Giving Your Brita
A New Life

How to Recycle

Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Allow your Brita products to dry out for three days.

Step 2

Collect 5 lbs. of Brita products to recycle. Place in garbage liner or trash bag and pack them in a box.

Step 3

Print your free shipping label, mail the box and we’ll take it from there!

What’s Next For Your Brita?

It sounds crazy, but that bottle in your bag, the pitcher in the fridge and the filters inside can all have a new life as something totally different. TerraCycle takes your old Brita® products, works their magic, and turns them into 100% recycled goods like outdoor chairs, bike racks and watering cans – even park benches!
Chair Fence Watering can Circle bench

Meet Our Sustainability Partners


Considered one of the fastest-growing green companies in the world. TerraCycle is a recycling and upcycling company committed to collecting difficult-to-recycle products and repurposing them into affordable innovative products.

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Haws is a proud provider of Brita® Hydration Station® professional products. From wall-mount solutions to counter-top and floor-standing models, the Brita Hydration Stations deliver the benefits of great-tasting, Brita® filtered water without the waste and cost of bottled water.

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