal, not having to lug all those big bottles of soda on my bike any longer! Absolutely a joy to drink and a great value plus I'm proud to support a local business, here in the East Bay.
I love the taste of my water with the Brita. I really like our Brita because of its larger size. My problems seem to be with the lids. The whole top lid does not fit tight so when you catch it by accident when you go to reach for the pitcher the lid just flips off. Several times I have had the small opening lid for water also just falls off when you touch it. But no matter what I still love my Brita.
Bad water tastes better This product makes the water taste better and removes most of the chemical taste in the city water. I double filter the water for what I believe are chemicals in our city water. If the water is cold and double filtered, it is drinkable. Used this product for almost a year before the indicator battery stopped working. I gues I will have to buy a new pitcher.
Great for budget and health I have two Brita pitchers: an old white lidded 7 cup one that I keep on the counter for making coffee, and a green lidded GRAND pitcher for the refrigerator. Have been using Britas for years, as the savings over buying bottled water is tremendous, and it certainly improves the taste and quality of city water. I live in Florida, so drinking a lot of water, especially with the summer heat and humidity, is a health concern for me. Love your products.
filter it lets you know when to change the filter, so there is no need to worry about it.
Should add a frequent filter program Develop a frequent buyer program--would add to your sales
Grand pitcher makes the grade I bought this after my previous pitcher broke.It holds extra water, is easy to use and was able to get it in my favorite color too.I highly recommend this product!
coffee I have discovered that my coffee from my Keurig taste so much better when made with water from my Brita pitcher than from the tap.
Not Good This pitcher is really good at getting your floor wet, but that's about it. The fill door does not stay attached. If any water is in the upper reservoir it spills when I pour. Even with the upper reservoir the flap over the pour spout still causes spills when pouring.
Great pitcher, but makes a mess This pitcher looks great an holds a ton of water. Easy to fill but the fill lid falls off easily. When pouring the water that has been filtered, if you don't pour extremely slowly, it spills and drips and runs down the pitcher everywhere. The pour tip should be re-evaluated. Nice sturdy, well made pitcher though. Easy to fit in the fridge.
Feeling spectacular after three months of Brita I feel oxygenated and refreshed and hydrated each time I drink water from my Brita pitchers. I gave up diet soda after a lifetime of drinking it, since I was sixteen and I am now turning 53. I did this because Brita tasted great and it's so easy to use, plus it's affordable. I was afraid of the carcinogenic or unhealthy side-effects of artificial sweeteners and I was looking horribly bloated, with a beer or soda belly even though I'm a bicycle commuter in great shape otherwise. After three refreshing, cleansing months I feel wonderful and my soda belly is disappearing, I'm no longer bulging out of my bike clothes and will fit back into my Levi's when the fall comes. I did read the book Killer Colas and watch the medical shows on PBS saying artificial sweeteners make a person about 500% more likely to have belly fat.
Great value & design Have been a Brita user for over 10 yrs. We drink more water from the Brita pitcher because our tap water tastes terrible. The Brita filter water makes the best iced tea. The "timer" feature reminds me when it's time to change the filter. Perfect for a busy mom. I get a bit frustrated when the pitcher isn't kept full because then I have to wait a few minutes to have a glass!
Digital top to remind you when to replace the filter is useless Make the water taste much better. Digital feature on the top to remind you when to replace the filter is useless. Doesn't work properly. You are better off just writing it on a calendar.
Lid does not work properly When pouring water into glasses or bowls have to hold on to the lid so it won't fall off. I have tried everything possible to keep the lid in place short of taping it on. Otherwise love the orange color but just wish that lid would stay on when pouring.
The lid does NOT fall off Having suffered with the lid issues of the Pacifica, I'm so happy to have this model. No complaints and the usual fine quality water of the older Brita models.
I'm Happy With This Pitcher I replaced an older pitcher with a new red Grand pitcher, and I'm very pleased with the pitcher. I've had the pitcher for about 5 months now, and I haven't experienced any issues with this pitcher - the lid works well, everything fits well, and is in perfect working order. The only thing I would suggest is that Brita should eliminate the electronic filter thingies on the top of the pitcher, because I think filter use should be based on how much water is being filtered, and not by how much time has lapsed between filter changes.. Sometimes I use the pitcher a lot, and sometimes I don't, so I've let my taste buds determine when i should replace the filter. Just remember to keep the filter wet constantly. I also want to comment on that I believe Brita has improved their filters. With my old pitcher, I found stray charcoal bits at the bottom of the pitcher where they ended up after getting loose from the filter. So far, I haven't experienced this issue with the newer filters. Great product. Oh, and if you experience issues with a new pitcher, return it from the store you purchased it from as soon as possible.
Piece of junk. Always have been a Brita pitcher owner. The countdown timer on out 8 year old pitcher died and we thought it was tome for a new pitcher. This pitcher was purchased at Walmart about 3 months ago. The lid on our Grand looks different than the one posted on this site. I had to saw off half of the spout cover to stop from constantly pouring water on the counter and floor. Also the lid won't stay on. Piece of junk.
Pitcher did not eliminate bad tasting water like faucet filter Advice: BUY THE BRITA FAUCET FILTER instead of this pitcher. The Brita faucet filter works perfectly but it looks ugly, so I wanted to replace it with this Brita pitcher. It was on sale. Unfortunately, here in Southern California our water tastes terrible -probably from mineral content from the Colorado River. Everyone here buys bottled water. I assumed all Brita products worked equally: they don't. Although there was some taste improvement with this pitcher, the water still tasted bad. I now use the faucet filter again and my Brita tap water is as good or better than bottled water. I still purchase small bottled water for convenience, because I don't have time to fill up all those little bottles. Also, I sometimes buy sparkling bottled water. In my opinion, Brita should provide consumers with in-store information about the effectiveness of various products for the area they live in. The faucet filter is best if your water tastes bad.
love this i love everything about this pitcher! i wish i wouldve gotten it in red but green is pretty!
I love this pitcher. I have had my Brita pitcher for a while now and it is so wonderful. I grew up on well water and moved to a city where the water tastes nasty. Brita makes the water taste great and it is super convenient. I fill up my reusable bottle everyday and take it to work with me.
Great Product! Very easy to use and effective, we live in an old apartment and we love the security of knowing we are drinking clean water!
Freakin' AWESOME!!! Lid does NOT fall off!!! I have always love brita and was glad ti buy this one because it is purple! I had read reviews about this Brita and how when you pour the lid comes off. I use this Brita to fill a 32oz bottle at least twice a day and let me tell you the lid has NEVER come off. I did however figure out why people were having lid problems. The lid is designed to cover over the handle, but there is a slight gap between the handle and the lid. If you hold the Brita by the top od the handle and lid you push the lid off but if you just pour by the handle the lid never comes off. All in all this was a great buy. (I brought my this Brita from
Love it My husband and I got one as a gift from my sister and we are not going back to buying water bottles ever again. this is cheaper, and more convenient. you don't have to change the filter that often, and the water tastes really good.
Don'g buy this product! I am a long time Brita user. Recently, I purchased this "new and improved" Brita in green. I liked the color and thought it was a good size. Bad move! The cover falls off and you end up with water all over the counter. There is NO WAY to get it to stay on tightly. Don't buy this the classic white one. The cover stays on that one!
Love the monitor dial on top. Love my Susan G. Comen Pink lid Great tasting water. Since we have it, we drink more water and juice and i have to worry less about the kids drinking too much soda. I drink more water now then the i normally do drinking bottled water so all in all it's been a major plus in our household. I just wish the replacement filters weren't so expensive. that's the only bad thing i have to say about it. with this economy; not sure if i could keep up with this premium water system
My Grand Brita I could not go wrong with this Grand Pitcher.If you read the simple directions and follow them, you will be fine.The little black stuff that floats inside the chamber is fine, totally. My right hand is weak from pounding on a computer for years, but it can handle the pitcher full...One Handed! It is a great buy, no regrets!
Loose tops We have been using these pitchers for many years so we decided to get a new one. Bad mistake, When they redid the mold to make the colored tops they made the lid lip too shallow. As others have mentioned the lid falls off when you are pouring. Brita sent a replacement pitcher in a different color and that one is just as bad, but on the second one the spout cover sticks closed on occasion spilling water all over the counter. The white ones in the stores seem to have the old lid but we are stuck now. I would suggest buying only the white ones. One other thing the water tastes great but the new filters leak a lot more of the carbon flecks than they used to even just a few years ago but Brita doesn’t think so. My guess is that they went to finer carbon particles for better filtering but didn’t redesign the holes in the filter housing. It’s a pain but it doesn’t affect the water.
