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Space Saver
White Blue Turquoise
6 Cup pitcher

Space Saver


This smaller pitcher is perfect for personal use at home, in the dorm, or at work. The streamlined design maximizes your space, and Always BPA-free materials make it safe for everyday use.

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Space Saver 5 265
terrible lid You would think a company that has been designing pitchers for years would know how to design a lid that will stay on while pouring. We were forced to go with this particular pitcher because it was the only one that would fit in our refrigerator when we moved into our new house. While we continue to use the pitcher because we want filtered water, we have to take the lid off when we pour the water or deal with the spill that occurs when the lid falls off and knocks over the glass.
Space Saver I like the slim design and the water tastes great but the lid design is awful. The lid doesn't stay on and water leaks out the handle. If you hold the lid on to pour then the spout doesn't work well either and spills water. The filter change indicator doesn't work at all either probably because the lid falls off every time you try to pour it. I had the old simple design before this pitcher and much preferred it to the new one.
Bad New Design I purchased my first Brita pitcher in college(almost 14 years ago). I loved my pitcher but after 14 years of use and 5 moves it was time to let it go. I purchased the space saver in white at Target. The new design is horrible. It does not fit under my facet so I have to take the lid off everytime I fill it. This effects the gadget on the lid that tells you when to change filter. Also I have to always fill bottles and glasses over the sink because the lid does not stay on. I wish I waited to throw out my old one. I would have returned this one if I had.
Spacesaver poorly designed the Spacesaver item is slim and fits well inside the refrig but the top cap falls off constantly, water leaks out of the handle, the pour spout is too wide--it makes a mess, and the battery does not work (mine still shows "green for good" after months of use so I have to know when to change the filters myself). I would not recommend this product to anyone until they fix everything listed above (or get rid of the battery/filter element as it's not useful).
Not a good pitcher! I am not new to using the Brita filtered pitchers but I am new to this design . I got it because I am pregnant and dislike my tap water and I did not care for buying bottled water. This pitcher leaks carbon from the filter into my water and I end up spending more time dumping and rinsing it out then drinking the water! I really doubt digesting carbon is good for my baby!
lid will not stay on I purchased this pitcher yesterday and am returning it today. The size is great and I've used Brita pitchers before so I know the water will taste good. But this pitcher is poorly designed because the lid will not stay on. I will return it and get another style which hopefully will be better.
cheaply made this is the first brita pitcher I have bought and the water tastes ok but the pitcher itself is garbage. the blue piece on the handle comes off constantly, and the lid and the tiny piece that goes over the spout won't stay on either. I don't understand why this company would make pieces that fall off, why not just make a better made product? im not against brita, but this specific product is a major disappointment. I hate using it! if I could return it to the store I purchased it from I would.
Not recommended I bought this product because I will be starting my freshman year of college this fall. It's a nice size. I thought it was the perfect color. But as soon as I took it out of the box, I knew I was going to return it. The lid does not stay on at all. I'm very disappointed in this product. I plan to buy from a different brand.
ENJOY MY BRITA!!! It is slim and goes in the side of my refrig. easy. I enjoy the taste and the clear water in the pitcher. My friend had one in her refrig. and I wanted one of my own. People should buy one for them selves and their family.
bueno me gusto mucho solo que la tapa beberia tener bisagra yno se salga la tapa
Overall, a good buy The Brita itself, as a filter is a great way to get fresh tasting water and reduce harmful chemicals from ones diet. The only thing that is a drawback with this system is that the pitcher itself has "fallen apart" -- whether just the lid falling off when it was supposedly secure on the pitcher, or the main housing for the filter falling out when pouring -- several times. We had to change pitchers after I washed the first one in the dishwasher and the lid got stuck so tightly that I couldn't get it off once I had reassembled it. The second one is the one we are using now. (I hand-wash it,) but it has "fallen apart" several times. If you could make a compact pitcher where the middle part that houses the filter was not a separate piece, but rather a "built -in" part of the pitcher, it would be a great improvement! :) Thank you for wanting feedback, and thanks for the great products! :)
Space Saver 5-6 cup Pitcher I bought the first unit got it home and the lid does not stay on. Britta was great and sent me a whole new unit and the exact same problem.
product leaves black residue in pitcher when brand new I recently purchased a new brita and the filter included and the refil packs I purchased all leave black specks in my water. I have never had a problem with Brita before maybe it is my model?
handy size I keep my pitcher on the kitchen counter and use it to make soup, hot cereal and any other cooking that calls for water, in addition to filling our drinking glasses.
Poor Top Design My slim pitcher top is contantly falling off after only 1 year of use. It will not adhere to the pitcher. Also the date reminder does not work, and the small spout piece on a hinge has broken off and is long gone. I note nowhere on thiis beautiful site is a link to Customer Service. How do I claim a warranty on my pitcher!!!
Original lid 1 star, new lid 5 stars. As many others have noted, the two major design flaws of the Space Saver are : 1) The lid won't stay on. 2) The open-ended handle has a tendency to fill with water and then dribble it all over the kitchen counter, and/or floor, and/or fridge. Well, the water issue is easy enough to resolve by just being a little more careful and never filling the upper reservoir to the top, but it took a seriously frustrated email to Brita and a very responsive rep to solve the lid problem, which they kindly did by sending us a brand new one that... Hallelujah!.... actually locks securely in place!! And they've even replaced the clunky calender dials with little lights that tell you when it's time to replace the filter. Nice! And having just seen that Amazon has 83 very negative 1 star reviews but only thirteen 5 star reviews for this otherwise nicely designed pitcher (i.e. sizewise and shapewise), I strongly suggest that Brita makes this excellent new lid available on their site so they can win back, as they did us, some of the formerly loyal customers that they've inadvertently P.O'ed with these uncharacteristic design oversights.
great features except the lid falls off I bought the Britta Pitcher to use with my Keurig coffee maker because I have Chlorinated water. The only problem I am having is the lid won't stay on. I don't know if this is normal or if I have a defective pitcher. Any suggestions?
Returning to Walmart first chance Poorly designed. The lid falls off, along with the filter device, when pouring - it is clumsily made. The carbon filter leaves a lot more carbon particles in the fill basin than the manual implies. The Water Quality is good, so I might try one of the drinking bottles, but this pitcher is pitiful at best.
