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10 Cup pitcher



A large filtration pitcher perfect for sharing with roommates or family members. Its elegant round design and BPA-free construction make it right for any occasion.

Available at select Costco locations only.

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Oceania 5 107
Love it, BUT...... I always loved our Brita pitcher, so when we moved and forgot our pitcher in the refridgerator, I had to immediately go out and purchase a new one! This new one had a great new feature-'The Electronic Filter Change Indicator'. I was so excited that I no longer had to remember or write down the change filter date! Wrong!! The indicator worked great until the 1st filter change, about 3 months in. I reset the indicator according to the directions-holding down the reset button until just the green blinked and then release. That did occur, however, after I pour water none of the indictor lights blink telling me when it's time to change the filter. To this day the lights will still go on when I press reset so I know the batteries are good, but that's it. It never blicks on its own! My friend bought the same pitcher at the same time and she also has the exact same problem! That electronic indicator is supposed to work for 5 years and I only got 3 months! So the pitcher works as usual, but I am back to manually writing down or trying to remember the change date. That is such a disappointment, so.... DO NOT RELY on the 'Electronic Filter Change Indicator'!
This pitcher has a serious design flaw As many on this site have written, this pitcher looks fabulous but the extreme tilt of the water filling cup allows any water that is higher than the top of the handle to flow into the handle and then, gradually, onto the surface the pitcher is standing on. That is an easy thing to do unless everyone who fills it stands there with their eyes glued to the tap and the water level as it is filling. It took us a long time to figure out what was going on. Soaking wet counter tops, huge puddles in the fridge, you name it! Then we all started accusing each other of spilling the water when putting it in the fridge! One day someone saw the water leaking out of the bottom of the handle. This is a weird problem and we have had several other designs of Brita pitcher in the past and none of that happened. They were great. I called Brita and explained (we bought it at Costco) and they are replacing it with a "Vintage" I think it is, which does not have the same design and should not have the same problem. They were happy to do so. I am so glad that people with the same problem took the time tyo post, as I would not have thought to call. Thanks!
It leaks, but Brita responded well. I was so happy with my original design old Britta pitcher and I do recommend Britta products in general. When my first pitcher broke because I dropped it, I went straight to Costo which had the Oceania on sale. I kept noticing water on my counter and finally discovered similar complaints on the website. I decided to give Brita a call. They are sending me a check so I can purchase a different pitcher of my choice. This kind of service makes me respect the company. Thanks!
FLAWED DESIGN--SPILLS WATER, DO NOT BUY We bought this from Costco in Canada. we have used other Brita pitchers before but this has a MAJOR design flaw. The slanted top means when you THINK you have enough water filled up, putting the pitcher on the counter overflows water into the handle and ALL OVER YOUR COUNTER. DO NOT BUY! We contacted Brita about this and they are sending us a new pitcher. So contact them!
What were you thinking? My husband and I have used Brita for years. I understand that algae would be hard to eliminate completely, but your designs are awful. Why, oh why can't you design a pitcher without all the nooks and crannies that promote algae growth? The top of my last pitcher was almost impossible to clean near the hinge and had grooves around the top opening. We finally chucked it and bought a new Oceana. It is pretty but a disaster! The filter timer did not work out of the box. The design shape assures that you will constantly overfill the reservoir and have water spilling everywhere. That was $30 literally down the drain. I'm not an engineer, but apparently neither are your designers. Get with it. Design a large, EASY TO CLEAN pitcher and make your fans happy
What were you thinking? My husband and I have used Brita for years. I understand that algae would be hard to eliminate completely, but your designs are awful. Why, oh why can't you design a pitcher without all the nooks and crannies that promote algae growth? The top of my last pitcher was almost impossible to clean near the hinge and had grooves around the top opening. We finally chucked it and bought a new Oceana. It is pretty but a disaster! The filter timer did not work out of the box. The design shape assures that you will constantly overfill the reservoir and have water spilling everywhere. That was $30 literally down the drain. I'm not an engineer, but apparently neither are your designers. Get with it. Design a large, EASY TO CLEAN pitcher and make your fans happy.
Oceania: Totally disappointed with the product and the customer service I bought this pitcher from Costco since I have a new baby. This pitcher has a opening on the handle from where the water seeps into the handle. THere is no way to open and clean the handle. OVer time the water and dirt accumulates. Although it's not inside the water but it's gross to drink water out of a pitcher that has black spots and dirt accumulated. I called the customer service and they said they would replace the pitcher for me. But their process doesn't take customer inconvenience into account. They sent me a pre paid label which took two weeks to come. I'm supposed to be buying a box and sending the old pitcher back first and then they will send me a replacement. The entire process will take approaximately a month. So the choice is upto the customer; either buy a new pitcher because you cannot have your newborn drink unfiltered water or keep on using the unfiltered water for a month.
