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8 Cup pitcher



Our newest pitcher is the perfect size for any household. Contemporary, round design, popular features and Always BPA-free materials make this a great addition to the dinner table.

Available at Walmart.

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Marina 5 48
Great taste, cool design This cylindrical black pitcher looks much better than the boxy white pitcher I had in college. The taste of the water is great.
Brand new I need to know how full my new pitcher should be when I fill it with water. It is brand new. When I filled it with water I found it leaking form the bottom I cannot find an indicator or mark. Please advise ASAP. Thank you. I can not really recommend until I know how to fill it.
Great water filter I really like this Brita pitcher. It does not take up a lot of space in the refrigerator and the water tastes great. I really like how it holds 8 cups of water. This way I know I how much water I am getting in a day when I go through the pitcher.
Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!! I can buy a cheap gallon pitcher at the grocery store for $3 that serves a purpose. I bought this pitcher and the lid doesn't even stay attached to the pitcher. You press the top door open lever and the entire lid pops off, you go to pour water and the lid pops off. While filling if you over fill by mistake the handle takes on water and leaks all over he fridge. I have owned Brita pitchers before that have worked well but this one was a complete waste of money.
Mostly Great Pitcher, Better than Others We used a Pur pitcher, but finding the replacement filters became harder & harder. We decided to switch to Brita, mainly because finding the filters was easy, they were in every store. I actually keep a thin 3 gallon container in my fridge, it's long & goes front to back on the top shelf, but is very thin, so only uses about 2-3 inches of space on the side. I use the brita pitcher to filter our water then pour into the fridge container to keep fresh, cold, filtered water easily on hand with a tap dispenser to pour right out. I have to fill up our Brita maybe 3-5 times to completely fill our fridge container, which will last almost a week. I really like the design of our brita, the colors are great, it's very easy to use as well. The only issue I have is the filter change system doesn't seem to work, I actually exchanged the pitcher 2 different times, for a total of 3 pitchers before I just gave up. So I'm not sure if its a design flaw or if we just have really bad luck. But all in all it's a great little pitcher, & in the future ill look at the Brita line first.
I LOVE IT!!! I love the pitcher except for one problem. The filter indicator does not work. Its not a huge deal because I can mark it on my calendar when the filter needs to be replaced but, when I buy a product I expect all the features to work correctly.
This product looks great on the counter. Good at clearing limestone deposits out of the water-we live in a high water hardness area.
Don't like Marina Model I don't like the Marina Model. The lid always keeps falling off and does'nt seem to fit right also the little spout piece keeps falling off. It makes very inconvenient to use. I had another Brita pitcher before and loved it but the reset button wore out so I had to replace. I will eventually replace the pitcher I have now.
Love this product I love my Brita pitcher! I have had the pitcher for a few months and have no complaints at all. I had a different brand before this and the Brita pitcher is much better. The water filters through quickly and tastes great. The pitcher is easy to clean (easier than my previous pitcher). I just love it!
Love this product! I chose to buy a Brita pitcher because not only did I have a coupon for a combo pack but I was sick of buying bottled water. Its a waste to the environment and a waste of money. This is a much better way to drink water. Thank you Brita!
Love this product Although it's larger than my past Britas, it fits better in my fridge because it is not as wide. Very nice looking and well made. Love my new Brita!
Great pitcher, Great pitcher, good balance. Hollow handle is a pain if overfilled. Of not if, rather it's when...
Leakage One week. That's how long it took me to figure out where the water under the pitcher was coming from. I kept the pitcher on paper towel because I didn't want the bottom to get scuffed. So, never noticed the BRAND NEW pitcher leaked until the daughter didn't have it on a napkin. I want it replaced. Water looks clear (instead of cloudy), no more floaties (like shale) on top of the coffee and no more oily residue in the cups, and the flavor! Magnifico!! I would buy again, but if I still have leakage by the 3rd try, I'll find another brand.
Love the design of this pitcher, comfort handle, filter change reminder, etc. Great tasting water in a stylish pitcher! Would definitely recommend this pitcher - good size for a single person.
Excellent product This product made the city water at my house taste soooo much better. I highly recommend it.
