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Pacifica White
White Green Blue
10 Cup pitcher

Pacifica White


A large pitcher that’s perfect for families, roommates, sports teams and offices. The clear design lets you see the water as it filters, and like all Brita® Pitchers, it’s made with Always BPA-free materials.

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Pacifica White 5 72
Cover does not stay on Bought this for college student. From day one, the cover did not stay on, making it a royal pain in the neck. Going to buy her different one not BRITA.
Cleaner Water We bought the Brita pitcher because the water in our area is terrible, we loved this pitcher when we first bought it but since changing the filter the indicator light no longer works after pouring water. The lid is cumbersome, you have to hold it down while you are pouring. Would live to buy a different one where the lid fits better.
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Dissapointed!! I have used Brita products before and they have been great so far. I thought of upgrading the pitcher we have had for a year now. Purchased this product and regret the decision of purchase! Here are a the problems: 1. Put in a new filter and the indicator to let us know on the health of the filter does not work at all. Followed the instructions of holding the button for 5 seconds a ton of times and no use. 2. The filter is just a week old and I already see the black particles in the filtered water. 3. The oval water holders keeps falling off when I try to pour water out of pitcher. I would have not mentioned this if it had not happened frequently (almost once every 5 uses!) If this product would have been on a returnable period would have definitely returned it! Not what is expected out of Brita!
SO sad... I bought this months ago at Wally World, as I had moved and did not bring mine. It was a good working one that I had had for years! The Pacifica one was "exposed" to me by visiting relatives that the filter was not filtering at all... but pouring right through ( I was very embarrassed that I had not caught it and also knowing how bad the water is where I am living now.) I thought I was keeping my family safer... obviously I failed because the pitcher did :-( I will have to do my research next time when I find myself with the extra money for a new pitcher less than a year after buying a 35.00 one. So much for all Britas are created equal :( PS I also had the top and "innards" fall out more often then not, will wake you and anyone else near by up, that's for sure!!
Disappointed with Pacifica This is really not what I expect from Brita. The lid falls off when I pour, and water spills everywhere. The refill lid will not stay open. It's easier to take the whole lid off to refill. The gray handle piece fell off. I tried to contact Brita about it, but never got a reply. Very, very disappointed.
Not what I expect from Brita This is really not what I expect from Brita. The lid falls off when I pour, and water spills everywhere. The refill lid will not stay open. It's easier to take the whole lid off to refill. I am shocked. This Brita pitcher is a downgrade from past Brita pitchers I've had. I tried to contact Brita about it, but never got a reply. Very, very disappointed.
Fresh cold clean water I use my Brita for everything to ice cubes, making juice to pet water. My only complaint is it continuously falls apart. The handle, lid falls off if not tightly held down. A latch or snap lock would be an nice added feature.
Good Bargain at Sams Club Good Bargain at Sams Club, but pitcher is heavy and awkward when filling and pouring.
Great filter on a bad pitcher design Just purchased this a little over a week ago and it is already broken. When the pitcher is fully filled it is really hard to hold because the slick handle has no grip. We really wanted to stop using bottled water but it is going to be a while because I can't afford to drop $28 a week on a pitcher that is difficult to use when full. I highly recommend going with a smaller pitcher and one with a gripped surface instead of just smooth plastic. The smooth plastic looks good, but isn't practical.
Looks nice but annoying to use I have had several Brita pitchers in the past, and bought the Pacifica because it was the only model available at my local Walmart. Before I even drank a glass of water (because the instructions say to discard the first three pitchers) I had spilled water on the counter and the floor, because the bowl-shaped reservoir is so easily dislodged by tipping the pitcher to pour. I've used the pitcher for about a week now, as I didn't want to go to the trouble of returning it, and have had this experience several times, even when applying pressure to the lid while pouring. I have to wonder if anyone actually tried this design before sending it to China for manufacture. Do yourself a favor and choose a different model.
ok it would be great if the feature worked to let us know when to change the filter. every time we fill it or shake it a bit more the light turns red. i have to keep track myself on when to change the filter but would have been nice if the feature actually worked.