Pretty but annoying to use! We bought this because it was compact with a comfy handle and it looks very nice. We returned it because of the the flaws when using it... it dribbled out a small cut-out at the back when filling, the top wouldn't snap into place and would fall off (!) , and the spout flap would get stuck causing spills when pouring. Just got two of the smaller Basics instead, a much less annoying unit.
Awful design This is the WORST. The lid is so flimsy it falls off at the least movement. Pouring it full or almost empty it LEAKS all over the place. It leaves a puddle on the shelf in the fridge. Haven't you, the design team or quality control ever used it??? If you had, you would never have put it on the market. I don't complain about anything, but when you use something every day and it annoys you every day, it's BAD. I have returned so few things, but this is going back.
Water and tea and cooked foods taste good I have used Brita filters for many years and think they are a great solution to give us good tasting, clean drinking water, without damaging the environment. My family is now small and we use the smaller pitchers and the travel bottles. In the past we have used the faucet filter which was also wonderful. We always take our Brita pitchers when we go on trips too.
Not so happy with the flimsy lid. I purchased the Brita after a friend convinced me I could save money and the environment by using it. After I washed the container and soaked the filter, I did my first "flush" for the filter as recommended. As I was pouring the water out, the lid fell into the sink. I replaced the lid and continued to pour out the water. Not only did the lid fall back into the sink but so did the filter. I am not happy about having to fish the filter out of the dish water and will be returning the entire unit.
Poor Quality The lid does not fit. It keeps falling off no matter how hard I try to fit it.
Poor design I can't believe this is a Brita product! The lid DOES NOT stay on!!! I am shocked to see its still being sold. Seriously flawed. There should be an exchange allowed to all of us using this garbage to get a better pitcher!! I had to take the spout lid completely off since it does not open when pouring water! So disappointed!
first time user recommended by dr to help reduce carbohydrates and fat is my body. diabetic and overweight. drinking lots of water should help he says and recommended Brita.
Easy Usage Because of authritis in my hands, I don't have any problem of opening to pour the refreshing water from the pitcher.
Waste of money! Like everyone else, the lid falls off every time you pour as well as the flap and water drains out of the handle. We bought this to save on plastic, now we have more plastic for the garbage. UGH! So frustrating.
worstdesign came here to see if there was a "trick" to keeping the lid on. What? No trick. Lid doesn't stay on. Piece of cr*p.
terrible design The person who designed this pitcher should be fired. The lid does not stay on. The hole on top to fill the pitcher is too small. When the tank fills up it leaks all over the counter. The lid falls off when you try to pour the water and the flap falls off. I cannot believe you are still selling this pitcher. I just bought a PUR after 2 months of dealing with this one.
Terrible dising Wasted money. Very inconvenient. The lid falls off, after week of use it start to filter veeeeery slow. Filtration plastic part, which contain a filtration element sometimes come out when you poor water in the cap.
Easy to set up! When I lived with my parents we used a Brita water filtration system and it was awesome. But when I moved out I never purchased one for my new home. Recently I noticed a great sale while shopping and decided it was time to stop buying bottles of water at the local grocery store. I used to clip coupons JUST TO SAVE ON WATER! Well not anymore. Now I'll clip coupons to save on filters. The super win here is that in my apartment I'm not responsible for the water bill, so I'm basically saving all around! Thanks Brita.
Does what its supposed to I bought the pitcher for my mom. It makes her well water taste better and purifies it. My problem is the way it's put together. The lid falls off sometimes when pouring. It doesn't really "click" on to begin with. It just seems poorly made, and having the lid fall off when pouring is frustrating. Otherwise, great filter.
Lid Stinks! I love Brita water and how this pitcher doesn't take up hardly any room, however can't stand the lid. It doesn't stay on, I have taped it down and that still doesn't work. Horrible! Brtia sent me a replacement lid, it doesn't stay on either:-(.
Perfect size I love the space saver thin pitcher. It takes up very little room and we have great tasting water.
Not satisfied with the filter and digital counter Greatly dis appointed to see that the filter black particles coming out and the meter is not indicating the validity of the filter. Informed the customer service she said she is shipping the replacement filter as replacement but almost 2 monts now I received nothing so plan to go for other filter brand
5 star rating I find this smaller pitcher to be perfect for me in my senior years. The weight isn't too much for me to handle as the larger pitcher was The slim design fits nicely in the refrigerator..
Water Tastes Better! I enjoy the space saver pitcher because my water tastes better than it does coming straight from the tap. Also the space saver also me to keep the water cold in the refrigerator. It saves money and protects by not having to buy bottled water.
This product is the worst design We don't like this design.Needed to replace an older one, that now I wish I still had. Lid does not seed properly Pour spout 'flap' doesn't stay attached. If you are pouring and there is still water in the top it will spill out the round lid. UGH bad design!
Great water, a few too many dribbles on table I love the cold clean tasty water our Brita provides, but when I pour it, I always dribble and get water on the counter. The filter change reminders via email are a great help. I do recommend Brita, but not this particular pitcher.
Who designed this mess? BRITA engineers, are you reading these reviews? Brita, your name is well known for great filtered water and convenient filtration systems, but what in the world happened with this miserable design fiasco? The lid does not stay on, ever; not when filling, not when storing and especially not when pouring! Further more, the *design* of this pitcher has a hollow handle that opens at the top INTO THE WATER RESERVOIR so that any water overflow or sloshing around WILL go down the handle and leak out the bottom onto your counter and fridge! I mean COME ON! Was any testing or quality assurance done on these units? I simply can't conceive of a situation where this product got the rubber stamp approval to move ahead to production.
Great water. Pitcher has room for improvement There is no doubt about it that Brita water tastes better! I drink more water utilizing the Brita filter system. It is convenient and easy to use. The pitcher is slim and fits easily into the fridge. However, this pitcher model could use some improvements. The lid does not stay on very well - it does not click into place or secure to the base. While you should never pour the pitcher while it is filtering water to avoid spills, even once all of the water has drained through, the lid can easily come off. I have taped mine on each side to prevent this issue. So yes, get a Brita pitcher, but I recommend looking at other models.
Don't Buy This Pitcher!! I have the same problems as everyone else: 1. After filling the pitcher, the water spills out of the sides. Airtight top anyone? Brita engineer? Product Development? Bueller? 2. The top does not snap on, it sits ever so daintily on top of the pitcher, ready to fall off like Miss Muffett right when you're ready to pour for guests! ARGH! 3. After filing the pitcher, struggling to keep water from spilling out and the top from falling off, you will- without fail- get a dripping trail of water all over the inside of your fridge from this sorry excuse for a carafe. Get thee to a better pitcher, ASAP!
