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5 Cup pitcher



Our smallest pitcher has a compact design and can be stored in narrow spaces, including most refrigerator doors. It’s Always BPA-free, and perfect for personal use at home, in the dorm,
or at work.

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Slim 5 353
slim pitcher The top does not fit the pitcher. It will not close at correctly. It seems warped. I have to hold the top on when pouring or it falls off. Disappointed in Md
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easy, clean, tastes good and good for environment This product is slim enough to fit in the fridge. I love that we now have no more plastic bottles littering up our land. Tastes great and they make it easy for you to know when to change your filter by simply signing up on the website. Enjoy!
Filters LEAK I have been using brita for over 5 years with NO problems The 1st filter of the last 3 pack I bough was okt. The last 2 LEAKED from the seams at the bottom! Bad product control or something else? Do I have to look for a NEW corp?
Mrs. This pitcher is good, slim, fits very well in the fridge, the water tastes good. Need to refill it 2-3 times a day, that's fine. The problem I have is w. the filter, there are black particles coming up inside the pitcher for weeks after purchasing it. I did respect all the instructions when I got it, soaked the filter, etc. I e-mailed Brita about it, got a generic answer, e-mailed them back w. specific questions, but unfortunately, I didn't hear back from them! I wish that filter wouldn't "produce" so many black particles, they end up in the glass, too! Is it the filter?Do I need to soak it more often? Didn't get any answers. Too bad, otherwise I like the pitcher, the taste of the water and the fact I don't have to bring loads of bottled water upstairs!
My Slim pitcher help me to have great water I love my Slim Pitcher, in fact I am on my second one right now. Thanks to how great my water tastes I have bought only one case of bottle water in two years. Where I live is next to the town's pool and the water is so bad that you think that you are drinking from the pool. I grew up on a farm and drank from a well and through out my life I always missed my "well" water. Now thanks to Brita I do not have to miss my "well" water.
Pure water without needing ice. so simple, fill and drink. reminder provided by Brita too.
Mrs. This pitcher is good, slim, fits well in the fridge, the water tastes good. The problem I have - the filter- black particles come up inside the pitcher for weeks after purchasing it. I did respect all the instructions, followed them well. I e-mailed Brita about it, good a generic answer, e-mailed them back w. specific questions, didn't hear back from them! So, it's good not to bring water upstairs, wish that filter wouldn't "produce" so many black particles, they end up in the glass, too! Is it the filter?
Not a great product Lid falls off as if there is a part missing. Easy to overfill and unfiltered water enters filtered chamber. Did not like this product
confused Black things are coming out the filter and into the water is that normal
Hate this pitcher I have been a Brita user for more than 20 years and this pitcher design does not work. The filter keeps floating up and dislodging so that the unfiltered water in the top leaks into the filtered reservoir. I have tried putting less water in to filter, I have tried being patient in letting the water filter through but over 70% of the time when I open the top of the pitcher the filter is not seated in the pitcher like it should be and if I don't check it every time, the unfiltered water just runs through into the bottom of the pitcher
compact After returning 2 Keurig coffee makers for poor performance my son suggested I try filtering the water (I have a well) The amount of silt that was in it was amazing. Now I get a perfect cup of coffee every morning. I will soon be purchasing the large dispenser.Thanks for a great product.
I enjoy this product I've enjoyed using this pitcher. The water tastes great and I'm saving money by not buying bottled water.
simple to use i now have gotten 2 people to use the brita pitcher. I just wish that i could afford the new brita filter in the bottle carry bottle.
Love it! I love, love, love my Brita pitcher! It's slim, so it fits easily in the door of my fridge. Unlike my friends, who have different pitchers, I've never had trouble with the lid coming off or anything like that. The water in the city I go to school in is completely different from back home, and the pipes at my school aren't the newest, so having a way to get clean water without buying bottled has been a lifesaver!
Slim my water taste so good. I will never go back bottle water. the first time I had water from Brita Slim was @ friends. the next I had Brita Slim in my refrigerator.
this product is convenient and tasty I enjoy the ease of the pitcher and the great flavor of the water. My children won't drink any other water
Great Tasting Water I have well water and for years enjoyed the taste of our water at home. I got a Brita for my college age daughter and her roommates raved over it therefore I purchased one for myself. The taste of the well water is more improved.
Small, simple, easy to use This is a simple-to-use unit that is easy to handle and to pour from. It looks nice on the counter and takes up little room! (I do wish they made a similar unit with a flip up lid for filling.)
Cut Down on the Sugar My family has used the Brita Water Pitcher to help cut down on sugary beverages.
Would be lost without it I would be lost without my Brita Pitcher. It is a great way to get my family to drink more water
This product has great features I am so happy with the ease of use. The design is sleek and slim so that it fits perfectly in a small space. I use this product to help our environment. No plastic bottles here.
E-Z To Use This product is simple and easy to use. It has an excellent design and the end result is clear, pure, cold refreshing water!
I get what I was promised In a dorm with a small fridge this Brita is perfect. It takes up minimal space while still holding enough water so I don't find myself constantly refilling it. I am really glad I made the buy.
This product is great for all health purposes This Brita pitcher is perfect for tight spaces and great taste.
This is a not well designed product Brita has always done well by my family and I until now. This pitcher has been nothing but one disaster after another in the hands of my family and I'm not just talking about the children. The lid comes off way too easily while pouring, making large messes and the spout drips on to the table as well. This pitcher was way too expensive to just be collecting dust but I'm tired of cleaning the messes it's design is responsible for making.
Surprisingly good! I always drank faucet water until my boyfriend purchased the water filter. It really tasted different! I used to call him a water snob until I became one myself.
Wonderful for my family! The water from tap here in town is not that great. I hated drinking it. I actually bought this pitcher for myself but my kids have pretty much taken it over!! The water tastes amazing! Better than bottled water imo.They even take the water to school with them instead of drinking the water from the fountains. We haven't had any problems except keeping it full lol. This pitcher has definitely helped us drink more water and less juice and pop!
Nice so far good taste water hope is cleaner I like it because is compact, so far water taste good I really hope that by keeping filter changes I will be drinking water good for my health. It saves me money. This pitcher is elegant and pretty, easy to assemble.
