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Vintage Turquoise
White Turquoise
10 Cup pitcher

Vintage Turquoise


This popular, large filtration pitcher features a modern round carafe design that is perfect for entertaining and everyday use. It’s great for larger families or active households, and it’s Always BPA-free for your safety.

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Vintage Turquoise 5 80
Did Not Work I received mine as a graduation gift, and it has never worked. It takes over an hour to fill it, the handle leaks water, and the taste is really poor. Love the idea of it, just wish the product had a better experience.
Great taste This product is easy to use, it's easy to clean, and I love the way my water tastes in my coffee, & my hot teas.. This product is pretty, and it saves me money. This product also help the environment. I am truly, sincerely happy I purchase this product, it's one of the best investment I made thus far. Thank you Brita for making a wonderful product. I love it and it looks really pretty in my fridge, and I love the way it feels..
This product. It has great features. Place potatoes in a gallon-size Glad® Food Storage Bag and add oil; seal bag. Toss to coat. Add salad dressing mix and toss again until coated. Bake in ungreased baking pan at 450°F for 30 to 35 minutes or until potatoes are brown and crisp.
Black mold magnet! Do NOT buy!! This product was so badly designed it can make you sick. I love Brita filters and products; I use them on a daily basis. I have hard water in my area rely on the Brita filter to give me great water. First I noticed black mold growing under the handle. There was no way to clean it because the handle reservoir is glued closed. I forced the cover over the handle off to clean it regularly. Now, I see black mold growing inside the groove that connects the plastic bottom piece to the sides. And there is no way to get in to clean it out. Submerging it in hot water or dish watching fluid doesn't get it out. Disgusting and unsafe. Horrid design. I would gladly pay more for the pitcher that I could clean properly and was dishwasher safe.
Impressed I am very impressed with this product. It is easy to use and makes my water much more tolerable to drink. Thank you Brita !!!
It is very convenient!!! I'm in college and I try to only drink water. The plastic water bottles fit in my bag nicely but the waste was too much for me. I got the pitcher to fill up my own water bottles and cut down on personal costs and environmental waste and I LOVE it! It is soooo easy and convenient for me. Such a great choice! I'm pretty sure all the pitchers are great!
Nasty Have you tried looking at what it looks like on the inside of the pitcher. Could it not have been designed by trying to eliminate the edges and grooves? This is an easy crud collector. Too bad the engineers could not figure out a simple engineering injection molding issue. Hate it am pitching it.
Great taste has bennifits I have been a chef for over 20 years and I have been blessed with an amazing palat. This can be a curse as well as an advantage. One of the great advantages is being able to appreciate the impact brita has on water taste. In my opinion this is by far the claenest, clearest, crisp taste anyone can get when it comes to water. I have had the privilage of tasting some of the worlds best water and Brita is still best. It does not compare to any other. And thats a fact!
Finally, Water that tastes great and so refreshing! I moved to a new town about a year ago. The city water tasted dull, and somehow flat. I bought a Brita as my husband and I had one in Michigan. I now live alone, so I purchased the pitcher. If I lived with anyone, I would have purchased the tank. Keep up the good work!
Replaced broken Brita pitcher. Love Brita products. Brought this model, because of free bottle.
Pitcher is always full & ready for use Bought one of the first Brita pitchers and did the tea test. WOW. Took it to Pennsylvania to my Mother-in-laws summer house. (bad tasting well water) I made the coffee in the morning and she thought she was drinking "coffee house" coffee. I finally told her she was drinking her own coffee, but I had used the filter for the water. That day I had to buy her and her sister a pitcher. Been using Brita ever since 1986, and still love it everyday. Think of the plastic bottles I have saved!
Like it but... I don't like how the top slips...I may eventually look into other models to see if they may have fixed this issue but I don't like that it slides off as I'm boring..I must use 2 hands at times to pour and that can be awkward at times....overall very good product and use it quite regularly
Great product! This elegant pitcher has a huge capacity for storing water and is simple to use. It has been a great cost-effective solution for our household along with reducing the plastic bottle waste that gather at landfills.
Great Pitcher! I Love all BRITA products. This is my 2nd pitcher & I'm very happy with it! (Also have the water bottle w/ filter which is great for when I'm on the go) I was so excited to read today that we can now recycle the filters, way to go BRITA!