Much worse than the old design This is a new pitcher that I purchased to replace the older model. I called the day I received it, because the lid did not fit correctly, the pitcher leaked when pouring, and the filter replacement system did not appear to be working. You sent me a new lid which fits even worse, and the indicator lights still do not appear to be working.
Poorly Made I went through the trouble of creating this account just because I was so displeased with the current quality of the pitchers. Years ago I bought a pitcher and it was great: had a great seal so I could filter water and pour the filtered water. I bought a pitcher a month ago and the quality is very poor. There is no seal to speak of since the parts don't fit tightly, the spout cover gets stuck, the reservoir cover comes loose all the time. And the kicker is I returned two other Brita pitchers that fell apart once out of the box, and gave up the fight with one that would suffice until my remaining filters are used up and I will purchase another brand.
product is great when fiters fit . I have had a Brita pitcher for many years and loved it.i had to replace it with the Pacifica model . It worked fine until I had to replace the filter . I bought a pack of 7 filters from Sam's club .My pitcher is now useless . The new filter doesn't fit and unfiltered water rubs around the filter into the pitcher . On the box it says "Fits in all Brita pitchers " . This isn't true and I'm stuck with 7 filters and a new pitcher .
like the ease too use the only thing that I do not lke about this product is the fact that the top cover does not lock into place. If you try to pour water and you tilt it to far the cover will fly off. maybe you can come up on another way to keep the cover on
Not good! I've owned a variety of Brita pitchers over the past 10 years. I purchased this green Pacifica pitcher yesterday since my old pitcher (the Grand) cracked. This Pacifica I thought would be a good replacement since the Grand wasn't available at the Wal-Mart I was shopping at. I am SO disappointed in the Pacifica. The filter is not snug in place and unfiltered water drips through into the pitcher. The "bowl" design of the top part of the pitcher where the water is to be filtered is constantly slipping out and dumping unfiltered water into the pitcher. The top pops off when I pour a glass of water. Nothing about this pitcher has been easy and I am so disappointed I spent money on this. I'm out the +$30 and don't have the means to spend another +$35 to re-buy the Grand. Brita, you really struck out on this model.
This product's design is terrible. It is impossible to pour with this Brita without the rounded portion falling out. Poorly made and designed--very disappointed. Do not buy this model.
Lid falls off constantly Great value to have clean great tasting water. The lid falls off constantly. Why go to the trouble of designing a pitcher if your not going to pay attention to detail. This is a major major design flaw. Very unhappy!!!
Falls Apart This was the 3rd pitcher we have used over the years. We got this one 2 weeks ago and there is a problem. The lid frequently falls off if you do not hold it down when pouring. When the lid falls off, the colored part that holds the filter then falls down into the pitcher, It also falls down when there is water in the color part and you try to pour. Very frustrating. It seems like the parts should snap together or something so parts don't get so discombobulated.
im going to get a pitcher im going to walgreens on nov. 2nd to buy one there or where the best price is so far only i saw targer as best .can you tell me about walgreens if they have one .im sweating alot in my sleep. i use well water and need to see if it's water related . and if brita help it when i get it.
poorly designed pitcher, also too small for us For us, this was too small a pitcher. We find ourselves refilling it about 5x a day with making pasta, tea, etc. The main problem is the design. The basin where the water sits before going through the actual filter often slips out of line and often out of the pitcher completely if you don't have the top on, and the 'flap' in the top kept falling off completely for us. Great filters but bad design for this pitcher.
great product..bad lid. faulty lid fit we bought a pitcher for our oldest sons first year at college. That filter insert (basket) cracked after only 3 weeks, it was replaced by britta. We liked it so much, my wife and i kept this one for our household, and bought another one for my son to take back to school. The new pitchers top falls off every time you poor when the pitcher gets down to the last 1/4 of being empty...VERY ANNOYING. It seems to fit right, just will not stay on.
This product is easy to use, unsure on effectiveness This pitcher is easy to use. The filter replacement can be difficult, as the filter does not seat properly many times. I am very concerned as to the effectiveness of the filter. The Today Show presented a review of research on pitcher filters and stated the the effectiveness is greatly reduced half way through the three month period.
This product is great! I bought this so that we would no longer needs plaastic bottles. I just love it. Everyone should get one....