Love this Brita filtered pitcher! I really enjoy being able to drink water that does not have a bad taste and not waste all those bottles.
Great pitcher For us, a couple, this pitcher has been the perfect size both in the refrigerator and out.!
Great tasting water but some negatives on filter My wife and I bought this product a few years ago and we both really like the taste of the water and quality of Brita. However, many times I see small black particles from the filter in my cup when I'm drinking water. Because of that, I don't feel comfortable drinking the whole cup. I end up leaving a little bit of water at the end along with the black particles.
Less contaminantes in the water I use the Brita Slim pitcher at work, because our water tastes awful out of the faucet. We have double water filters at home and I could hardly stand to drink water at work until I purchased the Brita pitcher. Have definitely enjoyed having good tasting water to drink at work.
the top does not stay on I bought this pitcher for my mom who is 80 yrs old and she complain that the top never fit correctly and it is difficult for her to use. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter. I have 2 in my house that the tops fit great and do not fall off.
Good Is great. Just wish Brita made a pitcher that filtered out fluoride too...or do they?
Perfect for school Perfect size for the dorm refrigerator .. ice cold water to start off your water bottle each morning before class..
This product is too fragile. This pitcher is used by older people, unfortunately with arthritic hands, we drop things. It cracks and breaks very easily. But, it's design does fit well in the refridgerator door.
Small size, okay lid I purchased this Brita pitcher for use in an apartment I share with 5 other girls. I chose this size because it seemed like a good value at the time (I purchased it for about $11.00 on Amazon). Also, I figured with so many people sharing the fridge, this would conserve space for all of our food. However I was somewhat disappointed while using the product. While pouring the water, the lid and entire top section tends to slip out even when there is no water in it. This is sort of annoying and I wish I had purchased another filter with a more secure top section instead.
Filter Why is it so hard to change the filter? I broke my pitcher trying to get the filter out! I don't know If I should buy another one!
Not as good as the last one I had The Slim pitcher is nice because it it compact and easy to fill and lift. My problem is that the lid seems to need special attention to stay in place. I would still recommend it for its convenient size.
Easy to use This Pitcher is so easy to use. You just pop off the top and fill it with water and then put it in the fridge! :) It is pretty small so if you drink a lot of water you are constantly refilling it :o Excellent taste, really makes tap/city water better tasting.
The best I absolutely love this pitcher. We have a small fridge so the small pitcher is perfect,, and it fits just about anywhere. love it!!!! Way better than tap or bottled waters.
Love the Slim look Can fit anywhere in my fridge. Downside to it we usually have to fill it up at least 3 times a day. And for that reason we still have bottles of water in the House so that we can always have something cold on hand to drink.
Good product Our tap water tasted horrible, but with this pitcher it taste so much better!
Great Compact Filtration System The Brita Slim Pitcher is a great way to keep fresh filtered water in your fridge without taking up much space. In a home of a family of five, the beverage selection in our fridge is very crowded because of all the different tastes we all have... but the slim fits right in there with no problem..... water has clean and crisp taste.... great product.
Economic & Efficient Great for one person! -Filter's quickly -Can taste the difference -Very affordable!
Happy customer I much prefer the Brita pitcher to bottled water. Takes up less room, and less harmful to the environment.
Love the slim design. I love this pitcher. We use it to make bottles for my son. We use room temperature water so this is slim enough to sit on the counter and not take up a lot of room.
Absolutely perfect!! My roommate and I love this product! We both drink a lot of water but dislike the taste of tapwater. This pitcher lets us fill our personal water bottles with cold, clean water straight out of the fridge. It's GREAT!
it works great this filter is amazing!!!! it works great and the water tastes amazing :)
Great small size for my small size kitchen I like to have this pitcher to filter water for making ice tea and coffee. Since it's small, I can store it right on the counter near the kitchen faucet. I like knowing that I am able to filter tap water, not just use it right out of the spigot.
Drinkable Drinkable water, but had kind of a sweet taste to it too, better than tap though...
A great value I got this product as it was a wonderful value and helps to clean my tap water. Living in states like Texas and Florida where the water is very hard creates problems with gallstones and kidney stones. The value and convenience of this product make it a great way to purify water without much hassle or the expense of bottled water.
Wonderful size The size of this product is very convenient for a full fridge and you still get great tasting water.
Perfect for the fridge I love this pitcher, I picked the slim one because my fridge is always so full and i needed something that would not take up alot of room. I picked the perfect one!
Simple is Better! This pitcher is the simplest. I had a bigger pitcher, but it was hard to clean, especially the lid. Now I bought 2 of this simple oval shape. 10 cups total, convenient when I cook, too. Simple is Better!
Great Product I like how fast the water is ready for use and the low cost of replacement filters versus the Pur pitcher.
Takes up hardly any space I love that this is small enough to fit in a mini fridge!
Great Pitcher I really like this pitcher. It doesn't take up much room in the fridge at all, plus I got it for free by buying a 3 pack of filters.
This product has a compact design that makes it very convenient for the work place. The tase is average, but my overall rating is "excellent" because of its convenient features (e.g. slim to fit anywhere, light weight, filter change reminder sticker).
Perfect for the two of us. I love our slim Brita pitcher because it fits easily on the door of our fridge and is easy to fill, not to mention, the price was right. Even though it is small in size, we fill the reservoir whenever we fill a glass, so it's always full. It's also been a nice way to get started with a quality Brita product on a budget. This pitcher fit our price range!
Cute and Compact Although I had a little difficulty putting the filter in, it is actually a great product. Size fits well in my fridge at school and is perfect for just me.
Great for small spaces! We chose this pitcher for it's economical value and space-saving design. We had a small fridge so this was great! But we drink a lot of water to we have to refill it quite often. We will be purchasing a bigger pitcher to replace this one but it's still great for tight budgets and spaces.
I take this everywhere it's great to show up outdoors, in the van...with this...I can have filtered water any place I go! and people ask me questions...why are you carrying that? what is it? so I get a chance, as an environmentalist, to explain the damage plastic bottles do to the environment....that having your own cup and filter keeps hard-to-degrade bottles out of the trash, trash trucks, and landfills. and...less water drained out of my springs and aquifers surrounding me, which lowers the water level, causing algae blooms and me not being able to swim or kayak on our spring-fed rivers... a win win win
Great Product!!! I love how easy it is to use and now I know that I am putting good stuff into my child's body. That makes me as a mom excited.