EXCELLENT ! I've had my VIntage Brita Filter system for 1 week. And already I could never go back.
Great water pictcher! I love this pitcher because I can leave it on the counter and it looks good. I like how it tells me when I need to replace the filter and the taste is always great!!
Love this pitcher! Easy to use, great tasting water. We had water service for years and decided to get this pitcher instead of paying 30$ a month for delivery...we have been very happy with this option and it's much cheaper! =)
Easy! Works fast, no guessing when filter needs to be changed. Large enough for families. Excellent! I have one at work and one at home.
This product is easy to use I've owned this product for months and the only thing that matches its ease of use is the purity of the water it provides...both are excellent!
Coveniente and Inexpensive This producet has been conveniente, inexpensive and it's eco friendly for our family.
Family Loves it! Even though we have well water and a conditioner, my family wanted to be able to have filtered water and not use so many bottled water, so I bought this one! Going out to buy another filter, that's the only back fall for me, to have to buy the filters on a regular basis but it still is cheaper than a case of water every other week!
so far so good pleased with the design
Great Pitcher-Great Price at BJ's We love the design of this pitcher! Easy to use and the top stays on when pouring. Nice! Love it! I had a $5 off coupon and then it was on sale at BJ's-cool!
Poor Design Algae began growing in this pitcher and the design of it made it impossible to clean it out thoroughly. I could not clean the algae from inside the seam that runs about one half inch from the bottom. I did contact the company and they offered a few suggestions that did not work for me. Right now it is sitting empty on top of my refrigerator. Another pitcher style would hopefully clean up better.
Great tasting water These pitchers are simple to use and produce great tasting water. It's small enough to have in the refrigerator without taking up too much room, and you can have cold, great tasting water whenever you want.
Good Product, Easy To Use Although my last review was rejected for remarking honestly about my ordeal with customer service, I am still happy with my Vintage. I did have an issue with a broken cartridge, and the CSR stated that the little black and green balls at the bottom of my pitcher was perfectly okay. My wife and kids will not drink out of this pitcher due to the media at the bottom of the pitcher, but I am extremely pleased with the taste of the water.
Definitely worth buying! My children drink more water now than when I was buying bottled water. Thanks Brita!!
Great product! I love this pitcher. Easy to use and handle with a good capacity.
Wonderful Filtration Pitcher I've owned my pitcher for a little over a year now. I think it's easy to use and handle ; this model has a digital reminder that counts off the time the filter has been in the pitcher that you might know when it needs to be changed. I find this very convenient.
Very nice Sometimes we are not sure if the filter is working as it seems to filter the water very quickly, but other than that we love it!
Love water even more now! Before I drank water on ocassion. Now, with this filter, I drink water all the time. I barely have to refill my pitcher, maybe once every 3-4 days and I love the electric filter reader to remind me when to change the filter instead of having to guess. I am so glad my mom got me this for college. great product.
Great way to always have filtered water. This product is easy to use and a great way to always have the availability of good, clean, filtered water to drink. Our family has three of these--one for the fridge to always have cold filtered water, one always ready on the kitchen counter throughout the day to use for cooking and the dogs' water, and a third one that is with our camping gear so we always have clean water when we camp.
Great taste This product is easy to use, convenient and has a great taste.
I love this pitcher! I love that this product makes it much easier to have filtered water on hand instead of always having to buy gallons of bottled water every week. I'm sold!
Great tasting water! I never liked water until we got a Brita Water Filter in our house. It makes the water taste great and is easy and simple to use! Love it!
It is so easy to use! This filter works great! And with the window monitor to let you know when it is time to replace your filter, you always have fresh water. I enjoy drinking water from this pitcher more than drinking bottled water.
Great Product! I have this Brita water pitcher in the office and use it every day.
Love My Brita Pitcher! I love this brita pitcher. It holds enough to get me through the entire day and has a great "timer" feature to let me know when I need to change filters. It is a great product and has saved me a ton of money!
Great to have around a dormitory I bought this as a way of saving money on water on campus and it works!
the water taste great i like it because it has a reminder on top to change the filter and it easy touse and the water tastes great
I absoluteyly love my Brita!!! I love the fact that it has a filter time on the top.