Very good but... I love the style of this Brita pitcher. The style does not take up alot of fridge space. I also like the fact that the spout is covered. The one thing that I don't like is that the electronic filter indicator is good for only five years because that is the estimated battery life and the battery can not be replaced. You would think it would be mentioned on the box somewhere. You find this out after thoroughly reading the manual. I think for the price of this product Brita can put a better filter minder or a least have replacement lids available. After all you purchase the product to keep track of the filter replacement.
Love it! Have been using it for a long time. Truly trust the Brita brand.
Awesome this is a great product because it lets you know when to change things and its great that its in different colors.
Great Product! This product is wonderful because you can fill it a great amount and in my family we drink a lot of water. The feature is easy to use and it tells us when we need to change the filter. You can definitely taste a huge difference in the water if you don't change the filter when you're supposed to.
Best product! I purchased a Pink pitcher last October in support of Breast Cancer Research and had no idea I would love my Brita water so much!!! The taste of the water is so pure, I use it for everything, even cooking and making coffee (even though my coffee maker also has a filter in it). When I experienced trouble with the grip on the handle, I called customer service and I had a new pitcher within a day or two! I love this product and I appreciate the fantastic service of the Brita Service Representatives. Thank you!
Makes the water taste great. We have two of these pitchers in our fridge. I really enjoy having great tasting filtered cold water available at all times. These pitchers do a great job of providing this. I even use the filtered water for our two cocker spanials drinking bowl. Last week I purchased two carry and go Brita filter bottles. Mainly to have filtered water at work. I'll let you know in awhile what I think of them. So far happy. :)
Wonderful Pitcher! We love this for everyone in our house! The kids love the bright color and I love the convenient filter indicator! Love it!
Good Filter Sometime the lid falls off while pouring, but minor inconvenience
Drinking more water Drinking more water and the water quality also benefits house hold pets.
Love the color options definitely love using our new pitcher! its so easy to use and easy to refill. our kids even can do it!!
Great Product The pitcher is great and easy to use. My only problem is that I could not get the filter to fit into the pitcher at all.
WONDERFULL i love this filter! esp the orange color! :) saves me so much money . i used to buy cases of water bottles , and now only this!
Makes SodaStream Taste Better The tap water in DC doesn't taste very good but my Brita pitcher fixes that right up. I recently acquired a SodaStream system and refill my Brita twice a day now. The difference is amazing - good tasting water in means good tasting soda out. I may be buying a larger Brita soon!
Great tasting water My family's refrigerator's water system was contaminated by ants, and made it unusable. Got this pitcher to replace that. It tastes better than the unfiltered water. Already have one for my dorm, where the water tastes coppery and un-potable. Definitely recommend this.
Slim design fits well in refrigerator! My old Brita pitcher handle broke, so I had to buy a new one. I absolutely love this new design and I like that it comes in several different colors. A lot of the stuff in my kitchen is red, so that is what I went with. The water tastes great through the filter, and it doesn't take up a lot of space in the refrigerator. I would definitely recommend this pitcher.
Great product! I love my Brita pitcher. My only complaint is that the lid doesn't stay on that great, but I tolerate it.
trouble with lid The only concern I have with this pitcher is that the lid only sits loosely on top and doesn't click into place. It falls off when I take it in or out of the refrigerator.
My Favorite Water Love these pitchers! We use them for everything in the kitchen. Our well water tastes better and has no sediment. Thanks!
Easy as pie! We use this everyday, as our water source is not fantastic. Yet this pitcher makes for clean, crisp, delicious water every time. Very easy to use and the replacement monitor is very helpful. Highly recommended!
This product is easy to use This product is easy to use and has a great water capacity. The the taste itself is average.
Overall pretty good Overall a good product. My only complaint is how hard it is to get part that holds the filter out to clean the pitcher. Replacing the filter could be easier too.
Love it! I bought my brita pitcher almost three months ago and I love it!! Works great and the taste is great as well!! :) Very pleased with my buy.
Great features and taste Before getting the Brita pitcher and filter, I was actually very hesitant because I really didn't think the water would taste that great or be filtered enough to the same quality as bottled water. But I finally decided to give it a try (especially since buying bottled water was adding up quickly) and I'm so glad I did! The filter works very quickly, the pitcher is easy to use, and the water tastes great!
Great for use with NASTY water/ I live in a town where the water is so full of minerals and sulfer, that our water tastes disgusting. I recieved my Brita at a Relay For Life event. I LOVE it, my family loves it. My husband complained when I hadn't purchased the new filter yet. I tell everyone I know about my Brita. Thank you for such a great product. I couldn't be happier.
Great Although the filter replacement meter is a little inaccurate, the water it filters is excellent!
I give it a 97/100 I'm a student at a college where the local water sometimes makes you want to gag, but the filtered water tastes pretty good. My only complaints are that for many sinks that aren't kitchen sinks, you won't be able to fit the pitcher under the faucet, and also that pouring water from the pitcher with the cap on spread the water flow, so anything with a small mouth, such as water bottles, require the lid be removed to pour, and some water to spill over back up through the filter compartment. Otherwise, an excellent product.
great product the water tastes clean and the fun colors add a little character to the dinner table and the fridge.
Fresh tasting This is a great product and the water tastes amazing but sometimes there are filter specks that get in the water. Overall, a good product.
Love this I loved this filter we used it for 2 years. Then moved and had one in our refrigerator. Now we are looking for another one to buy. The only downside is that once you fill it up you have to wait for it to filter before you can pour water out or it will make a huge mess.
This product is great way to have cold, fresh water This product is a great go to when your thirsty and want something cold and refreshing.
Bright Colors My daughter's favorite color is yellow, so she was absolutely thrilled you guys had it!
This is a great product The savings is awesome and the benefit to the environment. The water is good tasting and I am happy I have this product.
Love it I really love this filter. It is easy to use, clean looking and the taste is good.
AWESOME filter system My husband and I liked them so much we bought two! We also gave one to my grandmother. Her tap water was disgusting and she tried this filter and LOVED it! Can't go wrong getting one of these!
works great Really helps with taste and odor in tap water--better than bottled!
Better than buying bottled water Great way to have great tasting water and not have to spend on cases of water bottles.
Large Capacity! We recently moved and needed to buy a new Brita pitcher. Bought this one because I'm pregnant and drink a LOT of water to stay well-hydrated. With this pitcher I don't have to refill it every single time I fill up a water bottle.
very happy with my purchase love our new filter pitcher it holds a great amount of water. i also love the red from target
Great Our tap water was disgusting, no one wanted to drink it. With the Brita pitcher we always have cold water that everyone loves.
Great product! I drink so much water everyday! This is so handy and I love drinking such fresh chilled water.
Wonderful taste! My only problem: It would be nice if the lid could snap or be locked into place, somehow.
Excellent I have had this brita product for over a year now and I love it.
great product! This pitcher gives crisp, clean water any time it is needed. I use it at college and always have amazing tasting water available at school.
Best filtration system ever!!! Brita is by far the best water filtration system I have ever purchased!!!
Easy to use and tastes great. The option of colors is amazing. You can find your favorite color in a convent product. The electronic status is easy to use and is perfect for people who have trouble remembering when they put the filter in.
so easy to use the indicator tells you basically when to change the filter. Great product
So easy Easy to refill, it reminders us when to change the filter and, our water tastes better. Can't beat that.
Great for dorm living!!! This Brita pitcher is great for students going to college. It fits nicely in their small fidges and helps make tap water better for drinking. The fun colors make it a must have for all students, and it saves you tons of money on bottled water. Would recommend for any college student.
Great tasing water and easy to use! I love using my Brita pitcher. The water is always so refreshing. Now if I could only get the other people in my household to refill it when they empty it! ;)
Love it because its easy to use! We bought this for our home. My husband and I both love how easy it is to use. I love that we had options for color, orange! He loves that it shows us the life of the filter on it. We recommended it to my sister and she also got one. It's stylish and good for you!
This product has my family drinking more water - Easy to use - Fun colors to match your kitchen - Save us money - not buying bottled water - Family members all fill the Brita pitcher up so we always have fresh drinking water (Drink more water than any other beverage) - Don't fill the pitcher top too full because it will spill out when you move it until it filters through. (You can fill it fuller and then let it sit until it filters through a little before putting it in the refrigerator so it won't spill).
works good first few uses I bought this product thinking I would reduce my disposable water bottle use. However it works good for the first week or so if you don't use it heavily. After that black particles start coming from the filter and it becomes slower and longer to filter a small amount of water. Not to mention some of those black particles end up in your purified water! if you plan on using this for everyday use maybe buy a filter more frequently until Brita updates their system.