Simple, Easy, Convenient I think this is the ideal product for college students, he are picky about their water. It doesnt take up much space and there is definitely a significant difference between the filtered water and faucet water. Its also really economical and lasts a long time. Highly recommend it!
Great for a budget This product fits into my budget and it gets the job done. I would recommend it if you don't have too much change in your pocket and needs filter pitcher for your home.
So convinient and tasty love having cold fresh water accessible all the time now :)
Great pitcher I feel a lot better using Brita instead of buying bottled water, and this pitcher is a great money saver. It's a great size and convenient to use.
Great Small Pitcher! This pitcher is the perfect size for a couple. I imagine it wouldn't be good for a family as it does need to be filled up almost every day, depending on how much water you drink. It kind of stinks that there is no notifier that the filter is old, as there is with the sink attachments.
Love it Easy to use, the water tastes great and we save so much money not having to buy bottled water!!!
Best tasting water in a simple to use pitcher We love our Brita. It's amazing how the filter can take the bad taste and smell right out of your tap water and give you delicious drinking water! And I truly believe it has improved the health of our cat, just from switching to the filtered water. I use the filtered water to fill up all my water bottles and never spend money on packaged water any more.
I like the portability of this pitcher. I bought this pitcher so that we didn't have to buy bottled water when going camping in our travel trailer. The size pitcher fits nicely in our compact trailer, and we can have fresh drinking water the "green" way.
the slim it great i use it everyday and no after taste and it doesnt taste like u just drank dirt
Good for city water treatment Excellent size for our apartment fridge. Ease of use? Fill with water, chill, and drink doesn't get much easier. Filters could last longer, but the more water you drink and the more contaminated the faster the filter has to be changed so notice the chlorine taste coming back? Change the filter enjoy.
Not bad I'm used to using these at home, but the water at college tastes a bit off. I was hoping this pitcher would help alleviate some of the taste, but it doesn't seem to have worked as well as I'd like it to.
Perfect for college I bought this product to take with me to college. It is the perfect size to fit in my small fridge, but not too small that I find I have to fill it up all of the time. Great taste and easy to use. I would highly recommend this product.
Great for College This pitcher is the perfect size for my dorm room, and so easy to use!!
NEW PURCHASE Just purchased the product, the instructions for first time use was simple and quick. I look forward to using this product.
Great Product! Works well for College apartment I am using this pitcher for my college apartment it is works well and has great taste. Love the size.
this product works great very fast, easy to set up and use and water tastes great!
This product is super simple to use, re-fills fast and takes up very little space in the fridge Getting clean water can't get any easier than this! Fits nicely in the fridge and re-fills fast and is so easy to use. The water tastes pure and is refreshing and has no odor.
Excellent for the dorm and easy to set up. Great taste I bought this small Brita for my daughter so she would have great tasting water in her dorm room. She loves it and so do her roommates!
Great for college I got this filter for my dorm room freshman year, and it's been great for providing clean water, without hassle. It easily fits into our fridge, and filters fast. The water looks and tastes pure. I would recommend this product to anyone!
Fits perfectly in the frig door It is narrow and small enough that it doesn't take up too much space in our already far too crowded frig.
Great Product I bought this Slim Bottle a year ago and it was the best purchase I made all year. I saved a lot of money and the quality was very good. I also bought one for work. The best part is it's affordable. It's slim shape doesn't take up room in the fridge either. Highly recommend.
Whats bad about it? Nothing. We have hard water and while I don't expect it to get rid of all the calcium it does help quite a bit for all my everyday purposes for drinking and cleaning.' I plan to purchase a larger version in the future so I do not have to fill it up as often.
I love this new size I always liked having a Brits pitcher in my Fridge, but it took up a lot of space in our apartment sized refrigerator. I'm so glad to find a smaller version. It's just enough for us!
Saves plasic water bottles and crisp water This is a convienent product to use and filters great.
Great Price, Easy to use Great pitcher, easy to use and excellent price. Nice to know our family is drinking truly pure water.
Slim and fits on the refrig. door in dorm I was looking for a Brita pitcher for my dorm my freshman year of college. I am very pleased with this product. It easily fits onto the door of my mini fridge and is easily refillable. It filters very quickly and I use it for all of my water needs. I've made my easy mac with the water and filled my water bottles and made soup and filled the coffee pot. Definitely get one for college because otherwise you will be drinking tap water from the ancient bathroom pipes... yikes!
This product great and compact. This product helps me save on buying cases of bottled water, I love it.
Great product! I use Brita pitchers everyday. Doesn't take up too much room in the fridge and the water tastes good. I will not drink water at home or at work if its not filtered and this works just fine at an affordable price. We have this same pitcher at work that I have at home.
water tastes fantastic my kids now will drink more water because they love the way it tastes
Great space saver I love my new pitcher. I only wish the water filtered through faster, so I don't have to wait for the reservoir to empty out before adding more water. Otherwise, it's great. Fits in my fridge nicely!
The slim design I chose this size/design because I am single and appreciate the smaller version.
Love it! Easy for a college dorm mini-fridge. Great!
Great Compact Pitcher This is a great compact pitcher. I gave one to our daughter for her dorm fridge & we have one at home also. Easy to use & fits great in the fridge door.
Great size, Love it! I love the sleek, slim design. Perfect for keeping fresh water in the bedroom!
GREAT My family drinks a lot of water, and after only a few days of using the pitcher I truly taste a difference. It really does taste purer! i wish i would have invested in this product sooner.
Too small SLIM is too small. Need bigger capacity. Also, this is for all Brita pithers, it would be nice if pitchers were little shorter so that it can be filled up directly from the faucet.
Great Product This pitcher is great for getting rid of the unfavorable taste of city water. I can notice a big difference in the quality of water!
Great Filter Buying this filter has eliminated any need to purchase bottled water. This has cut my expenses tremendously.
refreshing drinking water in AZ desert i love the water from my Slim pitcher. i may need to upgrade to a bigger Brita dispenser!!!
