How To Use Your Premium Water Bottle

Premium Water Bottle FAQs

  • Replacement Filters

    What does Brita® remove from water?

    The BPA-free Brita® bottle filter reduces chlorine (taste, odor and particulates) to deliver great-tasting Brita® filtered water.

  • How do Brita® filters remove substances from tap water?

    The standard Brita® filters have a sieve and bottom filter mesh that screen out larger particulate matter from the water. Activated carbon granules act like a sponge. An Ion Exchange Resin acts like a magnet to attract and hold the contaminants. Brita® Stream® filters have a dual-layer innovative carbon form that provides a large surface area to act like a sponge to adsorb contaminants. Brita® Longlast filters have a patented pleated media embedded with proprietary active filtering agents that provides a large surface area to reduce contaminates for 120 gallons of water. And the Brita® bottle filter removes substances by passing the water through a carbon filter element designed to remove specific substances under low pressure. The bottle filter contains a proprietary blend of activated carbon and a binder that holds all the ingredients together. Water passes through a porous filter where chlorine (taste and odor) is adsorbed and broken down on the surface of the activated carbon. Lastly, the Brita® faucet mount filter uses water pressure to force water through a small carbon block and nonwoven. The nonwoven removes sediment and the block structure removes smaller contaminants. Water contact with the carbon block allows for the adsorption and trapping of contaminants.

  • Where can I buy my Brita® Bottle?

    Please see our complete list of retailers or purchase online.

  • How often should I change my Brita® Water Bottle filter?

    For your Brita® Water Bottle, replace filters every 40 gallons or every two months whichever comes first.

  • How do I prepare and change the filter in my Brita® Water Bottle?

    Cleaner, great-tasting water starts with a Brita® filter.

    1. Rinse your new Brita® bottle filter vigorously under a strong stream of water for 15 seconds. Be sure to direct the water through all sides of the filter, including the inside, so it washes out any loose carbon particles (first time use only).
    2. Insert filter and press until flush with straw.
    3. Align lid and straw. Twist right to lock
    4. Fill with cold water to max fill line, and & enjoy great-tasting water without plastic bottle waste.

  • Where is the max fill line on the stainless steel bottle?

    There is no max fill line on the stainless steel bottle. We recommend that you fill your bottle to a level just below the grooves where the lid screws onto the bottle. This will prevent water from overflowing.

  • What is the shelf life of a Brita® Filter?

    The shelf life of an unused, packaged filter is indefinite. Filters should be kept in the sealed Brita® bag and stored in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use them.

  • Care & Maintenance

    What should I do if my product breaks or cracks?

    Although built to last, Brita® products can crack or break due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances. We stand by our products and offer both a 30-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty in case your Brita gets damaged. Your satisfaction is important to us, whether or not you are within the warranty period. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us via this page or call 1-800-24-BRITA for support.

  • Can I recycle my Brita® products?

    Yes Brita has partnered with TerraCycle® to create a free recycling program for Brita® pitchers, dispensers, bottles, faucet systems, filters and filter packaging. Visit the Brita Recycling page to get started, and give your old Brita® products a new life. Be sure to sign up with Brita Rewards so you can rack up points for recycling. Simply complete the form on the recycling page, and your free shipping label will be emailed to you. Make sure your waste is dry prior to shipping, pack them in a box, mail and we’ll take it from there. (Tip, you might want to place the Brita® products you’re shipping in a garbage liner or trash bag.) If you have further questions about recycling or shipping labels, please contact Customer Service and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  • How do I clean my Brita® Water Bottle?

    Brita® plastic bottles are dishwasher safe, and Brita® stainless steel bottles should be washed by hand. With both styles, remove the filter before cleaning your Brita® Premium Filtering Water Bottle. For plastic bottles, all plastic components (bottle and lid) can be washed in the dishwasher (top rack only) or by hand with a mild soap.

  • Is my Brita® BPA-free?

    Yes. All Brita Pitchers, Bottles, Faucet Mounts, Dispensers and Filters are BPA-free.

  • Can I remove the carrying strap?

    No, the carrying strap on your bottle is not removable.

  • What should I do if I see spots or mold growing in my bottle or straw?

    Mold can occur in any environment with moisture—especially humid climates. To clean off mold in the Brita® bottle, wash the white cap in the top rack of a dishwasher, or wash thoroughly by hand with hot, soapy water. If mold is stubborn, use a bottle brush or toothbrush to aid removal. If mold is recurrent, eliminate excess moisture by leaving the cap open when not in use. To further reduce the likelihood of mold, wash the bottle regularly, and make sure hands are always clean when handling the straw and spout.

  • How do I get rid of black flecks in my water when I use a new filter?

    This is carbon dust. It’s harmless, but can feel or taste unpleasant. Rinse your new Brita® bottle filter vigorously under a strong stream of water for 15 seconds. Be sure to direct the water through all sides of the filter, including the inside, so it washes out any loose carbon particles.

  • Manuals & Warranties

    Is my Brita® under warranty?

    We offer a 30-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee on all Brita® Pitchers, Faucet Filter Systems, Water Bottles and Filters. If you’re having a problem with a Brita® Pitcher, Brita® Faucet or Brita® Bottle Filter, we’ve got you covered. Call 1-800-24-BRITA (US) or 1-800-387-6940 (Canada) for customer assistance. Brita® Water Filtration Pitcher, Dispenser & Bottle Warranty Limited Warranty: Brita® LP warrants to the consumer that FOR THE PERIOD OF NINETY (90) DAYS from the date of purchase, the BRITA® WATER FILTRATION PITCHER/DISPENSER/BOTTLE, when used strictly in accordance with instructions, has the effects on municipally treated, potable tap water described in the enclosed literature. During this 90-day period, if you discover that any parts of the pitcher or dispenser are damaged or broken, whether due to manufacturing, shipping or accidents while in use, we will replace the parts free of charge by calling 1-800-24-BRITA (U.S.) or 1-800-387-6940 (Canada). To the extent permitted by local law, this warranty is in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness, and precludes any other obligation on the part of the manufacturer, distributor or dealer, including any liability for special, incidental or consequential damages. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. In U.S.: Brita LP, 1221 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612-1888, 1-800-24-BRITA. In Canada: Brita® LP, 150 Biscayne Crescent, Brampton, ON L6W 4V3, 1-800-387-6940.

  • Where can I download a bottle product manual?
  • Recycling

    How do I recycle?

    Recycling is available in a limited capacity through Spring via our TerraCycle® partnership. While Brita® does not currently offer prepaid shipping labels for recycling, we recommend that you hold onto your used Brita® filters, and check back in July for updates to our program.

  • When is recycling open again?

    We’re currently making improvements to our recycling program, and encouraging Brita® owners to hold onto their used Brita® items before sending them in. This small change will help significantly reduce the environmental strain caused by multiple shipments. We recommend collecting a minimum of 5 pounds (around 17 water filters) of used products before shipping. Starting in July, Brita® owners will be able to download one free shipping label per year.

  • How can I learn more about TerraCycle®?

    Visit to learn more, and be sure to join the TerraCycle® Recycling Program to help us keep used Brita® products out of landfills.