6 Health Benefits of Drinking Water You Should Know

Did you know proper hydration is great for your diet, your skin, even your mind? Pour yourself a glass of H2O, and discover six surprising benefits of drinking water.

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Taste More, Drink More

We all know H2O is good for us, but have you ever wanted your water to taste, well, more interesting? Read our tips for giving water the extra oomph you crave.

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Hydration: The Key to Exercise Success

Discover how drinking Brita® filtered water is a healthy way to stay hydrated during your workout.

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Take the quiz over at The Gloss find out if you’re drinking enough water.

Why Water Should Be Your Drink of Choice

Visit Total Beauty or some hydration inspiration.

Take Your H20 To Go

Brita® water bottles make it easy to take great-tasting filtered water on the go. With soft-squeeze or hard-sided styles to choose from, find a reusable Brita® bottle to fit your active lifestyle.

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