A Necessity! Living in Central Florida, the water is hard, harsh, and frankly distasteful. I needed to replace my previous pitcher when returning from a long trip my refrigerator lost power and frankly I required a new one. I also have a faucet system and so I find I can drink water, make coffee, soft drinks etc. quite easily and inexpensively. Being a transplanted New Yorker, delicious water is a must and BRITA delivers every time!
Large enough for a family This is a very durable and easy to use pitcher.I especially like the filter reminder guage.It holds a large amount of water for a family without having to refill it so often.
I really like this picture Very easy to use, love that it will light up when the filter needs to be changed. Always had a problem remembering when to change it
A Waste of Money--get a "Grand" The lid constantly falls off. Even the "lip" attachment on the lid falls off. Fatal design flaw. We struggled with it for a couple months--3 adults and we all hated it. We've now replaced it with the "Grand". The lid stays on and we're completely happy with the design and water quality.
Worth the buy! This pitcher is easy to use, and the result tastes delicious! We figured it in our household and we'll be saving at least $20 a month just from not buying galloned water. That doesn't include if we also buy bottled water =] So worth it!
like only thing that sucks on this pitcher. the freeking lid keeps falling off !!! GRRRR
great product but;; i have 2 compaints; the lid should snap in place and the re-fill hole should be a little bigger. i guess i just need to hold down the lid when i pour just to be sure it does not fall off. other wise this is a great product, i fill it up at least twice aday. thanks brita for the great tasting water. i use it for coffee, tea, oatmeal and for drinking.
I really love my Brita pitcher I use my Brita everyday and the convenient electonic timer on the pitcher tells me when to change the filter. The taste of the water is so much better when I use my filter and to keep chilled water in the refrigerator at all times encourages me to drink more.
Lousy Cover- Beware! This would have been an excellent product, except for the cover. I had to purchase this model to replace my older one. How I wish they had left the older model on the market. The cover CONSTANTLY falls off whenever you try to pour more than a small amount of water out. You then have a flood all over your countertop and/or floor! I would not recommend this model to anyone. No amount of holding down the cover with your thumb helps.
Disappointed construction Previously owned a faucet mount PUR. Due to my new fauct construction I can no longer use that type. The first time I tried to pour a glass of water with the Brita the top came off and water everywhere. I would have thought the top would have had snap-on or another locking device. Filling the pitcher seems to take forever.
Great product! I was tired of buying water gallons all the time so I bought this. The only thing I do not like is that sometimes the lid pops off while refilling, however, the benefits greatly outweigh the lid popping off. I have had my filter for YEARS and it is still going strong.
great tasting water I did need to reseat the filter and lid at times. Need to hold the lid if the pitcher is full. But there is no chlorine taste. Which is most important.
Love this Pitcher I bought the red pitcher, goes with everything that i have. Love it, thank you
Great We have been using the brita pitcher for about 1 year now. We love it. It is easy to use and the water tastes great!
Clean water This is a great product with great price. I would highly recommend it.
I enjoy the features The electronic reminder is great. As long as I use my pitcher everyday it has great tasting water. Once I left water sitting in it for a few weeks, didn't like the taste. Just needed to refill and back to drinking great water.
Great Brita but had trouble The Brita is great and does everything it needs to! I would recommend the Brita brand but not this particular pitcher. We just simply had trouble getting it to work correctly as the unfiltered water would leak into the filtered area. I would buy Brita again but not this one.
love it this is great for families! we use it all the time, and have even increased how much water we drink!
Absolutely Awesome! This pitcher is so convenient and easy to use! The lid makes it so easy. No mess. No fuss. Great tasting water to drink straight fromthe pitcher or to use in my Keurig 'one cup' coffee maker! Love it!
product is great we love your product but the only inconveince is the lid falling off
GREAT Brita Pitcher! This is my first Brita pitcher i have ever bought and I can say I made a great decision. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.
Does job but needs to be cleaner ofter I can only assume that it is filtering the water. However, it does seem to build up algo on the inside of the container. I just make a point to clean it out every time i replace the filter.
Good Pitcher. Pitcher does what it is supposed to do. I still am have a hard time changing from bottled water. My taste buds are super strong and I can taste a little flavor in the water.
It is so easy to use The top makes it so easy to fill. Plus its large enough so you dont have to refill it too often.