Just ONE little problem... I totally love this pitcher, which is my first Brita. The only problem I have with it is that the spout tends to dribble when I pour. I think it may be surface tension of the water causing it to climb up the little flap that covers the pour spout (which is an awesome idea, btw. Love it). It's possible that I'll figure out a magic pouring angle that prevents the leakage when I pour water from the pitcher. I hope. Anyway, the water that this pitcher makes tastes AMAZING. The water where I live is unfiltered well water, so I have a filter on the sink, and then I double filter that water into this pitcher for drinking and to keep cold, since I like COLD drinks. I'll definitely be buying more Brita products.
Great Overall We've been looking to purchase a Brita pitcher and finally was able to with the $7 off from Recyclebank (you have to be a member to get this deal). We've only had it for a few days now, but love it so far! I like the filter reminder on the top of the pitcher - makes it easier to remember to change the filter!
Quality water filter Is a great size for two people and have no problems. Water tastes crisp and fresh.
Nice! Fits well in my overfilled fridge! This new ergonomic shaped in nice. Still same great quality.
Brita filtering, clumsy top Although the design of this pitcher is great, the top doesn't sit very nicely into the pitcher.
The Quintessential Household Filter/Pitcher As Brita's newest addition to its product line, the Marina water filter not only met, but exceeded my expectations for a product of its type. The design is thoughtfully pleasing to the eye, while remaining easy to clean and holding a good amount of water. It is stylish and practical all at once. Definitely recommended!
Best water ever This is a great pitcher. I'm so glad I bought it!!
Simple, easy to use I was looking for a simple water filter, and this product was great. Very easy to set up, and between two people, it only needs to be refilled every other day. The water is filtered very quickly, and doesn't have a plastic taste that some filters/pitchers leave in the water.
Awesome Product I live in an area where my water is lets say less than stellar and this product has saved me and my family money and wasteful habits. Bye Bye plastic disposable bottles hello brita!
Overall great - stopped drinking bottled water It would be nicer if i didn't have to tip it over to fit under my tap in order to put water into it - darn = probably will just buy a higher faucet. I do love the taste and happy to not buy bottled water anymore...
Great product! I love the design of this product and also love, love the filtration and delicious water! It gives my family and I peace of mind.
Perfect size So nice and convenient and so economical by not buying bottled water.
Work's great! City water tastes nasty! This product solves the problem. It's nice to have a pitcher of cold, fresh tasting water in the fridge.
Tastes better than tap There's so much nasty stuff in the water these days that you really do need one of these. And its amazing how much different the taste changes. You feel healthier drinking from these water filter pitchers.
Love my pitcher I do like my pitcher. It is the perfect size for the fridge. I love having cold, fresh water available at any time.
This is great, but... If you get water in the handle, it goes everywhere. The only real downside is that if the water is still in the filter chamber, and you're pouring water, it will spill.
Love I love that this brita is small and handy, it fits in the fridge easily and is very easy to refil, the design is sleek but still has the look of an old fashioned pitcher.
Awesome Great filter that is not too bulky and hard to store. Great tasting water too.
The style and easy usage are geat The style and easy usage are geat. Water taste is good, but I think if my city water was better the taste would be exceptional. Using water from this pitcher, and putting it in the Brita bottle makes the water taste so pure.
Love it! It's easy to use and store in my dorm. My water tastes so much better!
Health reason, tase I like the size, capacity, and shape. The handle design makes it easy to use. The electric filter change indicator is easy to read.
easy to handle I drink 64 oz. of water everyday and buying bottled water was expensive plus at times inconvenient. But this Brita pitcher is easy to handle and convenient to use. I fill it up with tap water and the taste is great. The pitcher is not too heavy for this 60 year old to handle. Now I enjoy drinking 64 oz. of water everyday.
Good eco-friendly way to get great tasting water. I like how easy it is to use and how convenient it is to have cold good tasting water in the refrigerator at all times. I love that it is much more environmentally conscious to use and not complicated.
glad i finally gave it a try... Brita filters are one of the best things i have tried in a long time! they are so easy and convenient to use and i'm saving TONS on plastic bottles! very highly recommended!
Skeptical at first but there really is a difference in the taste/quality of water when you use the brits filter. I love it. I will never drink unfiltered water again.

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