Worst pitcher design ever. I have used Brita pitchers for several years without a problem. I only replace when they get super old. But the most recent "upgrade," while curvier and "prettier" than the previous ones I've owned, is horrible. When filling the pitcher, we inevitably go over the fill line, in part because the front is over an inch higher than the back, where the handle starts. Which is a problem because: 1) the overflow goes directly into the inexplicably open, tubular handle. 2) some of that water stays in the handle, and in the climate I live in, results in constant green mold/mildew/whatever in the "see-through" handle--not so see-through when green, not so pleasant to look at. And it's *impossible* to clean because of the depth and the curvature of the handle. Even bottle brushes don't reach. 3) the water that does not stay in the handle to produce a green mess instead drips out onto the counter. We've taken to keeping the Brita *in the sink* to try to avoid constant wet counter issues. (Again, I live in a wet climate, so the counter just stays wet until we dry it. It doesn't air dry. And this is a sizable puddle I'm talking about, and it doesn't happen immediately so we don't always realize it's happening. It took us weeks to figure out why the counter kept being sopping wet.) Older designs were *infinitely* superior to this one. Buyers: Beware the slanted lid, open handle versions of any Brita pitchers!
Nice until it leaks For years we had an old white model Brita of about this size, originally sold at Costco. It had a lousy LCD filter timer (not sensor), which failed within months. We simply wrote the install dates on the filters, and life was fine, other than the lid flap kept breaking (i finally took it off). About half a year ago, we bought a red Oceania: prettier, better ergonomics, and the LED display with an actual tilt sensor and counter worked *vastly* better than the old LCD system (and is easier to interpret). Problem is, the pitcher is now leaking from the point of the lower handle attachment in well under one year of use, flooding our coutertop. We bought another new Brita (Monterey; reviewed elsewhere) which was bad out of the box. Quality control at Brita/Clorox seems to not be a priority. If they could/can fix the QA problems the new pitchers are nicer than the old ones.
Horrible Pitcher - Stay AWAY DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PITCHER! Our family purchased the Oceania from Costco and after a couple months of regular use, the pitcher began to show signs of malfunction. Specifically the area around the handle began to leak water all over our counter-top. This may not have affected all of the Oceania models however it seem to be an issue that is common enough to warn others to STAY AWAY from this product. Other gripes: - The design only allows us to pour half the amount of water into the reservoir before it begins to overflow. - You have to be very careful when pouring water out of the pitcher because of the flap that controls the amount of water being dispersed is volatile at best. When I pour water into a cup, 1 out of 4 times I get water on the counter because the spout is so wide. I wish I could return this product and get a faucet attachment however it is out of warranty. Overall, I am a dissatisfied customer. Our family has been a Brita customer for years. Once we are through with our filters we will move onto a company/pitcher that is more reliable.
Worst Design Ever DON'T BUY THIS Worst design ever of any Picture... I should have checked this forum before buying this Picture but didn't and paid full amount for a faulty product. Broke within 24 hours of purchase. Just one recommendation... DON'T BUY THIS PICTURE.....PLEASE
This product has so defect I bought this pitcher at Costco because it was on sell. First, the electronic sensor doesn't work. I email the customer service but got no response. After, two weeks, it started to leak so I have to return to Costco and buy another one. I have to wait and see how long will it last this time.
Oceania pitcher design While I like the Brita products and have had several other Brita products the Ocenaia pitcher is a flawed design. I, like several other people who added comments, found that the pitcher when filled will leave a puddle of water on the surface under the pitcher. This was not a good investment and I would prefer to have had another pitcher like the one I had before I purchased the Oceania. Please fix this problem. This is not a Brita caliber product.
Poor design Literally a pour design, when you fill this one up the angle leads to a low point where water will get down the handle opening and leak water out all over the fridge and there is a hole that the unfiltered water can leak down to the bottom - mixing with the filtered water?? Additionally, the opening to pour is so small it seems to take forever to fill up a glass. Love Brita water but hate this pitcher and will be returning to Costco. ,
Poor Design The design is such that water spills out the rear of the lid (near the handle) and all over the fridge. This is the worst pitcher ever. How can I return mine if I don't have a receipt?
This product produces great tasting water I love the pitcher. It is convient, tastes great and is good for the enviroment. My only complaint is that the filter only last for 3 pitchers. I am dissappointed that I have to change filters so often and it also gets very expensive.
Water Quality and taste... Brita makes tap water a healhy drink and the water tastes so good. We don't use a water delivery company anymore hassles with lifting and replacing the big water jugs. We refill our plastic water bottles so we save there, too. This pitcher is so easy to use and I like the filter change sensor on the lid. It also comes in a variety of great colors. I still have the original Brita pitcher my mother gave me 16 (or more ?) years ago. We use both and we could use another. We Brita water for all our water needs... coffe, tea, cooking, refilling our water bottles and we even use it for our dog and cat's water bowls. Every family member drinks Brita filtered water. We use Brita for our health, to help the environment and to save money.
Handle design If water gets in the handle it leaks all over the refrigerator.You have to keep the water below that opening when you are filling it. My old one at home is fine. I like it much better.