Great Product For College Students Easy to use, clean tasting water, the brita pitcher is everything a college student like me needs. Although the grand is big, it fits in my small fridge, and easy to fill up anywhere on campus. Even if you are not a student, this product is great in any home or office.
Love it! We love this because we no longer spend tons of money on bottled water. We feel good about being green!
Easy way to keep water cold and convenient for the family I bought my Grand Brita in blue and it's great to open up the fridge and have cold water ready and waiting. Having it there also encourages my family to drink water rather than some other readily available beverage.
Delicious water with minimal effort I love my Brita pitcher! I do not like the "cholorine" taste of city water, and my Brita pitcher makes this easier! I always have access to fresh, clean, delicious water. Easy to use :) with great colors to choose from!
Great Tasting Water Great Product. Saves money and the planet. Awesome!
Simple to use Awesome way to easily filter tap water and minimize need for bottled water!
Clean and cold water I really enjoyed our Brita filter. It was given to us as a wedding present and we used it plenty! The water was clean and cold.
Glad we bought it! After buying water at the refill station for years, this was an Earth Day present to our household. Now it takes much fewer trips to unload groceries and we are protecting the planet! win! win!
Great taste! Our family loves our new Brita Pitcher. The water tastes great and we feel great by not buying all the plastic bottles anymore. Love the filter change reminder on the top too. Very helpful!
This pitcher is the perfect size, and is great for every day use I got a Brita once I moved into college and found that the water was nowhere near as good as the well water that I was used to at home. I was very happy to find that my Brita pitcher filtered the unpleasant town water into delicious and clean water. I like how quick it is; if I run out I only have to wait around a minute before I have filtered water again. This pitcher is also the perfect size for my roommate and I to share :)
I bought two of these!! We have a fridge filter system that just doesn't seem to work very well. So my husband and I broke down and bought this Brita pitcher. It was hard to get used to at first because we were so used to using water from the fridge but now we own two of them!!! The kids and I love our water ice cold so we keep ours in the fridge, and my husband likes his room temperature so he keeps his on the counter. Win win!!!
I like it a lot! It has more capacity than the one I previously own. I love the filter usage indicator. When it is full, it's a little heavy for my kids to handle, but I keep it half full to make it less heavy.
Love it! Love it! Great tasting water and brings vibrate life to the kitchen by the available colors!
awesome! This pitcher is awesome! Perfect for a college student. Takes up more space in the smaller refrigerators but I hated having to fill the smaller pitchers 2 or 3 times a day.
Good size! This is a must have size because you & your family will want more water.
Should have purchased one sooner. This product is so easy to use and convenient I should have purchased one long ago. I bought a second one for work.
Love it! I've owned several Brita products, and I keep buying this one. Keep a pitcher at home and at the office.
Amazing Product Very simple to use, and easy to store and change it's filters.
Easy to use and space saver With the reminder on the lid to change the filter this product is excellent. Now I don't have cases of water around the house.
great product! i bought this product for college and i love it! it works great and i love all the colors it comes in!
Great Product I love my Brita water pitcher. I use it everyday. It is a wonderful product.Easy to use.Will recommend this product for healthy life.
Great Pitcher, excellent product. I love my Brita water pitcher. I use it everyday. It is a wonderful product.
Great product, easy to use, good taste Easy to use, good taste, would recommend this product.
great product nice looking product easy to clean great taste in water
Best Picher Ever It so easy to change the filter and it makes the water taste so clean. I would recommend this pitcher to anyone.
MMM.. So Good I love the Grand Brita Pitcher.. it fits perfectly in my fridge and is so easy to use!! It's also nice to have fresh cold water to mix with my whey protein right before I leave for the gym.
Great We just upgraded to this pitcher and love it! I love the color choices it comes in. The comfort grip handle it nice too! Great product
GREAT capacity In a home that I am the sole refiller.... thank goodness for icemakers and this Brita Pitcher! Minus the occasional black flake from the filter, it is the most convenient item in my kitchen. Doing something this good for the environment, and living the benefit of this pitcher should be a sin! HA!
Love the reminder feature! I received this as a birthday gift yesterday! Now I can refill my empty water bottles instead of buying case after case of bottled water. Thank you Sue!
Clean water This pitcher holds the amount of water I wanted it to but the lid does come off a lot and does not pour well. Found the round ones work the best but dont hold as much water.
Wish the lid stayed on, but the water tastes great! I like everything about my Brita pitcher, except that the lid tends to fall off if I don't hold it down when pouring. This was especially frustrating when my daughter was preparing to make noodles and poured more water into already boiling water and the filter fell in!
A+ We love our pitcher and can't drink water without it!
Great! We've had this for almost 4 years now and our family has saved a bundle using this product as opposed to bottled water! The timer for the filter is a very handy feature, will recommend for anyone!
Hard water goes bye bye We have hard water and were purchasing bottled water. After seeing how much plastic we were using, we decided to try the Brita water filters. At first setting up the filters seem to be a hassle but after you do it once it becomes second nature. Our water (and ice cubes) taste better than bottled water, I dont know how we lived without it. Thanks Brita. By the way, I cant wait to use the new bottle filter!
Great size pitcher! I use alot of Brita filtered water and this size saves time. Great value
Great pitcher! This isn't my first Brita and I like how they've increased the size but still kept the cost reasonable!
This has been a discouraging purchase. I received this as a gift and due to a faulty electronic reminder I had to have the lid replaced. Though the replacement lid was for this model it did not fit the pitcher. I then had to return everything and was sent a new pitcher. I only hope that this one works as it is suppose to.
This product is very nice looking with convenient features. When I got my first Brita pitcher, years ago, they only came in white. Today I purchased a new pitcher because I wanted the beautiful red one. The new ones come with a handy filter reading gauge on top that shows you when the filter needs to be changed. The handle is also more comfortable than the old ones. Overall this is a great product.
Excellent Pitcher My family was wasting so much money on buying bottled water and now we save money by using our new pitcher! My husband een bought one for his work!
I've had a few problems with this pitcher. I was given one as a gift. The first thing I noticed was the flip top kept coming off. Then the first time I went to change the filter - the electronic reminder would not reset. I called Brita and they sent me a new top, which did not fit the pitcher, even though it was the same top for this model. I then had to send everything back to Brita and wait for a replacement. I am prayiing that this unit will work efficiently. I have owned three units in my lifetime, and never experienced any issues until now. I hope this is not a sign that the company is utilizing less quality in the making of these products.
Convenient and Effective! I love this product! Definitely trustworthy to provide clean water!
this is a great product I really enjoy this pitcher, and the water tastes great!
This product meets my expectations Great tasting fresh water.
I trust water from my Brita clean crisp and the filter works, unlike some other "pure" brands. Filter is properly sealed so no carbon in my water
Convenient and easy to use This is s awesome product! Our tapwater has always had great ratings and the taste was rather good, so I never had to purchase bottled water. When I resently purchased a Zojirushi water boiler, I decided to try a brita due to the chemical additives in city water. To my amazement, what I thought was good tasting water was instantly transformed into GREAT AWESOME tasting water. I have also noticed that Brita water improves the taste of food and beverages. Until you try this product, you will never know how great and refreshing plain old tapwater can be.
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Perfect This is the perfect pitcher for my family, we drink a lot of water and this saves us a lot of money on buying bottled water, and not to mention how it helps the environment!
Great Product Makes my tea and other beverages made with the water taste better... Easy to use... Great value!!
GREAT!! We live in an old home. We love our well water but our pipes made it taste bad. I finally broke down and bought this pitcher. AMAZING! My 16 year old even noticed the difference. I kid you not, he came and knocked on my bedroom door as I was sleeping and woke me up. He said "Momma I'm sorry to wake you up, but this water is... " and he stopped. I said "Pretty amazing huh?" He said "It's just so... so... PURE tasting." And that's my story! :-)
Water taste great! Great price. Less expensive than buying water in bulk. Water taste real good. I wish the container was larger, but other than that. Excellent.
Love it! It's easy to fill and change filters, and I love that it allows me to have super cold water anytime. The size is just right, too; space comes at a premium in my fridge. It also makes me happy that I'm not using those awful plastic water bottles!
This product will exceeded my expectations After purchasing this pitcher, I noticed that we spent less on cases of bottled water each week. Typically, we would purchase two cases for home and two cases for work/travel. I was so impressed with the savings, I purchased one for my mother and mother-in-law. The water tastes great and I don't know why I hadn't considered it sooner.
