Drink Up with Brita

We’ve teamed up with the Partnership for a Healthier America, to help spread the word about Drink Up and encourage everyone to drink more water!

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Hydration: The Key to Exercise Success

Discover how drinking Brita® filtered water is a healthy way to stay hydrated during your workout.

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Brita Filtered Water Is Fuel For Energy

Drinking water during exercise helps keep you energized, allows your muscles to rebound faster and even gives you a sounder sleep at night. It’s a key ingredient for a balanced workout and a healthier lifestyle. And, the better water tastes, the more you’ll drink.

And one Brita® filter can replace 300 standard 16.9 oz plastic bottles, saving you $40 per month*—so it's better for the planet, your wallet and your workout!

*Versus average household consumption of bottled water.

How H20 Helps1

Water can alleviate and prevent backaches, muscle fatigue, joint pain, and other effects of consistent exercise and exertion.

Better Performance and Recovery1

Drinking water before, during and after exercise gives muscles much-needed electrolytes.

1. “6 Reasons to Drink Water,” WebMD

Why Your Body Needs Water

For better health and fitness, you have to stay hydrated every day. Drinking water helps you feel refreshed and ready to take on any activity. Without water, your skin cells are not at their best. Staying hydrated helps give you a healthier, more radiant, younger-looking complexion.

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Take Your H20 To Go

Brita® water bottles make it easy to take great-tasting filtered water on the go. With soft-squeeze or hard-sided styles to choose from, find a reusable Brita® bottle to fit your active lifestyle.

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