Looks good but does not work as well as old one I'm very disappointed with the new design. If you don't hold the pitcher absolutely level when filling, the water spills out into the handle - onto the counter or wherever you may be. The flip up at pour spout sometimes does not open and water spills out on the sides of it.
not happy with pitcher I have the OB48/OB03 Model Pitcher and for the most part it is good but, if you put just a little too much water in the top it overflows into the handle. When it overflows into the handle it runs out all over the refrigerator. Even if you don't overfill but put the pitcher back in too fast the water will wash up to the overflow and run out the handle. If I didn't just buy this I would throw it away I am terribly disappointed with this pitcher.
worst pitcher ever if you overfill the reservoir the excess water runs intothe handle and then out the bottom of the handle. I have had this pitcher for awhile and I should have returned it. very poor design. should be recalled
Brita is great.....but stay away from the Oceania The pitcher leaks due to a design flaw in the handle. Water goes all over the surface that you leave the pitcher on to allow for water filtration. I am a life long Brita customer and I have purchased many of their products which were great, but this one is a bust. I called customer service and they made good on the issue right away! A new pitcher (The Grand) is on the way to replace the Oceania. Great company...but in the case of this particular pitcher...stay away!!!!
black things in water. I wanted to drink better water. However my filter top wont stay on, i have to hold it down when gettting watr, i also have black things floating in my water and its been a month. It said dust the first 2-3 times. i don't know if this is safe to drink.
Lousy design 1. The spout pours to widely and spills all over the counter. 2. The water if over filled goes into the open handle and has no where to go, so it leaks all over the counter. 3. The filter wants you to change it based on amount of time rather than usage. Feels like I'm wasting filters.
Poor Design We've used Brita products for many years now. I have no qualms with their filtration methods. However, this product is designed very poorly. When you fill it up the water spills out the back part of the chamber into the handle, leaving a ring on the counter. If you take care to avoid spillage, you can only fill up the chamber halfway, which then takes three times to fill the pitcher! If you are a bit impatient and don't want to wait for the chamber to completely empty and attempt to pour (holding on to the chamber lid), the water still spills out the top into your glass! Easily the worst Brita product I've purchased.
Best Tasting Water Ever I have only had my system for about a week -- and it's awesome. It's produces the best tasting water I have ever had -- and with impurities and chemicals filtered out it's a great healthy way to stay hydrated. I use it for everything. I highly recommend it.
Flawed Design Electronic indicator did not work from the beginning and there is no where to change the battery. The design of the pitcher is nice but flawed- the water reservoir is cut at an angle. I'm used to filling up pitchers to the top, but this can only go up to where the handle is. Then if water gets into the handle, you have to empty the ENTIRE pitcher out and start again as there is no opening on the bottom of the handle for any water to drain out of.
this pitcher is the WORST ever made.. do not buy The pitcher is extremely heavy and the handle leaks alllll over the place when you fill it. I am constantly wiping up water in my refrigerator after the pitcher has leaked allll over the place.. horrible design.. If it was not brandy new and I didn't pay $30 dollars for it, i would have thrown it in the garbage after the first day it leaked allll over the place.../
Helps make food taste better. When cooking tap water can change the taste of food being prepared. Brita filters help removing particles that add unwanted smells and tastes.
HANDLE LEAKS This product has a BIG flaw-- and water overflow that goes into the handle leaks out. Would not have bought if this was known-- a defect for sure. J. R. Weems
All Around Awesome Pitcher I love the new bars they help keep me on track with changing the filters, the new sleek design is great and it holds more water so I don't have to fill it as often.
POOR ENGINEERING - BEAUTIFUL SCULPTURAL DESIGN I thought I was going crazy until I found these reviews. For weeks I had been trying to figure out where all the water on the countertop was coming from. I can't believe Brita left an opening at the top of the handle that allows over-flow water to drain out through a partially sealed bottom of the handle. It's almost as if they forgot to put a part in some of the pitchers during manufacturing. And the LED light indicator is baffling. Since I use a second older Brita pitcher side by side with this one (we go through a lot of water) I use the LCD timer on this old one for changing filters. It's way too late to return to Costco but Brita could do something nice for us loyal customers.
Filter reminder does not work Tried two Oceanar? and neither filter reminder worked. Returned to costco and bought a Grand Model from Bed n' Bath. I was extremely dissapointed that the "Electronic Filter Indicator" was only a "timer" and it did not moniter actual fiter condition. Will not buy another Brita again. Will try Zero next
Bad Design Just as many others have complained, the design of this new model is bad. It leaks water on the countertop even you just fill in just right amount of water. Not to mention some times kids will do it and a lot water will be leaked then. The reason is some water will be trapped inside the handle and it will be released slowly after you put the pitcher on the countertop. I don't know why the hanlde is made hollow AND open, AND there is only a tiny hole on the bottom of the hanlde to release the trapped water. If either the handle is not hollow, or not open, or the bottom hole is bigger this problem will not exist. But I do like this model to have a lower filter, so even the water level in the pitcher is low, the filter is still in touch with the water. Please change the traditional model to be like this for the filter level. Talking about the curved top part, it is also a good hit, though the curve is too deep. It only holds a few cups of water and I have to refill a little, wait for a few minutes, then refill again x 2 in order to have the pitcher full. And I need to do this very carefully to not trap any water inside the handle. Otherwise you know the consequence. And the new change indicator. Please bring back the old traditional bar one. The 3 dot one is just too fancy. It won't blink always, and it is not obvious to see the blinks even when it blinks. That being said, I returned my new one, and got a traditoinal one (but only blue is left. That blue is horrible in my mind; I like the white one).