Good product Saves money vs. buying plastic water bottles, color options make it more personal
Perfect! We always have cold, filtered water on hand, for a fraction of the price of buying bottled water.
Long time user! I have using the Brita pitchers for years, as a single and as a family man. We, my roommates and family, use(d) it continuously through our day. We even fill water bottles to use at work or in the gym. I want to try the cup.
I love this product... The water taste really good and the pitcher does not take to much space in our fridge. I also love how it has a filter indicator to let me know when I should change the filter.
My kids love water again This pitcher is great.... My kids help to keep it full and they are always drinking water now. I live in the country and have well water and the pitcher takes out all of the "bad" taste.
Excellent product to save!! We love using the pitchers instead of having to purchase endless cases of water for our employees.
This is the best Brita Pitcher yet. I have used Brita Pitchers for several years and this one is the best yet. The electronic gauge/reminder is a great idea. This pitcher also pours very well with little to no spilling, even when the top resevoir has water in it.
This product has great features I really like the Brita Grand 80 oz. pitcher. The easy grip handle makes pouring water a breeze; the flip open lid allows me to refill it with ease; and the electronic filter-change indicator conveniently reminds me when it is time to change the filter. In addition the large 80 oz. capacity is nice because I do not have to refill it as often as I would otherwise. I also love how this pitcher is available in white, green, orange, pink, and violet. I certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good water filtration pitcher.
awesome love it, the water tastes so much better, we uses our every day!
Great Love it! Water taste like I'm getting it out of a water bottle.
Great Tasting I have well water and this pitcher is able to rid my well water of it's bitter taste.
LOVE IT! I have the red version available at Target and I absolutely love it. Easy to use and it's super cute!
Great product. Really like the large size and convenience of having filtered water ready in the refrigerator. No more water bottles to toss.
This is a good product. However, it seems I go through the 10 cups quickly.
Great Product I am glad that we purchased this Brita filter. Where we live, our water is very hard. In addition, the water at my work tastes a little irony. This filter definitely helps soften up the water, as well as makes the water tastes great.
Great product My mom has one of these and it is great! I am buying one for my apartment
Seems to do a good job The pitcher seems to filter my spring water pretty well. Have to say, though, that it doesn't necessarily taste better than bottled water...but I'm sure it will save money, in the long run.
Large Water Capacity Everyone in my household drinks water from our brita pitcher only...even our dog!!! We love that there is a big sized pitcher to meet our daily needs.
My husband loves it! My husband, who was a skeptic, at first, loved the great tasting water.
GREAT PRODUCT!!! I love this product! Quick and easy to use, and makes any water taste better!
Pays for itself! I wasted money on bottled water for years. Concerns over the taste of tap water, the cost of bottled water and the amount of plastic water bottles going into landfills led me to try this product. This pitcher has paid for it many times over. I've been using my Brita pitcher for about 5 years now. You'll be amazed at the taste of ordinary tap water once it's filtered!
This is a great product I am a college student and having the brita filter makes it so much easier to refill by bottles. I know that the water is clean and good. It also helps me to reduce plastic water bottle use.
Great Product Maybe more options for colors.. Other than that I love it!
great filter I enjoy using this pitcher everyday. I would not be able to go back to just drinking out of the sink since i have tried this great brita.
Large Capacity Love this product because I don't have to fill it as often, and the water always tastes great. I have a hard time asking for tap water if i'm not at home now.
It is a great product. The timer is also a great feature. I was tired of buying bottled water and decided to try the pitcher out. I absolutely love it.
easy to use very easy to use, but you need to keep pouring water.
works great! works great and tastes great! i wouldn't choose any other brand!
leaked I love this pitcher but the first one I bought started to leak within 2 weeks where the handle attaches. I didn't have my receipt to return so I called Brita and they were wonderful! I received a new pitcher within 5 days. No more problems and I love my cold Brita water!
Water taste great & easy to use! I would recommed to anybody that is trying to be more eco-friendly :) the brita pitcher is great, reduces the use of water bottles (& the expense) you can buy a filter that last 2months for $5.99 compared to a 24 case of bottled water that cost $4.99, but nonetheless the water taste fabulous no oder/scent and clean taste! **NOTE: you can get the red brita pitcher at Target (so if you have a red kitchen as i do, it goes perfect!) Hope this helps!
Fan-tabulous product!! Love, love, LOVE it! Absolutely love this product...looks fantastic on our kitchen counter, easy to use, love the reminder window atop lid, easy grip handle makes pouring water a cinch!
easy to find filters Most people use this or Pur. Brita is easier to find and filters fit most of their pitchers
Awesome! We upgraded our Slim Pitcher to the lime green Grand one and we LOVE it! It holds way more water, plus has the electronic filter reminder on it! And it looks great in our fridge! :)
This product has great features Easy to to use and cool features and reminders on when to change filter
Great clean water I love how the water tastes. I bought bc the water out of my faucet made clearish white flakes when I would make ice cubes..which was gross! But this product solved my problem.
Not only has great features, but bright colors I really enjoy the easy to use features and the capacity of the pitcher. But i really enjoy the bright color options that they offer!! I would totally recommend this product!
Love it! Very happy with the product, great for the kitchen or office.
love My mother in law bought us this pitcher and the family loves it.
love it i only drink water from this pitcher and i love the colors this is my second one i recommend it worth the price
Like the timer for filter change. My co-workers noticed I was bringing a re-usable water bottle everyday and asked why. I told them I didn't want to keep on buying throw away water bottles. Told them that the Brita water taste great and have no problems. A few weeks later they tell me their families switched over to Brita too.
Easy Peasy! Convenient and easy to use! I don't know why I didn't try this first!
Love My Brita! I've been using my Brita Grand pitcher for quite awhile, and have nothing bad to say about it! I even purchased one for my daughter. Not only does my water taste great, I feel good about not polluting the earth with more plastic bottles! I love the fact that my pitcher reminds me when I need to change my filter. Very handy! I'm thinking about purchasing the larger dispensing unit in the near future.
Great product! We've had other Brita pitchers, but we love this one. The digital display about the filter % is really awesome. Water tastes great and the entire system is super easy to use. A+!
great-tasting water I got the yellow pitcher, which I like to match the kitchen. It does a great job of taking the chlorine taste and smell out of the water, which was the main reason why I bought it.
Great pitcher Great pitcher - the filter change reminder on the lid is a great feature.
Easy to use and good size. I like the ease of use + the filter monitor on the lid. It does take a few uses each time you change the filter before the "charcoal" taste goes away. Overall, I like the product.
this is an excellent product!! i have always enjoyed Brita water and I really like the fun colors!
Perfect resource for the eco minded person Ever since I purchased the Grand pitcher I no longer have the need to buy cases upon cases of bottled water. The product not only tastes great, whether it be pure, used for my coffee or other drink products it saves the environment from hundreds of plastic bottles that I used to use. Thanks Brita..............
Love my pitcher! I have been using a Brita pitcher for years and love it. Better for the environment and very handy at home.
Great Product We recieved this as a wedding gift and have used it non stop ever since. It is easy to use and easy to reset. Love it!
Awesome pitcher We love this pitcher...our water is always cold & tastes wonderful!
One of the best filters ever! Love it - so easy and quick to replace! I get the remainder in my email box and replace it. The taste is great and my kids love it.
I love the new colors. Great features! I previously had an Everyday pitcher and enjoyed using it. But I love the new colors of pitchers.
Got Brita? I love my Brita pitcher. I have used it about 6 months and would never go back to store bought bottles. I feel good about not putting all that plastic in the landfills and the taste is wonderful. We were consuming 24 to 48 bottles a week in a 2 person household. The savings alone is around $10.00 per week. So we save and the planet saves. Thank You Brita.
Simply Love This Product!!! I just purchased my third one, so that should tell you how well I like these.
Great Product, plastic seems cheap Great taste, easy to use but Plastic seems a little cheap.
We have used this for 10 years We have used our Brita for 10+ years and love having the cold refreshing water on hand!
Drastically improves the taste of our tap water! The Grand is so easy to set up and use. The improvement in the taste over ordinary tap water is amazing. Now I always have cold, great tasting water in my refrigerator.
Love this pitcher! Prior to using a Brita pitcher, my tap water had a bad taste to it. With this filter, I always have clean, refreshing, cold water to drink and cook with. When the filter needs changed I immediately see the difference in the taste and I am reminded of why I wanted a Brita. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The only drawback is you have to wait for all of the water to filter through before you can pour a glass.