Compact, Easy to Use This fits well in the small spaces of a dorm room, but still holds enough water for my roommate and I to share. Always has great tasting water.
This product has saved alot of money. I found this pitcher at Home Depot. I always wanted to purchase one and it was a good price. It is easier to use and insert the filters. The pitcher fits easily in the refrigerator door.
My Mom uses this and its wonderful Great taste, I will not go back to just plain faucet water again.
Good purchase Great tasting water. Perfect size to fill "to go" bottles.
Great product for the price Environmentally friendly, tastes great and you can't beat the price! For a small family, great option! and fits in the fridge easily!
Amazing product for an amazing price I brought mine for school and I love it. Having this pitcher has made me drink more water than ever. My only regret is not getting one earlier. :)
very convenient! Brita provides high-quality water and leads to good health! I put it in my room because it's very useful and convenient at hand!
Small and easy Easy to carry. Have been using since 2yrs, and like it so much
Perfect for a smaller refrigerator. I now drink more water than I used to because of this. I thought our water was great, but now I noticed the (mostly) smells some water gives off. I just wish the filters weren't so expensive or had disposable cartridges or something. It's a huge waste of plastic to throw these away every 2-3 months.
Very easy to use My daughter left for college this week and I was concerned about her drinking clean, filtered water. She only drinks filtered water at home and I wanted her to continue to drink lots of water. This pitcher was the right size for a small dorm refrigerator.
This product is perfect for small spaces Brita filters provide great tasting water. Our household loves ours! The slim design is great when you have a small space, or you keep your pitcher in the door. If you have a large family, or you drink a lot of water then I would recommend a larger capacity pitcher. Overall this is a great product!
Does its job! The water tastes good and the product is convenient!
Its a great product for college students! It easily fits in a mini fridge so it is very convenient for college students.
perfect pitcher this pitcher is picture-perfect! great size, perfect for dorms and small fridges.
Perfect size for college The is the perfect size pitcher for a college refrigerator.
Great for small spaces Our refrigerator always seems to be overflowing with no extra space for a water pitcher. But this pitcher is so slim it fits pretty much anywhere! It would be great for anyone who thinks they don't have room for anything else in their refrigerator.
Small, convenient Just bought this filter. Satisfied with its convenience and compactness.
Basic - Perfect for College Students It's the perfect addition to a college student's must have to ensure they get clean water when staying on campus
Great for College This is perfect for college kids to save money! I'm absolutely in love with mine.
Nice & Slim This pitcher fits nicely on the side of a small fridge. You can fill the whole thing to the top, and water won't leak out because the lid stays on the product, even when pouring. However, if the pitcher is left in a warm area, the water will develop a moldy smell, possibly from bacteria in the filter. Be sure to keep it refrigerated.
Love the size! I purchased this product for my office. I have the large size for home, but when I saw this slim/sleek design--I knew it would be perfect for my office. Today is the first day I had the pleasure to have it in my office. I am well hydrated, not usual due to the bad smelling & tasting water available to me. It works perfect and, as always, keeps the promise to provide me with healthy, clean, fresh tasting water!! Thank you.
Great space saver Easy to use, easy to store in my crowded fridge! THe filters are sold in so many stoers that it's very convenient.
Slim fits This size pitcher fits my family of two just fine after having used larger ones in the past but most of all it fits between coffee machine and other items on my counter. Convenient and practical.
Very useful. I use this in my dorm in college and it has helped me save money on buying water bottles. The water tastes great and i'm help saving the environment!
i love my pitcher i love my pitcher i could not live without them i have hat i have seen all the different designs i will pass on some of the one i have and try the others
Great in Dorms! This has saved me so much money on bottled water, and I've only had it for a month! In the dorm, I feel much safer drinking out of this filter than using a faucet or drinking fountain. And it's the perfect sized pitcher for me. Plus, the water tastes so much better!
Easy to use My roommate and I use this constantly in our dorm and we love it!
Great Product I've used Brita products for years now, I bought this one for work and have a large one for home!
Works Good Bought this to replace a PUR dispenser. I like it, but I may go with a bigger model next time.
This pitcher is a nice size for personal use. Slim size fits on the edge of a desk or in a small fridge.
Very handy! I've got the dispenser that i keep filled in the fridge. I recently purchased an espresso machine that has a water resevoir that I have to keep filled. I would get a large cup to fill from the dispenser and fill the resevoir. I saw a free offer for the slim pitcher at my local grocery store and thought this would be the perfect solution. I keep the Slim filled and when i need to top off the espresso machine I've always got filtered water right there when I need it and it sits in the corner of the counter taking up very little space!
Just too small This pitcher is just too small even for one person. You have to fill and refill frequently. We would have been better off with a tap filter.
Awesome This pitcher is awesome and the value for your money is amazing! A+++
Great Love the small size of the pitcher. I live alone and this is perfect. Not to big, not to small.
price is very reasonable Most water filters are very expensive, but the price for this thin model was very appealing.
Perfect Size This is the perfect size pitcher for just my husband and I, we love cold great tasting water!
Have to get 1 or 2 or 3! The water tastes great! I now have 3 britas!! 1 for my office, 1 for home, and 1 for my husband's office!
fits anywhere in the frig small yet big enough for many glasses of water. easy to use.
Esay to store Thing is, this pitcher really IS slim and fits into the tiny space (only space) I had for it. Great!
The way I feel about Brita I have used Brita for many years. The product has never malfunctioned and has brought good drinking water into my house.
makes water taste so good easy and compact to store in my dorm fridge. yummy water
Fits in fridge nicely I bought this for college to put in my mini fridge. It fits perfectly and is very easy to use. It also pours the water nicely. I have one with a cover over the spout at my house and i always spill the water from that one when trying to fill my water bottles. This pitcher gives you a perfect stream.
The product has minimal features. But has the basic features to filter the water & make it taste great. This product is very convenient to have in a college dorm room. It saves me space in my mini fridge for other beverages etc. If you are looking for cold (or even room temp) water this is a great product to have.
Space Saver I love this brita water pitcher. It fits perfectly in my fridge. The water tastes amazing, and it works wonders with the horrible water i have in my area.