Bad Bad Design -- the Designer should be fired The design is so bad that I think the designer should be fired. 1. It leaks water as sooooo many people have said. 2. It needs 2-3 refills to fill up the pitcher. 3. The electric indicator is different from what the menu said. Don't buy this model !
love it but I bought a 8 pack filters,and 3 of the filters were cracked.First time something like this has ever happen..The bar code number was 6025835707.Hope this info will help.
Excellent Product Excellent product for the health conscience and those who almost are environmentally conscience too!
Design Flaw in this Model I had an old brita pitcher for years that I had no problems with. When I bought this one I immediately noticed the MAJOR DESIGN FLAW. You cannot fill the top without a major leak out the back, which collects in the handle and leaks from it slowly. I have to set it up over the sink until it drains so I don't have a major puddle on my counter. If anyone had product tested this they would have noticed and if anyone had noticed, they would at least have put a small drainage hole in the bottom of the handle so at least it wouldn't be a slow leak from around the base of the handle. I am seriously considering drilling my own. This product needs to be discontinued and recalled. For such an established company there is no excuse for selling such an inferior product and at Costco, no less! The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 was because I actually bought a different brita pitcher a year ago that the lid broke on the first day I had it, the refill timer never worked and it was actually worse than this one.
Save a bottle a Day I love this pitch, it saves you money and taste great!
a disgrace to Brita OMG!! I thought i was going crazy. Till i read these reviews. The puddle from the handle is terrible. I'm returning this instantly and not buying another from Costco!! I thought a company like Brita would not let a product like this be sold in a store that caters to so many customers. Our only recourse is to buy something else and change our loyalty
Good at filtering taste My city water tastes terrible and so I didn't drink a lot of water unless it was flavored. I got tired of Crystal light and it cost a little bit but it adds up over a month. I only want to drink it when I get a craving, not all the time. So I bought a Brita pitcher and it does an amazing job of making my water taste good. I'm drinking more water and this is a good thing. It took my body about 4 days to believe I was going to give it enough water and the swelling in my feet has gone away and (warning - TMI ahead) my urine is almost clear. I'm helping to clear toxins out of my body - Yay!
Design Flaw Like many other reviewers, I bought this at Costco yesterday to replace my old pitcher. Went through the process of washing etc. and filled it and place it on my counter and it immediately had a puddle around it. After looking at it for about 2 minutes, I realized that the water was coming from the handle. I thought, well, I guess you have to have the lid on when you fill it, but water still got in when I did that. I cant believe that if so many people found this design flaw within minutes, the makers of Brita did not pull it off the shelves, but instead continue to sell it! Very disappointed and aggravated that I need to go back to Costco.
I hate this particular pitcher with a's why! This pitcher has a major design flaw. In making the pitcher look sleeker, the back end of the reservoir is lower than the front. When you go to fill up the pitcher reservoir to what you figure to be the "top", because the end is lower near the handle, 2 or 3 inches' worth of water comes flowing over the rim of the reservoir and down through the handle. No matter how you try, you still wind up with puddles. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to clean up after this pitcher, it ruining papers, table tops, etc., leaving flooding everywhere. It is NOT worth the better pricing.
Love my pitcher This was a good purchase because the price of a water cooler with the bottles was too expensive and trying to keep up with unprofessional delivery guys was getting to much to bear.
Floods your fridge and counter Bought mine at costco. As many others noted the water leaks from the handle. Exchanged it 3 times and all 3 leaks. If you don't want to flood your fridge or counter don't get this Brita product.
Easy great tasting water without many plastic bottles. I bought this Brita pitcher because my tap water is so bad that I was seeing things floating in it and was using bottled water to drink and make coffee and cook with. VERY EXPENSIVE.. I am very pleased with how easy and fast it is to make great water with this pitcher and love how delicious it makes my coffee.
Design Flaw aka Do not Buy Recently, my Brita Pitcher that I have had for 5 years broke. So on Saturday, my day off, I went to Costco to buy a new one. Do you know what it is like going to Costco on a Saturday afternoon. Let me tell pleasant. But I got a new Brita! I came home, I washed the pitcher, soaked the filter, filled it with water and put it in the fridge. To my surprise a puddle of water formed underneath the Brita on the bottom shelf of my fridge. I took it out. Emptied it. Refilled it and noticed water was leaking from it. So I went back to Costco today, Sunday, again my next day off. Do you know what it is like going to Costco on a Sunday? Again, let me tell you, it is not pleasant. it's like being magically transported to the day before Thanksgiving. There are lines everywhere. People everywhere and to get to the check out is like running through a crowd. It is a mob scene. But I exchanged it and got a new Brita! I came home, again I cleaned it and filled it with water. Do you know what happened? Water leaked from the handle. It is a design flaw. Any water that gets into the handle has no place to go and comes out the bottom. Ah ha! You might think, "well just don't get water in the handle." Not as easy as it sounds. Plus, the lid doesn't snap down so too much water comes out from the sides when you pour it. Oh and the lid comes off when tipped to pour. What a waste of time buying and returning this defective product. There is a reason it was on sale at Costco. Now I know. I dislike this Brita. I dislike it tremendously! But I am stuck with it or better yet throwing it out the window because I refuse to go back to Costco. It just isn't worth the hassle.