Great water! The faucet water at my house has so much chlorine in it that you can smell it as soon as you turn the faucet on. This pitcher has completely eliminated any bad taste and smell from my water. It also gets SUPER cold in the refrigerator!
Pink Breast Cancer Brita First off, I love the pale pink color and that I was also able to contribute to Susan G. Koman while purchasing it. Second the water tastes great. A winner all around!
Love the bigger size The pitcher holds more water than my old pitcher so I don't have to fill it as frequently and the water gets colder.
This pitcher amazing and so easy to use This water filtration pitcher is so amazing and very easy to use. I love it I move into the university's dorms and it fit into my little fridge. I still use it. The water is so fresh and great taste. Nothing compare to this filter system. I don't have to spend so much money at the store any more. With the water pitcher I save money and I help the Environment
Ridiculously good for the environment and yourself Cut down my bottled water usage from roughly 24 bottles a week to maybe 5 or 6 a month and with the added benefit of being better for you than bottled water it is clearly cost effective and better for you
Great Product A little heavy but large enough for big households. We go through a lot of water in a day and it is much easier to have a big pitcher of clean water than water for the fridge dispenser to fill a large cup of water!!
Great Product! Love using this product. Easy to use and allows fresh clean tasting water.
Awesome Item We upgraded from the 5 cup pitcher to this 10 cup pitcher & LOVE it!!! We are water drinking fools :) so this has saved us a ton of money from buying bottle water!
Love it I have the pink for breast cancer edition. My family uses it everyday! We love Brita water!!
My favorite Brita product, yet! We have had this Brita pitcher for over a year now; we bought it to replace a Pur pitcher. I love the electronic filter indicator, and it has a good capacity for the size. The only reason I gave it a "good" on the Convenient Features is because it is a little hard to tell when the top is filled and it starts overflowing near the handle, which can be annoying. Overall this is a great water filtering pitcher, and I would definitely recommend for ease of use, water flavor and overall convenience!
Money Saver! I love this product. It saves my roommate and I a lot of money not buying bottled water, plus helps the environment too. I love that it comes in different colors also that we were able to match to our color scheme.
Awesome roduct I am using this roduct from last 5 years and never regret. Its easy to use with indication of filter change. What matters most for me is that my family is safe and healthy.
Brita makes water tastes great and saves money too! I'm so glad I bought my Brita pitcher! I'm really not much of a water drinker, but having fresh, filtered water at hand really helps to encourage me to drink more. And, my Brita makes my tap water taste so much better. One of the best things about this pitcher is that it quickly pays for itself when you consider that buying bottled water is no longer necessary!
Ok Product Had a problem with lid, Target was great at exchanging.
great pitcher Awesome I love this product. I have saved tons of money by not having to buy bottled water anymore.
Poor design I've had several pitchers throughout the years and during are recent move, our last pitcher was damaged. My second thought (my first being OH NO...I've got to go tonight and get a new one) was I get to get one with color! My initial purchase was this pitcher in the green. I went home, filled it with water and chilled it for a little while. Finally I was ready for a nice glass of water and began pouring. Much to my surprise, the entire pitcher poured all over my counter. After several attempts to assure the lid was on properly, it still would leak. I returned it and purchased the orange and was quite disappointed because it did the same. I'm not certain if this was a faulty batch but none of the lids would securely attach to the base. We took the orange one back and opened several others before we ended up leaving the store. We are planning a second trip to another location. Fingers crossed we have good luck.
Love it! We opted to try a Brita pitcher instead of spending extra on a fridge with a built in option and we love the ease of use and great taste of our water.
Great Purchase This was a great purchase. My family and I love it. My kids weren't big water drinkers but once I purchased a Brita Pitcher they love it!
Love it!! Great filter & system. I use it for my Keurig Coffee Maker water and for drinking. Keep it in the 'fridge - makes awesome iced-tea!! too.
Love the fun colors!!!!!! So easy to set up and use. Tastes even better! Worth every $.
Best Product in Our Fridge I love our Brita water pitcher. It's green so it's attractive to look at but it also produces fresh tasting water! I hate plastic water bottles so being able to have quality water any time I want in my home is a great thing!
Good Taste + Big Size I like the taste of the water from the Brita water filter. As long as it's not Dasani water, I'm good. The size is convenient if you have a big family (or like to cook with filtered water), but otherwise a bit bulky... I should have bought the smaller compact one. But if you're lazy & like to filter up your water once & be done, then this is a good one for you. Or if you have a reuseable water container. The lever on the thing where you open to add water is a bit annoying--too far from the handle to conveniently open & close without letting go/using your other hand. it's an otherwise pretty ncie water pitcher.
Love the filter reminder and the size of the pitcher! Easy to use and great tasting water that beats tap water hands down! Easy to install filters and easy to clean.
Easy to use, exactly what I was looking for! I'm a college student and I got the green Grand for Christmas, and it's been great! It holds a lot of water, it's easy to clean, easy to use, and the filter is easy to switch out as well. I still haven't actually tried the electronic reminder on the lid, but I don't really need it. I would definitely recommend Brita products to friends and family!
Good Pitcher For the Money The water tastes good, looks clearer, and the filtration is fairly quick.
Good water filter Brita water filter pitcher really make water taste a lot better. I don't know what it would filter out, but the water looks clean and tasty at least.
The product has great features The easy to fill top is great instead of having to take the whole lid off.
I love this Pitcher! I was lucky enough to not only get this pitcher in Pink, but scored a package that was highly discounted AND contributed to Breast Cancer Awareness! So now not only does my water taste good, and I feel safe while drinking it, I'm saving the planet and helping women! The pitcher holds a lot, looks nice out, but is contoured well for the refrigerator. It is really easy to fill fast, and the little electronic reminder is way better than a sticker.
Easy to use Easy to fill and Easy to use. My kids are doing it. Perfect fit in fridge and doesn't take up more space than a gallon of milk would. Very happy with product. We were concerned about kids getting enough flouride in their water and with the Brita Pitcher, we know we can count on them. Would recommend to all.
I love this item!!! This item is easy to use, doesn't use a lot of frige shelf space, and the water is great tasting! The water is crisp and clean and I use it everyday! It is definitely worth the money and I highly recommend this product to anyone who drinks a ton of water like myself. :)
Amazing! this is an excelent product with very fresh tasting water.
@;~ Violet ~:@ It feels good knowing we don't use bottled water any longer and our water tastes much cleaner than a some of the major filtered bottled water brands on the market. Lastly, I LOVE the way my pitcher looks in my kitchen. Very stylish colors available.
Good taste Have been using brita for years. Always has good taste.
Fantastic This is fantastic. I have replaced water bottles with this pitcher and the water from the pitcher tastes great.
The product is a great investment I love this pitcher. It really help you to save money. I will recommend it to my friends and relatives
I love the fliter timer This is a great product! I love that is shows me when to replace my filter so I don't have to remember!
Love it!! I love this product! I only wish the filters lasted longer. But the taste is great and it's easy to use.
love for everyday use! My kids and I love that we can have a nice cold glass of refreshing water anytime with our Brita pitcher.
Workhorse Been using this filter for a long time and the only problem I have is that you need to be careful to get the mold out of the nooks & crannies in the lid. Some spaces are a little tight. Other than that it's great as long as you shop around for the cheapest replacement filters.
This product has a great sleek design My 12 year old daughter and I have both lost weight since purchasing our Brita Grand. we drink more water now because of the refreshing and clean taste. I have recommended this product to both family and friends.
product is great works great and adds wonderful color to your refridgerator
Cute, awesome, yum! I got the lime green pitcher! It adds "flavor" to the "PLAIN" but oh so tasty water it helps filter! I just LOVE my brita!
Staple in any household I have been using these Brita pitchers for years and find that it is an easy way to ensure the quality of drinking water in my household. The pitcher is extremely durable, easy to clean and fits nicely in any refrigerator.
This pitcher is easy to use. I like that one is able to "dial" in the date on this pitcher as a reminder when to change the filter.
Love it! I have the yellow one! I recieved it as a Christmas gift last year! It's gorgeous and so fun and easy to use! The kids refer to it as the clean water jug and prefer to drink from it versus the refridgerator dispenser.
This Producy a lot of necesary features Y likr this Prict a lot, but the only dislyke is the price of the Filters, I normaly buy thr 3 Packages, but overall y like it.
Excellent product - saves tons vs bottled water We keep it right in the fridge! It saves a lot of money by not having to buy bottled water and works great!