Perfect for college dorms! I use this pitcher in my dorm room at college. It's small size is perfect for mini fridges and super convenient.
gteat pitcher very nice product will recommend to my friends and family
great for college student My daughter is in a dorm room with a mini fridge. These filter pitchers are great for such a small space and I have the peace of mind knowing that she is drinking clean healthy water while away from home.
Water tastes refreshing Perfect size for our small fridge and wonderful tasting water. so simple to use
Perfect for school teachers! My family has a large capacity pitcher at home, and fill it many times daily. I am a school teacher and decided to buy one for myself at school so that I don't have to drink out of the water fountains. It's great! Takes up very little space in my little fridge, and is just enough for me to get through the day!
Simple Design Really liked that this doesn't take up a lot of space in the fridge and I can have cold, great-tasting water anytime.
Good size I love the space saving size. My fridge is small, this lets me use Brita! Thanks
Great starter Does exactly what I need it to do. Only complaint is that the lid is a little loose. All things considered, great purchase!
Good value If you're wanting a small pitcher for filtered water, this pitcher will do the job. The lid stays on pretty well but I still hold the top just in case. You have to refill it pretty much every two glasses which gets annoying. If you can afford it though, go ahead and get a bigger size.
Excellent It holds plenty of water and works great in my doom room mini fridge.
This product is ultra slim I love this pitcher it takes up minimal space in my fridge, and is ready when I need it.
Great size to keep at work Love this product, yet was surprised that I was able to taste the 'lake' water taste after it was filtered. In the area which I live, during different times of the year the the 'lake water taste' occurs.
Easy to use!!! This pitcher is the easiest way to filter water ever!!! So, so very simple to use, occupies very little space in the fridge, water tastes great, and the filter has a fair life span. And the price, irresistible!!! I simply love it!!!
brita small filtered pitcher I love this pitcher! And so does my fiance! We get clean fresh water all day, and with only two people in our household we only fill it twice a day!
Convienient This pitcher is great. It fits in dorm size refrigerators, which really came in handy on my college campus. Now that I'm married, and my husband thinks our tap water tastes ok, it's great for just me. It holds the perfect amount of water to get me through the day.
love this pitcher Love this pitcher. Does a great job and love the size!
Compact Great space saver! Big enough for my small family of 3. Great price, too, as I was wanting to try one of these, but didn't want to pay for a larger one.
Love it! Brita is a reliable brand when it comes to water filtration. I bought the Brita basic for college, and it's the perfect size to fit in the door of my mini fridge.
Love the slim pitcher We have been using this product, slim pitcher, for about 6 months. I love it! Easy to find space in frig and thinking of buying another size pitcher. Water is fresh and crystal clear. It has made u s drink alot more water instead of juice or milk. Health wise a very good investment. Saves calories and I take 2 bottles of water to work from the brita daily.
Love! I am a college student, and I absolutely love my small pitcher its soo much easier to use then having to buy water bottles like every week. and it saves me money! which is even better I would recommend this to everyone
Great product Great product especially for the price.Easy to use and handle.The only con is that this one is a little smaller even for just two.
Great Size! Great pitcher. Fits in refrigerator door, yet has good capacity. Great filtration like all Brita pitchers.
Great pitcher! The pitcher fits perfectly in the fridge and the water tastes great.
This product is easy to handle and fits in the fridge We bought this for our upstairs mini fridge. It fits perfectly and the water tastes great
Simple and get's the job done. I have been happy with my filter for quite some time now! Great for college dorm use.
Great! Great product! Great product! Great product! Great product! Great product!
Great size This small pitcher fits easily in a small refrigerator. Just what I was looking for.
Excellent I love how this pitcher fits into my already overcrowded refrigerator. I always have a cold, great-tasting glass of water available!
Slim, easy to use, and makes great tasting water. For a single person, this is the best product for me. It is slim, easy to use, and makes great tasting water.
Great for College I had one of these in college. It was awesome. We had water that one of my professors called "liquid cement" and this pitcher made it taste good. Loved it!
Nice product. I like the little pitcher since it's just for one person, and water tastes much better than out of the tap.
Perfect size Perfect size for two, fits easily on refrigerator door. Easy to use, great tasting water.
Perfect for our Duo This pitcher is the perfect size for me. I like my water at room temperature so I leave the pitcher on my counter. I live in a tiny apartment with limited counter space so the pitcher is ideal for my living conditions. I love it!
Great Pitcher Love this pitcher, fits easily into any space in my fridge, even the door! Has a nice clean refreshing taste to the water. Light enough that my small kids can pour their own glasses of water. Perfect for me & my family.
love it except for pouring when pouring, the top console sometimes falls out so make sure you hold it - but for the price - its perfect!
excellent great value for great tasting water. love the slim design. the whole family loves this water.
Easy to fit in Fridge Very slim and easy to fit in your fridge. Great tasting filtered water
too small for a family For 1-2 people this pitcher works well but with a small family we are constantly refilling it. Also, there is no indicator for the filter like some of the other pitchers have.
This product has great features We have a small refrig at work and this pitcher works great for our office.
Perfect for my husband and me! I love the sleek design of this pitcher - it fits perfectly into the door of the fridge. The Britta has transformed my husband into a water drinker instead of always reaching for a soda! Thank you!
Love it! Fits in my fridge perfectly! Doesn't take up much space. An excellent size for my family of 3.
Perfect for me I purchased this model for work. I love the Brita system and this gives me the water I need throughout the work week.
Great Product Brought last week, and water taste great, better than bottle water which is purified water.
Great starter for filtering water Love the slim design. But on the downside of that, if you have a larger family you must filter more often because you are always emptying it! But if you are new to filtering your own water, it is a great first pitcher to use. Water tastes great and you feel great knowing all the impurities are gone.
Convenient size and easy to use adjustable calendar to remind me of filter changes It's convenient size fits easily into any fridge, but holds enough water so that I'm not always filling it up. The adjustable calendar helps remind me when it's time to change the filter. Simple and easy!
This is a great product This product has a top that wont slip off. It's just the right fit for a smaller type refrigerator.
The Slim Purchased and returned because it was a little small and purchased the Atlantis.
Love it! The sleek nature of this pitcher allows it to fit right in the door!