Leaks and spills This pitcher is small and the water tastes fine, but the benefits end there. Each time I refill the pitcher water gushes out through the handle and makes a mess everywhere. The lid pops off at the lightest touch and this water pitcher is so annoying I ended up buying a different brand which works much better.
cheaply made and disfunctional I have had this pitcher for about four months now and am so frustrated it. I don't even know where to start. When you fill it with water, some of the water drains into the handle so that it slowly leaks all over the place; the lid doesn't latch on well enough so that when you go to pour, it falls right off; as a result of this the little spout hinge broke so that there is no longer a cover on the spout; the status reset button on the top broke after pushing it about four times so that now it doesn't work and just flashes colors whenever you pour. The taste of the water has been excellent, but it is a shame to find a flagship product so flawed from a company that has been around for as long as it has. I am very disappointed.
Returned pitcher to store I bought this pitcher at Kmart because there was an advertisement for a smaller one at a great price in Kmart's circular. Decided to go with this one because I needed a bigger size than what was advertised to replace my existing Brita pitcher which I've been using for about 15 years. As soon as I got home and took it out of the box, I did not like how the lid fit on the pitcher. It kept on falling off, and I hadn't even cleaned or used it yet. I then put it into my refrigerator, and it didn't fit. It was too tall and really not much of a space saver. I brought it back to Kmart and exchanged it for the Bella model (which is a few more dollars at retail), and I am so much happier with it.
Would not recommend I wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased this. I don't have trouble with the lid staying on as much as the flap staying connected to it. So very disappointing. It didn't stay on from the time I brought it home. Brita, I think you owe me a new flap!!
Clunky Problems: - the manual date reminder jammed the first time I used it. Months indicator won't move. - flimsy lid seats poorly on dispenser. The slightest touch makes it fall off. - cannot pour while filter is running. If there is even a smidgen of unfiltered water in the top and you try to pour a glass of filtered water, the unfiltered water runs out in your glass first. A small change in the pitcher's shape would eliminate that.
The lid design is terrible I have had Brita products for nearly 2 decades and this new design is terrible. The lid does not stay on tightly so when pouring it can easily dislodge and there's water everywhere. I wish I had kept my old one.....makes me want to stop using Brita all together.
Waste of Money This is poorly designed. The lid constantly falls off, making a huge mess.
Poor design To echo what others have said, the lid does not stay on. If by chance the lid does stay on, the little flap at the pouring point will stay closed when pouring causing water to spray all over the place. To pour, you need to flip the lid up. REALLY poor design.
Love It This is much cheaper than buying bottles of water on a weekly basis. My first step participating in saving the environment
Looks nice, but the lid is useless You will require two pieces of duct tape to hold the lid on to use this pitcher. Brita should have included the tape in the package.
The lid and the reservoir fall out Both the lid and the reservoir with the filter fall out if you don't hold them. Very dissapointing!
Lid will fall off I just purchase this space saver pitcher, the lid will not stay on, it falls off when you use it. You have to use both hands to use the pitcher.
Don't buy This pitcher is horrible!! The lid does not stay on. Anytime you pour you have to hold it with two hands or the lid will fall off. Very poorly designed
Convenient features I like that the indicator is easy to read so I know when I have to change my filter and it takes all the guess work out of it,
Major design flaws (Zero stars for this model.) As many other users have said- the design of the lid on this model is totally non-functional. Lid falls off with the slightest touch, spout lid either hinders pouring completely, so that water spills out of the spout sides, or breaks off into your glass. Requires two hands (minimum) to use this pitcher, which is ridiculous for such a small model. However, customer Brita customer service responded to my complaint email promptly and replaced this with an Atlantis model. (5 stars for customer service!) Save yourself the hassle and just get the Atlantis to begin with.
Terrible Lid Design The lid has 2 flaws. It does not fit snuggly so it easily falls off and the small spout piece also constantly falls off. This was unacceptable for my daughter's dorm room so switched to the Slim model.
Lid falls off I'm so disappointed with this brita, I should have upgraded to the more expensive styles but figured the space saving feature would be worth it. Everytime we use it, the lid falls off if we don't hold it on, it also falls off when we put it back in the fridge. Very cheap product. DO NOT recommend.
Saves space I like this product it saves space and is easy to use.
Good Pitcher I bought two of these pitchers and they fit perfectly in my fridge. The lid falls off occasionally, that is my own negative criticism.
Great tasting water, BUT.... That lid won't stay on. I spent an hour trying to figure out why it wouldn't stay on.
Extremely poor lid design I am giving this pitcher a F because the lid design is absolutely terrible. Option 1: take the lid off and pour yourself a refreshing drink. Option 2: leave the lid on and watch it fall off mid pour and make a nice big mess. That being said, a Brita pitcher will always be in my fridge, just not this one.
Easily Shattered I really like Brita products, especially this one which fits perfectly within my mini fridge in my college dorm. Like I have rated, the product does what it is supposed to do. It filters water and leaves a great taste. It is not complicated to use and I love how it is BPA free. The one thing that is an issue with this particular Brita product is that you cannot drop it because it will break so easily!
Great pitcher. I love the water that comes out of this pitcher. It tastes like water should. The only problem I have with it is that the lid does not stay on sometimes when you're pouring! Other than that, it's great.
Love the convenience Its a great convenience to have filtered water on hand at all times. I love that I can fill it after meals and before bed & have cold refreshing filtered water readily available. Great product.
Pretty Affordable and Good Taste My apartment doesn't exactly have the best tap water, but this pitcher definitely helps give us some clean water. Saves on buying bottles too.
Convenient and Easy to Use This is a great product for smaller homes. It doesnt take up a lot of space in the fridge and is usually ready when I need it. (I'm still training my roommate to refill it when she uses it). The tap water in my city tastes really bad so this is a blessing.
This filter is great but not perfect This is an easy filter to use and works well. The reminder indicator on the top is a great idea and keeps me up to date of when I need to refill it.
Lid is not secured. The lid to this pitcher falls off each time you try to pour. Taste is great, but the lid not staying on is a problem.
Works well. We like our pitcher and use it daily. The only thing I don't like is that the lid doesn't always go on easily.
Good taste for heavy water. Works good removing minerals in water. Only bad part is lid. It does not stay secure.
Small Size I've been using Brita filters for years. This model used to be enough for me, but now there are three in my household. I will be purchasing a larger model soon.