Great water but some flaws Produces great tasting water but the top comes off sometimes when pouring.
Great Taste and Size I drink A LOT of water and bottled water was too expensive and required a lot of storage. We got a Brita pitcher and never looked back. I love the taste and I really like that I can bring the pitcher upstairs with me at bedtime (I like my water room temp so refrigeration is not an issue).
Easy to use once you understand its quirks Pros: Easy, large area for filtered water Cons: Area for pre-filtered water is rather small and easy to spill if filled completely. I purchased the large Brita pitcher hoping to not have to refill it often, Unfortunately I still have to refill it after every glass of water, because the receptacle to add the water does not hold a lot. Adding to this, it spills easily if you do fill the receptacle all the way, so you can only add about 30oz at a time unless you can place the pitcher in the fridge while keeping it perfectly level the entire time. As I keep my pitcher in the door of the fridge, this is not an option. Other than this issue (which does nothing but result in some spilled water once in awhile), I am very pleased with my pitcher. I love the timer on top of the lid that tells me when it's time for a new filter, I love the bright color (I chose green), and I love that it fits so well in the fridge door.
quick and easy I love my Brita Pitcher! The town I live in doesn't have very good quality water and I know I was spending a fortune in water bottles, not to mention waste! I drink a lot of water and the pitcher is both easy and convenient to use.
Great Features I like that this container has the timer to let you know when to change the filter.
Grand Pitcher is great The Grand Pitcher is great to have when your water is loaded with chemicals. Works great until the last line shows up on the pitcher and then you can taste the clorine in the water.
easy way to achieve safer, great tasting water I have been using Brita filtration pitchers for year I love the convenience and great taste!
This product is easy to use This product is easy to use. It doesn't take that much space in the refrigerator. Water filters real quick and taste great. Save a lot of money than rather buying bottle water.
Love It Love Brita and love the Colors they have. Filters great and it tells you when its time to replace the filter. Have even bought a smaller one for work.
Great product Love this pticher. The only negative I can say is I should have bought a larger one. There are 5 of us and we go through the water quickly. It takes the dirty taste out of our water and works great.
Awesome to have!! This product is key for holding a good amount of water and the taste of the water is so pure I don't think I can drink tap water
Great product This is a great Brita product that provides great tasting water easily. I love the color options - we have orange - and that it's quick to filter the water through. That's a huge time saver for me!
Fantastic! This is so much easier than filling individual water bottles!
Great Pitcher of Water Easy to use, great tasting water, and a good looking pitcher.
Overall a great pitcher I have used both pitcher and dispenser. Pitcher is bit difficult to handle when you want water immediately after filling it. We have to wait for the water to get filtered. If you want to pour water in between it will be a mess. Otherwise I am quite happy with the product.
Grand Pitcher We are a family of five and just purchased our first Brita Pitcher. Everyone is using the pitcher! The kids are drinking more "plain" water than ever. I refill the pitcher probably 2 to 3 times every day! The kids love the cold fresh water right from the fridge. If I would have known the result would be to great, I would have purchased a Brita long before now! AWESOME!
Excellent I absolutely LOVE my Brita Pitcher. It has saved me tons of money by not having to buy bottled water. It was money well spent!
LOVE IT! Love my Brita pitcher! Easy to use! Great tasting water!
This pitcher is hard to pour The lid design causes the water to spill everywhere, you must pour very slowly, prefer to smaller pitchers lid spout to my new pitcher.
Love it!!! Love that it has color!! I also like the feature that it tells me when I need to change the filter :)
This is great! I use this for my college dorm. its great saves a ton of money that id would have spent on water bottles!
Grand pitcher Taste really great and so easy to use. Holds just enough water to not be heavy and still useful
Love the features and functionality of this product I am so glad i finally broke down and got this pitcher. I love the fact that I am no longer buying bottled water and that I enjoy the taste of tap water because of this filtration system!
Convenient Product My husband and I have used the brita water pitcher for about five years now. We enjoy having filtered water instead of having to use water bottles.
What a difference My fami;y and I noticed an improved taste the first time we used the pitcher. I compared a glass of water from the tap to one from the pitcher and was amazed at the difference in clarity. The hardest thing about the Brita pitcher is keeping it full!
Great product. This is a great product for our SoCal house, where great tasting water from the tap doesn't always happen. I love the fun colors, too!
A classic pitcher in fun colors I've used Brita pitchers for years to improve the taste of tap water. This model has a convenient electronic sensor that measures the life of the filter. Remembering when to change the filter is always a hassle, so this feature is great. And it was the green color that matched my decor that sealed the deal for me!
Love our filter pitcher We were spending hundreds of dollars on bottled water before we got the Brita Grand pitcher. Now, clean, clear water is at our fingertips at all times thanks to the ease and convenience of the pitcher and filters.
I love our Brita The Brita is great, and easy to use. I love the colors too. The only downside is that it's not easiest to clean.
clean, clear water I have used Brita pitchers for years. I recently got the grand for a gift. I love the colors. We had a hard time drinking enough water from our well until we got the pitchers. Now our water is clear and has no bad taste. We can now enjoy clean, clear water
Super Easy The product is easy to use, the indicator on the lid is a great way to keep track of when the filter should be replaced. I save a ton of money not buying bottled water every week which more than offsets the cost of filters. The most important part - the water tastes great.
Great for Kids Water is the only drink our kids don't have to ask to get. It's easy for the younger ones to pick up and pour as well as to fill up again. We love the product.
Works great This pitcher is great - keeps water clean tasting and cold.
Great pitcher I drink a lot of water all day long and this pitcher is great - especially the filter change reminder right on the lid.
Great! I got a bright green Grand Pitcher as a wedding present and had a simpler one for a few years before that. Brita water is the only water I've had next to natural well water whose taste I absolutely love. Plus, it's environmentally friendly which is always a plus for me.
love it my water dispenser in fridge keeps going out so I bought this and will going to use.
Keeps a Family Hydrated This pitcher is made with a thirsty family in mind. Large capacity yet takes up less space than a gal of milk. 8 glasses a day per person, no problem.
Great tasting water!! Tried it out for the first time and love how great the water tastes!
Love the BRITA I've been using Brita pitchers for many, many years at home and at my summer house. Love the new color pitchers - such a great touch!
Excellent water filter My favorite feature of the Grand pitcher is that it has a gauge that tells you when the filter needs to be changed. That way I don't have to remember a date (which might not be accurate because filter longevity depends on how much you use it). The only thing I would change is to make it so that you can fill up the top and immediately pour the water that's in the bottom. Right now, if you do that, you get unfiltered water coming out of the top part. Also, when we moved back to the US from England, it turned out that the filters for European pitchers are different from the US filters, so we had to buy a new pitcher. That didn't make sense to me -- why should the filters be different?
Great product I've had my Brita pitcher for 3 months now and it's been great. It's a big savings over bottled water and it's environmentally friendly. It was easy to replace the filter and I've never had any problems with it. This is a great product!
Best around, hands down Easy to use, great pure tasting water, easy to clean and easy to change filter
Great tasting water in an easy to use pitcher The Brita Grand pitcher is a really useful home tool. The water tastes much better, and the pitcher is relatively easy to use. After soaking the filter for a few minutes, you simply place it in the pitcher and fill it with water. Then you press the button on the lid and it keeps track of when you should next change your filter. There are a few cons, which is why a 4 star rating instead of a five. First, sometimes the lid falls off if you tip the pitcher too far when emptying it. And, sometimes it is very hard to get the filter reminder mechanism to start again after changing the filter. Other than these few minor inconveniences, this is a very good product I would recommend to friends.
This product is very easy to use I have the pink one and not only does it look cute in my fridge it is very conveinant. I love this pitcher!! Everyone should have one and plus you are helping the environment!!!
Best pitcher out there and I've tried a lot!! I got this pitcher a few months back and I have to say I'm in love with it! I managed to convert my hubby from a diet coke drinker to drinking flavored water (the man just has to have a little flavor)! We just love how easy it is to use and it holds a lot of water, so you're not running out 2 glasses later! I'm actually getting another one for my mom. I'm exclusively a water drinker, so much so I can taste differences between waters... the bottled water is NOWHERE close to the quality you get from Brita filters! I'm really picky about my water, since it's really all I ever drink besides milk, so the Brita filters and this pitcher in particular came as a life saver for a water junkie like me. I strongly recommend this pitcher, it fits in the fridge, holds a lot and it's just good looking wherever place you end up putting it in your kitchen. Disclaimer: No, I don't work for Brita, I'm just a water loving lady :)
Easy fill & filter change Love the new colors, glad that it is easy to clean. Almost would buy every color so that I can drink good, clean water out of pretty pitchers!!