This product is easy to use. Very simple to use. The price is perfect. Filtered water has a good taste.
Easy to use & perfect size I bought this pitcher for my dorm room and it will be great to fill water bottles with instead of using the sink. Best of all, it will fit in the side door of my mini-fridge and won't take up too much space. A very reasonable price for this useful product.
Great small pitcher. Have had this pitcher for several years with no problems.
Excellent pitcher! This pitcher is so simple to use and it takes up minimal space in the fridge. Our family loves having cold water that tastes great - all as a result of using Brita!
$$$$$ This saves me alot of money and trips to the store..
great for people who hate tap water i love this brita pitcher because it make my tap water tolerable, pleasent even.
great pitcher and will fit anywhere Enjoy using this pitcher. It is not too heavy and also is nice and narrow so will fit anywhere in your fridge. The water tastes great too.
good product overall this size is perfect for student users cuz it saves space. I like the produce overall.
Great for the price! I bought this for my apartment because I live by myself while my fiance' is overseas. The water tastes great and it is the perfect size for someone like me.
Love it! I got this product for my husband and I to use when drinking water, cooking with water, or even filing the dog's water bowl. I really love this pitcher. The only cons- the reminder to change the filter doesn't stick well, and the pitcher is small, so it has to be refilled a lot.
This product is easy to use. This product is a real space saver and easy to use.
Takes up little room in Frig This is a great product for a single person ...I use it to filter my coffee water.. Works Great...!!!!!
like the slim design . . . fit great in refrigerator door! like the slim design . . . fits great in refrigerator door!
Perfect size-perfect convenience-perfect taste! I love this pitcher! For our small household it is perfect for size, convenience and taste.
Quick but Efficient This Brita filter is small but very powerful. It filters water quickly but thoroughly and makes the water from my tap taste 100% better!
Awesome deal awesome price If you want something that is a little cheaper but not cheaper in quality, this is definitely the way to go. We love ours and think it's perfect for us. It's super easy to change the filter and to refill it. Definitely worth it :)
Great option for the kids! Eliminate plastic, the kids enjoy the pitchers and help the environment!
Fit 1 person use! Its slim design doesn't take much space and fit the need of 1person use!
Works for me. I have had this pitcher for some time and it is very easy to use. My betta fish has stayed alive because I use filtered water in his fish bowl from this pitcher.
Does the job! Its small but it does the job and was cheap! Just have to refill faster but for one person its great!
Great Size This is the perfect size for a dorm fridge and gives you great tasting water every use. Very simple to use as well.
Great slim design We love this pitcher. It's slim slim design is great for space saving. We also like the reminder stickers and on-line reminders!
i love this product i purchased this product a while back and am delighted with it!
This product is wonderful I absolutely love this product, we have well water that has a thick feeling and odd taste and this filter completely got rid of that. Our water now tastes like bottle water.
Simple I live by myself in an apartment. This is perfect for a 1-2 person household or dorm situation. It's inexpensive, easy to clean, easy to change filter. Love it.
liteweight This pitcher i not too heavy when full, and I like that. I like the way the water tastes now.
great love this pitcher size is perfect for fridge when low on space.
This is a great product This product is nice in its slim features. My husband loves it as he is not a water drinker but uses the water from this for his coffee and iced tea everyday. Great item.
Makes tap water taste wonderful I love this product so much. Because of this water filter, I now drink plenty of water everyday and I don't have to go to the store and buy bundles of bottled water. This is definitely a money saver!!!
Great water filter I love the size of this filter, and Brita filters always produce such great tasting water. Great money saver and green solution!
Not Built To Last I bought this product to keep in my smaller sized fridge at college. I only got about two and a half months use out of it because the side of the pitcher cracked. I still think that my roommate had something to do with it, but I though with the Brita name it would have been a little more durable. I loved the water the pitcher produced though because it tasted great and I knew I was helping the environment. I'm not sure if this is the best option for a college dorm, but it's definitely great for small households.
I never go camping without my Brita Slim Pitcher I would recommend a Brita pitcher be added to every campers list of "must haves". Very often campsites don't have water of the best quality for making great tasting coffee. Brita is the answer! Within minutes I can have clear, fresh- tasting water. I chose the Slim Brita pitcher and it fits very nicely in the small refrigerator of our 26 ft RV. We no longer have to carry bottled water with us which isn't practical anyway and I appreciate having great tasting water no matter where we go.
Great for the price. This is a great product i've used it for about 3 years now and the only problem is that i have to refill it all the time, but its fine. I am a huge water drinker and i absolutly refuse to drink the water out of the tap in my area unfilterd and this makes the water taste great. I love Brita products.
slim, fits in door this one is my fav thus far. however the indicator button has a tendacy not to work well. I did though sign up for the reminder email... which helps prevent the filter from staying in the pitcher too long. If you do not change it soon enough... particles from the filter will accumilate in the pitcher fill up area. Our family uses this more during the summer months otherwise it is a everyday use product... I have definetly got my moneys worth.
Missed clean water After my fist pitcher brook - i put off buying one due to cost and well I just always forgot. Then I saw this one and it was only 10 bucks so I bought and so glad I did. Clean water!!
Simple, great-tasting water I bought this pitcher because I wanted something simple to filter water, and that's exactly what I got. It's really basic, but it gets the job done and the water tastes great. It doesn't have any bells and whistles, but it filters water just the same.
This product is great. This pitcher is wonderful. It fits in the refrigerator wonderfully. The water that comes out of the pitcher tastes so pure and clean.
Awesome product! I love this Brita pitcher! It was the first one I purchased and it's great! This product was on sale and I wanted to try the Brita pitchers but they're normally a little pricey. This pitcher is the perfect size for me and fits easily in my small refrigerator. Best of all, the water tastes wonderful! It's so clean, crisp and fresh tasting.
great I love this product for the convenience, price and size.
Best tasting water we've ever had, and so easy to use! I purchased the Brita slim model pitcher for myself in May 2011, and have consumed more water than I ever had. The water tastes so good, and we keep the slim pitcher re-filled in the fridge at all time. I even purchased a Brita Bottle so that I can take great-tasting water everywhere I go! The cost for the pitcher is very low and the benefits are very high. We all know we need to drink more water, and the Brita pitcher makes it easy to do so. I'm up to about 48 ounces of water a day! Thanks for a great product!