Great product for Hard Water We have VERY hard water here and even using another Brand name Filter , our filtered water has a bad taste. Now We double filter our water and with the Brita pitcher , our water tastes great! The only draw back is the Carbon particals from the filter that floats in the reservoir.
Economical and easy to use. In order to cut down on bottled water and eliminate the lugging in and out of the 18 litre jugs I thought I would try this system. Easy to use and everyone in family refills so we never run out. Never have to worry about running out of bottled water. Never have to lug those heavy jugs again. So I now have great tasting coffee every morning and always have a cold pitcher of water in fridge. Would recommend to everyone! Will be buying another one for camp.
Great Customer focus by Brita- Real Trustworthy !! I am completely surprised by great customer service by BRITA. Hats off to you guys !! The reason I am impressed with them is I accidently broken Pitcher filter and it was just a month I started using. I called customer service after looking at their warranty terms on the I am surprised that they said they will send a new Brita Water Pitcher to me. They didn't asked me about receipt and no lengthy process. Hats off.. Keep it up Brita !!
Design flaw We have gotten two of these and both leak at the bottom of the handle.
Oceania is just an unacceptable design The stylish handle leaks at the seams. When you fill it and you are just a little past the handle line the water flows down the inside of the handle and thus leaks out the sides.
like the design i have found that the filters are not that great lately..this is the 2nd box i have ought where after 3 fills the filter does not drain properly..maybe it was a bad batch
Oceania Green I really loved the color and style, my older one Chrome my mom gave me started to crack after 15 years.. and the chrome was getting a bit mildew like. so I bought a new one loving the green color.. however the top doesnt work like it specifies there is no lite up to tell you it goes off after 5 seconds and doesnt stay on... I emailed with Sara Miller who sent me a white cover but I sent it back.. Sara is a good employee she really cares about us.. She sent me a chrome pitcher to replace the one I loved and Im so happy with it.. I even kept the green oceania too.. :)
Unfortunately, not happy Have been very unsatisfied with this pitcher. The filter indicator on the top does not work, the lid falls off easily, and its overall design is too wide for the door to my refrigerator.
hard to fill under the facet when filling the pitcher under the facet it is extremely hard to guess where to stop filling without overflow when you set it on a level surface. I have found that adding water cup by cup is the only way to keep the extra water off my cabinet. Don't get me wrong I love my pitcher but that is my two cents.
mold do not like that mold grows in the bottom of the pitcher. is there a way to prevent this other than putting into refrigerator?
Top falls off I wish the top would snap on securely as any time I pour out water it falls off. Truly annoying!
Fast. Simple. Easy. Simple instructions: Soak the filter in a glass of water for 15 minutes, then remove and install in the pitcher. Voila! Now you can fill your reservoir with water and watch it being filtered into clean tasting water. I'm not sure why everyone has an issue with the design. I think it's great!
Design Flaws 1. The reservoir has a low point at the handle, so you can only fill the reservoir up a part of the way, which makes refilling tedious. 2. The handle is open at the top. As a result, the spillover from the reservoir fills the handle, which slowly leaks out into my refrigerator over the next 15 minutes. 3. The front of the lid pops open when I fill my cup, causing water to spill all over my counter. Stick with the more conventional designs! Someone didn't think this one through!
Really awful design You cannot fill the reservoir completely, so you must fill it multiple times to get a full pitcher of water. The filter replacement light never worked. The filter leaks charcoal even after soaking and rinsing. I bought this to replace a Pur pitcher because the replacement filters were on sale. I am going back to Pur.
like I love the design of this pitcher. Yes, if you over fill it, water will leak down the handle, so don't over fill it. Pours nice. Only problem is the light on top that tells you when to replace the filter stopped working. Brita is going to replace and problem will be solved.
Much better! This pitcher is much better than our old one. The design of this one is better for refilling and for pouring. We really like it! We'd buy it again!
Black Mold in Handle Do not buy this pitcher. I e mailed the company to find out if the white rubber comes off the handle. Like the others if you over flow it goes in the handle and some leaks into the pitcher and the rest goes on your counter. Inside the bottom of the clear handle we now have black mold I tried stuffing paper towels, dish clothes and scrubbys down the try to clean it. Its still there I like filtered water but what is the sense to filter it only to have water seep in that has come in contact with mold. Save your money!!
TERRIBLY FLAWED DESIGN The curve of the top prevents you from filling up the reservoir quickly since you can only fill up to the lowest point of the lid before the water spills out. STUPID DESIGN. The persons who both designed and approved this should be fired. Since you can only fill the top about 1/3 of the available volume of the pre-filter reservoir, it takes much, much longer than it should to fill up this pitcher. You fill it up a third, then are forced to wait for the drip-filtering to finish and then fill it up again... and wait, and fill again... and wait... etc. Highly annoying. My old Brita pitcher was much better designed since the top was level-- fill it once and you're done.