Great investment I have had my pitcher for almost two years now and I love it. What a great investment, so much better than buying bottled water.
LOVE the reminder dial! I've loved these pitchers ever since I grabbed one from a Goodwill. I finally upgrade to a newer one and LOVE it! The reminder dial is sooooo great. I'm always forgetting when to change the filter and don't always remember to write it on the calender, but this way it's always right at hand.
Great Water! This is an awesome system for filtering water! I use it for ice trays, making coffee & tea as well as for just drinking. Thanks, Brita!!!
We love this product. It is great for our small apartment. There are only three of us here so we didn't need a large one. It is also excellent because it takes up very little space in our refrigerator.
Great for office I love this pitcher. The water in my office is terrible and with the economic downturn, we are no longer supplied free bottled water. This keeps my water intake up throughout the day at work.
Great Product! I bought this for my college dorm room and its awesome. I love everything about it!
so-so The lid falls off far too easily. The filtered water tastes great, but I removed the spout cover and have to place my thumb on the lid every time I pour. I switched from a PUR water filter, to a Brita. After the filter's life is expended... I may switch back to the PUR so I don't have to deal with the annoying lid any more.
dorm fridge Bought it for my son for college, it fits in his medium size dorm refridgerator well. Doesn't fit in the small 2x2 refridge, but luckily we traded for a bit larger fridge and it fits.
Small but Practical Have owned Pur faucet filters in the past. Not very durable. Changed over to the Brita Pitcher and love it.
Good filter, but.... I purchased this filter a few days ago and was impressed by how easy the set up was and how clean the water tastes. I recently moved into my dorm at college and it fits perfectly in the door of the TINY refrigerator that I have so the name really is perfect for this product. The one complaint that I have that keeps this filter at 4 stars instead of 5 is that the lid comes off EXTREMELY easily and you have to be very careful of how fast you are pouring or you'll spill the whole thing (happened while setting up so I've been very cautious).
Great for the Dorm I bought this pitcher after using a larger one at home for years. It fits in my mini fridge and saves the hassle of lugging water bottles everywhere and buying tons of them on a college student's budget. Best purchase for the dorm!
Better than bottles I gave this to my son for college and he loves it. Much better than buying tons of bottled water.
this product is great and perfect for the small space that it takes up! I love this pitcher, it saves me alot of money on bottle waters. the water taste great too!
Nice except lid is not the best Lid doesn't stay on well, especially the pour flap.
The water tastes great! The water tastes great, but the lid falls off easily while pouring.
THis product is the best I use it at work and we have a small fridge and it fits perfect and still allows space for my coworkers
This product saves me money and is easy to use! I believe that the brita filter is convienent, easy to use, great tasting, and a complete money saver! I would recomend it to anyone. Tastes like water straight from the bottle!
Filtered water has never been easier! Love this pitcher! So easy, so fast. Just fill the container and put it in the fridge. Filtered water has never been easier!
Easy to use This product is nice to have while in college because of its slender shape but is very convenient to fill.
perfect Fits perfectly in my small refrigerator at work. Easy to use.
only one problem This is a great space saving pitcher! The only problem I have found is the lid does not really stay on that tightly, so be careful if you have just filled it. I mean it is not like you have to take the lid off to fill it.
GREAT! It is small enough to fit in my mini fridge for college and it tastes great!
I like the reminder calendar Brita filtration systems are good quality. I chose the Space Saver because I use a mini fridge and I like that this filter doesn't feel too small, yet fits in my fridge. Also, the calendar on the lid helps me remember when my filter needs changing.
Great for studios. I've used this model for years now, and I'm very happy with it. It's saved me a lot of money, since I don't have to buy bottled water anymore.
This product is easy to use and doesn't take much space I just got this product and I love it so far. It's easy to use and doesn't take up much space in my refrigerator. The only thing to be careful with is the lid coming off while pouring the water out. You just have to make sure it clicks on tightly. Other than that the pitcher is great and I like it better than wasting plastic with bottles of water!
top won't stay on pitcher i love brita products but this space saver pitcher i bought for my mom who is 85 yrs. old, the top is probably defective and won't say on the pitcher, this is very annoying, every time she goes to pour water it fall off. i'm very suprised at brita, i usually recommend to everyone. i have tried everything to make it say on but you just can't.
Less than excellent because. This unit would be perfect if the lid would snap into place. Instead it just sits on top and needs to be held in place while pouring. Not a great design.
Great Taste, Great Value I've heard of plenty of water filters, with all their ads on TV and radio, But, this one, is by far the best. It's small enough to fit in a College student's fridge, and turns nasty tap water into refreshing fresh water. I would definitely recommend this product
Gets the job done. I wouldn't highly recommend this pitcher if you drink tons of water. It takes forever to filter and then the lid is constantly falling off. You can't fill the pitcher or pour water from it without it leaking all over. But it really does do the job of making the water taste awesome. I would just recommend getting one of the higher priced ones that have the better convenience and ease of use factors.
Lid does not fit well The lid on this container does not latch on correctly. When you pour water out of it it leaks.
easy to use Makes the water taste good. I was refusing tap water until I got this and started using it. Wonderful, fast, easy results.
good starter pitcher very slim and lightest model you can get. even with full water it will remain relatively light enough for children and petit adults to use. good filtering flow and quick enough refill for the ones with tested patience. good product over all!
No need to buy water Using the brita provides good healthy water for the family. No longer lugging gallon bottles of water home. Space saver feature good for a crowded fridge.
the is great for space saving I enjoy the size of this product, I think it fits in any size available in the fridge.
This product is very easy to use, convenient, and makes the water taste great. I first used a Brita in college when my roommate got one and i immediately fell in love with it and had to have one for myself.
Works great for a small fish tank I mostly got a filter for my 1 gallon fish tank but now I am going to college and will save a lot of money because I won't need to buy cases of water.
Great Filter I got this to go to school it fits in the fridge great and tastes amazing it is easy to use.
This product was great This pitcher was great since I don't have a lot of room in my fridge.
Great-Perfect for a college student This pitcher is great for a college student who doesn't have much room in the fridge. Tasty clean water and cold at that!
poorly designed--go with a larger dispenser we bought this after our ultramax style in-fridge dispenser broke after many years of use. don't make our mistake! this one is very poorly designed. the flip-stopper for the pouring spout actually keeps the water from flowing well/regularly into a cup or sports bottle. the worst part is the top, which falls off if you look at it wrong, and especially when you are pouring water at more than a 15' angle. when this happens and you still have some water in your upper dispenser, you get a big spill. we've had to tape the top on. we're actually drinking LESS water now because this thing is such a pain...time to go back to the dispenser unit.