Love my pitcher! I grew up on well water. So when I moved to a Metro area I was not happy with the "chemically treated" taste of my water. Thanks to my Brita filter I don't have to worry about that anymore
Good for small households I love the taste of the water this pitcher provides but it is much too small even for my 3 person household.
Great Product! Our water from the faucet is not tasty at all. I fill up my pitcher everyday and usually use it all in one day. The small pitcher fits better in my refrigerator. I love having easy access to clean water so its easier for me to get my 8 glasses in a day!
Simple and it fits nicely in the frig I like this design because it's very simple and it fits nicely into a small refrigerator. Its durable and easy to clean.
Great pitcher This pitcher has saved me so much money. i used to buy water bottles all the time...this is better and cheaper too! I am going to buy one for my daughter when she goes to college in the fall.
Great Product This product is great at saving space and having clean water around at all times. I enjoy no longer having to buy bottles and cases of water.
Great tasting water in less space Great tasting water in less space and lower in cost as the larger piture. In would recomend to any one!
great filter the slim design just makes it so hard to clean completely
Great Size for a Crampt Fridge I love this slim design because it is a great space-saver. The price was very economical as well.
Great Product This is an amazing product. I was amazed at the price it was offered here to.
Slim Pitcher Great for Kids Too I bought this slim pitcher for $10 at Walgreens, and it has since been a highlight to my kids. They are able to easily carry it and fill it on their own. They feel so independent and get excited knowing they CAN DO IT! It has great taste, easy to clean, and overall is great- thank you!
Great value for the Money! After a coupon I had I paid about $4 for this pitcher. Works great and I love that Brita emails a reminder to replace the filter.
good for small homes This pitcher is too small for us but it is nice to always have some clean cold water in the fridge. We had a pitcher with the filter reminder built in and it never worked so its not a big deal that there isn't one.
Great for College I got this pitcher going into my first year of college. Throughout the entire year this pitcher has served me well. I drink a lot of water, so the pitcher could usually fill up my water bottle 2 or 3 times, but my refrigerator was really small so it was a great fit! I highly recommend it!
This is a great product! My water taste so mch better, after using the Brita Pitcher!
I love this product I love this product. I haven't had to buy bottled water since I bought this. I just wish I had bought one of the bigger pitchers
Lightweight and space-saving design This pitcher is perfect for the single person. It doesn't take up a lot of frig space and you have cool filtered water always available without the worry of plastic bottles in the landfill. It's lightweight and convenient.
Its been good to us We've had this pitcher for about four years and now we're just out growing it! I will say that it gets dirty quickly and sometimes grows mold on on the white filter part, even in the fridge.
Love this! We just switched to the Brita Pitcher about a month ago. I have a bad back and am a single parent and lugging all that bottled water was killing me! I also hated all the water bottles all over the house. This pitcher has saved me so much money in such a short time and the water tastes great! I have reusable water bottles that I fill up with this water and the kids never ask for juice! They just grab a water bottle and go and no half drunken water bottles cluttering the house anymore! As much as we drink water I might have to upgrade to a bigger pitcher but after trying it, its the only way to go!
Love my Brita Pitcher My water tastes better & I enjoy drinking water so much more now that I have my Brita products.
Great tasting water The water is so pure and doesnt tast like chlorine. the sytem is so eaasy to use I re fill the sytem about once a day.
Perfect Size!! The Slim Brita pitcher was exactly what I was looking for. I downgraded from a larger Brita filter in an effort to make more room in my fridge and the Slim pitcher fit that bill perfectly. I am able to fill up my work water bottle in the AM, refill the Brita and have cold water ready when I get home in the PM. My only suggestion to Brita would be to be more forthcoming about BPA information on your packaging. Honestly, I'm still not really sure if your products are BPA free or not...
no complaints here! we bought this pitcher 3 years ago and it has not broken or cracked. the quality is great..
Perfect for College Purchased this for my son for college and it's a perfect size as they only have small refrigerators. Great product, great tasting water!
Pure refreshment I love the slim design...fits in my usually over-crowded refrigerator nicely! I just wish they would do the colors in the slim design...then it would be PERFECT!
Wonderful This product is great. It doesnt have all the other features like the other products but it is simple and very easy to use.
great product I like that this pitcher doesn't take up a lot of room in my fridge. We have well water which to me taste horrible so I like the convenience of filling the pitcher and coming back later for great tasting water.
Clean tasting water It is great to always have great tasting cool water in the fridge when you want it. Easy to use. It is great to have the email reminders to change the filter, otherwise i lose track of time. Great for making frozen juice and ice cubes.
Perfect one these ones are perfect. great space savers, fast and slim.. its so sleek and looks wonderful on the kitchen table and island table. Will buy again and again. We already bought 2!
easy to use this product is easy to use, doesn't take up alot of space and the water tastes great
Love this pitcher This pitcher fits perfet in my refrig. and it is easy for the kids to pick up. I've seen some where they are too heavy for the little ones to get to.
life with out trailer water i have 2 and filter one into the other so the other will last twice as long cuz it was pre filtered once already what a differance i seam too feel better :}
Compact Small I like my small apartment size and I also use it for camping which comes in handy for its size.
Good overall I love the Brita pitchers. The only problem I have with this one is that it is too small.
This product is great! This is an excellent product. And I am saving money by using it.
Great tasting water. I love my pitcher. It does make great tasting water and fits just perfectely in the refrigerator. Easy to pour into take along bottles or in a jug.
Like the slim pitcher I like the pitcher cuz you can store it the fridge door, and not have anything setting on the counter and not have a filter in the way on the faucet
I like the slim size It makes great tasting water, and does not take up a lot room , i bought each of my daughters one for a christmas gift, they love it
Great college gift I give this to all my high school grads going off to college. This model is slim enough for the dorm fridge. I always give a box of replacement filters as well. My son uses his all the time to fill up his coffee maker and water bottle. He appreciates the improvement on the taste of the water.
love this for personal use I had capacity 8 pitcher before but was too heavy to carry around cuz i drink lot of water, so bought this and really like it.
this is the perfect size we love this Brita pitcher because it fits perfectly in our refrigerator and is light enough when filled for our children to pour water from. and you can't beat the price.
