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Recycling with Preserve

Keep your old Brita® filters out of the landfill by recycling them with Preserve®.*

Three Easy Steps

Allow your Brita® filters to dry out for three days.

Wrap each item separately in a plastic grocery bag.

Drop your products offand we'll take it from there.

How Preserve Does it

Brita Pitcher & Bottle Filter Recycled by Preserve®:

  • Plastic Housing - The material will be shredded, processed, and made into new plastic parts

  • Filter Media/ Filter Block - Internal ingredients of the filters will be converted into energy

Find a Drop-Off Location

Chances are you live pretty close to a Preserve® drop-off location - and finding it's just one click away. Check out the Preserve® website to find the drop-off locations in your area.

Find your closest drop-off site
* Brita Pitcher & Bottle Filters' plastic housings are recycled by Preserve®.
Internal ingredients of those filters will be converted into energy.

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