Great product! We love our Brita pitcher and use it constantly. It is so easy and saves us a lot of money on bottled water purchases. It is easy to use, filters quickly and has a built in way of keeping track of when to change the filter. One of our favorite wedding gifts!
Save I love my Brita, save tons of money on buying water and taste great. defiantly something everyone should have.
Great product! This product is definitely worth your money! And the water tastes great!
Grand pitcher I really like this pitcher except for the fact that it drips when you pour it almost all the time.
My family uses all the time! We no longer have t purchase cases of water on a weekly basis and find that with such easy access we actually are drinking more water than ever ... just fill it up, pop it in the frig and you're ready to go ...fresh filtered water all day long! - love it!!
Love it! I have a hard time getting the filters in place, but my husband can do it easily, so it's probably just me. I love that it's more environment and wallet friendly than buying bottled water. And I think it tastes great too!
Good Pitcher, but.... This pitcher is great for the refrigerator with only a couple exceptions.. the top should latch tighly for one hand pouring and the digital filter timer is sometimes hard to reset. Other than that, I love my Brita pitcher and will keep it until Brita comes up with a better idea..
Great features and easy to use We love our Brita. Have been using it for a week. So easy to store and pour. Just fill and you have cold water at hand. No more bottle water for us.
I couldn't be without this product I love this, and it's the only way I drink water at home. My whole family loves it. I've bought one for my parents and my grandson.
The best for the family I used to buy 5 gallon bottles of water and it was a pain to have to go get them all filed . Now I dont have to leave the house, when we run out of water I just fill it from my faucet. I have lazy boys and even they are refilling the pitcher.Love Love Love Brita!
Best Pitcher I use this pitcher daily, it's the best tasting water. Thanks Brita!!
Makes water good!! I am very particular about my water and I absolutely LOVE how this pitcher makes my water taste. It's better than bottled water to me. I love the feature that tells me when to change my filter as well. I am so pleased with this product and with my Brita portable water bottle that Brita is the only filtering product that I will use.
Excellent Product I purchased this product when I bought the water bottle and I love it. I love that it comes in different colors. The Kids drink more water now that I have this pitcher also.
Love my Brita Pitcher My family loves the great taste and convenience of our Brita Pitcher.
This is fantastic! This pitcher of water is easy to use and convenient to use when your in a hurry. It it great tasting and the filters last for a while.
The Water is so refreshing!!!!! I first purchased a slender pitcher for college, but now I live with my boyfirend and went for the "grand" size. My boyfirend and I use it regulary and because it holds more it makes less times I have to refill it. (The slender pitcher is now in my work frig) I love my brita water specially on HOT summer days when it is nice to have a pitcher of clean refreshing water in the frig! I also feel good that I am saving the enviornment by no longer using bottled water. A plus was that I bought a light pink pitcher, and proceeds went to breast cancer research; for my mother is a 2 1/2 year suvivor!!!!!! So I feel good everytime I use my pitcher, and for multiple reasons!!!! And the digital filter reading....the best! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fabulous! I love this pitcher! I've been a huge Brita fan for years and this new design with the reminder on the lid is fab!
Brilliant Brita!!! I absolutely love my Brita!! I drink alot of water throughout the day. Now I dont have to buy bottled water and in doing so I have saved so much money since i purchased my brita. I no longer have a ton of water bottles in my fridge. My pitcher fits in great, it's easy maintain, fills fast, tastes much better than bottled water. I know it is much healthy for me and my family too! Since i bought my Brita, I have encouraged my friend to buy one as well and she thinks the water is better from a Brita too.
Love this product! With the Brita pitcher we've completely eliminated using bottled water! We're saving money and the environment! It's a win win all around!
I like having the filter reminder on the product I like the size of the capacity size of this pitcher...I know if I have drank all my water for the day with this 10 cup capicity .....the only negitive that I have found is the design of the spout...if you tip to far forward it will pour out the side at the down adjustment I have had to make........I can tell the difference in my tap water and my Brita Filtered water...Thank You !
Easy and convenient The water where I live is so hard it leaves scummy mineral deposits in my dish drainer. I love this pitcher--it's easy to use, the filters last forever, it's easy to see when a new filter is needed, and I know my drinking water will always be ready when I need it.
Perfect for 2 My husband and I drink a lot of water on the go. This pitcher is perfect. When the top resevoir is filled it can fill 2x 1 Litre bottles and an additional 500mL bottle. The digital display is convenient, helping us remember when to change the filter. The lid is a little loose and can come off easily but overall this pitcher is great. Love the color selection.
Love this pitcher! This is a great pitcher for our family of three. Very easy to fill. We have sulfur in our water and this pitcher does a great job in filtering the water
Several reasons for you to buy a Brita i can really taste the difference between how my water tastes straight from the faucet, and how it tastes from my Brita pitcher. I love the fact that my pitcher saves me tons of money since I don't have to buy bottled water anymore. I also appreciate the convenience of having filtered water at hand to prepare infant formula and cereal for my new granddaughter. I'm so glad I decided to buy my Brita pitcher.
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Cannot get over how much I love this product. Its so easy to use and love the timer for replacement filter. So glad I finally purchased this.
Breast Cancer Brita I purchased a pink Brita to help celebrate breast cancer awareness and that was 3 yrs ago. I love my Brita it has helped me become eco friendly and same money. The best feature of my brita is the little digital reminder when my filter needs to be changed
love the ease of use My daughter has this pitcher and brought home to use ...I love the ease and also great taste always cold water to drink
Love this product, use it every day I have children and this is easy for them to use as well
Perfect for our family- love the new colors! We have a green one! YAY! The pitcher fits in our fridge and the monitor on top helps remind us when to change our filter. This is a easy and inexpensive way to have clean, great tasting water. Thank you, Brita!
Love our Pitcher Cross country car travel is no stranger to our family. We always take a Brita Pitcher along in the car so we don't have to buy cases of bottled water, saving money and the environment.
very easy to use We use this everyday. Very easy to use and filter seems to last for a long time. Found a great deal on this at walmart so I just had to try it. We were going through so much bottled water so this really helps us cut down on the plastic.
I Love my Brita Pitcher I use to have one of the older model. When I changed the filter, I had to write it down. Well, something happen to the paper, so I would guess when I last changed the filter. With this, I don't have to worry about it. It tells me when the filter needs to be changed
Better than bottled I love my Brita pitcher. I have a refillable water bottle and instead of buying bottled water I just use that. Much better for the environment and a whole lot less expensive.
Good product This product is very easy to use and the water tastes great.
EASE OF USE I love how easy the pitcher is to use. The flavor of the water is excellant. Refills fast!
wishin I bought the big one We have had this one for a couple years..have to refill it all the time as we have 4 at home ( we had 2, 2 came back!) Looking forward to getting a new one soon..the long rectangular one is a good bet for us!
This product is easy to use, and the result is great tasting water. My family started out by filtering our water with a device that went on the faucet in the kitchen. Although convenient, it leaked and became difficult to know when to replace the filter. My daughter recommended Brita, and we have been very pleased with the results.
I love the features of this pitcher I love the fact that this pitcher can hold as much as it does especially for my family size. It is easy to use and the water tastes great! I bought mine before the colors came out, but love the idea of the colors.
This is a really good product I really like it, because the water tastes good, I think it is better than buying bottles.
Great Filter My husband and I love this filter! The water taste so much cleaner and better.
Amazing Water!!! I had the filter on the faucet and that one wasn't that good...I did have very good water from it. But I get better water out of the pitcher. I'm glad I'd gotten the Grand Pitcher in place of the Brita Faucet Filter...
Happy Brita pitcher users:-) We love our pitcher because the water tastes great. The only problem is that the pitcher is heavy when it is full, but that is only a problem when we choose to put it in the refrigerator. Only white was available when we got ours, and the new colors are neat.
This product has great features. I would recommend this for everyone.
So Easy! I love this pitcher. With the easy filter change reminder, I am never without great tasting - filtered water!
Easy to handle I just purchased my second grand pitcher (simply wanted change of color--1st was Pink, now sunny yellow!!). Fits well in fridge, easy to handle, holds up well & love the "change filter indicator"!
Nothing bad to say I have nothing bad to say about this pitcher. The shape fits great in my fridge, the handle is comfortable, pour spout is great and I love the colour choices.
the pitcher is easy to fill our last pitcher was difficult to fill and would spill often but this one is much easier
This product holds more water This bigger pitcher is a definite must for larger households such as one with roommates in which we go through lots of water. Love this!