Excellent for College This pitcher is excellent for my college dorm room. It has enough water for a few glasses of water, while still leaving plenty of room in the mini fridge. It makes the water taste much better than straight from the sink.
Great features. Great tasting, only downfall is that the top doesn't want to stay on all the time. But other than that, it does everything it was intended to do.
Convenient size It doesn't clutter up area,fits easily almost anywhere. Good for one person mostly,quick and easy to refill especially if you are drinking lots of water...
The size is great I love the size of this pitcher but I have had problems with the front plastic piece falling off and now I have lost it. Also this pitcher tends to leak. I love Brita products but I am hoping that this product is improved I am going to be buying a new one shortly if the issues with it have been fixed.
Great for a small space This pitcher is great for a small space. I use it in my dorm room and fits on my sink and provides great tasting water.
This product works great. This product has great features and lasts a long time before needing to change its filter.
It has great water and is a convenient size. Honestly, I wish I could've gotten a bigger one because I drink a lot of water, but since I'm going to college I was also relieved to find one that was the perfect size to come with me into a cramped dorm room. Love it, makes my water consumption a lot easier.
We like it The only feature I don't like is that the little plastice piece that covers the pour spout comes off easily and mine is now gone. also, the top comes off sometimes when we are pouring water.
pretty good for college student this filters the water really well- the only thing i dont like is how it spills out the back sometimes.
Great Tasting Water I have been using one of these pitchers for about two years now. I love the taste of the water, and the capacity. The only drawback (and I'm not sure if this is just mine) is the lid will not stay on while pouring. You have to keep your thumb on the lid so it won't flip off when pouring a glass of water. I'm used to it now, but when guests pour their own water, it always flips off if I forget to remind them.
The lid would not stay on I got rid of this item and purchases a faucet filter instead. The lid would always come off and was difficult to use. Easier to use a faucet filter.
This pitcher needs to be modified This is my first Brita product. The only good thing about this is it filters the tap water really well. I find the water tastes better than bottled water and unfiltered tap water. However, it is difficult to refill the pitcher if I have dishes in the sink. The top doesn't stay on. It is difficult to place in the fridge. I am always afraid water will leak out no matter how I handle the pitcher. If you overfill the Brita, it will leak through the handle and out of the pitcher, spewing water on the floor. There should be a clear marker area where to stop filling the pitcher so it doesn't overflow. I will continue to use Brita, but I will be looking for a new pitcher. Please keep updating your products, Brita!
Good option I liked this a lot when I had a very full fridge and no filtered water built into the door. Still comes in handy at the office.
This product could be better I have to say that I am a little disappointed in this product. We have had it for about a year now and have made many messes in the hundreds of refills we have done. The pitcher is too tall of fit under the tap and as such has to be filled with a cup. The lid pops off all the time. If you fill the reservoir too full, it over flows into the handle and then all over the inside of your fridge. The water tastes great, but it requires more effort than needed!
Great Water Filter I love my Brita pitcher. It holds a lot so I don't have to constantly fill it all the time. The water tastes great too. I also love that it is very easy to clean and change out old filters.
The lid is a major problem The lid keeps falling in the well or falls off on the floor. What a mess. If the quality of the filtered water I would have given up.
This product has some good features. I enjoy this pitcher. My roommate and I used it in college. I also use it at home now with my family. It was a great and essential tool at college. At home, however, it is harder to deal with because more people are using it. The one feature that I don't like is the fact that it takes SO LONG for the water to filter down to be able to drink. Overall, this is a good product and I would reccommend to a friend.
great for college bound students with limited refridgerator space. The pitcher provides great tasting water compared to the tap. You just have to be careful about the top flopping off when the pitcher is tipped too far.
All except the lid! Love the ease of use. Just have issues with the pitcher lid. The lid tends to fall off when pouring. It's easy enough to put the lid back on, just a bit frustrating. However I LOVE THE TASTE and the lid issue won't keep me from using the pitcher.
fits great in fridge! I could not live without my brita, and the space saver is perfect for our unconventional fridge.
stability of the lid could use improvement on the stability of the lid, other than that, all good
Dial-a-date I like this smaller pitcher. I bought it because of the dial-a-date feature and price. Nothing electronic to break. I do wish the top lid had a more secure stay- on fitting. Don't really see the need for the easy fill lid that flips up when the whole lid falls off if touched. Other than that I recommend it.
Great slim design, but small Love the slim design for our small fridge. Only drawback is that I have to fill it several times a day (we drink a lot of water!)
Love the size! I use filtered water whenever I need water and this pitcher is the perfect size for my frig.
This product is good with flaws. I love this pitcher, but the lid has a tendency to pop off. That is the number one flaw
Easy way to get fresh water! I have had this pitcher for about 1 year now and I love it! The filters are easy to replace and with the counter on top to remind me when it's time to change it I don't have to worry about using an old filter. My water tastes fresh and the pitcher fits nicely in the refrigerator. This is definitely a great purchase!
Pay a little more for the upgraded Model. I really like using a filtered water pitcher. I LOVE the taste of the filtered water. I do NOT like this pitcher. It is the larger space saver model but it has several flaws. -Pour Spout cover was missing -Lid does not stay on. Rocks back and forth due to poor design or construction. Falls off. -Filter does not lock into place so that when pouring out the last of the liquid it falls out allowing charcoal tidbits to fall into the filtered water reservoir. I would not recommend this model unless you are on a super budget and cannot afford the additional 5 to 10 dollars to get the larger model upgrade or the faucet attachment.
Design is flawed The pitcher's handle end up catching the splashes from the tank. Then, the water drips on to the counter space/final location making a mess.
This product is great I really like this pitcher however I hate how long it takes to fill the pitcher up.
perfect for small fridge We love this filter and use it to keep water cold and tasting good.
I love this pitcher! Brita is the best! Our city water tastes awful without a filter. This filtered pitcher makes my water, crystal clean and taste great! Thank you!
Lid problem The one problem I have had is the lid, it pops off by bumping it in the frig, and the pour spout continually falls off. I don't know if it has been improved on the other models.