Love my Brita Pitcher We bought this pitcher last year to completely cut out the use of plastic water bottles. The water tastes fresh and pure. We also bought about 6 Brita refillable bottles and few no-name refillable bottles. Our favorite refillable bottles are Brita by far! We love the tapered mouth top, which makes it easy to gulp without spilling water down your shirt. I also have to agree with the previous post regarding the lid of this model pitcher, easily coming loose or completely off into your glass. I actually bumped it last night on the faucet and the entire top went into my resevoir. With that said, I still love my Brita water pitcher and feel good about the amount of waste we have reduced. If you buy your replacement filters at Costco when they have a coupon ad, you will save big $.
Great product We buy this product 3 months ago, and so far it has been our best solution for not buying anymore bottles!! Water tastes really good, it´s easy to use and we always have fresh water. The filter reminder it´s great since I don´t have to worry about when changing the filter. The only think is that water runs into the pitcher a little bit slow, but this isn´t really matter for not buying this product. I really recommend it.
Greatest Gift! I asked my sister for this pitcher for Christmas a few years ago and she thought I was crazy. I loved the design and I really wanted to help the environment by purchasing something like this. She needed to order from as we couldn't find it in stores. I love it though. She also had no trouble ordering online.
Works well for me. I mainly use this pitcher in my RV. Great for coffee and water bottles for hiking.
Easy to use This pitcher is not only easy to use, but the water tastes fresh. It's so convenient- I love mine!
LOVE IT!! I started using Brita because bottle water was becoming to expensive. Now I even use it to fill my cat's water bowl and they turn their nose up to tap water now. I can't believe the refreshing taste you get and from just two refills it pays for it's self.
Easy to use and great taste. Whole family drinks more water because the Brita pitcher makes it taste better. Easy to pick up and use.
Great! I've had my pitcher for 6 months now and I love it. I started using it to cut down on plastic. It has also helped me save a lot of money on buying bottled water because I was buying a lot of it. The taste is amazing and that is the best part about this product. The first time I had the Brita water I was sold. The product was recommended to me and so I would highly recommend it to anyone. I'm not sure how I lived without it before. Don't think I can ever go back to just bottled water.
Easy to use. Great product because it is easy to use. Just place a new filter in and add water. It even tells you when to change the filter.
This is a perfect size pitcher I love the taste of water more during the first month. It filters the water well, has a comfortable grip and easy pour lid. Its worth using this product.
This Brita pitcher has great features. I like the round design which is perfect for our active family. The filter reminder on the lid is an excellent feature as well as the easy pour spout. I have been pleased with this purchase from day one and I have recommended this product to friends and family that buy bottled water.
Great product Easy to change filters. Indicator on the top is a great reminder to change the filter. The water tastes great!!
Love this pitcher!! Simple to use and great tasting water. Email reminders sent when it is time to change my filter. Every home should have one!!
Easy to use I use this everying day to add water to my coffee pot and fill my kids sports bottles with fresh water.
Great product! So easy to use and fits perfectly in my small fridge even though it holds 10 8 oz servings!!!
It's so convenient I have had my classic pitcher for about 2yrs. And have no complaints! It's actually made my life alot easier when it comes to cooking...... I only have had to clean it once with vinegar to remove mold, and usage grime from the bottom of the pitcher. Once it was rinsed out it was just like new:) Just an FYI i learned that leaving your pitcher on the counter for long periods of time will cause mold at the bottom, it needs to be inside the fridge all the time.
Large enough for a family of 4 The Vintage makes it easy to have fresh, filtered water available all the time
Great Product, Great Price I bought this product on a whim and I am telling you that it was the BEST product I have bought in a very long time. I can not believe how much better the water tastes. My wife is the main user of this and I thought that she would occasionally use it and she has (with my assistance as well) gone through an average of 2 Pitchers a day. I am saving on bottled water, reducing the waste of plastic that harms or environment as well. I was so tickled with this product that I also purchased the hand held bottle as well a week later. We are just turning the 2 month point and getting ready to change the filter. Thanks Brita for a wonderful product!!
handy way for cold, tasty water The product is easy to use, cools in the frige fairly quickly, and has filters that are easy to find and use. I love the fact that the filters are recyclable. We love Brita and have three different colored containers!