I love the ease of this product I love this product due to it's simplicity. I change the filter when it needs to be changed, the meter lets me know what life percentage my filer has, and makes using the pitcher a breeze. I simply refill the water and keep it in the fridge.
taste I had a Brita Pitcher many years ago and didn't like the taste as well as I do now. The filter system seems to have been improved. The large capacity is great, don't have to fill it as often, but it is a little heavy when it is full.
This product provides great tasting water for a long time! This product is great as you can have great tasting water for many glasses before it is time to change the filter.
Very Clear Difference in Water Taste This pitcher is truly the easiest of all the previous models. good shape and easy pouring spout.
Easy to use I absolutely LOVE my Brita Grand. Love it sooo much that I have four of them in the light pink in support of Breast Cancer. I only drink the filtered water, even my dogs/cats and bird get brita filtered water.
The Brita Pitcher is amazing! I love this Brita pitcher because the water filters quickly and it holds a large quantity of water
great taste My husband is very picky with water. We tried this and now no constant having to buy bottled water!
Water taste great ! We have used a Brita pitcher for years. I won't drink any water that hasn't been run thru my Brita and miss out on the best tasting water ever. Sure makes it easy to drink my daily amount of water (I actually drink more than the reccomended amount). Treat your body right, buy a Brita.
The Best Wedding Present Quite possibly the best wedding present we received...and that was 8 years ago today! We use it religiously. We've lived in some places with terrible water, and this has always provided us with great tasting water.
This is my first Brita Works great! Water tastes great. The only thing I wish is that you could filter river water too. I hike a lot and I guess you can't use it on anything other than tap water!
Kids love it! We have well water and it doesn't taste great. Our family loves the convenience of the large size of the pitcher. We haven't bought bottled water for the house for years.
Perfect for the Dorm! So simple to keep in a small or large refrigerator to get great tasting water at anytime!
Shaky start but it's GREAT! Our original pitcher broke right after we got it - split right in half - so we were a little worried. But it was replaced by Brita at no cost and the new one has been terrific! The water tastes great and it fits in the fridge nicely. We also love the built-in filter change reminder on the top of the lid. Really helps us to keep track a lot better. All in all, a fantastic product!
We love our Brita! Fun colors! Our Brita is easy to use and with 4 kids we go through a lot of water. We always have fresh, great tasting cold water in our fridge.
Love it we use the filter all the time, weather water to drink, or making coffee or whatever we may need water for it has a great taste and makes other things taste even better
Great Product I really enjoy this product b/c my cat has to have bottled water and not tap water. If she dranks tap water it makes her sick so it is easy way to get her bottle water for a cheaper rate. Not to mention it is really easy to use and leave out on the counter to fill her up in the morning. Also use for the dog too.
love this item we love our pitcher easy to use easy to fill, easy to change filter....wonder why i put off buying it so long
Love it I've got city water and hate the taste of chlorine. The idea of buying bottled water is absurd so I just love the Brita.
Healthy & Saves Money I love my Brita pitcher. I chose the grand size because I already drink a lot of water each day. Having the brita pitcher around means I always have great tasting water in the fridge. It also saves me a ton of money from buying cases of plastic bottles. I get healthy, save money and help the environment.
Great Size Pitcher - Poorly Designed Lid I received this as a gift for Christmas 2010. Pros: size is great - holds plenty of crystal clean water. Filter indicator is cool and works properly. Comfort handle is a big plus. Cons: The lid doesn't stay on the pitcher securely. It almost seems like it wants to snap lock on but misses. If you grab the comfort handle to pour water and in error place your thumb on the back edge of the top lid the entire thing lifts off. It's very annoying. I contacted customer service and was told that this was the way it was designed. I would not recommend this pitcher. Brita makes other ones that are designed much better.
Great product love this, the colors, and the taste! been a loyal brita fan for over 15 years!
Great if you're single! I love my filter pitcher. It comes in handy with my weight loss to fill up my gym bottle. It makes the water taste great and makes me want to drink water more often.
love the color great tasing water love the vibrant color pitchers, the water taste amazing..getting the family to drink water works wonder!!!!
Great Product This pitcher is great. The water tastes wonderful, and I don't like to drink water. Very convenient, but be careful when pouring if it is full, the top can slip and spill water.
love it water never tasted so good!!!! so happy i finally bought this pitcher for my family! saves us so much money in the long run!!!!
great capacity and filter reminder Love my pitcher our city water is tastes awful and smells of cholrine but the pitcher takes all that away I love drinking the water from my Brita don't know what I would do without it now
Good product Does what it's suppose to do. Water shouldn't have a taste and this pitcher does clear out the gunk in the water that makes it have a taste. The one complaint I have about it is that it's slightly to tall to refill easily. I usually use a cup to fill it. It would be nice if it was about 3 inches shorter. When I first got the pitcher the lid didn't fit good. I emailed Brita and they replaced the lid at no charge. I received the new lid in only 3 or 4 days.
Makes water taste great Since my family and I have been using the Brita Filtered pitcher, it has caused our family to start drinking more water. It gives that ice cold glass of water the refreshing taste of a bottle of water.
Amazing This product is amazing! I have had other Brita pitchers before and this one shines above the rest. I've noticed with other pitchers in particular the space saver the lid tends to fly off when pouring resulting in a huge mess. The Grand's lid stays on with no water and it also filters the water very quickly. The color choices are great.The green is vibrant and makes it so appealing compared to the boring the white color. :o) Must Buy!!!!
The features on this product are great! I love this product. I bought it several months ago and we have not bought bottled water since! It is so simple and conveinent and even our cats like this water better than tap water,
great tasting I love the great colors and the way my water goes from yuk to oh so great tasting
Enjoyy the use of Brita pitcher I have used Brita product for over ten years. Living in an urban area the water fequently has a strong clorine smell and taste. The Brita pitcher I have helps to control the smell and taste.
This product is perfect in every way. Love, Love, Love my Brita pitcher. Prior to owning my Brita, I would buy bottled water. Not only is it not economical, but more of a waste. I would open a bottle and drink only a small portion. With the Brita I can drink either a small amount or as much as I want. Most importantly, it has turned the water from the faucet into an iced cold refreshing drink. My water intake has quadrupled. (Also love the colors the pitcher lids come in.)
I love the replacement reminder This is not the first Brita pitcher I have owned. I think what sold me on this one over others is the filter replacement reminder on the lid. It makes it so easy for me to know when to change the filter. The taste it gives my water is wonderful. I have terrible well water and once it has gone through the filter it actually tastes good again. With six people in the house this pitcher gets more than it's fair share use and it has been great.
Love my Brita I bought this Brita pitcher to replace my original Brita pitcher and I love the soft grippy handle and the thumb knob on the top for easy refilling. The choice of colors is nice too. The water tastes great from my old Brita pitcher and that is why I bought another one. We drink a lot of water so I went with the bigger pitcher. I have saved tons of money by using my Brita pitcher and filling up my own water bottle to take with me while on the go.
Love this! I keep mine on my desk at work. To refill my cup of ice. The water tastes clean and fresh. I wish I would have purchased mine sooner!
Love my new Brita Grand Pitcher The water taste SO much better than bottled water. Thanks for a great product!!!!
Great tasting water! I live out in the country and have well water. With the Brita Grand pitcher, I get cold, great tasting water and my friends can't tell it's well water! I LOVE my Brita Grand filter!!
Great size and easy to use The Grand pitcher is a great size and lasts at least two days. While smaller pitchers would need to be refilled every day! It is easy to fill and doesn't take much time and the water tastes great.
dissappointed i have an average sink. it doesn't fit well under the tap. the taste of the water did change, not for the better. i have a tester that measures parts per million of stuff in the water. i checked the water before and after barely changed. i'll still use it. removing calcium and such, it should cause less scale on my iron, coffee pot and steamer. i do like the indicator on top to remind me when to change the filter.
pretty love it as well with the facuet mount, tell strangers that go fill up they're bottles at those machines.
This product does a great job I love my grand pitcher. It filters water quickly and effectively. Always a great cup of water, and a great alternative to city water. The variety of colour options make it aesthetically pleasing and add the perfect touch. The one draw back is that the lid doesn't secure very well.
Easy and efficient! I love this product which makes my family healthy! And it's really easy to use!
The Big Gulp Thank You for making a 10 cup pitcher....We love it.. although we still refill i alot during the day....but its better than the smaller ones...

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