The size is perfect.... If you only are using it for a glass or two. When pouring, if you are down to the last few ounces, the filter will fall forward and bump the lid off. Not too big a deal unless you have just refilled it and the water dumps out... into your glass and all over the counter and floor. =(
love it! I love this pitcher!! saves us a lot of hassle of buying water all the time!
Nice size but very prone to spilling The Good *Good size for a 2 person household *Doesn't take up lots of space in the fridge *Makes our tap water drinkable The Bad *The shape of the pour spout means that it spills every time you pour water out of the pitcher *There is nothing holding the lid on so the lid often falls off while pouring water out of the pitcher *If you fill the filter reservoir full, water will spill out from under the cover if you pick up the pitcher before the water filters through
Small, Effective Easily fits into fridge, Makes my gross tap water drinkable
Good The dispenser flip opening sometimes gets stuck, and causes a mess during pouring
Wonderful I just love this pitcher. And is the perfect size so that my son can fill it up and carry it to the fridge.
Great! Space Saver in small fridge! When you are low on space in the fridge, this is the pitcher you want. It's slim, neat design fits perfect in our fridge.
this product is excellent My family and i we are very grateful, i think we made the rite decision on buying it, we use it every day, is excellent !!!!!
Perfect for that tight space! Bought this for a college bound big water drinker, with small frig. The size is great for the frig.and he loves the taste of the water.
Easy to fill, use, and enjoy! I love my Brita pitcher! I have had it for years and it is easy to clean and really makes a difference in the taste of the water. I like having the date indicator on the pitcher, though I now also have the email reminders, just in case the dial is turned inadvertently
Perfect for a small frig I have a really small frig, so this is perfect. The other larger ones would just take up too much space. :)
This product is great especially for a small family of one or two. This is a great product, slimline, especially for a single or family of two. I use this for drinking water, cooking, and it is a life saver for filtering the chemicals and chlorine from the water.
The water tastes great! I bought this because I live on my own and didn't need a really big pitcher. The water quality is great but the pitcher itself is not as great as I expected. 1) I underestimated the amout of water I drink. I am constantly filling up the pitcher. 2) The lid does not lock onto the pitcher. It stays on for the most part but if you happen to hit it or pour at too steep of an angle, the lid comes off and the inside portion sometimes comes with it. I contacted Brita and they said the lid does not lock on and sent me a new one to try. The new lid performs about the same. I love the Brita pitcher for what it does but if I could trade it in for a different model, I would!
Excellent for College Kids College kids, who need room in their fridge, but want to have a brita filter pitcher, this is the best one. I do wish that it had more room, but it is a space saver.
The pitcher produces Brita quality filtered water but is not functional. The lid does not stay attached. It's only purpose is to keep anything from falling in when not using the pitcher. If you try to pour the water with the lid on, it falls off. If you lift the cover to add water, the lid falls off. Brita sent me a "replacement" but it still does not stay put.
Love this pitcher! I purchased this pitcher because the small Brita pitcher was we had was, well... to small. This one gave us more filtered water at once and actually does seem to take up less room than that of the smaller pitcher. I love the digital display on the top of the pitcher that tells us how much life we have left in the filter. Thanks for making such a great product!
Great product. Small and inexpensive. Good complement to a larger pitcher.
This product has great features I decided to finally try this pitcher when I found it on sale. Good decision! It is easy to use, filters the water fast, takes up very little space and the water taste good. Just what I needed.
requires care in assembling and handling, but otherwise works well. the lid, spout, and hatch require greater care to use properly than those on other pitchers -- the fit is not easy with any of these parts. But the design of the pitcher does save space, which is great.
It's great, but the electronic reminder for the filters stopped working. The product works great, but you have to remember when to change the filters. The electronic reminder on the top stopped working after a while.
great for our camping trips we bought the small pitcher to have handy in our trailer and it is perfect size
Good pitcher I recenty bought this pitcher. It is very slim and takes up little space, which is a plus. It quickly filters water for a great taste! Downside, the top doesn't lock so you have to keep a hand on it when pouring. Also, it is small so if you use a lot of water you may have to constantly fill it up (though it filters quick so not too bad).
Saves on buying bottled water Great taste and saves money/better for the environment .
size, shape, and overall design. i like the size and shape of this product. its not round, its not square, but perfect. ...and its perfect for anywhere. this pitcher also does not hog the entire counter or get lost in it. i like this brita pitcher.
Overall not bad Listen here is the deal, if you want pure water, go get a berkey water filter. I use this because there is such a horrible taste at my work. I only use it for our coffee. Everything else i bring my own pure water in. really helps the taste.
love the taste of the water but the lid should fit tighter I love the taste of the filtered water but wish the pitcher lid worked better. I've spilled water more than once because the lid fell off.
Pours too quickly I love my other Brita large capacity, but this one's design makes it pour way too fast and it tends to spill all over. I would recommend buying another pitcher design.
Great Pitcher for Small Family I love this pitcher. It works great for my family of 2 people. I don't recommend this size for a larger family because you would need to refill it too often. The water tastes great and I only have to change the filter every 2 months.
I love it It is really convenient and awesome taste!
This product was great The product I had was an older model. I don't see it here, but, it resembled this one more than any of the other ones here. I have well water, with a very good water conditioner. My husband kept taking out of the refrigerator and leaving it out though, so the water didn't get cold, so it defeated my purpose, so I just stopped using it.
Compliment to a healthy diet In addition to the Classic pitcher I keep at the office, we have a Space Saver at home in the Fridge and use it for everything requiring water including smoothies and coffee. It's a great compliment to a healthy diet.
The only thing I dont like about it.... The only thing I can say that I don't like about it is that the fliter sometimes comes out of place and either water isn't being filter and/or black specks from the fliter are present in the water.
Convience I love this product. It is such a convience to have fresh tasting good water at any time. We started using this to mix with baby formula instead of buying bottled water.
compact pitcher, very convenient It's a compact pitcher, perfect for a smaller size kitchen, like ours. We find it very convenient.
Lid falls off easily when pouring Whenever I pour filtered water out of the pitcher, the lid would fall right out, causing the black little stuff falling into my cup or pot, I do not recommend this pitcher to others.
I do not recommend this product The lid of this product was engineered wrong. The top does not sit securely on the pitcher and keeps falling off when pouring. The company sent me another top, but that one does not fit either. I think it was enfineered wrong.
Great size for any shelve in the fridge I love this product and I use it everyday. It has saved me so much money on bottled water. I especially love the size. It's compact enough to fit almost anywhere in my refridgerator.