This is the greatest I love the taste and it's easy to use and fill, the filter last a long time
Great Tasting Water Pitcher is large, and holds alot of great tasting water. Liked it so well, I purchased my daughter one too!
Classic Styling! The classic design will never go out of style. My family uses this pitcher everyday. Do prefer the Grand design but Costco only carries the Vintage.
Good Pitcher, Shaky Lid This pitcher is great--easy to fill, comfortable to hold when pouring, looks good, fits in my fridge easily. But, the lid is awkward. It falls off, or falls inside, when you fill the pitcher.
Brita makes good tasting well water taste bitter. We bought this pitcher at Costco to filter out the mineral deposits that our well water left on the heating elements of our coffee maker and electric tea pot. It filtered out the minerals but left the water tasting too bitter to drink by itself without adding some sort of flavoring. Even chilling the water didn't help eliminate the bitterness. We have since put an ozone generator in the holding tank which appears to have solved the above stated problems. I called Brita about this and they sent me a new filter....which did the same thing as the box of filters which I bought along with the pitcher. Not impressed with your product.
Big and classic look I love the capacity and the look of the pitcher. Got it from Costco with mfg instant coupon. Only part I did not like is the battery located on the lid could not be replace so I deicded not to use it at all.
Easy way to have great tasting water. Love how my water tastes using this Brita Pitcher/Filter. Would have given this product a 5 star rating if the top would stay on better when pouring out my delicious water.
The water is definitely better... After living in Florida for too many years, my wife and kids believe in drinking only bottled water. I live in CT now, and have well water that is cold and delicious all year long. I bought this pitcher on a whim, hoping that they would drink this new and improved water. The first media filter was broken, causing little black and green pellets to spill into the water (Brita refused to replace it). My family now refuses to drink this water, I however, have grown to enjoy this efficient filtration system.
Aesthetically Pleasing This pitcher is designed beautifully, and looks great in my refrigerator.
Great Pitcher! We love our Brita pitcher - would not ever do without one now - it is easy to refill as well as easy to replace filter. LOVE IT!
Excellent water filter product This pitcher has an easy to read replacement notification. It holds quite a bit of water and the taste of the water is very good. It is attractive and can be used when entertaining.
Great features! I received this pitcher as a gift and use it everyday. It holds a lot of water so I don't have to refill it a lot. My water tastes great - better than bottled water - and the convenient refill monitor on top reminds me when I need to change the filter. Sometimes the top falls off when I am pouring, but otherwise the pitcher works great. I have had other Brita pitchers and this is definitely my favorite.
This is the only way to get fresh tasting water We RV fulltime now and we never knew what the water was going to taste like before we got our Brita pitcher. Now we do not worry because we always have great tasting, fresh water. We use the water out of our Brita for everything. Water out of the faucet is now for washing hands and dishes.
Love Brita No matter what the pitcher, Brita is a great product. The vintage one is super cute.
Mostly Great! I purchased this pitcher about 2 months go to reduce the plastic consumption in our house. It filters wonderfully, it's pretty fast for a gravity filter, and the timer is handy. My only complaint is the fit of the top chamber and removable lid. There have been times, while pouring, the lid has fallen off and crashed into the cup I was filling. The chamber also comes loose somewhat easily. It's definitely a 2 handed pour!
leaking bottom I have been a long time user of from the first Brita pitchers, and have purchased at least 20+ over the years, not to mention the filters. I was happy to find this larger capacity version but after using it less than on year, hairline cracks appeared along the bottom edge. Careful observation show that several hairline cracks form along the cemented seam between the round bottom plate and the cylinder. DESIGN and/or material FLAW- this is the first two-piece pitcher(bottom and cylinder) which I have bought. Just today I called Brita about this, after my explanation they agreed to replace it with the same one. I asked for a similar capacity model without the two section design. I suggest that Brita review the design of this model for design or material defects.
Good pitcher, great customer service Brita sent me this pitcher free of charge after I let them know I was unsatisfied with another pitcher I had purchased (the Oceana). This pitcher is a lot better and I am very happy with it. I also want to say that I am very impressed with Brita's great customer service.

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