Design Flaw!! This product is defective because if you try to fill the reservoir all the water leaks down the handle all over the place.
Design Flaw!! This pitcher looks big and sleek and pretty... but you can't actually fill it very far because the reservoir is on an angle and there is an opening for it to drain into the handle... which, even if you don't fill it very far, when you walk to the fridge it sloshes and goes down the handle and all over the fridge. This leaky pitcher is the worst! We have had several pitchers in the past and thought this one was the prettiest and the smooth lines would be easiest to clean... but why would they make it so the reservoir empties into the handle? And the specs say it hold 10 glasses of water... but that's not true because you can't fill it... so you get maybe 3-4 glasses max (2 large glasses really). Brita should recall this item and give everyone who has it a new pitcher so i don't have to go out and buy a new one just because this one sucks! It's such a shame because I love Brita and think the water is better than bottled water taste wise... but this pitcher specifically is terrible. PLEASE STOP SELLING IT!
Wish I read the other reviews before buying... As noted by many other reviewers, this product is DEFECTIVE. Water leaks out the bottom of the handle! There are also other minor design flaws, like the lowest point of the filling reservoir being where the handle connects so you can't actually fill the reservoir full. Going to have to return this one. Very disappointed!
This design needs to be recalled I am so glad I came here to look at the comments of other customers. I thought maybe mine was a "lemon" but oh no it seems that others have the very same leaky handle experience. I am DONE placing paper towels under the pitcher in the fridge and will just toss this one (just bought it a month ago!). I did not keep my receipt or the box so I'd be surprised if Costco refunded my money. MORE importantly, Brita should recall the product.
Ooops! Leaky handle (among other design issues) I love Brita and have several pitchers at home and office. Needed to replace one that got damaged. Oceania was a swing and a miss - leaky handle, poor filler design. Returning to Costco for a refund and will look for a different Brita model elsewhere. This product should be pulled from store shelves - defective design or manufacture.
Defective design I got this pitcher (Brita Oceania) from Costco and it is terrible. It leaks water from the handle when you fill it up. It leaks when you try to pour water because the snout is too wide. Also the rim on the bottom of the pitcher formed a green grime that was impossible to clean off completely given the ridged design. Furthermore, when I tried to scrub it, the fibers from the sponge got stuck onto the rim. Going to try to dig up my receipt and return this defective product.
Horrible Design I got this in green at CostCo a couple of weeks ago and was so exicted to have a Brita at home after having one at work for so long. The pitcher is super easy to use and the water tastes great. The challenge is that it leaks about a cup of water out for every fill up. This makes a complete mess and i'm having to put a paper towel under the pitcher in my refridgerator. I've tried to call Brita several times, but each time i try to reach a customer service representative to talk abou the warranty the phone disconnects. I guess the warranty is good if you can catch them. If i don't connect with them by the end of the week, they will lose a customer. Very disappointed in the quality of the product and the accessibility of the company.
Poor design The pitcher is poorly designed and leaks water out the back of it whenever you try to fill it. The old style is much better and holds more water. Save yourself the frustration and stick with the old design. I have used Brita for years and never had a problem before. Function over design in the future would be my advice.
This is terrible! I have used Brita for years! I was at Costco and saw this new one (Oceania) and decided that I needed a new one instead of replacing just the filters. I was so excited, it was a new design and very cute. I threw my other one away but soon realized I was in trouble. I can't fill this one up without spilling out the back of it. It's a REALLY POOR REALLY wishing I had my old one back even though it was old and scrached up. Now I'm going to have to go out and get a different one (my husband is not thrilled with me!) So much for less waste...this one is going to have to go in the trash. Brita, you missed the mark...too much design over function instead of the reverse. I want to use it, not just look at it.
Poor Design. Leaks if you're not neurotically careful filling it I love brita pitchers, but the design on this is terrible. I've thrown out the box so I can't return it. And for the nearly $30 price tag, it was too expensive to throw out, so I'll be annoyed with until I can afford to replace it. Yes, it is comfortable. And it looks pretty. HOWEVER The way the pitcher is designed, unless you set the pitcher down on a flat surface and fill from that position, you're GOING to "overfill" it. If this were just a case of not being careful enough I could justify this as user error...but that's not the case. The design on the pitcher has the back lower than the front. Any normal person who simply holds the pitcher under a faucet and fills it, is going to overfill it, unless they intentionally WAY under fill it. Reason: Once it is perfectly level, the water from the front moves to the back and then starts to pour from the top into the handle. (Don't ask me WHY it goes into the handle, I have no idea. ) Once it fills the handle, the floodgates are open and all the extra water spills out of the pitcher all over your kitchen. Ironically, the fact that it goes into the handle delays the time the the leaking happens. If you think you've filled it fine because its not leaking while you're still over the sink, give it a few seconds, or it will start leaking all over the floor just as you're pitcher carrying hand has left the protection of the sink. If you intentionally UNDERFILL it, to avoid the spillage, then you've wasted the capacity of the pitcher, and will have to refill it constantly (which is what I have to do for the time being). Or of course you can just constantly fill it like a normal person would, and expect it to overflow every time, and wait for the overflow to cease and wipe it down. I don't mind waiting for my water to go through the filter once... but when I have to go through this a couple of times a day because my 10 cup pitcher wont hold 10 cups, well, its annoying. I'm not sure I understand how this pitcher got through (at least) consumer testing. Since the back of the pitcher is lower than the front, the design on the filling reservoir should be the opposite. There is just no reason why someone should have to think about geometry when their filling a pitcher. Its pretty obvious this isn't a manufacturing error. Its a design error that really could have been corrected if adequate user testing had been done before manufacture.