This product wokd well I like the space saver size of this pitcher since my fridge alsways seems ato be short on available space. It's a great product.
Great space saving design I got this and it is nice that it doesnt take up much room, just wish that the lid stayed on a little tighter.
Love the taste. My community water has a very chlorinated taste to it. The Britta takes that taste completely out of the water. Much cheaper than buying bottled water!
Great Space Saver This pitcher is smaller, but holds enough for two on a daily basis. I like the sleek design.
Love Brita, Don't Love This Pitcher I bought this pitcher because we don't have a lot of room in a fridge full of items for a family of 5, 3 of which are teenagers. Very disappointed with this pitcher. The lid falls off EVERY TIME someone tries to pour a glass of water. I've given up and just started buying bottled water instead. I emailed Brita about it but they offered no solution. Awesome customer service /sarcasm
Good Product! I love that the pitcher is not too big nor too small. Fits my small fridge perfectly. However, the lid could have been more secure, it tips off all the time.
easy to use. fits small space. easy,safe, and small space needed. Good size for us ( family 3 ).
Love this product!!! This was an excellent purchase. I save a lot of money now that I am not buying water bottles.
We packed this little pitcher in our checked luggage for a trip to Europe This little pitcher was just the right size to pack in our checked luggage. While in Europe we used the pitcher in our hotel room and filled our bottles for walking around. We did not have to buy any bottled water while there because the bottle fit perfectly into my tote bag and carried it into restaurants for water. We also used the pitcher as protection for souvenirs coming back in the checked baggage. All faired very well on the trip and look forward to going back with the same techniques for water in Europe.
Perfect fit I live in a apartment so the fridge is small. It works perfect in my case. I have 12 rubbermaid water bottles that I keep filled instead of buying bottled water.
quality item this item is high quality. i bang it around all the time and barely a crack on it. brita items are great although i wish i new why occasionally a dog smell appears. this has happened at our moms and with ours.
Great for College! I use this pitcher in my mini fridge at college. It's great! It's slim so I can put it on a shelf and still have space for other things. It saves on space in other ways too. Now that I use my Brita pitcher I don't have to keep extra bottles of water in my room. It may seem small, but it made plenty of water for me and my roommate to share.
Don't buy this model As previously stated the design is not optimal. The lid causes water to leak down the side, I have to actually remove the lid to pour into a glass because the "flap" gets in the way and causes spilling as well. I basically use it to filter the water then transfer the water into another pitcher. Brita filtering itself is great, just don't buy this model.
So much money saved! I love the size of this pitcher for my fridge, but I wish I had an indicator now. This was my first pitcher so I wasn't worried about it as much, but now I find myself forgetting to change the date. I also spill a tablespoon of water almost everytime I fill a glasss because of the way I pour it. However, you can't beat the savings on bottled water so I still love it!
total hassle, waste of money get a larger pitcher, not this one. this pitcher has a lid that falls off constantly. What i really don't understand about the design is when filling up the pitcher water drains down the handle before it overflows the sides. I'm surprised that Brita even sells this product.
Awesome product! Love this product! Don't have any complaints! We are a family of 3 with one dog and even our dog drinks Brita Filtered Water! Perfect size for us! Filters last a long time and water always tastes great!
great product I appreciate my brita because of the great tasting water that I can get from my nasty home water supply.
For the small household Great product but limited capacity, also lid does come off easely.
Handle leaks, parts of lid frequently fall to the floor Water is good tasting, but the pitcher is a constant source of frustration. Water runs into the handle and leaks on the counter, the fridge and the floor. The lip covering the spout likes to snap off, and the "convenient fill" doesn't line up with the sink. I picked this model because it was on sale at Walmart, but I have had much better luck with other Brita products, this one bombed. I wish I had just paid more for a better one, you get what you pay for....
Fits my small kitchen just fine. Received this as a gift and it's just the right size for one person with a very cozy kitchen. I do find that the top falls off often and it does spill but used over the sink it's not a problem. I like the reminder to change the filter and the one I get emailed to me as well. I would buy this product and would recommend it to others.
The lid falls off. The product produces good tasting water but the design of the lid could be better. The lid falls off when I try to fill with water.
Too many loose parts This is our first Brita pitcher and we're not all that impressed. We love the filtered water, but the lid seems to have pieces fall off in the middle of filling or pouring, making it feel like you always have to be super careful and use 2 hands to use it.
Money Saver I had been buying bottled water for over a year & spending just $25 has helped me save so much money!
great taste our tap water tasted nasty and this really made it better
I love my Brita Pitcher I received one at my bridal shower nearly two years ago now and it still is working wonderfully. We use it every day and helps us drink more water:)
A must for anyone with chlorinated water After growing up drinking wonderful tasting water from a well, I moved to a location where our water comes from a municipal source and is heavily chlorinated. Water is my beverage of choice. I drink at least 96 ounces daily. Without my Brita Pitcher I would have to resort to (expensive) bottled water. My Brita Pitcher gets quite the work-out. I filter water to drink, to make ice with and to make my morning coffee with. It is indispensable.
Like this product The picture is easy too use, it does take a long time to fill the picture up because it drains slow as the water goes through the filter. It does make the water taste better.
Ms. I use this small pitcher in the apartment I keep to get away from it all, where it's just me. I love the slim line and light weight. The lid fits perfectly--never falls off--but it's easy to open because there's a handy little tab right at the back that keeps the filter part secure while you lift the lid. I refill it every time I pour water, so who cares if it's small? It holds enough to fill my 4-cup coffeepot, so I'm happy. I have two other larger Brita pitchers
Perfect in our camper. We travel a lot and purchased the pitcher to reduce our use of plastic bottles. The pitcher is great because it fits in the door of the fridge.
Nice product for the price. I enjoy the small design, perfect for the side door of the frig. However, I had my lid replaced, and it still falls off from time to time. Otherwise, good filter pitcher to buy.
Makes my coffee taste great!!! I mainly use my pitcher for making my coffee. Even though my coffe maker has a filter, it's like filtering the water twice, which makes for a great cup of coffee!!
Size is perfect We've had this pitcher for several years. The size is perfect for our small fridge.
Ehhh The design is poor, sometimes the top falls off when you are trying to pour. It also doesn't "save" that much room. Spend more money and get one of the bigger ones.