Easy to handle,great for people who have limited hand mobility. Purchased for use with my Keurig Coffe maker.The picher is the perfect size to fill the water reservior.Easy to handle due to the slim size.My mother has carple tunnel and has no problem using thiis.No more bottled water for this house.
ease of use I love this pitcher because it fits slimly in the fridge and is easy to fill. I also love the bimonthly filter reminder decal.
Great! Perfect for a household of 2. My little brother came over my house and said it was the best tasting water he has tasted, haha. We dont even use the refrigerator's water filtration system anymore because are hooked on this little guy Love it.
Very compact and convenient I originally bought this for the door of the fridge, but found it too small for the amount of water that I consume. Instead, I took it to work. Because of its small size, it takes next to no room on my desk and dramatically cuts down on my trips for water refills. I can get so much more work done!
Great size It's the perfect size for my dorm fridge. It's small enough to fit in the fridge and not take up too much room, but holds enough to not have to fill it too often. It's great for my room mates and me. We don't have to spend a ton on bottled water we just refill our own bottles.
great product! This is a very good product! It's small but it does the job of giving me fresh tasting water! The size is perfect for me! I love Brita!
great gift! daughter got married ~ both her and my sil are students and live in a small place, so this version is perfect for them.
Great product, great price For the compact size of this product, it works very well and is a great value. I have very 'chlorine smelling' water in my home and it really eliminates any off taste or smell in my water. I highly recommend this product if you don't have a lot of fridge space or people in your home & you desire great tasting water to drink!
all around great Perfect size for my cluttered refrigerator. Holds a perfect amount of water for myself and my husband.
compact fits great in my dorm room fridge! helps me save tons of money on bottled water and i'm helping the planet at the same time
great product Great way to have fresh tasting, cold water at your convenience.
Great price.....Great water!!! Such a great price, easy to use, great tasting water and doesn't take up a lot of space in the fridge!
So Simple Yet So Useful! We are beyond ecstatic with this product. We obviously couldn't afford the more expensive ones but there was really no need to because this product works wonders! Especially in our old neighborhood, the water was quite questionable and we were able to filter and drink great tasting water always! Also the filters are very affordable so overall I am very satisfied with this product and will strongly recommend to anyone! =)
Convenient This pitcher fits perfectly in my refrigerator, great for small spaces.
Easy to use This product is easy to use and I would recommend this product.
Excellant Water Pitcher Filter Bought this because of the price. Though you only get 5 cups the water tastes great and that is what we wanted it for. We fill another bottle with the filtered water so there is plenty for everyone even when we hit it all at once.
I don't like the taste of bottled water. Water tastes much better out of this pitcher than out of the bottled water, and doesn't take up much space in the fridge.
makes city water taste great My roommate had one of these pitchers at college last school year and it made the water from the faucet in our apartment taste great!! The chemical taste and cloudiness in the water was completely gone after it went through the Brita filter.
Great for a small fridge I live in a dorm most of the time when im at school and this is great for a mini fridge
Simple but great pitcher This isn't the world's largest water pitcher, but it doesn't claim to be - it's the perfect size for fitting into small spaces in the fridge. It's small enough to be easily portable, and sturdy enough to sustain those trips. It's doesn't hold a lot of water, but is good enough for those small day-to-day water needs!
great water little package Perfect for my "dorm" size fridge! Easy to use and reminders are great!
Fits nicely Love this slim design... fits in the fridge so nicely
Smallish It woks great, however I feel they could have fit more water into it and still kept it small
Perfect size, just for me. I really like that this slim pitcher fits in my refrigerator door--it makes it even more convenient for me--and, I really don't like ice cold water, so it's nice to keep adding room temperature water to in order to maintain that perfect for me temperature. Love it.
No more bad tasting water. When I moved to Jacksonville, FL, water taste was awful so I had to spent a lot of money buying bottles.
Great compact filter. It's convenient for keeping inside refrigerators or in the office. This is a great size for keeping in a fridge or in an office.
Wonderful tasting water!!! I am so happy I started using this pitcher for our water! I will be looking to invest in a bigger one! ;) It is soooo easy to use and the water tastes phenomenal!
Too small for my needs, probably great for others. This was shown to me as the replacement or new version of my old Brita pitcher (I think it was called a FridgeMate or something like that; it was meant to be slim enough to fit in the fridge door and I bought it c. 1998), but this one is WAY smaller. Which is actually really hard to tell just by looking and I no longer remember (nor did I measure) the capacity of my old one. I tend to fill a bunch of water bottles with filtered water and keep those in my fridge, car, on my desk, etc. It takes 3.5 fills of this pitcher to fill 6 of my water bottles. With the slowness of this type of water filter, that takes forever. Too small for me.
Space Saver Slim, nicely fits in the frig without taking up to much room.
Doesn't take up alot of space in the fridge; works great. Not a large family. Great Brita pitcher. Does a great job on the water......awesome and refreshing. For the price, you can't beat the value!
Great buy for your money i bought this product because of the slim design. Between the large soda bottles and gallon of milk, there wasnt much room for my water. Was tired of all the space disposable water bottles took, the cost and the waste. The only bad thing i can say is that the sticker feature was not very good, the month sticker fell off after the first month.
Makes having the purest water possible easy I have been using these pictures for some time and use them every day since I drink a lot of hot tea and want to know that all the chlorine and other impurities are filtered out so I will have a better tasting cup of tea.
perfect for on the counter great tasting water readily avaialble on the counter top to help remind me to drink more water.
Great if you're looking for good water on the cheap. I'm a student who lives in an area with very bad tasting tap water. I'm also a heavy drinker who needs regular fluids but I often go without if I'm not satisfied with what is available. I found this little pitcher on sale at a local store so I picked it up and I have to tell you I'm glad I did. The water tastes excellent and it takes very little space in a fridge shared with 5 other college students. Also, the filter lasts much longer than advertised. The reason I docked a star was only because it's made of fairly low quality plastic and if someone just thought a bit harder they could have come up with a better design that would have fit more water without taking up any more fridge space.

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