Bad design-looks over function I replaced my old pitcher which was working fine because I liked the way the new one looked and wasnt sure if it was bpa free or not. Well, whoever designed this must not use this everyday or it was a computer design with no usable model for testing. The pitcher looks big, but unfortunately the filtration section doesn't hold very much water. The design is such that you can only put in as much as the lowest level which is by the handle. Put in too much--which is not very hard to do--and it spills all over your counter or table --overflow runs out through the bottom of the handle. It takes 2 fills to get the pitcher full enough for a decent number of glasses of water which is much worse than the older designs. Wish I had kept my older one and am planning to return this to costco. Maybe they'll have a better designed one.
Terrible pitcher design...small resevoir & leaks water. I went out to buy another shape pitcher after having this one for only a few weeks. The resevoir slopes toward the handle and if you fill the top portion more than 1/2 way the water sneaks out the back and gets trapped in the handle. It then leaks out all over the floor, fridge, etc. It took us a few days to figure out where all the water was coming from! The slope and notch out for the lid means the top can only hold about 2 cups at a time. Also, when you pour, the water whooshes up the front an spills out the edges of the pitcher making yet another mess. I can't even return the pitcher because I used the filter that came with it.
LOVE this item! I'm so happy to have filtered water so readily available & to not have to carry those heavy cases of water bottles anymore. Also, I'm happy to not be contributing to the water bottle production (even though I recycled the ones I did use).
RUN AWAY FROM THIS MODEL!! Folks, we've used Brita pitchers for decades, and we swear by the clean water they produce for our family. It was time to replace an older unit that had been with us for years, so my wife picked up this Oceania model at BJ's. I have NO IDEA how something like this made it past the product planners. Yes, it is very sleek and sexy looking, but it is dysfunctional!! The sloped top deceives you. The inside where you pour water in is high on one side, and low on the hinge side, so if you're not paying attention you'll overfill it (every frickin time...# and the water cascades over the hinge and down inside the handle, leaving a lovely puddle of water on the counter which might run onto the floor depending on how silly you were. THEN, when you're using it to pour water into a glass, the last few cups of water require you to tip the pitcher enough to cause the filter housing inside to shift, allowing a very wide #2.5" or so) waterfall to shoot out and miss most of your glass. Crazy!! It's shocking actually... Products don't fail this miserably and make it to production, so I'm wondering what is going on at Brita. Looks are one thing, but function is of utmost importance here.
very poor design I have used Brita for years and love the product. But this particular design is ridiculous. You can't fill the top without water spilling all over the counter. The slant of the top is way too steep. I can't imagine what they were thinking when they made this style. Will definitely be returning it.
Great Buy Pitcher is a great product
Love it! I love this Brita Filter! Years ago I had one of the original ones and it was okay, I hated removing the lid and replacing it, and my filer reminder never worked. This pitcher is awesome! I don't have to remove the lid and the electronic filter reminder is nice (I still signed up for emails as I am forgetful).
I like that the lid stays put! Other then I wish it were pink and a wee bigger I really like this filter pitcher!
This pitcher is awesome This helps make our water taste so much better by getting rid of the nasty chlorine taste we're used to. Very simple to use and comforting knowing our water is filtered and tastier!
Leaks from the counter to the floor and into the fridge!! This ended up being a poor impulse buy at Costco... at least they have a good return policy... I hope I don't need the box, I already threw it away. Brita does not seem to know how to handle the inertia (movement of the water) created by moving the pitcher from the sink to the refrigerator. This movement will obviously make water slosh around. Brita's solution is not to make the pitcher water tight. It's solution is to use the handle as an overflow mechanism. The problem is that the handle is also not water tight either. It leaks from the bottom of the handle where it is attaches to the body of the pitcher. So, you have water leaking (forcefully dribbling) all over the counter, floor, and into the refrigerator. Not cool!! A solution may be to gently place the pitcher on the counter and let the water filter through before moving it into the fridge. My original method of use was to do just that, and then fill the reserve to the top to ensure maximum amounts of ready cold water. That won't work, because the movement to the fridge will definitely make a mess. The pitcher is workable, but it shouldn't be up to the thousands or millions of Brita's customers to figure how to work a shoddy product. They should put one designer/engineer or whatever you want to call it to task, and fix the problem. Again, this was an impulse buy from Costco. I didn't do any research. I like the idea of a pitcher filter. After returning this mess maker to Costco, I'm going to find a pitcher that is made correctly. This is ridiculous!!