This filtration system is great! This water filtration system works "GREAT" and turns my city tap water into tasty, drinkable water. The space saver design makes it easy to store in my small refrigerator. A cool glass of filtrated water is always just a few steps away in my frig. I would "HIGHLY" recommend this product to anyone.
I love brita This is the perfect size and fits in the frig. nicely. I do have issues with the top. I just hold onto it with my other hand when pouring. I like the flap for filling water so you don't have to remove the entire top. I use it more than another brita pitcher I have. I got it at a reason price so I am not complaining. Nothing is perfect. It does the job.
This product fits easily into refrig shelf Good Product...nice not having to take up too much space in the refrigerator
Great Pitcher I really like this pitcher, but yes the top does come off a little easy. However, it still functions well and I love the design.
just okay this is not one of the better Brita products I have used.
Love this pitcher perfect size for 2 person household....used it for years and am glad to register for filter reminders...great idea .....I like the new bottle can't wait to try it.
Nice and compact, but some problems. The compact feature of this pitcher makes it so that it can sit in the fridge door, which is a plus. However, it only holds a little water, and because of the narrow design (and because water freezes easier than milk and other beverages usually found in a fridge) we find it always freezes. It's better off staying out of the fridge and filling up a water bottle, and letting the bottles stay in the fridge.
This product has a great design It has a great slim design that fits into my small fridge at work so I have great tasting water all day
This pitcher is perfect for the quick fill up. I have owned this pitcher for about 10 months now. I love it. The taste is better than bottled water, it is simple and quickly dispenses the clean water. It fits well in my fridge and it is easy to refill. I should have bought the larger size with the reminder signal rather than the sticker, but it still is a bargain.
Good Quality for the money I love my pitcher since I am constantly on the go, it makes it quick to just grab and fill my water bottle. The lid does have a tendency to come off but if you are taking your time and not whipping the pitcher around you wont have an issue. Great for college!!!
It's Brita water, but poor design I like this container for its space saving features - narrow body. But the water drips every time I pour it into a cup. I have used another model (Capacity 8) and it works wonderfully, but this has a design issue.
Great except for cover I wish the pouring spout cover would stay on better
tHIS PRODUCT IS AN ADDED JOY TO OUR LIFESTYLE. Our drinking water was very bad. Now that we have the Brita Water Pitcher, we are drinking more water and don't how we did without it. Thank you very much.
I love this product, I use in everyday. I enjoy this product, although it does have some flaws. If you happen to over fill it water drips down from the handle. You can not pour water from it until all the water is filter and no longer in the top part. If you try to pour without letting it filter first the lid will fall off. If you try holding down the lid water will still go everywhere.
Saves on buying bottled water I absolutely love the Space Saver Pitcher and have been using it for some time. I keep it in my refrigerator and have cut down on the use of bottled water as I fill my bottles from this filtered water. Would definitely recommend this product.
The product is easy to use We switched to brita pitcher after buying numerous plastic water bottles for sports. We love our product, and definitely like the feature that lets you know when you need to replace your filter.
Easy to use once you get the hang of it. When we first bought this pitcher we were constantly spilling water whenever we were pouring it. After a couple weeks I found that holding my hand on the lid while I poured prevented any spilling. I use the pitcher many times a day and havent spilled since coming across this trick. It's so easy to refill with the small opening on the lid. Love the taste! I havent found any filtered water I like more than Brita.
Love it! These are my first Brita pitchers. I love them. I keep 2 of them in a fridge. :) They don't take much space and easy to refill. Some people wrote about the lid coming off easy, but mine doesn't come off that easy... One thing I have to be careful is overfilling the water... If you overfill it, the water goes down in the handle and makes a little paddle...but I think it is very minor thing... :)
I do not recommend this model I've used lots of brita products over the years and this one misses the mark. The top does not stay on and when you fill the tank, the water flows down through the handle and ends up on the counter. Very poor design. If I could I would bring it back, but it's too late... so it's going into my yard sale this weekend! It was a waste of my money.
Great & very useful I love using this product and it couldn't be easier! It really helps to have a pitcher or ice cold water waiting for you in this current summer heat, and no more plastic bottles to buy! Overall, not just a great buy but also better tasting and easier to use.
I love this product I should have owned one of these pitchers a long time ago. The tap water taste so much different and better. In the long run it saves from buying bottle water I love it.
Love this pitcher! We've been using this pitcher for several years now, use it all the time for drinking water, will not drink water from the tap.
The lid is inconvenient The water tastes great but the lid does not saty on when pouring.
Great for a space saver pitcher I bought this pitcher in particular because of the small and slim size of the pitcher. The lid is not the most convenient, as it does fall off occasionally, but I just have to be more gentle with this pitcher. Other than that, the pitcher is light weight, easy to use and water filters through pretty quickly. There may be better designed Brita's, but for the size and price, can't beat it.
Great tasting water love Brita filters so I can have great tasting water all the time. This one is simple and easy to use!
good product for the money I like this product for it's size. I do have to hold the lid on when pouring, but the size is so convenient for me to use. Take into consideration the comments posted and then you can choose the product best suited for your purpose.
Good pitcher. only problem I really have with the pitcher is that the top doesn't lock on to the pitcher and easily comes off.
We love it! We love our Brita Space Saver pitcher. It is so easy to use and my only problem is keeping it filled. My two teenage daughters are always emptying it and putting it back in the fridge that way. That is my only complaint. If you love to drink cold refreshing water then get a Brita!
This is a great product for a small family This is a great product for a small family. We fill it up every night and use it at breakfast and then fill it up and use it for dinner. It taste great!
Bad Design I have owned several Brita Water Systems over the years without problem. This design, however, is flawed. The lid does not stay on, the lip falls off frequently and it is a constant source of frustration. I would not recommend this particular design to anyone. If I could bring it back, I would.
Love this pitcher! I purchased this pitcher over 3 years ago and I still love it and use it every single day. Its size makes it convenient to store in the fridge without taking up too much space. Its features are easy to use and clean. I like the reminder dial on the top, it helps you keep track of when to change the filter. I would recommend this pitcher to anyone!
Great Size, Horrible Function I bought this pitcher due to its small size, which is great. However, the spout must not be pointed enough because the water spills down the side, causing a huge mess. Stay away unless you enjoy cleaning up every time you pour a glass of water.
Too messy. Top pops off regularly. First Brita and have used over 5 years. Pop on top moves too easily and constantly spilling water on countertops and on the floor. I prefer the recessed tops and finally upgraded to the Bella. Excellent choice. I do prefer Brita over all others.

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