This product has helped me alot! My son is very particular on what he drinks, this product has helped with that problem! The water always comes out tasting refreshing and I have no complaints from my 5 year old!!
Lid issues The problem I have with this pitcher is all about the lid. It doesn't stay when I am filling it up. It can also fall off while pouring. The worst issue is it traps water so there is always spillage from the sink to fridge.
This product is easy to use. This product is easy to fill, and while the water is being processed I can get a drink of water at the same time. There's no mixture of tap water and Brita water.
Pacifica Brita Pitcher I love this pitcher. I use it at work all the time. I fill it up in the morning and keep it in the fridge. It gives you clean, great tasting water. I also like that you can set a reminder bar on top of the pitcher to tell you when to change the filter. After filling the top with water, you have to wait to pour the water out or the top comes off and spills water all over. I highly recommend this pitcher though.
Excellent Water Pitcher This pitcher is very conveinent, water tastes great, and it holds a good amount of water so you don't feel as though your consistently filling it up
I love this product This product is so great for my kids especially after a hot day in the sun when all I want them to drink is water. Its a safe way to drink water to me. Thank you Brita
Great water Excellent pitcher for great tasting water and easy to use. Like the change the filter reminder.
Pitcher This pitcher is great. I can fill my families glasses up at dinner time with this pitcher. Love it,Love i
Great product. I own two of this type. Four Brita filtering pitchers in all. I use them every day. Love the easy fill top of this one. The pitcher also looks nice sitting on my counter. The only things that I don't like is the filter reminder. Doesn't seem to work. I usually just watch the water flow through the filter and when the water drips slow I change the filter.
Poor design The reservoir that you fill to be filtered falls out it you try to pour before it's empty. Which can cause a mess and much frustration. Just poorly designed . Purchased this pitcher to replace our old one. And now I'm looking to replace this one.
Easy and convenient This is a great pitcher with a reminder bar to let you know when to change the filter. The only problem was when the resevoir had water in it I had to wait to pour the water or the top would fly off with the water weight and spill water everywhere. Overall it gives me clean great tasting water and doesn't take up too much space.
easy to use I love this pitcher. It sits on my counter for room temp. water and has a nice look to it. I love the new designs that are out now and might have to purchase a new one.
Lid is unsecured when pouring I enjoy the water, just not when it makes a mess. The lid falls off when pouring especially if the reservoir is still filtering. I prefer to drink room temperature water, so I tend to keep it on the counter and refill frequently. I will keep the pitcher until I need a new one, but do not recommend this model.
I love this pitcher! It's large enough to keep up with my family of five. I carry a nalgene refillable bottle with me everywhere I go. Having this pither in my frig allows me to fill it with great tasting cold water. The kids also love it because the water is cold and tastes as good or even better than bottled water.
Easy to use Great value for the money and certainly better than buying large packs of bottled water. Entire family uses it.
Excellent Very good customer service, good taste, easy to use.
great Brita product The pitcher is a nice size for a small fridge. Wish I could buy a huge pitcher, but not for my small fridge! Love that I can provide great tasting water for my family. As soon as I got used to how all the pieces fit together, I was good to go!
Made my water clear I used to have water you could not drink at all because of all the things in it but this pitcher changed all that. The water was one color when being poured it and clear when it was filtered
Better than bottled water! I've been using this pitcher for two years and with regular filter changes, the water quality is consistenly good. The electronic reminder won't let me forget to change the filter. I drink more water now than ever before, great for coffee, tea, all cooking needs and pets! I highly recommend this product.
Nice pitcher No complaints about this unit. Love the reduction in number of plastic bottles.
A family favorite The Brita pitcher makes it convenient to drink clean water without the unpleasant taste of city tap water. We refill it several times a day and keep it cold in the refrigerator so that it is always ready to go.
Spout problems Recently replaced the pitcher I had for years, was showing some wear. This model has something wrong with the shape of the pour spout. If you try to pour slowly it dribbles off the end and usually onto the table. To pour fast enough to avoid this, the stream is too big to pour into a smaller opening like on a water bottle. The happy medium requires some practice. I'd suggest going with a different model pitcher. We'll need to replace this one. What a waste...

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