Excellent to keep on your counter. This is an excellent product to keep ready on your counter. We use ours for water in our coffee maker and for room temperature drinking water. We love it!
Product saves I love this product for not only by how easy to use it but how the water tastes is wonderful. Not to mention saving the environment by plastic bottles.
Deceptive Style can make a mess Love Brita products but not this one. the design is flawed. It appears you can put in a lot more water than you can due to the slanted shape and end up spilling water all over the place and make a mess.
Great size but weird design When the container overflows, the unfiltered water goes back to the pitcher.
Fits in refrigerator very well Easy to use, fits in refrigerator well, and water is clean and crisp.
this product is very easy to use and it's user friendly with the convenience of easy refill capability. I love the design of this pitcher because it is so very easy to use and simple to refill.
This product is great We have used this for a few months not and we definitely notice a difference in our water. Love it.
Love this pitcher!!!!! I love love love this pitcher. I have recently started a running program and drink a lot more water than in the past. Nothing beats coming in from a run and having a cold glass of great tasteing water. Now if I can just get my husband to fill it!!!!!!!!
This product has great features. This is the perfect size Brita for a household. It fits well in the frig, does not need refilling constantly, and fills easily in the sink.
Good product with some flaws This pitcher is very small in size and can be hard to fill. But it does purify the water very well.
Amazing! I really love this product because not only is it easy to use in a much hygienic way, but it also informs me when i need to replace the filter! love it and I'm sure you will to!!
Good product pretty design Love the design wish it were more widely available.
So pure tasting! I love the way the water taste from this pitcher. I always have water ready to drink.fresh
LOVE IT! This product is easy to use and has great capacity
very dissapointing I am very disappointed in this brita product. first, the digital counter stopped working about ten days after my purchase. If I don't hold the top when pouring water it falls off with every pour. that's just ridiculous!! I am single and the only one using the pitcher. I keep Arm and Hammer baking soda in my fridge, but the water always tastes funny. My dog won't even drink it. All around , I truly feel as though it was the worst money I have ever spent on an item. I wish I had saved the box and receipt for a refund..
I love the size of this pitcher This is a great pitcher. I love the size and shape of it. It is attractive and just the right size for my family. Also the handle makes it easy to move even when full. The only draw back is when you over fill the canister it runs down into the handle and drips out the other end.
Disapointed My first Brita Pitch was amazing. We have had it for 3-4 years and never had a problem. It had seen it's last day so we decided to invest in a new one. We use it ALL the time. We bought one of the smaller ones, purple?? at Target. It had a crack in it. Returned it...So, I ended up buying the 10 cup Oceania at BJ's. We opended it...Could only fill the water 3/4 of the way, because it's at an angle. Then we put in the fridge, and constantly wiping up water. That leaked to.. We are not hard on it. I'm shocked at the quality. I'm kicking myself for tossing our old one... Disapointed to say the least. The woman at BJ's asked if I wanted my money back, I said yes, was thinking of trying a different brand. I love Brita, but something has to change.
We LOVE our Brita Oceania pitcher Brita water pitchers are both economically and ecologically responsible AND the water tastes so good, our family drinks water 95% of the time! We have given these pitchers as gifts to family members and everyone always remarks about how much better the water tastes from a Brita pitcher vs bottle water products from the grocery store!
mostly great! The only flaw I can see is that when you fill the reservoir all the way, when you move it, a lot of it sloshes into the hollow handle and then drips out slowly into your refrigerator and, if you don't know that's going to happen, onto other food. Other than that, it's great.
Love my Brita I have had my brita pitcher for over a year and I would not trade it for nothing in the world.
I like the capacity of the pitcher and it is easy to use. The pitcher holds a good amount of water so I don't have to fill it over and over. The pitcher is easy to use - to fill and keep clean. You do have to be careful not to fill it too much or you get a bit of leaking.
great product I have been using Brita for many years and I bought this one for work. At work we like to drink water all day and this gives us the option of providing water for a lot of us and refilling quickly. I like the handle and the water tastes great! It does spill a little if filled to the top but oh well.
Large capacity, fast filtering of lots of water, easy to hold onto I like the size, capacity, and shape. The handle design makes it easy to maneuver even when very heavy, whereas some other Brita pitchers are harder to move when heavy. To keep overfill from spilling out as Tikky describes, I found that tipping the pitcher forward a bit (toward the spout) when moving it into the fridge stops the leaking and still allows lots of water to be put into the big filter basket. My main desire is for lots of water filtered fast and ready when we need it. The great handle is a plus. We have used Brita pitchers and faucet filters for years and this pitcher is the fastest to filter lots of water at once and also easiest to lift when heavy.
Bad design I have been using Brita pitchers for years and have never been unsatisfied until now. The design of this pitcher leaves a great deal to be desired. If you accidentally overfill the top part, water drains into the handle and it proceeds to slowly drip out. So you have to let it sit in the sink for a while until the handle drains. I ended up with water all over the counter several times before I realized this. Not a convenient feature.

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